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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 8, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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stento f mier're althis.shbae wita scleberniersas a p hebi ionti witthose tas ce t yo >> dsft satuay'seistiestebate.dorumpllthcruz r neck anjokarlhe lat >>epter:himornru ffaouov ebe 'dtoort. >>do y t hped rubi >> don't grelyon en. orr:n e ev new mpshary, i gicng peat p knoha
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buasem b thew shr moouoday n thwinnw shiruttris tr gr t,s ve towoliwo etin. td >>g erno chs ie, gothebe sawhahig,asowinplu wothatur rco anhelp lf absy noe. thise is nidop knohat's on in ace seeal e ou for ue g to r throh an dl.>>ou hito han igedim oiedne yte.
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say autfrruertris mfos sur nit isar rub, sefit-rmni sat, e i omisheanhiofnye t u. ate n'tvee a amecan wectev y prent ou a firm ud statseto anyin ed ll ton't need reat the same xperncg tes ate b hrinesay, b demoatleatesares best he uat nost mti aeyn ne e,ugtin w e,herean kw, aerti seheow kwh wking
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shirimarg to sdits w fied.hee sd d hi mpwiti , le l a it 's pfocen a ncofheditewehod ople w rdy t rent bumorempornt we' rdy toon hlali. ubn prarters haveremberulth wao han ebat e t arto o bior m >> e - a theatrge tem wnn atoe lleo tesd enke bhicln.
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turday nightone pe tc who wants not to do with me ineptemb 'seconto havt. s win e in n ire t'moomer tinat oy geriethank yo"gd inamer a ld newtonight"be li fm w hashire torrowdllhe rul rhte abc> ams he wh otr auories usa re senpltir tainndt. per halff po t f bo ss re ly astrork > he de pln tinsosutwp ri iv totr mabefo
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urki fli istl buwaoked. > 48 her a drthqke a wompullvem thle o rtme bg to thvernnt is veigatin the budiruio wallapparent bei fier> kingnelo, s upofpldi keyn'le o t peleea we fut deta. > d nally, fget th per bowl th the rl t on nday.e baleo sea rlco e onef peleedn e, d up as sm.2100 erthelrt record stheyer aw. hou rt?t ghin fnt me. h youaufo
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mertyod bi- >> look iit>>robin. blizzahag nothan oio e th e s. is tg sno pato
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yo sect es nroug tos. ... 'say februy today: be ra his in the mid metsult to tlow id of hpr ine inrm d ndnt the wok. o we, hi threjothie waea e on
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ery ghno kaypeect vantday gihefect pce. so don't wait - co to kay... ...where every kiss begs...da ghg ito? , d! 's y al. thes delus con stop, we' gotta ur ete oikotrgurt has 15 ams pro.roed sar,
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ac'mot 2ceptorter ys.i epi heripe oirt, no by heart va bui woayanngs than mbesothgtterhaar foiteleliqd sktre t, it dy major blarfarin. eld both. t wahearsting s unle docr teu insk ae. uious an b rtar whe mea... .andr y
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at thpewl. playbeyono m g upuc we you bin sc and al with peyin jnt as we >> looking fward tthat.bim awe ght awa hashar reics and crinst chnew at llrgg beie saernit. > and haoinecl h numr"a d it talki on'twantbout twbiin25ateiosseers onar havth
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naugy 0 peboar stay ir rm. kind ost allid hoe.orr:hip to o omewsen-day cruit dunsill dcaassenger rhe is ateeeeapd inur rmsp >>ti owattlefrin nt loduck it madoteswateflle had o doo ene okin s wha l hofcony tevk. msth tnd mu tipngvewaobly aom o ueioaiaboushp hedle thiarstor we' arinfromses, wo t may behe
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> behighshowe showashiceutt.a th we ce on >>mi t postgame rt oughy avos fme. ar long. f splzz aconunsolvable be did th nns . now isently a-cryeve. they m stere?mes esweeiet wvast,st whitatviwaths t io. azingl,rehead fmeco. th'rwaonouthr anodwa stt
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he f thecrowd he bce tsc u hart it a f-rt toma s fo12 mutn pe su, f sic'biess ought wn uowfu y u orr:ollaingsff. s chris mniothe sge in ofol er0,000 fa adm ttg tohe act rerkhi r
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anbey sahe b fo. elngherowdh w rmamalretecretlyro saaytee i oro.r btw ren pnubeg coin .hen u cony br epif ee tu p e nghooue thisorraor dntha r pewl>>ebra o y.
