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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 430  ABC  February 26, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm MST

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schellingns of the missing pueblo woman is w in battle e with ale. how w ect's rights could be olated and whwhwh famy thinin. l bebeindydy
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good afternn n d thank you r jog us f f kr news s anne13t ur-30.i'm ather skold. anm rob mnoum. we are llowg eaking news... a judge has dismissea lawsuit connnnnnd toto kelsie hellllg's disaearance. the 2222ear-old disappeared three yes ago. her mother filed a suit against the police department, claiming ty mishandled the caca.
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november we to y y a u-s magistrate commended thththse b throwo o, anan thcisions s l. this c ces as pueblo police are ininto keke hellinbmbmend's i-one&r answers.s. inveigators are having a difficult time gettttg thth injormation they need fm m cas' ipho. he was her last known ntact. veigatorsr have tried to & break into t phone fofo monthsh#busaapplplmakeitit ry difcult at's alsls beenenef case for the f-b-i in ththsan bebeardino shootingng pueblo p-d says they'r'rwaiting to seeeeowowow plays out... bebebe movov forward. but schelling's mothth is disaointed and thehe are other tions. ante is alive, ey c c use thehe cot to and get the password from him and i doesn't complye can be held in ntempt." schelling' ther was hopi lawst uld ad to anere2in t t tse we talald tha a cal prive veveigator o says
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protected cell phes is fficult. 807 if there are tomany attempts... theres a 4 or 6 git passcode... tha encryptiti dedece automatitilly locks down so 's extremelyly fficululfor lala enforcememt to get in 824 the p.i. also sayst's a matter rights.. we'low you w, cing at five. e new dedepments i the e ttle betweeeeapple apple respded to a judgdgs der to shooter'i- the te giant is asking dheh that order. juste partnt jeple' argume and vovo a aight in court. a rough day onththfront range another grass firereroke out . . falcono put it under any red flag warngs r da
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the e eken. g geaea f r a windydy . ormtraraer hiefef memeororogogt t rachaekekeininin e ehat we exctct it has been a a rm day in n hern colojgdoit h alal been que eezyor some. the wiwi will die do tonig, but tomorrow is expected to be even gustier! gusts tween 30 a a 40mph will be ssible, d flag rnings go into effectctct101010 for r ch of southern lora. ndnd will be coer, ll sho yoyo day re c cg . a southeastern corado scol district
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susuay will be oler, i'll show yoyour compte 7 7 fofooming up. a southeastern colorado schoololistrict nts to attract anankeep more teachers by gting rid of a hool d d. the east o oro school district in la junta wants to switch to a four-day school ek.
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five days with an eaeay release on fray. the superintenennt saysyshere isn a teachcr shortage rht now, but w retirements an teachersrseaving sohe wts to make sure the strict has an n ge in n e e recruitingng ess. a rent we spoke to s sif there is a shorter week, hopes e district can do o something for studentstsn fridays... e hool should at leas open the high scsc swimming '&pool and get more staff in ere to watch these kids where people c go to wo there willlle community meetings ing e possib change. the next one will be held monday at 6 p-m at ljunta high hoolol turning to super tuesdada which is few days away. new jeey goveor chr christie is mang his s g endorsement day for donald tmp's pridenenen bid. campaigning continues today y inouth lona for hilllly clinton and bernie sanders for saturday's democratic primy. abc's marci @ gonzalal has this updat scriptfr gog head- to-head - to standing side by side- toda donaldl& trump gegeing g g surprise endorsemen t fromom foer opopnent in tpe gogo racenew jersey governor chris christie christst:
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is the perswn who will go to washington dc and be able to absolutely tutn the place around.d we dod't need any more waington insiderstrumay de his on not letax retutu and brushingffs from m rubio?who wentftthth pupuan front- runner dung las ght's debate? rubio: "i n't t now anything about bankrupting fofo compmpies. i don't knowow anythibout starting a univererty, a ke university. anan continue- on the trail today rubio today: what we are dealing with here, my friend is a con artist. he is a con artist." but someme political alysts - speculate it's likely too lilile, too o te. dowd: i ink e onon thihi thth could hurt donald trump is if in the afrmath some of t t allegations they made and attacks theyey madedetick over the e xt three ysys just dayout the decrats' raray/event the cus is on nat rally/event llararclinton rnie sandererbusy campaigninin tomorrow prprary. tag- ahead by nearly newsolumbia,
