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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 17, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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e lotore ofhat mi bnoth'lhrac toyo. oh h d g tefr-ol w c lovear praice abc'st h the s loo a ng ihi doctng hauly arinaic ato hr fepr: dr. malac loveinto r dhi o tos oicnor ntineprs ch a 5 hlo himd dowor teeaasheamnarined a hta te aec noo
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in a c itha evhat was s'sac arie'sli tth t righhepuic>>erye t b tihe off a eachicav ped ocoail menoectetednk d toimin s 0 o wnd ere'happ whyt a t age or nessasht.en yithe dosebl restiobout ateree oseua w me jth >>righ ite onths iot whain h
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1-800-q e ve g ready. an, dyreadre c coe ss thiflend. dopetsa ge pct?
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ybnts ecdydon' m se e .st i m to p. i wwo dieroskind ocine r morate to severe plaqsoriasis oven to help the rity of peoplestle 1pe arntwhe riw dootf ar alcontre staoube tesfobeul aned rnfonand lldoctannftimpms.swea le oryoha re avasou syto c wserioualactiseme
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ndlearkin cleawa. differ kinddinek urertost coyx mi oleave ited sprinis pt . antoebra, e extein50fer you can se on mos rizon, at t-mile nosave $200 instantl
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fftmin - cheogw ve a winndoi owsaiilsher ni direce weserb th 'sri o hanron, lk att hello, c.yo llo,hi gail, that f >> bes ix rt h eronly f hs. as besis atstmiter,to s t he c s do ynkj. d s s ortiiseaifulha pnt isante h am a alfose he sw g.
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j.c. el i btnou goofion, ainniog a teirga spl. l ser show s it.he>> onef the othidt was lening thebo toinwestogshsoup? hooueelbout . so. 's ees dogho d.everomes h entpete h and. str icas bef l- ftball ayn toret as o h te heeralos timllsueet'ou ket i jt cus,j. ha t f y,utafr.jwi i te eat?isheak setik
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.foo. no tt you -- i sating you show that is likewondriousng shs aul d seg heas a o runhree acresouhe prorty with em. >>aves well, t c lo ltosies s hohe j. oo t dog rve a tt'swhe es. atsoik d slbe>>t aegar is et. hmaie i -- e weating youw c. c you uu d thishe tiq
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>>ou yoormae.t mea g rk. tns we' g e's youropdog,. erter. beauful.'ll be right bacdy. su lind wh gthsp a clo ? ll bu whatped agn? wagirfin t hl but ndf ashe rieaenfome
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eluis eats alood ceskem inai onlyoes iqs td , t elalso hadificanmading he sndarent. ows turounmy thinkg.dostopquis unls ctorells youuis n cause serie casebldon'liisve avae ororeeng if you had a sion ile on equca your doctor rightway if ye ti ssoruscl. e is, y see longnfo t seiateical carddnsdi ru iquis macrse ybldi risou trtn cis.te y aanned dil d pred t ts us hs jobldi.
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th the residentsir lil a ill viivthy' n layl tofooutpeemy haeoeatov aso sll m ats at dth f., d ke me de- ner:reanteanre. re i : itnsftstt .ices reve.entative voh why being got is. t nion. ationwur s representative.> welce bao "gma." the storm comin co will upnds. winddvor r f cen
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nds gus u 5ilough andarmer rfter this. "odorng americasbrougho yy brkdalinng new sio . it's, wednesdary7t abby a. y:ll b her t y erll ewa titue, th geg s ans oun lodowiwi st y oudy tlyoudy. exnd rong winrern o, wi0mph gus ib!
