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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 Noon  ABC  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm MST

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[ chee and appuse rocky forl poli officer will b bin court later than expected we have the latest on james ashby. d -- f fr peoplere coffffad after a shootingng rampage in kansas. the new w d ng detls behind thegugugu. it's g gay to outstse,abase our ayfore good afternn and thanks for joining us. i'jon karroll. and i'm na clemens. the hearing g set for the former rocky fofo policic officerehas been pushed back once a ain. james ashby is expected back in court march . he's accused
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duty in 2014 . . and charges. hby y&ld thought jauez z s a burglala. but poli say insisi his own me at the time. the trias been lalad twe so@ far ... and is scheduled to start on june e 7t people ipark county are still tryingngaccept deatatof a loved deputyty shot t tdeath whilserving anan icicononotote. cocooral nate carrigig died wednesdain ba. two other deputi were hurt. one remainin rious condititit. died in the gunfe. th wasn't the first trtredfor the small town. n years ago, duane morrison walked into at canyoyo high school.he took k ven g&rls hostage, sexuallyy assaulted them, and killed 16- yearld emily morrison dd in a gunfight with deputieie mori of f that incidt caca rusng back afterer corporal caigan's death. "our older kids were at the highgh scsc in 2006 whenenhat happened, and the whole day of` waiting.g.nd pyesterday was ke that, trying to gegeinfo. we cectainly
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years ago. i can ll y our staff yeststday was amazininin how they focused on school ininesponoto this lates tragedy, 8 grief counseloro arere standing by for stududts and stafaf most of them knew corporal carrigan. hisimother teaches t t t scol. rrigan is an alum who also hed dpts there.e. d w% s ua page where youou can send youru cococoenceto the family of corprpalal carrigan o oour website, krdo docom. a man is in n n custody after barricading himself in a home in el pacounty this morng. sheriff's deputies entified the suspect as damon brimer. ey say swat ananane bomb squad d re lled to a house near loal drive anlonial lala. imereras spted of fefeny kidnapping, menang and sasat with a a dedely wpon. he c cld face
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foureoe are nfird ae after a ooting s in kansa lice and co-w-wkers say 38-yr- old cedricord is sponsie. neat noon... abc's zi kanani explplns the guguan had a a long arrese# recordrd gunman h h a long arrest record. vestigator s arar gettin closer today to dedetandi ng what led to the terrifng shshtingng age small kaas mmunitit "the gunas strapped on and he was ready l.l.the gunuan... . w identifieds 38- yeyr-old cedric lalay fofo. just beforo 5 p.m. . thurur, , officials y he rst op f from h c c on othedriverer.. unununng twowon separate locacaons. t tn, he dve to s wowoplale. inng at the map towardumber three. saying sometng short like "it was six le drive foror arrives at excel induries in hesston-- armed with an assault rifle handgun. vestigors say he shot one
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the industsral plant.t.efore going inside. . he w junloing on everybody. d told theirls that t re working g my y ne, let's go. les s n. erybody started fleeing. threeee people killele- and 14 others injured ... before a a pupu took ford dogn. he oy reason he stopped shooting is because that o oicerer stopopd the e ooting." nearly 150 employees escaped the building ... surround b b amamlances and swsw teams. their family and friends anxiously waiting outside. oh my god. oh h d. hug. whwh i finly got to o see him.i didi't wan letetim go. now safely reunited withis wif jared trujillo says ford was a harduy to gege to know. he was reay quiet. he really didt say much. heust,t, he didn, hehe dn't look happpp months, ford p pted th picture and this. vio ofofimse facebook... firing ste rifle. he had extensisi recob clud rests fofo burgry2abaerer lthan two houou befois rampage, deputies ser ford with otection order r wk.
