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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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wiheb-wo feaylo and it il s d di tho it sy. nhae sh c aisyncag it y t r afensi e, ther agraisid f tis0 ed k s io trasd giao. dseik t> xt, smang n gt.>>t'ghohi
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ab music veo? . so much. cause will et o eatednuw mmercial >> it i aopy to do likive u veever ag like bor>> at to callytrition. cl jhos th gdstoppebyee ou e abo ed haing fmaylo ele,de ayopenthshow. taor'sefinitelning th sho >> we're goioav the ibut g frey ane in going of
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ion,e me, it'lon ay bu bgote, a a ao see s willke in forgrkheighteer red cassorf him. i wonderow blakeeels be cgwen'sory. heas bn buzzing forsin york fhi week ond wehetars th cun sws. o hsoe reallov ato ve us>>go kd
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>>oes urdaikem?my p leim a t. ustin calls akisses eye n exusiv3,ilt,th.heph methg maicorva food. we gethat d as for biasttinady ge t sh hsan ks.the srsut.o dro,nd po.eaeygot re a cerr f ot, e requd aedcaeted $2ilon w rse fidrear sogutwee ievre goo ss. wre youvante' day roayedlly.>>he he an ie n of>>oou wn eab
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n a fthth >> andranfrravijoin by la bnd the uge edhela erauti s oan ou manrsiterwo riushandme soshtles bodyfheand.>> i'm sro of hntoftyappeyo dteeas aco e-down wh kr y sn ot maettingon ae, makincotry ipe .
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u y spshi i a huge storhi ksd amarreally want to sportkany at his fan show andlbum d kan p rywogo hospi aayimant' h ein mar srt youkn in aga,efeecod ta. eenncribleeyfoh oobtri ws ok ex-aarasnd cocis in a l. kh g. dhe , kw, rs h gh stngtlin wo ast ynye,
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ers man kanyes erd w ct ctl o, thispihanack rkashiee isas for enerating $9miio th iseay trie yorkymaonlelkth evt, i atain ahe poya reynol. othwkend, t nyo ticvavi h, e hi av'tadne anyeil cup wietng spta>>osngoly. whahaee theds faly ? ihi t uerd, ils d. emarr cus o thrt wilabo and whtutr
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i ss fecf mysban bse iave oice een f orusbeoferow an a greatime,th grps ar michaouas horefo hievents t h t ywk?>>hem 19 ietri nd ladnd he iased.caeall edme firiaudid dk ey gotlaurto givee ? they o . >> now back to rya reyldor acond. the last we saw r
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pre-supeie , coonhaam>> i the. 29ple ar ho fun.talkyonc c ma ,plwe hesc aass ot>> lnarddt us arul le
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lyleomrl and b vam.s over linesand you ifuld ersilyid ps y in threethe ou u lo ysirotiveir whyosi whwaanother toook ltip? iss's a pill g msth t p utin imwh y with relapses. a may e seriou ects suallergctions, which irare brain infen thatly leadsorty
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y , her medins, orpregnt orome breng orn to baseearn ost presed lamse at to a, ke a lk rs.>> lie d aenti chthwes sylveerne. he sentim forite to n.but here'sr.heonsireoyttg t ceremonywe got aop as thestars took fstture nowe. >> .
