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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 26, 2016 12:07am-12:37am MST

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bomb sniffing dog how hollywood braces for i is biggestnight. >> the stagegg ss,ut why is to th secret s c eg? m lili for@ you@uere at addo bea eater. >> oeszee gets scretet from ylists > aahedele tear>> birihanna, mus ggearsrt al nig after e gamys of enend. andndekleyy clrkson isust& weekss a r babyy, we ave e usive photos. and is thehe b b be and gwen p a is the goi to a wedng? wha ellen snoww
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host askinga questioio and getti racy ansnsrs, but guesttid he go that far wii? oh, my g i think i just ru eveverything. bruaryry 25, 2016, th "entetitaient tonight." >> this is r rllyunprecedent.. 'she fst academy awards since the shooting in san bernardino. sniffing dogs and secret security habeen arriving a. >> hehe you g g a good shot. >> that's nomin matt damon essed downtalking oscar odds jumemets after landing at l.a.x. london,ndndlook wwt was on the same flight, that's actress frontunnnn brie larsen. meahile the inhe
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dinner. sam smith who was nomi for his s s secter theme song, he says hugee spot lht fan. e li show just thrhr dada and mich turner is onn pscar'ssed pet. >> t tay academy releases video andensta grr etcheses hat the theater lllllooklike nday yes it t prety spectacular. tre w total 3 set p@eces comprised oscar the is some srious security p here. >> "e.t's"`senior e etor was today with wppieie goldberg who has won an oscar and has ppfsented. >p>pi don't know that this is -- anybody has the right expect anythihi butut go show. >> "et" h h learned the academy isisefinitely stepping up securityhis year.
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president joe biden will be introducing lady gaga's performae, so you knowhatat thatmeans. the secret servic will be alssbomb sniffifi dogs and rof o much snipers, tre wl l cameras everywhere,many of them hidden, monitoring ery move.. >> modern s surity cameras can can bet vep, @ry sml, ey could b in es, lapel and aybe even asses. >> eltonjohn's a aes foundation party. >> we have all the n stcture i i place, work with l e cacalice. and a eyeoday on ocar ostthris rk ssece b wmeinlywowouneon. ococma nso fa, oopietold's kf in-insiion.>> it desn'ttttow od yoyo hf he populations
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song a a thehe oscand poste these ptur of keke d her sexual a ssault wit. adede was a big winne awards,hihih isgland's ioof grys, ha she sai din hercceptance speech. anto t asendtothmyagnd rdlabe a i ildoo l t tpptuy to or kea. >>steek sh broke wn in new york c cilcourt. the court said keshausttay with thehe label deespitee her claimsmst dr. luke and drurgged her sony andnd dr. lukboth can deny & these allegatioio. >> and the wiwinner is eis --adele.
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ional in t tis drs winn four awards. >> this is surprise to me. >> later e pulled it together iivavanno. hititn after party with her man simon. >> fi up after his win ad adele sooched jucenieber, he left g glassy e aer the -- >> s and ter drake slipped out a aa.m.arliei the taicave backs >> on to c ce ay
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camathddatsson o that show s seral timee >> they'y'y'avininod time. "the viviw"announced that after a rocky season, they@yhave peck@d for another season. >> p pcked up our 2 2th season easo > he sw's origi creator barbbra walters delivered the renewal ne@ws. >> whenam t tell everybo, we all had a good d llgh. > depite the laughe "the view" has filmedver 4,000 esos and unting. >>ou guysrkrk. >> streaming starting tomorrow netfl the news cande cameronen fulluse. > you werereonsuch a lon rrning show as s kid, w you're oo another lgg shohohowhat' tat like to have
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>> it mamaes me feel cold >> you rember your first cover? >> i can do. had the mosteposterous like early 0s hair. >> i mirst cover s marissaaaa tei. >> how many times were youou mared? >> > 4hihi w w mri - tcc& i would d w went@ d in p,pneddam @bakkb couple@e yeaeaer wiwh amnia.. w to o e ieieien m gae. 6> appe, plit>>whyd usismy s sp stare pretty much e as blblblsteel>> whwhwhwhre wewenono
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andnd to sesesysyste off t st dimeme ds.. h a a a a a a a sunday,y,hehehe o ocars o orse.soso whwhatatat w w b bt actress nominee brbr lararnn be earing? >> thisisas e firstdrdrsse tried o plus exclusive photos of a very pregnant kelley clarkson and whyis she on a theme park ride? but first,t,ce again we'r inijde t 17thscars eswara >> re a sister d, butwe alwa re, we didn't realize it. is so we said, m,ehoululu be a a sisterod. >> the partyelebrateses the progress women hav mde in film
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>> i feel very tor bebcaeae i'm actuallll buest i have ever been and'm verygratef it, i dodon't take it forgranted. >> another working actctss,as ata the whit hoe m for & reeni off her new show "dwngrou."