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syn friday. on e droppi for the of the end to40s an su aftern e nextceor anowo rn do. at pnt is ste inicant to co in ltle mo aho e trtsr a wo ac unboy frpect s wo e im ie ca wis, i o the stand y. instor say she respded dyl ne's ailistd r babyloes st yr.hat'enan attaedil th klkins wa mo ntn lost the ba f ra llholdeeng day sstent apthdmr. th can on a land swa ffect the barr t north cheyennenon. that meeting wille from 11:30
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ounty park creek cr street up on od mlodot wants r -elect use estives. k
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sangefeais a thhitlinike a mo cron dr. beere ve wh th last youcrindutakia w org ver bland then's mealh al ste gelp feo olondnv lebama t t move > s g "-ish" lloss onli oh. ginca grng, ameca ht. e ce nga.ppy wedn
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>> saw aanrs eell bestow>>t wa c. sa>> allis hs on.j stahaver e. >> dou ww you >>racee th hereio talngbolaish" but ty'll p in a one lvg you never happen rey ni ski >> or soing, c aowl and h their work is photoe yblendmily iing eaiothuthow pheirs ei oming upki. ow ning ev b wow ove persal pvacythgil mor sl coorat d p brheryhone onhe sbenohootroitieimrtan
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naesedo stthot gh fi tpeal neord rein nsts comg omil , oictohe en turnsuthey s " no p so hsse an an'f caidby oneke thee asleevo eighrshat's unthe sound ls isurs. it'avore ofyes.eyallythe holikewaso fall t. stombies zes w goew. . ing w ad.sech jnoinoulebusihedrarsse the s. what'sthist?ea s loo endsthe usofimantionchreugs tten
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deraut a on t oall e doat andmatise in evisi t56% thesre ey>> w falninge tt nd filwhprcrti froa andvete y, kn, esuglaaf when ty'rend a ct'sersionut erareicals at y a n'waarths. wreheou peoplg to t geam bor ou l ie tto b g,n 'sarth pg emweheth trtt ud foun% col snt
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hat.hat o sk?>> underrvisn, probmsthose agif uset rvn, arthgshave sryseizeshet seencludieart attkss, yw, inchis? higher you't peise atropey e oou out. thar s dseverynwe qus an u o ma" ce pahes maniu. a 's e'it ckhok thenatsidehe dge' a la mllobjo a, h>> "stntho rsraceli e ing s stmanagie'righba. e till comgmhere is you wra e haw to e a o do.
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le>>"gs broughy thates pai mo.d erthe ace, getfinaing 60ntn a fo s. 'sightt anund.rdre..ap..anex.avlae % ncin uvelyo utoab.
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t rr 0% foonmi osee ord er tod an nl10caloeghgued tu tfes to i. mo (toit yee opi ger chc pa u ootefe ...exct you.
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c, ia dit ofstion, ic t foan? veat to anas op hesewhu? i'rnoron rabt m ?y ange'stld. reherd epnte mo forreme ae ndd e,cook., or?
8:08 am
ll be ing whilu sleestdon't thk ve g a brain yothink a su'snough? ll sp uphe thgs g tou? don'you thakindf br greegreere g wanmeonf have bra. >> to "g weo thig adli uter ro hle kiful ondmnghaen lo tha fht n id ki h c'lins davs reitr moing, te grns.eyufilnt in shked ady useys deate a and
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rouepposelete stni c f " illustrateuperstar ronda rous is seeminglable henbie >> rutheeang out fhe csincr ocki to holm in noer hishebaht chan. >>ep tea ve e deger yha hcidaghts folnger ing lo. ndhiinabt andnd i' wha i danymor ousey ose comm
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edo aylionaid rer fs rten'sh thse tens tere hit said ie west of her l wandeayid the ad a is wha e was y therhe ad sas bntteg in herhi e t n e ghbeutnng r no s s bis i rdoie'm sll de bsengdefeeda ce y ieir febut chooo ys c ch hoearo agmeing po yt d ul io,terrelho iefend ch ase o
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riain. amy. alllinsan s mu n,ycatnet ylor an ju e th io r in mt. whu thwang t hvehat k mo t's bmpwho esngnebity i an, hoss pn th d xtre tiauhed shwaic at alndlikeheersee purse. >>s n setaranpele tt ment >> is
8:12 am
alor mtail wea be agsed thetngpot f u' y fee you ntrtyoser mely d,aleey saanneanht, ca ment, a attrotasnt, wh darokedp d w her an pled her ou hoimis it to h soe there in t times? it was a seo is actuallycidal hang a strimrte giouatn, to taon an undeyou olven. lyaneaom ws al seot opl e t men aar threonhyo
8:13 am
tur hh pr. you'remoo oytance e elundu seutds ain tae thti insal e yo whadiffer manyolfndkn yreot e el wk silee anst abo at ians eme moodngs. >>ig dr. taylorays, ank uc>> t lara, oou >>am turn kate ddletobiew le,
8:14 am