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ok at... ad-lib toss toad-lib weather toss tanchch
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are dead after an explosion ia run mine. 26thers s s rerertly still ssss ofals say y memeanangas leak lasasasght caused thewo explosio and collse of the mine. . 80 m mers had already been rescued. thmining company says a fire is still raging insidd rescue efforts are continuiui. inin nepal, at leasasone person ms dead after a all ple crcrh in a mountain region. this is s e country's second ddly plane accidentnt th week. 11 p pple were
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officials believe there was a techl l l problem and d e ane tried to lane on a farm's'sield ar t top o o o mountain. this crara comes days ter 2323eopl werereilled in a plane accident. was an entful night when r rublica candidates took the e agagfo their nana debate. senar rco bio pid on donild over bringing allegations he used illllll imimgrants to help b bld trump wer.r. :38 - d d know anything about bankrupting four companie..fake univivsity, fake ivivsity then it got rubibitalked about trump's peonon sold watches in he t tn asked trump about more details in plan. after the debatetetrp dismissed his enemies. 1: - 1:53 well i expected...i had fun,ut it was nasty trump alsoso callededenator
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ter the newscast, we'll @ learn re about th upcong demomoatic imiui inouth rolina. lee a coent at krdo-dot-com... on ouou fafabook o o r.. . krdo o wscsanne13. some southn colorado high school s sdents ararprovovg th their hearts. and their irir are in theheight place! we'e' have more on n is ipping for a cause,omininup. ststents at one ununersity in illinois d d't have to o o about mamang plans v@r spring break.e'll tell you why. and after waiting more than six years... e world's best big-wave surrs had their wi
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ave a rget 13 alert thisftftnoon. chilcar r bnd i i beininrelled cause kiki can loloen the harnes than 56- thousasa evevo seats ararbeing. recalled. it aects "tnsitions three-in-one combinion n booster seatu.u.u.
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december 18th of 2014 and january29th o othisear. no injuries have beeee reported. new deral atiscs@show thth coladads erage e raeeeebelolo fof[ p%pcent the u-u-bureau of labobostatistic ununemployment rate in the state e int-nine rateuts it as onof the0 loloststn the in 201.. thehe tional unemployment te w w wive point three peent. colorado also w drop in the e numb of undedeemoyed workers. kohl's plans t t cle under performing stores lat sear. the retailerannounced the planterday. the e mpany y has t t id which of its lolotions sjllhbe fected by the closurur. the specic titis wille and ne nt grpsn haha sold onenenelion coupons. the companan de the announcement today. the soldld promion n s for reauaunt@ in s snt louis.
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thsandnd dollararfor selling the landmark groun. stsdsdts at chicagagstate universi can't takekeild ip for s ring break this year... the school canceled spring brdue to a et crisis. an eight- moh-lolo budget iassese in illinoioihas tied up p nd usually allotted for publicc eges. now univivsies a a colleges he had to take ved moneto get rough spring mester...and that mea accelelating the seseseer to finish one week earlier than heduled.d. aduation will also be bumped up two weeks. whwh it comes to wororng out, it's no streh to say that flexexility is we'll show you all ththghgh moves,t ahead.d. then, meet a a younventorwho's alady y layi dn the building blocks of a promising career. 're looking ead toar mperates
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n n the roros. h e set t reach the 50s d s for most with a t&t&t&slight breeze thughoututhehe afternoon. enj the pleasant weweher! extended: saturday'sigigig will be inhe 60s and d s with wiwi gusts ranging between 30 a 40mph. this dry, warm d windy mbination will lead t thigh fire dangng; fire weathehehe watches have alrey been issued f poions of southehe lorado beginning at 10 a.m. saturday. sunday will be cloudier and cooler behind a weak front. the next storm system is expected to ararve late momo!o. itits monday's system that will bring backhe chance for showers, with e potential for rain/snow to last t intotouesday. this sto will be anothth ququk-mover, itininthe e ate by w wnesday d likely not prododing muchin the way of accumulang snowow we're following brbrking news... a wildfire is reportedly rnqng inin falcon. it's in the area of memidian road ananayer road. we he a crewew the way and ararworking to get t`re information.n. here'c'c'cive look a a.. th a aernoon:
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aheato warmer temperatures with abuananan sunshi. should stay dry,y, so no weather- related sues are expected on the roads. highs arset t rea th50s s d 60s for most witita ight breeze ththughout the afternrnn.oy the pleasant weather!r! extend: saturdrd's hhs will be in t 60s0s d 70s withth wind gusts rangg between 30 and 40mph. this2d, wara and windy combination will lead to high fire danger; fire weather watches s ve already been issued f portions of uthern colodo beginning g 10 a.m. surday. sunday will be oudier and er behind weak f fnt. the next storm system is expectct to arrive late monday. it is s ndndnd system that will brininback the chance for showers, with h the potential for rain/snow to lasas in tueueuy. this s srs will
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quick-mover, exiting the state ednesday and likely not producing muchch in theheay of accumulating@g snow. surf fan waited more
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p surf f fs waited more than six to hear foumagigi words ..."the e die willo." conditns re finally pirfrfr&for one the world's most prestigious coitions in `waiiiiii out of the water after their first heart. world d rf k@lly slater pradidil. the youngest year-oldldohn title win. bronze winner, shane e rian, &says conditions we everything evyoneop for.