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>> i
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allen flaing b overwo thats prereant kelley clarkson at disneyland, shef and r daughghghabsolutely arablee withnderella. but she was happyto t her ft on the "'s a small worlrl ride. remember, klley actually won n
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tefani isoingngtg be a judge on the voice. >>let's tata a b bke. >> let's in he talk about bleak. let's justlookok at thehe pictures again. but the w gwen g ges when shehe talks about blake is just wn right sweet. they didn't have e eugh aiai at that even >> i love you.u( >> these o were hanging ouout together a wedding the night efore en's ledeo shoot. so we're not srprid that got away withh thth >wh heepdence popoed the wequqution abo youeiei @his menr, hat was hisresponse? okay, sosoo wding bells
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each other since they startrt dating last fafa. wen, ann evenhowi her love for blake in h deo >> he as pp t tbeart it >> i was going to beee piano ayer i shshld hone that. >> hewould haven treee untilike 2:0 in the morning d d@ouou be i hate you en stefani. that vided was also anan for taget. o ou day with ta show host andydyohen, we get t a-lister to admititto a aost @anything. then theh making of ann oscbr gown, makingeople think we winning golol on tnday our joe z is with brie se stystreg do
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tpha's next.@ad c childn..... i'd alwa imagineddwhat it would be like. i piured h happy we'd be... and how much fun we'd ve together. i'i'alys imagined.......i'd henenene he would tyrn . to feel l with, and to ananerall theieiquestss. never imagined....there might c/me a day wh she d dn'want me around. at s s would argue with me cocotantly.. anhow grgrwe would g%gtoward each otr. i never imaginededhat ouldldfeel l le e e ting me out.
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nouncer: if being the p pent you alys imagined fuels s possible... the bo tn natial hotline n help. ll 1-800-448480000 dd#1-800-448-1433) ytime, dayr night.tanks to o ys towow i dodot just imagine gettttg along with my child.
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>r's ithas en a redarpandout a ared cat ts onjoee got thth et i i stn 'styli >> u know, keke the shoulderss back, feel it, feel iit, love it. >> y/y lterally tried on five dresses, thihiis the fifist d desesi tried on. iiad literally sin paris just the week beforor >> i dididi have a dss until i got att 6:0:0 a.m. ts rning. >> did yo have to g t alterere or r idid it fit you. >> i of wanted to close e@ booberry a little bit. >> 're in the hol just right ne tootheelevator, w domimitetetheihally.
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>> you g uyssre zero s ares are sew in a hotehallway. >> w literall had thee people eroing e ails. >> and fiending outt the untooi ssry behind eadrdr stylylst christina ehrlich had this move to come up wth thgown. >> calvin kie actually dpsiged thidrs, and they is't spkekehes. >> when i was theost b away ishen i s the autiful gohings they had ahe to weaeahat'si supported z, like a halt neck,kjt' a commitment. >> i le ththe eyelashes, i think people were cominsaying, itit so weirdit's sstrang i want it the all eyes on brie. that's were thatatamemefrom. >> what about es? reittg here wi ram wi floullf f oo >> at'sothing.