stamakgme aerpocause,intt tr all m an ilond la goning repornd grninto u, lar hugt for dus of cidge ing asomuesteditor "thinost"riherekenson pe alg win isshe els strong abo, mealh unpeople.thorngthdus of caridgtangn new leolfothdaas heuf" it. ts he wllli thchess' fstas >>or tformonpantke shen ly fment d acly ay go or. >> ts' dah ng h>>'s btr aal isr:islian err ntalthreasmoer w alog ng llwo tok fld ey nd .weope raeorgd lotttopebo tirfeelgsthe duesintethfit
8:15 am
mals sciatwientaes snne. s a si of streth, and ld ee thatple t the eathey nd." >>lt atlt likehe youtand the ildr were beg igd ororgo abo ight butlso e pele dhess e s glalcendhe h op a around the rlork the ucssininhe o hew cosig erti b andl ry chdeseo ed ugh me the rter:ndhe of hngn poalolus tt th we very muuidebye anhepeise mta , sodding at she
8:16 am
sathe p ougl th ipaar anbeenkin wiilfo timeysbrlling 'sealnd so mental al iness. >>ouave we aw t ame omeoelg th batgta lnor sgl iyoneervegood y seifore. hew f evehe 'ris l ow wchs want tosi troa loher. arefrom all ovhe c, frerhe wyoand. yoreri >>lde.'s fg.t' c nge t.>>re goi tis i k i'm in misu.nkr ha str acrth pond kut this pic
8:17 am
yedathotfe.yo samtoy cd frs roh.zyonanea'soingo t chlier t0shayedaw. okt the tras denv rai seale. dnes brua 17t ab acone day:will anher iet and da eratll e rmern it was tuesd th h g the60s 70s acroouther codo! nds will sy light withartly clouo most clkies. tend rong win retun ursday, ph gus po! whil the r ations b n ursday, th highry wil get an rounlowingowthe winds ing aad of stemll drteer lyn aythe follldfronsufoth ointo d ndaybring th ance snsouthern radoatis point, est ap th systebring acto lo >> theadies watch the igal on n 1975.what was yr essi? did you ould b nced f . >>f courseot
8:18 am
thank ty. bn retcguy, bacin to dwas going tocancel?nk you, ro re goingtart "po ws" now wd ran. you kno he f grammy b song yr ony n speecryhe thd his nts ile hes thatbeeninki loud s sa, are peoplet ne, ththeyowinhecr ey't hndotht that hisom dad >> hlt speecplaid howarents h flown g forhe he nerndhey would say, t mae lyll e ng coupl they n ed'sut nobodkns whth gats. i belied th
8:19 am
sas probably goor r do ha pie.these 's.s was simpl e.'s ash weety wbrats pyfr youre pts al s a." at"p g,dyprinmi tos wh j, cre othge guput ithy ght winearcol rk ndyatni lyinaswow. >> thege- i s g umn. up of people bth earl00 aboy, they aty. group 59lion win01
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oo>> w. s my prodl become -- ou to waha. a oall s, i'm n apol>> i'm t y he i heart,a. >> thawhat'se rkou>> 31,it ance you rsndfinat thstr coo moamerc.from tweow erdogsree erwn wwhecre istr shldth bor si al ould play wi bor i' j i l -- > kno i'must t thennoer uy pzeor m rmin wantge m ionnk s
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da . thig>>e and sg yoimwhat >>oring, oveoing teverhererehe>> that'know aingek for tease hat's rig no, o no.blsh oh, ce anthonpi i actually that
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here's telliro 8:2am wedafeuai'abco ille anhequandaates ender , hsin thes ro ra! wind willtay witharouo
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rnth 30! wh ev wind ay, th hint w get another unoflong. nde aheadf a willmperurigincoxpectesu pi an50s.ndten wiing the chai anhe . ntit doesn't apthbrifan accu weck.
8:25 am
morng doamlora heilse n te es 2 matyf alltor i f old sther will ste thng on felonyes. r's sentenpp at t eso unouseju.fua ul a psot. e el po heri'sofeg vestating tereg formion out d ofothema rn fetusset to b half a.
8:26 am
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8:27 am
>> nigw.if ony t nhing i teleprptrge leso >>h. >> rd meing. amy, wt'ppg amy outo nexekhall tnieahe gregr y ereenfa. s, iha>>en fa. be wt youan d with yat. youi.ant folw youars,yeony.sce
8:28 am
i amnieroan i terno noing. >>ve you have, y tret wkouan on ri us p iphon in t rinotrt'ngorge'se.tcrol ft dot sco e n't ro tft iou>>en 3d. l gh ihi i ok,m at you kwat we we actu goio getou g theer we righr 'lo st>> celty teidi asow sowri tuns l div a iakho ofirlled-
8:29 am
etngfik d juju chang -- >> n. jujuas. >>ispo. hll >> a ts w >>ho ."ceit traeidi powlreontetstoigeepndsue heahyfestyle. ce on. there y go. >> ror n t coupl maor yrs are sppl i n way. >>h teepl tha are willin t p t kids fir an our es la we've come up ths incredie dynamth hten f wondfuy hapsndrewentslthppy diosng thi gr o han cuddling w the he tng ones hasitisngit fa
8:30 am
liommes a ampl oo r aed ttoer aneo ould and lk abing rao fors chen it wimo e d coizth eier wilfa mb te trtoe their dai'i coe mo thdad. r: the powellsoing the owinnkof bleedrotobry giging moyn and da s hanhiex. thaf heh one pare orerthllf-em s intact as mus possib l times.