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focast a proper swelelfor the eddie aikau. really truly needs something g extraordrdary onon the map. ! reaeay gigit crazy storm and is one really fits the criteria. 's e eitg. it's scary.y.t's whwt ererne w wts to see. . . esose." " several first- timers also enjoyed the competition. thehthriris were bigger an anyonon ulimage. there'an outbrere of f mumps in deer.... d southern cocolorado health officials want you toe prprecd.ll have what you need to know. a rece lawsuiui involving talclc powdereray havav you questionong g itisafety. . 're heheifg from an expe n nt. here's a liv look at... herere a live look at...
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here's a aive look at..... lookt.t. subw says ]t's addinin ti-free icto its nu the company aims it beat out itfast-food rivals to become the first major chn to mak the change in n or thantiotfrfr risrie-
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avaible e` march h rst.& ma fast food companhave committed in rerent yearsrs sellg "cleaner" gredients. that d d in n to o&ars of publiciclth warnrngs a aut antiots s s& food the c-d-c says tht flu vaccine seems to be e workrkg well. is s sson's vaine cuts the chchce of getting the e u by nearly 60- percentnthat makes it one of the most effective flu ccines in receeaea last season's flu o duced flu risksk by just 20 percent. e c-d-c says 13 children have died from f,u is season deathth are not tracked. the c-d-also teth it's still not too t tget a flu u shotf you've yet to eceive e. a mu outbreak in dpnver has soututrnrnrn lolodo doctors issuing a waing: make eure you'u' up-to-date on v vcinations! six cases were reportededn denver.r a a a there mabe more e first se was most liky spread from iowa... and also infected two alth care worker specialists sa 's spread easily by r rpiratory dropopts. syto o
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lop abouou two weeks afr exsure. theyncde swswlen d inful livary ands..inful ewing and swalalwing... muscle a aes anver. a ao cause deafness or mengigis in veve cases. you suspect you or a loved onhas mumps... call dococr apd trto avoid exposing oths. a 12-year-old colorado spngs boy, who is on a mission to change the shohod off his lalast inveion at t pasascounty health center yesterday rvoon. alden kruse cotrucucd a rorot om "medicn." he sayszhe wants s hel deliver medicine to highly contagious patients... includudththth suffererg from diseases like ebola, zika virus, ana a en the flu. kruse has s g plpls in thehe future... to mame re robots and even go to medidil school. earlier thth week, a m ssourijudge lled for "johnson and johnson" to recall i i i
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with cancer r ed. bunecosls y 'smomo fomeme us. . lcowder r isisery cocoon in t south. . . . mememee e s4a4adry and d to bmomo mfororble e during the dayay t nce earlrl90 there has s ncern. women could be at risk if they'vused it for feminine giene reasons d usust fofo more tn 1% to 20 y yrs. . :18 - :30 a number of 3tudiehave shown that there an increase sk and som typef relationship between thuse of fc inin powder form anan certrtn s of ovarian cacaer "talc" is an gred used d in b@ber ors y rents haveve reqeon totpanic. they yay if u want to avoid y potential risk you s sul use oducts th contain rnststst insteaeaof talc.c. you mamathink stretching is only beneficial l after a rkout routine... but in today's health minute, mary moloney explains the advantages stretch yond that. flexibility is important at y age. and one e of the bebes wawato
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motion is retctahingng and dog soso regularly.y. pert fr the mayo clinio say adts should d flibilily exercises at least twto three times a week .. and can do so at home, the gym or even at work. some tips to conser while trying to impveveve your flexibility.y. focus on major muscle groups.. when you're stretching .. focus on ur calves,thighk, hips, lowewebackck ne and oulders. and mame sure thaha you stretch both sidese#e# hold your retch.. try totoold d ch stretctcfor least 3 3 secondnd and remember to breathe t rmally. don't aim fopain.. you shouldldld expect to feel some tensn but t pain. . the position yo in hurts, ease off until it no lon els painful. brbrg veme into your sthihi... the gene flow in n ga or t chi can n lp you be more flexibn n specif movements. experts warn t t waysse properer technique. ststtching incorrectly can actually do more harm than od. for today's health minute, i'm mary money.