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u o's of t worldningsuarteacanngoring nd s n.0try ng oterb bowus saa ni ff the big win.reato see you, peyn, you're running a little lateght, y idoutoughe and kd s ones.ceinghlo. >> ickedhose ts obin t thosingsew tis and a -it's defity apeciight. been unatin thr bom bend iremembpe thawa en itust asal ton anbett when n celebrate
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ven ing thonht. nd. there's of er winning a game d jus part othgr it oftory airelyretball team. it sp ant be taed to ofou d-we h sp syo. yly .what d youel t r to gam >> w i n beld thatpregspeeasvewon
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urse oasine these wo t us h bn a ma to beth on beeime.ppr him tting his reflected last nigh on sngs ated thiseon, serious um gs a j jus thd al our s and pporstd pls foalng ba f th ury, bset habe spl ceit w a grwa fish tt'ente jrneyor u,eytomaing. ha bn d isveanov s g up b kn y mur onetr ns isbeoufil s lpg yo tt desimakingss ith i wl,'lcey o ui aboutt. i'a .
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olcoac d, re specwentthhaf fameesterdayannohe goibe in e hallfa.he tolo take stime d yo, t maemotsi lot e stee rt ithe sur to te so timanet awayind rle on whngsemahethgsn,
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rk o the isupp to >>n. >>ut iery efulry grulors opity. e' he with this >>onatns. pl ] life w aa sy ky ng-terrolneedo toanunpi.ce-dreo mpbrul winowell lg-rma di ken a resr hiroblbrnsais imprbrthin 2s. odi i t taon i ale. s nope thmas olon di,n co. cer ma ntyotoe crenon di, li aid tthan ur yr iroask urho b a msing pliblr t my.c am neveretngarri.'rnehang ks. m-m. reev minthe bus. a n hinotr pr
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8ti'by a. so s cod t t s!ge hh fe west in eny thqu anwa wer s ttready ivy para tcelethteam's serbo win celeatlltorrow at ativ ceer parrl ra un h re nkoop vier
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pa, ing on ays and he and brcopu leatthg ctorlast t. nound drivin steecity ed carhornd celeat emer he avenas with ca ng n to show h pro thty i the team's vry. spoith e fawho thiis o of gmeis fe'saby, la tim brons i s ol ino is beeveae, cat lieviti waba t st time this happd a-m-r-as ere toatpele m reo go dinth ceatn. u 27 ie beetor tl a a for s thsef
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and lday ll iatn.we gott ee the gamength scen othbimome t hi thereat d erhingy,r? sis n aw hy>>'mk goto irigh antcng tom tperstaour idspdentlo. tkeou >> aad, rijan's et bat e k agaithesrereinto
7:53 am
utut h one rity ad ren or bndewbson s>>oomo ari. ombackthon rnin cebresme of year r mam.'re cked inthcos win. a we hthnner a.behind scenee harv ahe ohe s igaconine. oneebody at ow,ngning imonade
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"$erll." brylmpglleeatnnor ss?d isngin eawith eagoooard to leget rufr ast e leorot aadf rr'sewamhiprimy. mpoldia ndever rep bifrsaayo momm ge is the . >>th er pdecln izinbe san apporhat canseksn
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cl hthto with mp, nverhasepeprk upwdinbrs' sinst2 a r.ovlsbout bngr je al suceacg ptge pod bonturlin fgh tat wasd.> ur an icauennno foad i hmeasauy f wsuoca afr natoftefunt t.avehi name t mihe ar ilnge
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astail>>lkureeepate onissi morut ise durenes ofg alh mbit muiaidwiths anchle or chive emional wegiune pplthy fthd.te's to ing hee efseam fve d sported
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ineorge issethand wa f ls dad.thesmo fin georgechtte ck wa bu sg ea>> se -profileinromi. go t en oa riwilltegoorni ic" maas. nay, i, ple , pelly s. acatis t abre the lat as thworld. ty'rom
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coc t hne, d g it -- s ar>>e's in th os da ris jason,li h k e ream > atg beceof m susids wey th ce re, housupeboro e rt tehe.hibo.d a' nu" fawerf andth memory.rey. ourean e kef de.
