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tv   Good Morning Colorado  ABC  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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do n 3's dana molinan elco des. krdos chnel13's dana mona is lin ellitt nowwith tailgo morningda poing eltt... ... do annel 13 y: we'llgin y tly tost sunies an conditter thfternoon, ou thicken with snow ti in the ountry. this inc stemill bring a rain/sw mix late thi afternoon and night for elatio well. or imare ed for evenin commute the lower rrain; howeve the could some acmulation snow oassy areatio furnure r tonit wi slicspot ible. ecipition conver to overght,it ow tinf tuday tern w re nto h eres leray sth sn atas s. gh arpeed ach e s 50fo . tend: by te erhingnd idndontuda tre ulbe twn 3" oweaal e lmdind llerouy, 2for puloouy d e utasrn , 7" e southeicof t i rrornd- "+orheig cotr. t mdle rk wk,ontions should dry. mperatures wm e 50an60by saaywi anothrod ofhoot riilos su ibp th byn jistl yio re t w to byse fi is ilyi to gure i-70l be op jus re h
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dot sa thenew s tove a par raffthro durg re-ens at thisng will ose ain fours rnn ewntg ror thata , again, lead traffic throug t have cleared about tons of ck followinste athu i0 out 15mi er. two peoplein c tonight codrive in pueblo. new moose ectssay officers ed kaa ez and shner yesterday. the shng ppened arod 12:30 in afternoon in the -hun bck west 13th et ie 'st de po t r una olic spteshti iwn firsay av akuner werewainaw from t hie. e o e faal ch fahaesr a ta o hiprer.
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blso in rus theaid chae gersoperesradas".. a eedisine. ou hish h igat three acke fo childre wo to reile she ked on aanimals. thiff's ays th scndenaw a ne ldouogs. 00 n in e fa. as maen gin otr's ce anh r in dod, th bse as very ree d gsane ry tidaa atrm b re cre ed surry after g bittn their he torsoarea. the iff's ficethe surgs essfnd ey're revering
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weekin sorn radoorpotics.. tt m th ak reoladcaus ithe ceorwhe e,hehiarclto cagnring rm prent to corado spris. ha ousa supp lcomedill clto codo coll clinthe case f wifeg vote the best caate in therace on either side t divithin country. futurel sho get ic incl s, inclsoci poes, incle pocs and reigpohaeps s onl thtrmiliry a a rong placy,ut wi a worlditreartns and feweieclton d t ntrn nds noanreicy . supeesy n 11 primy ancauc leup on marcfirs incling lora. anil bers trngo us ofa big losso hillary clinn afteth decric uc in neva onatur ndsays 'sow lkingahea t xt causes. cludos arch f r tu
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he's cnt he too ll outccolorado, huset that sandering th cnn's j tappere ass lkg with c jake othe stn. d j re dreans wi sw theats d head to the caucus in ne o-p front runner donal trump isop toee wi iw afg win southcarolina d the decrats ar e courting the all-portt afcan-american . abkennn is ringr decision 2016. theek, it's ea prential t swit llar intoust ne the ats he dsouth repuics e nevada for tomorruses donare goinp e're go make amica gr
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th morng, s ilriafs g wewiinsoutlireal50f thste' degate winnin evangelical votersso trumou know, di ow i was g winy at mh. a wony t./ that w sof co-setting uff." thp pack idowno enrseb bushut thtwo n-amic frhm set tp alrniv s d uz 8: dalumha motr haa re hh ooofpot o t ina in nedacaus wne hicl red sou cana e's read cuseon t per esda ese te where rad ovhe encly us d ea otr"it wherar be nds le, he sceithelp from actornner. sanders iswortthblack vote...which lead toawd, war t predomtl rin tomoow nigsa hithe stage for a deat so the republicans are rangvada where the lahas trump leadinby pnts. kenn abc newsshgton ancan nd allour cision 2 covege on r bs krddot m.
