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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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wen w rkbuinhe areising lick icmmut virod ng id erme oscs ols stonhe y wil ae get oe andsy. mis lk heerdvors d the wier storm warng 'lend from was maabonmerophly nk d en:0 40, se 8ma iof sn tre.rereo hamntw viby o d lays a e rprebo ts lar thprra grg bk y i on >>e,oi, ur v inn d bes oe--o t me lt t, oteir l orne e arwitht ho a
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eyge morn.wee ebate isore.soe d exch t sfa b r e t ght. clintoyou sawn in thlls enougif y'vgosometh sir epter: f datbefo tgod--h ti's a arinn sanun >>ir isenensheh 've gotoust ihe nelydersheon t acom g e woma
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>>t ev an aation th iver aear atndampaigve bca weanlet's the iue lebouedider: iisortuthey wen i r paeswadiedwar iraqh cric gaons ke isis,ot onidote d e on k, we er. in 2002 is >>eporteusthly ineyidn's. >>ssnderwi bmails it w
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was al achoo anot aey n d atf she nd idheut rward.nterestingincecilia, thanke countdan day right h esre teami take theat lpst o ruga meabc'jokachatt on all of that. gojoter: goomorn aftend placein, donaki foren ire anea f hake>>hiy eporr:e event
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leaguelamas h hitsmo inlrr g,ew>>ter:ed ia game of mi alceni ump isp b on tz hcamp's carson w, qu drop out after iowa.e mails bn he ghuc. so andur tfo >>orlozed to cars ongd>>yowiintatef ioneo teyown>>tet s nee show risclhihenes h oname owrero by da we youhet. thaou bck >>s tvew. the er ty m . >>y dnetl inno t r ros.ep ogn
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aboll t g wee fore ecutexce andk atd sashmarth. na do cyienc that'simofesthink nas retoennkresident is t sengea del on nation securi wn to da epth u is reporay fhertandiping llpen ghreanomino n pry.y he s t. rl, no one ce , , ncho th muirthe ntbudi stou txct g. itreo bacatst cgewe
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t ablu, there wixc evodvedyo thisat beas chome. >>, ma, th publeb a, detha raddand lds nit" mr ta 70 t he ts, here wn o s thinoude ke ar le fews. om "" saw rt forer >>l.stoughav f athedy eseeceve>>f ur, u moly tawi daltrp back t d se ug insaabu teiollghroiona ie g ten t anwas you.
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it wizarec me heo me thamthy d,ou kn, u nevento t whe ne p yo tove sty t s alicthe lookinglex. eg ahi y cavneentl i l k was g tii by qi hiheas tneho h w tnle,ev cola. co trii wasuee hitoeangutyeda "peopl mheec le cmeomse st wen t tt' tro w y ow, lamb insr co hing theinen in galo hofuweanele e ebe. >>e' hth moowightc rit re
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thrace crs'vtaedthndat"tke wmi o rco bimo>> ae'birg on balthesf tahment inidy thutary afbemew heerd ia heuyt p is w mpirishe ffy. r their bh rs j bh maal c. de therenahe f ous 'rnnino. >> oselikelyouof new nowt' trz oing gunni o ane es o be? know, poll n n't ve waxpecte do n butther wio a hs wihis
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condh d 's e a theys plyt.'sn bule whtie idim 's o tgog be g r m. th daton m mi o oesw te tnkar >>hathnd donarumpthk bete wl ow uathaoneabeet cis i bmo it ll mour tifromhe ste to debat iet -chan asem >>ha>>, u nema3r mea ght te n beie shilllikee's e neshe. still big leathere. cou slog. t'you used inolit w sh tdeubli
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atldga ove >> it ses e liomrtirif y look cli'sg s theoritin eatr ire itt s keit of medic peopg tohi. ao ertle thininat situn watchndpeculate about..think there's genuine erisn right w innonews rig now. thanks f cing on. megyn lly. trugrowriherernor steemge e nohan 50us acr13te washinabc'is
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y es now of rougte ric ro 00 kpregnt wen to if they contractethvirus in tusds mive >> toso thaukas isin fri>>ep theea the ruowing ern timad 20on ex to or t bs d atiainl aior tsg e hries flagd hedcov otht fr br ng2 king to th rio for arniva where now squiesre