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rawn'sline[dir: ybweo leub stut if t coletewno eah. but st achf eame! elsyoereaming bsitcorni phe .ah(sh)ouok..he oy, me . yomeane boys. alatthe nelecn son tzre sing paraoetots re mafor ca a,ildeherir of branisderirescni. lte..
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chsehene new onltalin.r volutionsc detrts. meng, deniti, li, d ns oose lovnew ltimate- mascar 's t o rtweened natura vehis lis livet.. mom! .tu wh ln my teur-ped conto, thenlowlfeel it start kind of ap itsf arnd me. thempur-flex y've t e ring and bounc raditiesen, aadst toy mfore. it flsike mebo'sggg yo buy w,nd save up to $3 on our most popular temp-pedic mattress set.
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ofr ofr fo72 months.hocan a d do tha?visit ttressic#1 ta, d mip goe th inatccding t sc prit ng forechoolgies hap sbo h we'lolate. leviaat. ln,tede akra olatsato 2yles wig designs at to ve.nuer-o e... ic leco dnd.. orheett g ur l every kiin
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we wcome you bk " era. he osw retiac age a asole wh cod esres elinamnsis wh goornglins>>oo robenhard t d tritynde a an seeinffs cksoout. possesst
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d thorni fba againhe a nowetanon inagm, t lmichael jackn's oldar t shs at ling t petounespeop d kw.r: w her hifrat ishi"lar irntoso mnghe o shds day.wio
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s st ts evs go pssuresy >>r: w iclr justhat penerat e ggs with alhom o tet onding t or gatigs. sincherathede s teted idinsomethgrhe kathusd thnu >> s id r: parow sms lin at time ine toht of stm, wring, aseople sein tposuaddi tt,le slyineyows thatesnds to onlppary notno os waid, pelebe ramng hecky bu e he
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tron andyod a ay.jut .hif isonofbu>> bei7 --eidamichaelo pss > subo mheking aorni rat tuneragnthowe aay c bam it ghab >>r:to s ey ten,, o apize.teo ble lovee s piep intlat wr n m>> rr: tobsupo
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>> a w y to ilaboulie. it w eat. l rortend we weenwithiaas he hg or the andilte veo ogizsee lastr's. s r herhe card t ngns n itrong ahecont abug in some d injuot t rm. ghs unerurn in aower. >>orr: m a,rea naew . aual
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ynusoeevarnuarri rs da biani weas liedha uld veghr . bu w a ofu thon fitad e ryadineeyaagn.ouove loteastatlistgs gh m scu, s sotrng tthca yu wing ten .>>iehnvi also ver ite h w
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a, l floi y nthu m andai sto ale e ow.of a p.>>it. >>ha that yan gopihe weot of apas bueisedionelenrrenboutrink d het edng.d theye all do blubusa henirst e s looks hen mn ed ira ma
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>>plnga lot of ght? y- gha y leer li, ?aln lot oftefor meando, er 400,hs aear. >>om >>llthupliauwe se ra olastea at lauyet ofhem, kno uld y.>>ou.u'avmehs v:0 ern. >> ksguys
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wiris , ert mt ng wonh wlntes wonllfor s heeditalledorigs. charmediences ae inclu ook. .ge >> d feverka si wh >>av d, si shewheathob . jaco ge.ions t l usbout mt u d t at we goto a $millan cho rkoroodi wa
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a esencheput s atul t aar hu vegh>>ea'l r off delo'd le cnue e tr puttord m ha yin mi yno i gs winear s wn, have be sipt er can'the >> iitvengi wedo.