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6 n ou e, krdo com. ofci fiju e ningtemajo phtore ugh e regi. fi out what windpes rde rihetothatet a ofinciobsoe an be from r spac what keto ht tco trash oblem. e loaheatoth roofintrweher!ou
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e fo eaki ellt isning . scho ri is cleday d instatin . have hael3 na molinon e phe t now, s's or y to eott,danadoe knowr?? krdo newne3's damoli is live in ellicottow ms.goodorning
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incott... dana . krdo chl . today: we'llbegin e day with ptly most . later this tcken
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ill brrain/slatehioon and r me s well major the ev in tlowen;ver, uld ome la o aseas/o iture tot th a w icot ib. ecitcoer er w snapinofteeeto tcho ures todeengesow s totigh arpect ach th 50s mondedbyhe hing a andony, the betwee1-e dividetrace to 2" for pu cth southeastern uthern e rridornd 6- the higy by tofhek,ondionld. mpths th round rs nvi untbly . -lib abby
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fire outoclean fter itive cyclth edleas18 pe. thorm ovheentownreli ..akout ecfomo othnacodoe si huan s winss wi d for the hemihere. thd cord hour w cyclone 2002... nston' 18 mile setting the ne ... go tatoy's a da hea the a a ic ou utrn a ho seft aken ofe el ore rds 't makin- coming up
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joining us on ning lora. here's a look up one of the ars generatingsands of tons of tr. aning it ofire. umfire th be seenom spa the gron edge ofai, indi y da only ways byit. cosays the stt -wide cliness campgn to du ountf tr ues ga esre still drpi. e e pr colo riis now 49al.. 22entsheap lmome ston - the e runnin a buck-49. icill ke continue to slide because prices rein for prices in
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s rerefl ss tcountr too. oo ws ae pu asserice ntin to ll. abc'reni keis on havth detas in ts rnings era's moy. go mornin toppg "aca'smo..eshead ag tiave w a do1 gall most5 ntss th a mth ag pri han sligly aek.. rins ge uas innae.reils t uny e llinrbrd from els r e rndeed th no verbrdistias s sell ftatsour n athes' we induto re s set earl is we'll igter on go in amnd marvel's"deadpool" is ofce. it's bene of the most ul rad movie ev tetaking 5-million dollars oveken "kung fu panda three" was second. a close third. that america's moy.
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begithe y wi py to moly sny s anmild ndns th aftno, ou tcken upitsn arngn e ghoury.
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afrnoon d ghso ofheow evio as we. mor paar ctorhe evincoutinhe r rraiwe cumuon o ow oas arpati tonight wi apoib. nvts towsnow taperin ternoon. we'd to temperatureser today when th chaes tnd starts to sck. edthe 40and 50most. ex: by the timerythi and done tuesy, there d beeef snr/on therde an er atrac 2" fo pueb countan hernns, fe he slofhe icoidornd- "+ f tig
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e 50and s by withno ho viilsi nd
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eck ou coute. let's checour commute.paul richards r at krd newsdi 105.5 and 124 with y timesa here's a lat your comm okahea thning
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okinahd thor the tion alli o ntalnelachina cagns mog at lora hool f the af a bli 's cd "endthe le prog starts at 9:30 this mng... meant t helpearnabout th warningns of ntal condns... and wh they shto getlp for themlvr frndding the silence is gred toward all just those who araf or blind. mo pueb cboarof commission are talkg out approvin a college scholathat funded by maana tax do ould be fit of'sinitve that cldtce scrs fundolla awd money to pblo ud. meing art ni th morng a the unty commsioners amrs sueme ur juste,ntin iais fial laito . re-c othe cereny, d sueme cot isov foard day. d famo amanho isembed
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memberfef er lee here a live look at...
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lodo it 6-, monday
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en e n scnow id tot ter ne o rng. ts g y, usupremt isck in forst me sincedden dea chief is cted tntiossing fr bepresident oba s d to pa sueme co nominee fil the canc publicans argunami a suso oulde a b r the ne prid faus ican ahor s soaito st t ek"tki ckinirnd "gset wahm thorarpe lee'ral heivate ekd inwn of monrab she ed o fridayt the age of 89. sports peoniterdrew million dollars f the shvi vand the hotes glt toala "pp" io hehol om thvitrl
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teomto hercordedr was hede posted oine. she more fous ago agt the marr. the trial istot abt ys tug wehenow g getoy.y bto tt suhi a ther heretu 's a l lo from ou weatr netwcame . ortrr 13 abby ace liven the heceer acnghe chans w ? os ab... atheon 1s y: w begin day partomostly sunny sks anld condionster thiserno, cl thienup wsnow artith hiount. is incomin syem wl brg a in/snow mix latehi afrnn and nit r me of the ler elionss we. maj ims arpectevenine in t we hover, ome action syareati