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hi,straer to putttly, itha maughis ly l nn aot a lfer. ing itirst alicikaer k'mtill t usedt. kve iews at all u this ye. >> i felt li hi school lm. stt it reayoo group op. >> rly bunch. >> l with t.y, wo on lsog , nnh. eruding next
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ot tooarrom er sing neoscar isark ffand bry cnston. it hits youat tt in you goh, my god, twa ol anr at- mi s in ebcade, next to leo w sun anberi as cochel mda a sly litt re ou
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arengo sit t ' diroynd han put?>>t's le reamkn?enls yr reop to hingessesyou?till herar haven'ted anyt. edd rmae plo eoy e remony. traxnd enit lar afrenf rves >> sl star y oungastre enaw c >>hat hesisam thing he to every second is life >>ad hte a with
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and o.>> i toher reallybe recogaswriter. it'scool >>eoing tot aall tafrom sl slesd tashe only nomineefilm creed." t me too il donon't. heo, iant you t 's thend ofguyis. othstarght ke a le haer 'vbeenskomistfhoeank.s sl tcrbeatm.anpeak erre t t. hra t "z
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>>here fashion moment omeback erne. i th "zoolanr 2' bst oiln ir prie. t enhey sdoh r ca d't tnkheoy reeady >>ha duk ago colork steel. ld lo t thtemr. vi eis mn tt >>h, mysh d. >>ar'sely gti to th. ybtomuch y kw wvid dvett. i gss ashion'schgeng n modelg agnheocoi this moenftrin
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bu t rehior sinel itratedhe seel. i s teeat firmpreiohe youet aw pise v lesw.>>ittl inmi shater hhis n exthifaon. yr mo a yesterda >> weup eleb i ght it wanal oe t outha swear? he hoo mjacks. haeies bujas. kerfhenes as shoe
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d te emre.ate whif>>yeahine' any plan >> ahweoi ic ight r bday fal like befo i'mriou editcard rom lot goots of arerwa sng on at emierehat opened ten-mite fas real-lif mols,ha willerusyogh e brk an >> d break. ays >> jen, his o son carlylehe shhis bestbl stement histerla yo celrated your1h
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wh do you tnks thect to asuccul maiage? hoywood'easy. s ofumor >> well that msunepstakesinne weith yo >> with my wif>>. because i get to ller wha to ually th ot >> what was itiket tether r 15ye amsung ke thet epic "zo2" lf. they raise k flerfountion. andkrtinolus-- >> ou rove t bateyo g hw look thathat tele doin
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m funane aou out my anak uled i man gaveyourll ifountto bo a wild no furer thaoureery on pmeron. slw fashionoldices are certainlymade at this awar sh,nd with o35-year stveselentof, we caltstand-out ste. ias etingto egg kw, d.d gg avaie. decide the tigeiamos th bnd>> w w nk sy ehoer th topook atas so un jtat h
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sleek cklehrisri at s op in v versacepshew up in thispiout for sog goa rewa likes p th envebut forir r a ppl neyavorite designers. ve lot tirff.riedn.perf'sgr sinhen, s ng wougettheast.the inrnt ost f
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tive -- atadeiturei w atld ha. iav n h. gh keep and rm brr black bra and panties12 an how aut linedi 93e wore asee- net and unde, nothin he pic h veryam ch wereh mll 'my happ ser,atg y het. lthe he tat d >>h, yan under. thats>> kssy year. but ye megend prs ton h
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> a thi 'sop sts. tks goebl janen we a ou me e askedrrayer sshe neededery,inors fo a g voc ords. >> numbe f b nilohescaortlyftpeming i esda 72-yold fendas edo l. a ha georsuie iering aft aer sueryfray
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tar rap>>ieeare ersafe aereiving sseshe dda ms r e fm regiou tophic toor aphi er jes bymart sed thidickinson'ssu she cim bnd her s i th a thebe001 oreonstor thk,amarod's mle w snacn s f d ofs fash s d alm de >> kyeas inrual. t hrecory, kan
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himmusind tt'at llyesed t oer t t -ntarunconsou a otheoe sh rll rs h r ba he t dlinin of bow s in hat lsunday,eliving th secd ernighti eve upl il avervi stm. andvin fra was t on jour fnano to ta wh n bfter her peormanc ty,beyo he o super . we werll t it. t it wrd nt>> iteegh be s ldpl>>?>> ie
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aoy in i hble.reol w feey tsubotyle miaejahr st b d d ag li debut. oron" deoropp e day befe. >> wh'st f "atio sqs"fti"? op areoira ove tha de>> i a commercl aft t pewlim ar for su touro s neweek. afherormanc beytche with ushernd sband z wned
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ousg? >>do t poss.>>wyneedot an be enjenneres coverhepewlades atio he se're yind n s camewssa okay andbaedup even tug her rformed at thuper bo,he jt toobe re u >>'m s xcedupaytherckt nt saem you s >> gaouey e eernshit the dryferorni ci, pregame
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tll erfely. bra [cs d apause >>a, ht? >> y tel me. do n' to whegame. >> itas sptar. >> tu. aer ierew mg ne. clearing up cdpycon. dung ti,he emptar eetelaydot ye #moon le tom >> d't kno if you k h it goes of strengt in t,ol, lemona,icte i miit at re al.
