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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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ath tu t tam. >>irted by gy rsl,hosoidet wote silari nd onde heornoy ho mage th jau se edha p tcs fm evedy's ne. >>as a. aays ed. did st thraway? what yoo do i ou iut hlo hath >> j fouh moth gashe "ritiayofe "pwo d he n ani te yhawork xt g tyo my n p so tgh tkehise
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more of your favorite "brectthn. if i caeal ovbu yo >>t's cuch co fieiin ts rl >>lbueuea ci.t not lyo. theras .th're ot >> aerr vit to n er nex bob d eanga t std. eating ou14 ds tiab5: ithe rng.
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a next on do l atlockes southelodotr exsi mor astu sorelog in tit g t niat. plir leas a veoshowg a deta u-ssaor cg.'re aslitaryer fect militar , >>k hosers. is mey und wo "sp
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ns o15thme n as e gres. fis aycb t. g ghfor en sfa. she dngomhioby seasvedone and only ttu inn fst. s sugtoeeis a eterne p ahe ecesoghefont. d soied nay bo >> talk aboua w musivideo. su. se thats fit de t reivon tri four-mute gramw mm b. >>uc a rtit do liivt,know anything like this befe.tanding gethern olreand black grapc, ht of the iple sets and costume changer the "make me like you"br u
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akinmondvee es>> a nhtwe havpaofheraflbae. how isne there d rp wn e wapr wh her so ngon onofur fore am s. we he my after veng ggtsve yearsecou.ts"am ag rewacaet tartogh b j b >>ber,usti dlind es mef mus st t. mber wmichae t broohielmais in 84 nisodiana hot a w ba en miaokike n 2. did t y?
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i ematinno d just t was, ulvel ts f. a gmmhas at 'tan wot enem e asp i n' wt 'sal unhavestryoghei ute. d ugthth he in'muto. >> h, o.nt, weinus nees. evena 22old ney uston r parein 198 >> don'tw. aym all t.g rett stag thnet >>er gsed ng backtait p ing >>hat cond youea uramd rte th'susthti- at'susrgm.
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grd in t ptooo gsappen. inac bon dpper t t do iawha yh. >> shehis m ir ol is azg. eaavd uf meeververe likehatin w yedid mpmpmeri audn fopauldu name ijohn i'e nextrican ol. ve talenbo nd theis hd in 09. all ishen "e m shd eye owia jtoero. >> pr, ttl ck.hes li 1 a l i. o les mo te ig n n erkei ihidresngoo
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wee back, mof yknnay hey long,e pantrs n the su. th lisbr one wl. mrton hacollt. sh yoa weosme d t ws woy hacoum . but s dsn do ite ckp me rehes. veunnancy. >>h, tst e,weive n alig. n of cen nda think you caes dtual thefu p out m a le t dit me movie tohere tha odough?
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chqutey po er tang itie.gog br tusg rehoun!llonheava rt [ ] l'so. me are we g luh. -what? n u lls i juppinhearpeum't knooes to som thanksinsp sved. ybe it ofhele ah. ooh.s nob ton the stov
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