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emomiol l for in drews.s. 'll tell y y why thth spsptscast left the ururoom duringome e the testimony y y hehese agagast an admittete stalalr and a nashvivivihol. and ter, anticipatiwn is building for sunday night when we'll hear
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good goodod afternoon and thanksor joining us. i'm jon karroll. ani'm dana clemens. we're following breaking news... a wildfire is reportedly burnrng falcon. . it's ithe areaea of feridian road and ayer roa we have a crew on the way and are woing n get morere
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here a livlot... ad-lib toss bb this afternoon: thth afternoon, we're looking ead warmer temperatures with abundant susunshine. we should stay drdr sosososoather- related issues are expectedn the roads. h hhs are c`to oeach`h the 5030and 60s fomoso wita slight bezez throhouthe ternn. enjoy the easant weatatr! teed: saturday's highs will be in the 60s and 70s with wind gusts rainintwn 30 and 40mph.
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and wiy mbinatiowill lele to o ghghire dangng; fire weather wawahes have ready en issued for portrtnsns sohern rado begiing 10 a.m. satur sunday wilbe clouer a a olererehininin weak fro. the next storm system is expectedo arrive late mo. . is monday's system that t ll brg back tht ch f/f showers, with the potential for rain/snow totoastp into tuesdayny this storm wil be aer 0quick-mover, exiting ththstate e by wednesday and likely not producing much in the way of acculating snow. toss to anchch ananif you realal want to joy y e betiful weather this weekend... head to denenr. hockey fans can eneny the action on n e ice while sitting in the e e hinene cocos field set to host its rst ever profecsionalhohoey ge thisweweend and next artf
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aduiriri. the colorado avavanche and troioid d d wyngs s umni game is tonight at 5 5 a ckey- themed festitil complete e th food, ,binks and mukuc c w wl start hour. the stivie wi kof again at two totorrow before the avavanche and dwdwgs face f. the fray will bebe performing...and thnight wi wrap up with a pyro show. . a former cheerleadingng coach h colorado springs haha pleaded guilty to s sually assaulting a child. tchell grgrnstreete was s cuseof assaululng a 13- year-old gl colorado cheer academy allstata td d investigators e sex was s consnssual. greeeeeeeeees sentencing will be held on may th. three yeye nce c lslulling's s disasaearar d police are loloinintn h boyfriend's ll phone phononfor answers. but they're e having a difficult time getting the infofoatiothey need from donthe lucas' ip. he was herer last kwn contact. veigators have t ted t break into t phonr nths, bubusay apple makes it ry difficult. that's also
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whilil instigiging e san bernardino shootingng pueblo p-d says they'r'rwaitinin to see how that pls out... re moving forward. but schellllg's s p p sappppedys tre are her o ononon "dante is e, theyan use thehe urt to lry a a gethe password from him and if he dsn't't complye can be held in contemem." on has filed a lawsuit against lucas analsosohe police deparbment, claimingnghey shdled t t ca. it has been violent start to ththyear foraw enforcement t, ( colorado. 14 law enenrcemenen ficers have been shot the ate in the last ththe months. butu` instruors the pueblo mmy coegw w enrcememem acacemy are tting cadets ready fofoany scenario or death. during the cadets time at the academy, they go frfr lessons thehe classroom m real life situationsike ing ththuhh active shoot exercises. the dictor says one of the toughest bjects to l lk