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d reaze asay, d'm imiak , idr theol-a! ialso lk to astarrplasatury. 's tscs ball ai waseof theedpet sts. thiss entta, kn,hen ie t of loto to eerta tre waslso thegenry subowlarscene, ted chilipersd t rty enri soov rm fle. foun th out, nt dow annocked eor s hi.
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>> isth ey madho anitutowc. atnate w thameanng with brhe nd w th jonnd plgitolbo rums'sat li >>an yme the lily rurs? i cat,atl. >>n e, weng wh one. bigmm honis en thereg o,keme traor.
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d,iol dng%44 tt0welx tt0w(>h-?au*(>kzh-< ttu*% n-wg0 0wu*0p( ttu*s"h-h tt!t% z0tt0wu*(>7hh- h me yooki r >> t shodndchatarg h forda grionerich's cebd ashe 2016 mn of theea weat dowh the icon to tabout hisncreble caer. gettg theus pernf e ar. ve hlotf h in youreer,ut wtoe hor liis ean? yove tatas a
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e call, because when you get honored li is, there wa t questn es is mean th're singodye? n all-startesned r cb weinlayeth oi>> the j le.demi, ln meghtraino in't youeinme asi do y h any s onho ttinfo t se ilihe se>>nd c upit this la be the lo lo i w bng i ulyay on richi wod shp h>>owldpuuret on t n
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>> ion bo teat,but welsee. wh weal g mt f the fti, becse we have seen ea oth this day. >>oue nerther. >> nermet. mgog to sowannjoy th aroo , e, thiss at d ahe s. thisd tdo kw mey? y sun>>ll reionor aigti sarday thgraryromoy artts wve faln on hardshiordd. is le >>ou know i thi tha ve he eire thin itevesutfsleiol cknur a thend ohi mth throught southrisoafca fore retni tthtala rif sws oo eg
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mo >> t 'sani thin tnks i'm c t. th imyig tonigh wa towck tohe t. hseyesic' biesgh ens llated's use mel oeejtedfor bngoog. fit,swe i rtnmt nit rtay whicktnloon imy llerry spng o d rpis abt ingrt werap t. nknu cofe. rso eaes dendut icrunsn dunk'. anvear nn, dainn isuclobe clean aitn tr oh yh.
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maor rl, rl at if thwaanot lelng ipclos cfa aje 's pthas p cels aginwhould d witherelap teercaserits sus iceaio, whia rarain inioneadeorevdisabi ses r whbloos.thstn sihimalems tell yctor aany ite cells, ctio othecal coions you arnant or pla becpregna, tfee lan toreastf len re abohe mos escribill r reing thus ecfideom. to ur d
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an anoer l rng m wom neho attat ruadr fa week, and this ek sp illused i reveg ky modelis thecover rl f their imite. t o whoking m nsnsges of themagazine. plus see moley raham. sh nowanicial s. mol and a new a rovii ce has
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ernd werivior rfon6.e' s m ef. is ,hesa bi, cred it lik newera wreemdientizng beau ey'ral tin on. is56 yead. >> i'vewoi befo ive t
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'd now imodeling c ifrre di ty wave fof saiif,be wi'd bee lik . we got toive bea t peek her phot>>t'eall g mysh th re. >> , iserbi amoand thi m i aseyanerfi o>> thihuge. is phe has bro down huge baou're going toak cry ag >> a lot of talng ais
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ar, thed monbeinginothramm. habeovw oveye so have bit history e. ookme urfa m f au hor lkthprnt or no d, >>, ju bier man,hehelinesha c ticig gh reer wmich broughoke and how abou tow mia loo '93.
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as a teager, i wserabland coplnk rei ishiufhereth vela. ott d a srg >> a.tca bu is n. winitel h istrtogeer in'scute i arhrgh tgrevin tt h this'm cuteoo. >> y, c >>roniaranthon we'vgo rit n mine.we w ena22old ney hon andhearen 198 >> ioing okay. holdg uphe backst moments with t wire >> er back age,inople gey peorm.>> yame at ers. 's just uime. th mus oas and when thwienttouch
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fact, beyonce drs. i justet mado shenks w >>e o 35yes,e o od uf ketime i 20hen irori id i ever low -r pend t shour rl cru now,
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nowpecial bow>>ns >oo all stahrthds thwe channing tar s was born iny bcing
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