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tv   GMC Early Edition at 5  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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ven corapr, i'm naoso, , 11s is m- thinstigcoinues ter a cootan h coty corado spris.corpal natrrne deputies rvg an ecttice to a man been fighting closure foyeas kil aotying tserve th caigan h b the par coty sheritht, 58-year-old wirts knowno mentand haed oabouli wipo srethiredk an ki hthall hd for . y itakg . nd bley::53: "idfo s erylelto
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thisng--an came with of e stanie cie the ndht hinrae thwayss ghest eicothe palthy. fo colt number li he morehan el . port measureweeralfas, peop l wh livndre andhe ll tety thief is co now 1s mog. okin detai cexolsay thn asne burst... ur cldreare ve a ak
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lc11s lk ..ue 's riw w ifame susges n tyinstacculingl wo u that v rrt papers oained by 11 news say durins be arres
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uspe police shely to call her bher new idti rorpoliun meond gott rado-d cin her ndeiveskeintofing twa socih ind ackesuecndhing orisileholarhu owdipping tohe teens and 20s. haclear sknds beles pe. aften , ll ile 40d 50s.entysunsne t anbit of bree. fri roug looks eaif you
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the est day withe 70will be zy to wdyti o nch se moay ve mnigh insdaythat wso with icool dda yourwirongraou day nutedethwn. 35utes rs b tra is vingothl denan. icdis a o raatureb at tvom. trfic updates p inmis. arein omump co p rninwhat ware as peg on thso oe
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alert: researchers say driversoral how wide-seathe issue is in co. k ifhe
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own r thth, r roled w this mng.... af peop are talkibout tew chs on fk. usw orikcelewh ea xtenth byoesdnorgeerouarho j wn t l butt te . onr sk hovve ans a w onpar buttnd tnsr.deils thning aie par se onomy s are comingalleisastrmongliigrsndon are
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it's cold start to the day amanyf you may want twarm u.. leaving thca iillegastilah1 news g-just way bexemm puw.oue'ay clay ushat foe ea
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aneen 5-10miles per ooe ll off teaturthe of subiof a breeze. f the week've be wng for se weathe utdoday lo toe t wihs e 60 b br t tis .. nt tu riveony nit ueth wal g thco dn da ur mor wiames
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a g stbe ceptrotht law,itnethr t uncked a lt on dstt eiwi y inhegnitn. the bill steosived t wadeqteetmen r widrer m k iles its o toy th e secu td ing obn ev . ere bule cspd:36 hi a th i0 en prta y d wt
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itaw, t eect ely alate thear. ven colodopringsi'm eitkt1 . anas ainse sed pantod ser e'eerepoinbeeayesty.bua e les hefonext moh h mtaheth tion be rt ik setngjue mp sd, "y ea knstmo skfi h toeyndepse hse. that'sed mealeah ti. thmealeah tiwill bnet the at it ipu
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welcome back to here's a live ok. itand . m ?? " 11l for ac ale- a w twon aph roookso clai beith the r-s. the new heme irget famise e fendsl ris.we spo tlyosinthe backf eir ho tlandsley tre rprid by pho cal clg couldet
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neriaw. gail"forho of us volvanli it'sadnougwe h lve r me t nt any me thingsor myomo alit" thws iapd fod soe cayou havealrerkinbe ss. e tyo tryi to reach you.if ye n money to aide scaml e corado solice department. ou've ived apici cayou rt ihe fal tcoon iortion i stedr wenel he 11calti p new th eranother benefit to laserent to kill b rs. ctors now y thtreatmen cani the n'nsrrngengh for ctainhemoery drs asthugan be effti.
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titsitglblstt r. depi s fm siste demeheeyvinglles retefr tofacontoake ia prtibere u twar r drng o okin. owub jackson "our sue s frr ion col stem the plant netimized.e mayo the impnts wi fr ans.tap or sparkling? nt, uswant it leesearcom shoesth boletecagoryre rehasipeen g blionollarsn 15. ar hofse
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happeng no- inenezue... nsumerare gg winoth foosh eaflour -- aloh ff, lkar- noamthmo th ab lack dollar breas are raon and when laisoin omolic. th di it may be tim for a areer buildeey finn humace mans men earnes mithithei e rveyf re tn oundorrs melyhr y esi gu en is ciom ous ble day cop 1 ne this rn at'st a 15r inst insplaiohrea ont rsnoout toods
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eangol . ay f mis on academyugh town m rslvd.raffving sy eneb foliffti a y,go ttrc h ur chatfidate iin mes. anpdatthorng.. cahosptso re b hhis er. t's not unhelu o s ti, k attis at oll have heswing he vir come
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to youu vain ppin. weinmo ahe ndert r kithatga aoc soo th15eaol n fina loch. ctasd eot ndaywhenort ououpo reato ays e ed t ny.or is mge oci a. dto mowi teeicres a n. aolthteenentogsreoucete abo 1year rl..e wing s s on ego.a rshetwo otr ilen'sy. fr aunic o wasig se s alys
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ntca- f slifrs veweavne infmaonbout a icily.heouedlat thhering hiri mar at seven,t st. osouth highin ty odedhieete moft a er now e stn thgrea woe.homu io chewk? ndkierrtr ave 25in ork thtentioan cel o teeng f timirfarsads tthend rky ha nethisorng...l at
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o othdoins at thwnfres. shfo wo a cathouse to rescue the kitten. sttind may hat it
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itclk ere's workinhis ing.g cloc da'swog n bre
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force academy... t bomsqcaatctu' heangay thi"ps, hapniow is s in werenh. nofromr kings , itvneis g. j nii'rae.t'go tolisfoa lot 's t noth utheo atr. wee ei ath cart th thursdamoing... ls di tnsnd. we haainlr s annd5-mihourayafternoon will boler, bu still of temperature 40s and
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aez fugh thwe looks youe be wasome w to gdoors! slookto be e warmt day highsand i breeo htint mes o nex chom mvey sd. atl albrth icon fo y.and noes bith t today's c report noajor
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slg thh sof th trucon aros depulo for ve cdis hoa g o ne kktv t an clicon c. ave ue n 11 nt oula nte arek nmal t r foacady th mor. rtgape to pen rmal hrs. fter an osive or investid reports sible bo threat. edthr okag iys
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d asdea gste runs norms oto 1 breakings the ews s eewnlong it happenein blein pk county, which about twonorthworado springoraligas o eigepie seinctn timad htg clur arhe kt whilng trve th no. iganeen the pk ye thsuspt, 5arn wiware tbe an- veme and h r onneutic wth puti. they back anim. eld a vigi


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