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cadets a a ofcers getting in nhedle of a life threatening situation. wewexplain that ry open and honestly t tour cadets comomg g , itit theiroi if thtywa tsesee, if thth do wanto see e i i ououoblblbtiononon kee eyare fully prepared the academ lastst18 wks. & whwhththtdete& finishes theacademy,t means clcle to 700 hours of training. e gop presididtial contntders had a texas owdown ring last t night's debate i i housn... and the demomoatathad d e night off to prepepe for tomorrow's south carorona prprary. rerter: marcgonzalez takea look at t the efforts beforo the h he reh to super r r d y.y.y.on the debate stage in houston- rcrcrubio and ted cr- cing on rqpublicananan ont-t-runner donald trump.p. rubio:you're only person n this stage that's evev been fined for hiring people to work on yoyr 0pojects illegally. you hired some -- worke from poland." trump o, n i'm the ly one a athis age that's hired people. you havevevehired ybody. cruzuz"marco i i exactly right, that a federal court found donald guilty of being part of a cocopiracy -- illegally and&entetea $1 milli judgmenen against m." " rubio: "ife bubuds
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immigrant bor to do it." trumpzp"so cute. such a cute sounun bite thth morning- the jajaja contininng?rubub on gd rning amera: rubio: he's a conrtist. he consistently tells people that he's out ere fighting gn ththr behalfut hspen40 ars s ickiki it to t t peope now aimsms e e tingngor. . trumirg b- cittete caing rubio- "mr. meleln."; but political analysts say- e tacks- aren't likely to impact trump's lead dodo: i i k the onon thing that could hurt donald d ump is if in t aftetth some of the allegations that they made d attatas they made ststk over the next three day hillary clinton on m mbc's morning joe today- 3aying it apars- tmpmpmp willlle the repuican minee?but thatd& she isocusedon h h own message: clinton: break down the barriers toto america and d americanshlive up to theipoteteial. thahais it. that's'shai care about, clinton leading in the polls here in
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as sders trels s re toy- nat last night raray tryi to rally last minute support ahead ppomoronw's decratat primary. tag- th schedule is packed he e today for hillary, bill and chela clclcln. whe,andede- started da lff f minnnnotalre dyki totouperer tutudag c news fifa has a n n president. sws official gianni infananan was elected toto ththtop stop f the rld football governing body. he needed at least two thirds of the vote to win.n& this c#ces after former president sepp blatter resigned. billllosbyas bill cosby has droppea defamation one of his accu....t least for now. wyer y it's becausepe cangn fululparticipe inin cot johnson, because of the crcrinal case pennnnlvania. they say they'll rereile the defamation later date. & was another court for
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she crieas thvideo atbthe center othe case was plad for the jury. the video i of f anews s ananng in her hotel room... . made pli it s posted t ttxe e inrnet. it's bee viewed nearly 17 million times.s.vid)michael rret cord i ion s hone ru the pele of her hol dodo? eventuallyly pleadi guilty to staing g and& sentenced to 3 mohs in prison. ara mamain: : her attorneys wawa tururto feel that sa pain, , e same shshe and humiatn she feels by watching t dt video. ananewis g rrett t well as e nashville e marriott for 75 5 million doar claiaiai t t hotel intentionallll placed barrere nene d dr to her. veral hunured students i i rara springngwe ba this morninr a goodause. rampart high school held it ananal bald for cks event today. their chlenge? to raise 50- ththnd dollars. krdo newschanne13's's dadadaolina shows ususow they're maki it happ... thgym isis
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hundrereref ststents a avxious ... nats: say goodbye to theihairnats - clippers lititit kids. "@ys. . s! shavg g all off. 15::49 it's ery shave. a fefeyeyes o, my mom, w wgot t ared shehead to suppopo her a my .pw.w.w.59:57 our high school is doing somethinb gger than just what normig uld do. . theseskids are ising money ...working re. 15:0 - 12 2 2 allowss to u uteten a sile,cause. actutu unu ia leause. because e noatw yoyo are,cnll affec , d the sooner w wcacafindnd can stststosing loved event ist ju abo raisisg moy. people are here to indescribable, its surviviv. he impact this level l support can :15:5:hat will give hope to people who need it most. . losing their locks. in colorado spngs, dana molili, krdo newswsannel l the high scscol holdsds secondndndnd for rhe e st
12:40 pm
high schcol holds secondndlace for the most money raised for the society. a coup in oregonononon openen up a new business. 's a place where peopop go to east their aches and pains. we'ltell y y the treatmt is generatingo much buzz.