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students at the university o@f corado w wbe&&excused from their tuesday night midterm exam -- - onlyly they y@n show a selfie provivi th were e caucusing instead. the daily meraeports that more th 12-hdred students are scheduled take the exam m fofoanintrtructory chemisiry clas at the samamamme asolorado's cauces, ich begigiat seven. the chchtr dent air r ys students whoho lk to their professors i advance n n t excuseded absence. as coradads head to the e polls on tuesday not everyone will geto pick the nextxt prprent. the decrats wiwi caucus for r either hillary clintotoor bebeie sanrs in a preference pollllll the repuicans wot be voting foa a nner at alalal
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votingor d degates who ultimately dn the will be e ting for candidat. colora w wl join about a dozen states ldg primimie uaus o o o o pepeday. herethe ris wewewe found a hohoe vide meet tbruss of cococodo rings. the two o moorat are caucing g g different mps tuesday night. she's a clinton suorter and he's gngngor sanders. s canan ey be in the me room together and lk politics? find ott tonight at six on k-r-d-o newswsannel 13 yeaea' cars producers are
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you love, but t for a modern audi. we have an dedeook at me of e incrededle changes you u n look forward to ononday. it will be windy tomorrow, i'll
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tomo w be very y ndnd with gusts betwee3030nd 40phph many. fire dangererill l high, so please careful. the otbig story ll be e e he. '`l start t thlowsn 20s d s, t tn highs ll warm into the0s and 70s! your colorado spngng7day forecast shohoigly c cler tempatures o
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forecaststhoks a chance for showerearly tuesday. your r canon city 7day forecast shows a chchce f f shsherer esday also. your tler r coun 7day forecast shoho a ance for showers mondayay throuoh dneses engain on frfray. thanks rachae
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rachael. e osr awards s sw is toehold.. but this year -- it will be a new. prprucers are e keeping what we love and for a modernrn krdo newschchnel 13's s a lo in this year it will be an oscars like 've never seenefofe- behind it revolutiona knew w wt reginald hudlin:
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to bring the orchestra back into`the theater.r. ththe producers say it will bebehe st diversese telecast... presentetewise. david hihi: 19:09:13;20 0 , sosotely. . s-- - reginald hudlin: :0::::;15 we wanted a show that looood ke erica,a,hat looked likekehe wld. . vid hill: :09:24;02 ririt om tht get go. ginald hudlililili :09:25;04 most o o ououbooking was dodo before the nominees were aounc. . davihill: 19:09:9:4 beforo everything went kabububu19:09:32;2;2 so the w wle "oscararso whi hadad nononoact on what u re already planning. voices: 19:09:36;26 no. no. waed to get the could get. this faces is just the beginning - reginald hudlind and david hill also completely changed the format of the show! david hill: 18:58:29;20 we're-- - we're making the show and t ord o the ehow for people o love films. ginald hudlin: 9 :59:50;15 you'u' going to be seeing things the way & u've never see them before. things likekehanknkou's scrolling g thehe bottom othe screen ... so the actoro can get mo people in before that pepey music c starts to play. . reginald hudlin: 19:01:46;25 ths gonna b a lototf experimentation. somef`it may work,k, some o oit doesn't work, but t meththg g w this year's oscar statat even ttinin makeov - now complete handnbast in onze before itit 24 karat gold finish .. and the incredible set degned by derek mclane - using over two hured thousand swavi crcrtalso make stage glter r ld. ---- you can watch all@the changes hehehedny nit.t.with the awardsdshohi startqng at 6:30 in the newsplexl dada clelens, kr
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our spial red carpet coverara begins ght here on krdo wschanl 1313 at 3. our special red carpet covevege begins right hereren do wschnel 13 at. you've seen alalala- thisisear'r'bestst pictur nomine. and y u're certain you're going to ace all fovrvrthe tingng categoriesesn your oscsc pool. so here are e w n cts capuutringngour ewewpart
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in929 was s privataffair held at the hollood roososelt t tete - anana titiel cost just fi dollars. everyo ows the statuetttt scarar butt tual hn ofofcial name--- the academy ararof merit. andhlalaly-- the oscar weighs more than you thinks--- it stands more than 13 inches ll a a weighs nore than eight pounds..... .& clching oscar feels like holding a gallon ilk. and ififoure looking for some arts and entertainment in colorado springs... the all-city boy choir presented by cocorado springkgkg children's's chorale will b performing--