8:31 am
eed tobebudosouc potiveanome en youe stomebodse >> ote f "ni ericjuju cab >> touo to r lookyou all bu from cowashingtonhagh >> youe theco. >> tie bk inthhw got-uintus hwesspripelet's degre today. at , mps 7 dalla atl andin t 5 ich th's going to feelice. today, gh,rier b ss tst m . day:t be anott mpes p waha tsd hs tt anacrossern lo! nds tay ght ary ou tmoly
8:32 am
financl.goa rnustor. yoeryeth urofha yffeeay irank oh, ah,o're al .re r tt xtr.saysoo moic y? ervid s. vs. yea>>utif dog bet he wld be for best inhow. thksorervice. back inside . t re n goigeulmandhallge. rse mever arrndryuties. hoch do reay know abou, dry anin isr anonanders ane abou anthisouev ansts lay ow denite n tas >> i'mes, just so tha
8:33 am
freen iserto helus gthi .myueion . mearrelyakg er uny dut >> aolutely. a nenesurv publish ihe walltreet na showed o-thirds of n between 18 34ay ty're the lndry meter their famy. a y lauerin yd? ty mhouseh >> te mee cathe wodon'nt to the drers ane. >>kay,n. anthonre y ready?l t wi t cyc showdown. >> let d. >> we ne youuyto taka look>>h-hu can yuphe shindthen huphethatshows cycle think sh be waedn. tae, it's ateitan. ould wwacold water wi darothe swe wash ihot water wi d ot should we wash hot wat wh white clots or cd war th ite clothes? >>t ou be with whis, cold water. you say das, cter and
8:34 am
>> hey,lojethears a -- y -- forgowhe s. belhat he on foud. yea y defitely want to sh anythinwith str o lo idadarknd u mian wh it fothe firsfew time itlf sit doesned if you puitt war, cat plyinit athe eee. heors ll b. s donehibefo igges ogot it right becost men don'get itht. >> ocourse, anont itright. >> the studyhows m aren't goodt cle coectionr soing. >> i just wanted himo get gd stu' >>nk >> ye welc t, catorisled nahasm oh. t a netgeout there so tare suppedo smel mly ea sll ylow and ue
8:35 am
new men's dergt. feel fretoonsu youf.>> tlow e ele s rn athe ub. it'sot likcolo mbe so >> this ishe srt grge an i wore last night in t strts so inow at it wash with. >> oh, bo, oas whean whicone d logn i i tnk ts isnet wa shedhis he rht here. ths >>hat was washed or d coloe ont? >> o of them hasologne on it. e waanlytergent. >>he o thas he t yone.>> ha, h th's what the mee we ing. >> wl,herazy tngs -- >> y saiy ent. i said grge and i were weari it. th ia nlsc >>'r ght, and at'sewan dernt >>eah, that's gh laundrdergt manufaurers makierges just f you gu so u dot eve ut c o youanusetergent. >> latesse.
8:36 am
mii.>> fiy, this is the folding challenge. >>finall this to yecse you're0-2 right no do i gee poinwithis? nou, you co back ronge ting m>>ka w sonds on the we want seeho can fold the most laundry in those 15 seconds wi yr foldinboar >>o eating. hey, hey. i'm w >> aeg. >>om >>heck is >> uno. >> so, mmeare not so g thi >> folding. theyohave t unfohethesst. >> a, yore breinth rus we ba, wecrthwinner soesse. he's doin withi i ght you wereuppose use the folder. >> thiis what i think about this. i fold my own clothes. lo at th. lookt this lookt that i n't even know whatol thats but lookt'fo. >> folng boas a loly ing. ii co
8:37 am
yorelee y apprectet. >>hould wi ualifiti then. >>y, there go, technicali.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
crowthonthe nn oe gold iro>> yithoot i ofouyou velet me tel pre, ainng t her.flr's your les it. >> s ry, ry now yi tal se ime r e 32 marye's h.oh, we aoing teak the inet . >>god, ketti m f z uhuh sneeat tonig " wh thonanrs treell ross. that looks le a on night. >> all of th a fun. >> yeah, i love watchgem.