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breaking newew.. a wilifireres reportly buinin lc. in tharea meriar ad d er road.firefigh ea in thear of sevel homes and d buring ne falhischool. we have crew onhe w a rktoto t more foation. on taylent host chris ckakes stage to annonoceho is takingngome an osca his monologue mam justste one of the most eagegey anticipated in oscarsisry.
12:44 pm
has a aatcan pe"gng ououit togeththth erthat's a ace suit. reference to n ninee the rtiaia maybe? and "almost show time." withsten wiig and jj abrams?. um, is ghost buststs v star ws s thrk cnt. soacey ro. llywd rt129: w w yoyocan expe omhrock thscarar nd is at he igoing go ther we ow he wi address the rssowhwh controvers y. n n one black k ting nominene on twitter, alrey kini thehe oscars are justthe white bet t awawds. upsounun oscars 2005 10108:38 -ur host for thi evevin chris rock this s last time he hosted, in 2005. upsound: oscars 2 & :595re -nitoghe e p&p.v.mininihihi& fkded%duca todhdhywd veb(b( ak i thom. d min plplpl s watc a a a a a a memememe omom hollllood intv - - you get off on the wrong foot thoughit's a real hard hole to dig yourself out of. i think he ght t lishsh chchlengng sososo fromom llywoooo rererter intnt- i'm onlylyerercos s len didn't'tant do the show. i'm inly here cos
12:45 pm
other clues from his last time sting: he will probably get political? upsound: oscars 2005 11:04:40 bush did so this you could never get away with at ur job. never. ever. heiwl definitely get personal. wield that sw@ord upsoun oscars 2005 11:01:350- tobey mcguire is jt a y in tights any tips from the tv promos? upspund: oscars promo i might curse! he won't. i hope. we like to keep it clean here at`t` abc. but? ? t hollyoood repo` 13:05:0505 he n't a fe choice. youre tuni ibecause you wanto see how far he's going to take thndhat he's going to sayock is publicly proud of hosting a very fast show last time. fast, furiouou and funny. expxpt that. it's a tiwht racecfof this ye's o- . nononatefilms. , ooklyn, and the venant are just three of the movie nominated for best picrere ototfilmin e hunt include the big short, bridge of spies, uad max:fu road, thth martian and spotght.