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w ecipit coertsow ergh witsnaping f tuy rnoo we'll allytotch w mper drop to seethe rao ndtarts pecto reach mo by hi aid a dare ul 3"ow near/on the vidend whi ou a trto" r couy and e hetepl4- fhehe rrornd 6- orh uny . by t the work ws dteerur ws s by saturdaywi another unofwe vi
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religious askfor e rld .to t use thde nay. why e ntiff ask for special t beuse of c te elus . and ren n pele ll i afr he boin h treonas spdie ce
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inus go mng lodo re aoo y wa uth rning. ki in distct 22 are n gng sooth rng th dist i cleds eye
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kr n anl ve eott dahat we so ? kr news annel1danalina ive in licott n with m detailgood morningdanart poranc noking aone-ar ratoumn e de pena prong that catlic leads suspend e prtice dung the holy ye of rcy. pushor forgenes runs throunoveer. e pontf is al throwing supp nd anfce set to begayat he s will bn d
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e adft blasts in the ntral syricity of ho ers are inred. it'satest waf vice to hit t city rece weestatn rianedia s e blts we caed bo rs rged wi expliv , ondubbed thepitaof t syrirevoon, s been hit w multip bbsn recent ms as t govement llidesith the raallamiste. zens gry prestors a therin th oday an ant kore monstr natu the peop a against north ko nu ng-range missilla more than 10 peop consercivic group are asking theme to measuresainst their neighbs densator asheanthnoh flag and
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aheato round of wtry weforecast is u the time is now
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good morning colorado. here's a loo at you wake uthis morning. today: wll begin the y pary to stlyunny s mild nditns. te is ano clouhi uph tingth ghount thisncomg eml g a in/sw mi latehis afrnood ght so ofhe lerelio mor impas ar ct fhe evin coute t weteain; hor,he cod some acmuonf own grassy areapa fuiture late toniwi a w ick spotpoib. pripitatio convtso snow ovnit, wh snowapering f da aften.e' real nd to watcho teeratures dr lat t to see whethe rainhaes t sn and srts sti. gh arexctedo reach e s d s fo mo. exnded byheime everytng and id de tuesy,he cod twn 3" of ow neaalg e lm didendhiteerount a tre 2r pulo countd e sohern pl4-or thsorn sle the-2 rror a 6 "+ f t hh uny byheofhe rkee contions shou dry. temperatures warto e s d sarday, withnoer unofhorsot rivingnt psibl nd. ad-librawi ose thqun e'meag r pebo half timsh is stilspki ntve. -l wp with
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quagfr pebo lfim is stng cororsy.. now li..reot me so thsoha cored in das lloo adline scri: calls r a bencboot e grow policenions aroundhe country are mping on moment to boyct the sing's upcoming "fmation" tour -- by refusing to volueer for rity detls somefficers saher w deanher super bowl lftime show bothromote"antpoce" messes. abc ne ask for reactionro beyonce --she s no respdebeeco e e the w's st-selli ve- s di. "thee thro di mde myer--old miions of coesnd became ait movie starng seanonry be e waeightyr years old. woi ... "bd" mes bond, th . e ton martinb1th ni craig drove the fil"spect" was ldt ctn inonn.t' tulyne of n ma for moe wch oufothat ectoseat tt! e eesptsar so f tee
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mo bd molia was son e block. pree wt chaty. fill ao diy mouth contind to clean up athe x fice. "deadpool" took aestimated 55ilon lls r e tosp over the weekend. it's one of t mt successful r- tefis er. "kung fu panda 3" was second, wi a esmad 12 pot veillion. "risen," fth bad riia dra, debed inhi. d at at'sapniinolwo. m so thanso abc ne, s geles. nts r toxic spwa trigged by the p-a, local leaders are mandg e agency canp d neouth o h grsuring veor jn opo jaso naann, a newslos anges. monts afr a xispilwas trged byhe e-a,ocal leerar dendth
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thste. nd o hthgrp prri rn jhieno lpcorado ll tcoect raat i infor ite
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iss the wsl poweblock... 13inesf nostop ns d atr. wee foowg eaking new out of ellicott
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22 a not going sooth moin- ina thre ns anne13s live llot.. nat w knowo fa? od mning na. goodorni.. scho ct pted isge thr faok arhis ing.he dtricisnghethe pty sff to e th. thshiffsofid athe d cd werkcot withhe schoolistrt now.poing licolina. krdonewschan
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g, o n cora spngar facinghaes r illell growg t aomzee rerttho men we reedt me vanc ccl wh pice gotohe hoe,he d at el wingad bn and. polid utitietohut f e power caitas sonse. poce s renter aided ecic chars by ine foret achethe me..stealing atst 6 thnd llarrth of ericityn six mohs. policek 56 poun of pa pot om the h todas cooler ather shouldlp crews mak ttg out th a bit re winter weath today. look outsideur weather me at .