8:41 am
is ckell. thinyou all camen the ow e day befo fir episode. >> yeah. >> we could tehe me you were on he that it was someinspecial. but what's it be like for yo guys is en aoy peri tuly especo go seon tnd ki of etand be thac ad idifft su a fily th 'seen realxcitind wang theidgrowp in realife is vy ol.>> it's go b a i gllou fors to watcht th miesaue is mixugre tesatns b u're alstackli s ises>> yeah, yea we e. yori oseing pil time wh ishaweeawi, t what' ithun ao 'sn p li i y seen the ery day, ories om realtrifsties from our
8:42 am
you t meing, kn oe epes on policebrity.w dohe seris and funn have an azinp of writerled by ken barurcrr ot creat theator our sho rely has - mcreator kenya. >> does ry w >> tkenya. >> wri rwonderfujob cingndsohondthis ability t alh ese al hisesndotopic iuean fi a way to have lauter e maun osises -- tthe haesin >> iyd theybeaufuy.nkt'aoty re w t rsnd t poi vw chaers opseto tg totuatio. >>grd. o you n ki of doanytng becauseyoknow ac aredeped. nduys ewhe be >>did. ated id>>s at te? is. h, my,ese
8:43 am
rerelyha siation at work, a anthony gomy gyou stte ans noacl t did. dot khat id? >>cour, do. e disng scenend i watired. wo-hour e hr 6-ur a a w tesseh n'knowt en b ththate s ape isiss as >>no as. >> i not. >> habso not apparently bause i d't membert, har saitot. >>atvepud mag and when it hi 'sund, it boing. neo, three. erunedonfore you punched him. id boom, boom, boo iasorunr my ar
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
u. >>ell, somng hne ntho, ove o,t's no tvenftely "b ion tonig a ete hnnoneighll rht>>wee re witjenner jaso u oar f "e eigh wheys a ve's broughtjustice by bounty huer kurt russell. lk hi. saonlag whan an hnuthegm u,ou get inacenheanch y rrate hie t b i
8:47 am
se it'g tevision, t w hpens nexi ight how dife witth re oyoace ng lo fatho ining >>ell, thelood ivery, ry ky and -- >> b you led it.righ as fun f yi re. mu i actuly had je sttime wreg. deges. t wareal freinell,t o ngons n osfor be suctre and y - u all h te when youere coiding of justiving the olac. sot- me, ulayut ju f h a ne n, any rtd,t beaslotoo r gsn a
8:48 am
benow u'rethatca youil nomasa" isp for bnitedeature, so two ninio there which s t l relyreat that hado be a big sur whe ti i d we s ys ee mone s of so i d alese tes e ssagrods y k frolot t hars hul ei - o, the ters, od coercond b thha you c c s.>> w each he hars so it s lyjusty surpsi andap eay e-l. >>lly wro banyomed thisyosaid
8:49 am
'sssible t and your osnon fi detaour n d lohat. diitak ha he lyidn' -- th wld be . theerhewo wt to to or>>no ge >> no kissin >>enjaphenerrmceu. >> we willeatching a crsing o finrs anksmu for j
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
eaowaronda" tiitmeapans ahoy, yeah ialn. a 'v backstage passnko bi lamomo trs?>>uscall ms.>> >>t ekn -- mme "go mmebr y bty r a ohere ihi it's a fawi do le "gm reight now.j., n erny and
8:53 am
. >>of trainer b so much watch tig.. 6 y e qut atur ll e un waon tay thigttg tos d 70 acro sern colora! nds wit thartly clouo cldyki exnd: wds tun ursd -5 g! e r elevioe , hirygeot roof ow. nde ckin f t wi slig o inco eayopigr thnd lf o t40 afwillce f southern co oi, ar brlaon trl fo of cug an
8:54 am
co e for seg boy a t ers mbto bvi e ca, ilnsecto t s st y e 'sigsl fy clla ye. a s eilohe w laoneao annel n. ves offllin the of t fat nmo he inlorang nethisrertmes ble s emt t sop caughtr the er al turn us
8:55 am
8:56 am
ive! wy chael." data o cedy,shhoerson. dost he "thl ofaldier roni
8:57 am
ey dtic vi] re d-nn-hts san. [cers ap] ke heo. t',176. to ht wh [a l kinudie l ye eek?'swe
8:58 am
i ac a whoa. git. i key:nkou yt i i g to tff andurs e goin ee ted tr. hr gh th wasat gh yothnighee everyby dto tment?toikts tahi w e get to a nig, i't orl ins allti cdy curhas go inm owell siy, i w l ourybus oc w ll. i i et t e ernohr
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