12:46 pm
are gitimately 3, maybe 4, potential be piure winner 3p it's very rare youocome down to t at st lope, d peop eon't ow what't' gogogoto happen." the bestctctct cacagory is full of a-lt talen like b ban cranston, matt damon, michael fassbender aa last year's winner.eddie redmayne. but t is year's focucuis on leo dicarid & whether s role in t revenent will get theheix- time nomin his firsoscar win. the bebe actresce h h previouswinners cate blblcht and jennifer lawrence. they'rgoing up against saiorse ronan and first timemeoeineeeeee chchlotte ramplili and br lararar aftethth envelope is en... ose e famous gold statues are handed out. a new y/rk mpany will finense this year's'scademy awards statuettes. the academy announced "polich tallix fine a a foundry" wi create the e iconic statuetteses in returning to s ots, they y will bha-cast
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for past3 0 years, the statues d been de by compmpy inin chchago. firs solid castings are sanded to a miorish fifish. thth, they'rerer ececoplated with 2 2karat ldld the statuette's base is given a smooth, black k nish. oduction me takes about three months. after the ardsdsa rror polished enavav bronze plate shows the winner's ne and d tegory. the completed gold plad statuee on its base is 13-poi-5 inches tall anan - weig about 8 point-5 pounds. don't forget -- - uocan n tch thrs right here on krdo neneanl 1313 sunday night. e rerpet coverara begins at 5 ...and d e awar show starts at 6:30. here's a live look at... th afternoon: this afternoon, we're looking ahead to warmer teeratures
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sunshihi. weweww should stay dry,& sosoo weather- relalad issues ararexpected on the ads. highs are set to reach the 50s anan60s for most wh a slig breeze throughoho the afternoon. enjoy e pleasant weher! exteteed: saturday's highs will be in the 60s and 70s with windusts ranging between 30 and 40mph. this dry, warm and windy combinatioiowill lead to high fire danger; fireweather tcs haalreaden ised for portionsf uthern colorado pginning at 10 a.m. saturday. sunday will be clcldier and. er behind a weakakrontnt. the next stormp syst is expectededo arrive late mondayit is monday's system that will bring back the anceceor ers,itit the potentntntfo raininnow to last in tuesday this storm will be anonoer ick-k-r, exiting the ate by wednesday and lilili n n oducing g ch the way of acmulatang snow. ama's'firsr eespa"a"as just o oned d r business. . . e unue spot cle"hop
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jupened for the unique spot called "hop in the spa" isis lolotn oregonon it more than justoaki in beer ... aprently, a ba in brew is good for you it cures aches and pains... and is a twnersrsrs afterejustst --hey're already expanding. "you're gogog to soak in aroprietata blend of hops, barley d beerer "i used it and my slepgreat."""" in case you u were wondererg.g..y cat get drunk ofofsoakakakin ththbmer t t t t time now to check in with r ws partnene at` krdo newsradio. paul richa from krdo newsradio joins
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a big makeer eaea producerare g whqtqtqt you veutan i pr a a dern audience. congp on krdo newschannel l four ...we an inde
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the incrediblele changes you look forward to. beatles fafs lilien up -- you cacaget beles ns listenenen-- you cacat your h hds on n onof ratl rerds.ei auneoff next month. this rord d descrid as "th grail".and actual held them get a record contntct. the song 'hello little girl's on e side andtill there was you' is on the other. it's expectete to sell foroer 14=thousand dollars. ad-libiross abby is afternoon: this afternoon, 're looking ahead to warmer teteeratures with a andt suhinewe shouldy dry, so no weather-t- related d sues are expected on the roads.s.ighs are set each the 50s and 60s for most w wh a slight breez throughout the afternoon. eoy the pleasant weheexnded: sardayay h wie t0s 70wi nd gustsinbetwn 30 a0mph. . th dry, warmd ndy co hiire ng; re weher wahes have y been issuedor portions of southern colorado beginning at0
12:58 pm
cooler behd a weak. the ne stoto tystem is expected to arri late monday. . is mondnd's systememhahawill bring back`i
12:59 pm
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rain/sno >> announcer: today is the doctor's fridi\ews feed. hollood,d,48hours ay. an inders guide on hhow the starce are turning back the hands of time. and a tv ananlm comes ean abouout tthe bilitatini addiction to x x films. and the video tigege@woods post te@r s suand a rpse . elshe`wj nevrgee itit d a shngvirax!deg% wi`e d $ tisist t eenn abyby >>ouncer: that's tod! [ plau ] >> d tvis: he lcfo -- id f


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