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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 Noon  ABC  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm MST

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teatelihet corachpao rt fro veng and wiupertu s aw, to pren nd prce i erlo es: are u nter warm-up? ave a mm om or on r
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ra dos e afr pos osedn ne mpe g nt be t'ss crat enbaernibeie enng o neyo citin a viory p celeathi ee w i tuy'ne ir pry inng s an tablt meagtohe w with epn colb esen nd "o cpan nae stem, ou ti steanoueconisseowancotillerpewhgrin virely c th tid clas thicountr" and daye tathe vi. prtie)his untros a of fairwet anwh ng ivel teeat. no longer the undisputed democrat ont s ebe cod lp g her campaign back on trace former secrete alrey makipromisina essive edge. for sa goin caurg afcan ican vote --a key piece the democrelecto vota caliprimarthis monhecan te- sa
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ary on uary 2t firs bruary0t d if y want wat t democrat ba ton 's on b-s m. hianbenderspt caes are turng their othecludg . in4 urs.nder rais doll.. a onjukss mpgn
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y.nder y clin t annn sa ae weof pivo ucus. her e en diver populati idowe cu. th ys tetod leik rndersha aer cobaseofup, e pe w a up tee irtielg wheir mishould n hick... a clinto ter... will ad aally tomorrowaphoe cotyt t mp i nd r eks luntil rndafooat aciak. erl .. thste rtnt mrease oy toemai thi ofalofrelee
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te. soe dertntas 85 ait th ctaie sens okinr d upad lnternet ion. we' ada on hp.thatebquesti: w aru en thi er warm-? leave a enat-dot-c o far
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in zooight. anrr ture he . mek. a n wowas puicoday axy e of ff alsostuntaooleping thadf he w ma.. op ths ar ovashin so pe eer to ge t . att thr min pro fety animal a lile ur ar ony thalli rant seaworld din omal askr 's ine bee ofalullafi out shsn' d njur
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ides tsundayve ill be ed to th whermulaons wipo thlor elevatns, ayte ofpring! eagles wthlateme frey grwards nd nigeyst h 7.s rmer ballimci a grge cotnythe ba hinudines ve",ly " "hel fo." esre and rolha-of-,
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at sc how get with murder aturn the 2nd lvesf rt heerson e ofon ey atom curry in -nd he s than to ned hulu peopl aril dioverin e showt - martin henderson / acr, "gr'sanomy"t'e,thy, is ct washingt apptn-00 ny oe ump ny recent ume heakeor thvie ack - he's ne ungniz h w ec - ond ump!e ayth publan esenticaide in neco vio nnie - thet moe t e e rohowa he wileanak ose ats argeed tfx.heurll ea toheew imed ki ss at- d ev om pk a ll veomheats e he owea jam' d
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