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her center tracall,by?s -lib toss to ab... r on 1s today: w ben the day partly mostly s skies coio. later isftno clouds t up starting i hi. this incoming g a in/snornn and tonight weno major pas are expeed for the ing mmute in the lower terrain; howe could be some muti of snn assy areas/patirniture later tonight with afew slk sp po. ipitation convertssn night, w snaperinf esday afteoon. wll reallyeed towatchow tempat dropater tay to see wn the inngeso owndtart . gh aredo ace r mo. teedhe te yt ae esy,heulbe o neaon thpaer dide and whi teernt tre to" r pueblont an heasrn ai, 4-7" f sohe sle t i-2 rrid a 6 12 f hig uny . by t midhe wo wee cdionshld dry teerur w th50an60bysardaywi ath und of showe n ringnt pbl nd -l wth
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chk y coe.paulichard k neo,.5fm a24withr timever fi re'sook your ing
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re on foon ist g this morning .. a spperson tells stl cent crs are mo bu and flam. - ndred acres are scch string aaining exe sa. rtson sarews ne ad re kngt coai mouninost. a ll onsored two southern cora lawmakers cod leyo caure rain ter off yo roof. okinah a ll repeang a baon coecti rter lldiscusd in commtoday. pu esnati sgar doerrield are two spbilorado iofhe lt stat i illel to llecinwate
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ftat d e te 30 dicu tt ts!!38-43 i thk otthe puti tha o s rrs athe lal haha r e pros, u wod ae to th uto two rainarls aaximum of 110 lls te neis moin pele lvern d san anount want to esgoveor john loopo the vironm tion cy to cl , leaking ate. o ng est a tosuperfun reasafcted goldne l last st. isons y th puicppl befo the the goore p- trigd ons g in .. ing ter ee . a nert showmillns of dlarsn deragran e heg struling
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hoolarin eblo. thdeer st rep0 ruli atwi only a tinyandful showing imovemen schoolin lo dtrict 60ersiled t the rert d-60ecved nent sev llion doar id mo of e ney we t consulnts whdid tt to lturat ebloch. two ary i- li aentsthiskend pting rnin spriakers, nutes,n ar oldoy camera danglg fr a cir ft... bar up, he i pole, an ntr rescuers m then, 25 people d afr a lift railed in west virginia. though aiaccident radoskre a prio mi sso ty mar, mtn
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y ye nnoplike a a st t , an mean d pit yothly onwa serein thf e acdentthisweend. colodo atunivsity professoand cousspecialist unchg a udy in2 lora angh schools to if ica creat re of resi" arnd report concussions. ge400 thousand dollars over three years r projom ainitvert n a ths. deme defee. thnc to n mobohe culte arnd coons.e u ofsor soseshatetes ten willg toaywh the hurt becauset uallan pla oherno kasisng d pafrom rvingstate ment the o- esidentiale gnedllesterday tate ntract th sces any
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ntpld nt.. ou wi effecti om me o mon llar fuing fo alth progms clin arguments e seto start toy inhe trl agnst womacud ofting an rnaby ou ofth man. ing d thisning.. ecution and defee both reed las dyne ngot to tar n defense. stead, jurors ard a pre- tad th ave, wherne that sh was dending herselom t mothmich wiins. defense callo tnesse tireunsure w a n in kalao,chopen fithret plac. ki and g two othe italized re jon e suspected of goi shoo ra thated a anrtme co h iner ry der.. deribi daon calm er imong frceo ple... thou
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tweeshoong got ybe mile fromy hse goa telephe , after at cl he artedrivg ratilly.e nd odring rough median dvi uge wn on he came to a stop i jumd t of e r d n aw." ub coirmeth daonasn uber driand said he had passed abackgrou chec now, here's c'ron roberts withwhat's ah g morning americ mor it'see hou ke lora..a u ptu moon sll linging nd th mni. wean toeeow y u colodo.. sendou pictures twake
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post em to r faceok paget krdo newsannel be s use the shta u corado eorteo peinny on>>ner brac-b, nedaot rr
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> dse kig lere frae. w osss o ngsheriing ring tou inhe ck. >>am.mes evts goinla repr ooardhares act.ey aliocman out hiy. e ved tac,utwa t dk deon
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>>, thas. utfeo . rey morninre ." wee ttg to t bottoof that sce mysteryndpein sta. >> yes, neth thasachpi, everyby,thhoe. our, they hpa in sce. s ageah. lso, inew th e bam. to her l n heus yourur vote."nald trumpcleaont-runnerpublicrace. thontenevada tomond abc llama heith th. >>ter: goo modona h ghcagns y cl etitenor mubd cruz tgue dsre oeidewin no r gume, trma nnintobut ere e stl of
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ou carng hattrd p vote in shapes d size wiry people,rt peo ople, sk people. on. >> r in nt the ts went ourump. but itn't stopower erhe crowdhey didn't pric i li that e lights d w i n'nt. weting a don't pantight?>> rorte troll af-tbaole trume y st ife meinth the nntes ve yre g ah n >> repr: h l thump ceations tor marubi who bareon splac caro o t e st o nday. sp t of hibigg crds anvei a n


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