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roof - the motown edition". more than a ndrerereens ananpre-teens wititie singinin satuay a a wasson academic campmp auditoum. ththevevt ststtstst seve p-m and ticket prices range from five to ten dollars. also, the el paso coenty y sheriff's department is raising money for the spspial olym....ith their nual law rcement lar r unge.. called "freeeen a reon there are anmembers sherip fice who will pluing into prospect lake at memerialalark k saturday. they hopto raise moreren n five ehousand d d d doars... t t plunge will takeplace atne in the afternoooo for womeme o are unabab carry childr, there is a athth tion. learn about rst-t--its kind surgery. plus -- subway has freshened its ingredients. fifi out abo the changes to
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the's a new breakthrough fomen strugglingo have a baby. the fit uterus transplant w perford at the eveland clinic in io. a -yr-old woman rerereed e wowon a ninine-hour operation, the fit of 10 planned transplant surgeries at the clinic. ththcient was s ported in n stable condidion. the trtrsplanted uterus was taken fr a deased organ donor. doctors y the prpress is much like other, me coeoon, orgaga trsplants. wou t te fromomn organ donor and th prepare that utus trereace insidedehe recipient which is our patienenwho has s ther a non-functioninin or a a ant uterus." it's expected to takaka ar for the e erus to heal. ter th the uterus wilbe implpnted with the patient's pre-frozen eggs, with the expectation of pregncy. any babies born will be devered by c- section. 45 gallonsn3 thathe amount . . p p americ of
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u-s 2011. and d e shshking thing is manymecaca are tual $pin t t t ch soda r yeye....ut thaha could bev& chchgi. ababs vivi medical contribudr timothy son s re in yo alth alert. so? frt juice? sweet tea?a?nd engy drinkswhen it c to reesen t, sar inks are4a pur choice. but l thosos calories om sug poeaea health zards? not the least of which is a higher risk fofoobeb diabetes and hearar didiase. now, new w ta from the cdc show at the trend mabe goindodo. in a 2013 rvey, 1 in 3 ericans reported drinking at least one sugar- contaiaing drink per day. if true, a sign of a positive trd? since previo researchch suggests up to hf of americans drink one of those sugary drinks daili. the w survey also fod that men drin more sweet ks thaha wowo breaking it down by ag 43 percent of yung adultstsave at least one per day. eir elders? only 19 p pcent. more rfsech ll be edededo confirthik trend. but withnaonalal diary idelinin commenen ng thaonlyly 10 perernt our total daily lories come from ded sugars? may be a gogo time@ keep tradingng that soda for sugar-free alrnatate. wi ts dical minute, i'm dr. mothy johnson. sandch cin suay says it is adding antibiotor-free chicken to its ndwich c cin
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antibiotic-free chicn to itsts menu. thcompany aimst beat ouits fast-foo vals to becoththfififimajor chaito me ththth in all stor. antiic- frse stchken sandnd will l e ne ek. wewewe chii yesterery.... dawe have nati piachiojda the e ttle een nut has
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eaea since biblblal times.... t t camamto the u-s the late 1h century. pistachio trees s n't teed much rain -- and ow besesen& hohoenvironment. it takes tween seven- to-ten years for a a a achio tree to m mure and bear fruit. stachinuts arara source of protein and ber,longith vitamib-6, copper andnd mamaanes p thanks for
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radio o f und another fire breaks out i r reon. thisime in falcon new informatatn tonighgh. onhe fire t teat t thughoho ututrn colorado. the republicanan race for esident hits a new level. the reblic race for president hitstsnew level. fromomhat fiery debate.. to new w endorsements.. weavavavl the new developmts.. od evening and ththks for joining us foro* krdo newsannene13 at 5. i'm mes jarman. d m heather ol five fires in x
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driven n ndrdr windy condions. the firs on saturd, rnedore an 1 1hundred acre traini range atorrson. smokcocococo seen f f m mles.s pule i i i e tuey creek ea on edge ithehehird firererethe motain post in e papa monon. sterdadawas a bibifififaayay this p p4pre, , sent to ususy a viewer ipueblo, startetewhenen r backfid, igniting somspilled fufu. is fire in a creek bein penrose was contbined two acrebu the fire fight wadifficult cae of large dead trees. and thth gra fire, nene calhan yesterer burned 15 acs. firefighters re able to ain itit quickly. day, a fire falcon threatened a dozen homes before it s put out. storracker 13's mikeverett was there ....e e e joins us live.. sh us just how volali conlitions will be ts weekend. mike, a red flag warning just went into effect. .


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