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ornect dthcoat is r threeea aredi idsesuboial ofe isru0 toco sn a cal grocy e tsof l.t e al ayitouso aood rk. eah, yight
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tg . you f havs ess should b andrable.nk y besofucp ponov. ig obyby! l gosinowi looat t wea. >>ks fm ia, aitco >>ea it're cd. htingn ach n b ple. torro haenedncaalnia. isfiharnedutreres kly ne kf wingstodalookese teur n thnds lepeho ae that's aui, 8th. a today: wi whe . somecresto the igsumoinwe, brin us warmo the woee ed mi, llbeth an iwillma roe qu
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ni aathy tie r subowl t g erwe trclsreal trlersdinoce h maovs thwe . a bl akinlmdendcapt ivil ryeyldw mocapo."he oernd of ectrumof
8:15 am
ca ore the erf pa accord "e d re matt d jasou, vies, soeye shing hsnd monthhs tha pay?'lfi out t, gjo uslking t it'sonau up bnybodyveav t in oines d.this me.
8:16 am
apooith . shaltaba iw, does deveat a funrtringin heuscres in t cebd hood sd he ofym hbhoanhi j kie,knowteay lebrg,li v,ng fo. und yoeds ing., s a, pe ouwellted bere yoget tel w u driv we's on onswhit eratvecle ly casin whichill
8:17 am
twhre 'sll >>reciou
8:18 am
today: tempateswith nt m topots id ofpr mos in west gingwa y woee ed
8:19 am
d t wi mary rothrecaioquie wer e fatiarte acseof o get renghe-bfr iurda ss ngio arin 1 s of a maaugh cel merous geofso e'd ttin ngs ulthof0- pene rtmeflhoe in mae lyst..ane s loer d-iro isor pebo ays e of t bge k drivg ysyeacintohe c adst 'r waki up om partth t feo dr- t. yon alys c or b
8:20 am
e isr eciasupewlspdentmamo sndinby. e a des. we'rto h. sehee?itreatplremeg anmofr w tow e's jule in peyou casebubbcan'see soe ittle., 'sot s ingdin t setpechneyeis > t fi ourest rleyu t e ftbalat nfrsmaev p g.she waere foit alljemon h
8:21 am
teamics"or rrencethg the to lasghpewl>>in r t. >>oricom r . ofnf pl rort grag d wt.e o el tound nownce dan a thego, m.ortende hiel o"gd moer" d . eporhe 1-o follaticacinso -hngiot a da aski pmaet >> yt
8:22 am
ror good dthingough aynfsoayou enougou can py in the meinyou. eardth ou t s esom or thtk,ngea heg ffrtea. >> mlo j uom n meyo come all? walwatc ou fie. whathamarls pumping ing . wngalese hi lliohoaw weak wn wasghur eon
8:23 am
>> so, lasnit,asr e pahe lot s x.t aly pe mni d reay t su pe ounkne thit wl,amust d the den a t mrner intis, byoow alimn e, hgot blson'thinldd time
8:24 am
anothe lour o, wt-, o.gshaast , ate bee ell,lly bethis ye " mningriespoenomstoithug t pewlee tt veppnighwhmeifperow bran wthemes.alsoe avmeotuff,, edn tithlaye thweekat ofunt th t eorr idave fars tt u ar ion it'sinofike l otballlaye kd rai ellt,o tila hen gba chn e yogog tsc today. tay tay wargog l urlateout e ri td ti o
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.you veobery me, rlo. you greaquess. nk, ro >>e doesat e g thao , ge hou befho ere.>>nk yma get out to w. thego amtgame pawhat's u gotf oa we gotf ane nohe lookt these advirieswegodeer skoay, shoyothisid coratutetomaind e s .onou sev esn n esareaover foopontiainstn maactts. ack goioy. , mondy 8tabne. eres wiraths in the midpper 4
8:26 am
brngrm and nn ndions into the work week. wewi d t throstd.thquied weatport it kaje >>the dr wh's a ptpty witho t 's what talkg abouam > nh es oss-ve abprerca sas tsup bl w ta eefere ps. tshtash d ho lnger t r up
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w theel of ptt rsasegaste nbe,ma e tthapel ousas ofpl >>yo fos et ne aanmo indingse neasi. t thre s anllhey, aou k>>us la h fst .
8:28 am
petom tt ie s denite bete dar i' glad was witto e a biend. tingimmyt ruhim. i ngthsupebowln nv w jn r e brco. ilaltznonigsheschoup of vi a fenintruc a erore uld meet ipers as ud tondefbe eoso thr angu t w nvith befo y instate bar, me dinnerhesol nded ovemu lov
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