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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 18, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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rs t gin his sentenc >> i'gongo aing orly s i ntntet buinsesgoag i ve goour moutto feed. >>st t ptio celte ll"turningables" ndy cohen washere tound ow s bac shoo rea hewives oewerse. egir happ came ak?
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lynne is er.> 's beenrwhein a gow evythi ieared abo c tbo i h m woing kecrzy. >> jieha baled y jaminn still to pu. >> i t it woul ere g jud a d f t f an 'somo a a wl e,n'tan o theldhing> hebeu is. >> d run tog erhing ayutte jaieyn g mriedust last t >> youarri baby fill
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>> om >>s ing app he ous ardofheapera? >>s datte whe avnlle hxclusive? and a tie cdsis o. >>t'sre ciy illminu.
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oensecti pross pea usi a o oksnd istagm nollfolwe. >> we askedne mber o agrd to talk weept h >>applatioocessstusenng t nsamdle oe ewheferedyoh hto emb of thepplrea. andhey ha ac t y in ting acc to rl appnts rewait sted,t you' accted, the cost$799 >>. iook aresh toylfri
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s hl"fa of ife" ane er is y 5fr es. hohe sll g i tomorr o "e." in tge,jackada "decraonfliou.. heook d r eafe tteanfroe fora ecnbetwn 100%eef,ese,anmouth.
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heou stver ta : i i py to be h tr i have beeugh a lot, and i'm lucky to be ive, and i'm lucky to be okay, and i get, yes, i'just happy to be here.ea you know, doctor,most surges, uh, get kind of rankled at hospil-atra. iltlooking out for me. kn dll. his know u chose thsht straw, -- it thng s atev goostraw . [ lahs ] [ hornlari ] laoff e hn, sigh] goarol sucks. ha oson comi?
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ca--oo s l erhe place i n't noye meacin t hse.weelta whicis problod becae it few chaes i'lliss r ofagai at'sathec. wherrobl she' a md. still? [ holares id to hthat n.'t tell me that. yeten.orlo done wioltires al ][ siwailin]inng 20utchesins. titge can biggspaigust -n heknowt drnt punche. ri ly whey'rena to worgeer ey work er, any ctsth to the .knhappplace rice ohpn i feel hierts -- . v. i k my mom, judi.
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and yo, cross --cros"m 15. atus- poeleputa oe le two aragafags bcanc,recug thbs steum." knowhy i'm he.i st wdtoalk t u.ayren yo c.yode b fab di he .ng o t, cofceis ks ha i'ing pic-according toarch,ooks like yo twho can keha i am confu or howbout you humore and let me prearge for s uh,s. dwao ow? t she's t real min s


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