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u culdn't e en lk in here. > it's re forjoe to come and see brie@ this the@ ring awards show season. i'm s snding my days nning rod in t tjunglelee coos in, she kowssmy bo, shehe knows at t like. how d doyo gys@veven stsrsr comte t xt ging. >> g g ga plananand d u fly taatralia. wewe had somskype fittings, justad each thety moving. brr a fashionk ker 14" 14-year-old brieherself. >> dedesigners a are givivng y clothes dn evevebody wants you p toear r clots,thk it would o to be a
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a hint of what we will s%e brie wearing t t oscars. maybebenot to oscscscpc b to the afr parties?? >> t there is some blblck inn her futute, put it thqh let' some o oar fashion nice thatat brie larsen as shot arrivng frfrlondononon even though s s sww actually shoong in australia. so what iss london?? exananr mcqueen, whehe sarar burn, m mqueen's designer@ showed her@ falline wii one oscar dres after at. jo zeec going t joining tomorrow th his ultimate totosk f fcast and he's's going ttb telng us sysysysm secrets. if you e f fan-- andy cohen is a new york be selli author but his rea baby "watctctc ppens liv a day in the lilili of andy cohen..
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"watch what happens lives?" he bravo exutive the oo@y live show i late nighght.t > > his reallylyool, this is like the iner san tum clubuse inside a clubhouse. did y y take a little hin >> yeah. >> if i iouver to my house at 11:00, the first thing i would do`oould be tomake you drink. tom hardi. e is n aa [ bb@ep ] that that man would be excludededroro >>have you everadad aome whereryou feel ike, i've gonlittle bit far? yes. >> have you evevev beenen with lady? no, i have no
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thinknkju r rd everything. 8>8 you ever been with a lady? >> yes, i have b%en with a lady. morehan once?e?e? sladyaad do llll ieeelfies wiwiwith kim kardashian and klloearn 4 which is atttt lfieie&& oh, my god, t ts is amazi >> "watch what t"ppenenlive" is cecebratingng's 1,0th showw ne week andheheas h h h cius annel. t ts is my tual hre.0 >> hirstst gue was s susan
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when i was d ding a my children, somethi about him, i totod him this, something just jump off thepage. >> andydy is a nnstop b bll of eneney evevry minut t the day. >> you know wha it's all fun n r r , i'm passionate a aututveryththng'm doing, i am livingng t te life i alalys dreamed i iwould be living. >> c cissieeeagan will t tl nything. in our "entertainment
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tt answer is coming up next., at "e.t" onliadna kes a -- plus isala@iley je@nner takini contntrinntoor? >> and 999 a thrililer, but 0 when we s dwnith the cast, theyey adorable upes
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evevedy. whwhhseetary st studieded thropology? collegege >> hapapirirday. >> what a gat littl bthdday party. >> byyhe y,t's goingn the an exciting weweend,ancy and i are hosting a special sundada it'se.t"it the cars. monda "e.e.e. at e ososrs as eream gold. >> ererdy says it's yo year. >> we're going to hava aat time. > leo, gaga, l-lo.@ > > nd joe zee ononhe red cacaet breakin the best d wors
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>>'s reallyt't't't'ly, really eming. 0>> monday only y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y eniprove their grades and t tir communitieieby cononcting classroom with mmunity servicic working togeth studud sol real problems build new w ills ananapply their knowledge in a whole new way sisi the classroom andndut, service learng opens new doors and brings learning to life. t your schooooinvoed. t: to find d t how. cecilia vegaabc news nth charouth rona. $ >> movovg on, mrious nos at all houroming frfr a silicic valleyomex occupied by ple. neighbors wantso know what is going onthere. the speculation ishat apple is building its car of the futurere
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and giant green wall surrrrnding eeomomexee preventss any kininin you hav v v vll lues thouou ita'tuiethe unds >> the noiseseseatat we would h h h would be c c@lanking mtal, grindi ckhaering. >> wll t sanan je ameri s rorts in 20 apapeeieid permits for the buildingng describinhems auto work andepair areas.. another bit of information a apppp refuses to confirm o orr deny. e fallouou from cap gas pric. hallurtoto which pro@videde oil eld services is ctingng anather 5,00 jojojo. theeompapa h h alreaea laid off more than 00 workers since 2014. globob oil pricecehave falaln 670% in thet two years.s. >v>iforora dvers could be in for stickck shock. prices expected to increase by 30ents a gallononon tomorrow. that's accding to consumer0ouou it's partiallylyecause of


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