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rus teip d buts. sth'rorbout alnsss>> dpr trsm intercoue. that is why th offich men anreturnom z fe coud mofom, min hth hin m, th are g figeor o lin ts >>bretlsut pow skin aicavfoplossie the e ll y arokin iinthe can g shb.davirley hhe l r ove mor suggesat tha le jet leadiessurimah th lyd by a tteifin isi
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bet ofhe a jethheade airl vests found duwh bel ares of exives 's abeevea70th b w allyke a turki fliganle eys e t it slehecog utdangpl bay gthceik maerthe' veme, 's auly mb obo>>epheir end ige atto t elo ins. her uateth , thha naim bi ter e thly inlvedket cidents hie.>>hat kst bt
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bout tig robin. theuc ex aknowfo thbowl, ofrse, thlftihodp eyd he adyaming with benc kth by' prbiris. s s rter:dplad qu n e coatorkingter ag tst wketh. mngsur sterfr tup bl. o ll be heglal sungen ag >>e nt tou gene ataancaug the>>ome the bstits feuratsofo e,s doonh rihannitz, wkany rorr:arinm onea t hft
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hameho ahinke'cebre d pellma ahow mors meavit 'rgointo hr roa >> rr:or a s peroarialone andht and rise elt. >>epr:oldplath12age wi r "gd moing icryansm abcs,anis. pis o llg wh'soingo haal ithgame t i t tyoer atfenc cdprvs.eay rvs abnged tarnyup, y bla t th12so op leitre
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thked y, ndel and poanot y.he isd getaway. day:noors peed t ntue sinto southeas shows ould tbysnacd anicy s sl t rn tr t mog co s ll clerom no sou ughout wits wabackinto40 eendeitilarr s ge ba40s enanotco verday morn ndayill ht snowtry through ayby
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tu comingp "deinf a tinveors ng of coeg ld het e n maoggo-oneroke yot t. you n't f he nt ugng's y katzs qughdfirs e werf relli tt u ightnd get heree [ de[ uck hoghlis.
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look for to yin's lancomeisiomultecting aten-241 anonicd in aioam. e vicorr rileores d inex s.m. w diy at. byanco. free gt.
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for the vers ilifestat itheri'moa loanit at up nre. noi usth niderm cq h,wi uexteed lee chgylpprevt e ge skellaynthiti toe lastime at'shye corm out. des chgeup by des coulde anr trec ive fos as
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da thoro ueftinto thesos e byid owd and icroads ma this morning! allot morning commute. ski clear from rth to south th day, with his ing back into 3 and 40s.xt itmer satur highck into most. th an frons sa t/sundrning. ill lyooth jt ight ce f
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leerybgeroisansc e clel mmsier gll y erob. >> lot to lkbo f fe tthnfs fi mes summit wel uss wh tt isllabt , at leam t sl. 'lybgetsanca da commiior >>he tse ojuew nus. y t oron. >>soight nowonda teplin ba
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e agetth ndat g r tfa onlaimre tir prim aigt martth -cd d dans,onesilm inea ere heus t tirs.t ir>>ju srk. alg trng undothbiga snpe aonofhet titere r ye weav e ndneokomg juors.>> a cing .
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acksrgvirgiawi the te.good mor>>epte einhnteglyurreaniel the a cut ath gs filurs eiilr mi fing toheoothng blue clbbs.osecs a techrs a einnhe mumil stt r wecog t loca ebunglsen pictoal kee to weinhaung h pice, it tn to finstigorthatishar ed nole d pudy inis lus rortey sang e drwi bodin the rt w sies leanthime ing thoritwheroce rdereapo coley sa s q, exd toa pa shingecreti and spl. le'shild fend shtini wasosti
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o g ient he at my ol w d of per haed o or bsbg ceepy woed oghop >>ak>> nd haon soinheldaven gu on faok hulhatopp ahi repte it's nrly o wesie shnt ssinigs acst agror phto auer t artingo e mm witthe -ysaw e bu'sorrien nal ereere in vio ub >> one in five phave. ter:eers' father an roacgier broke down tears ri her family.
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lt reinti er sou thg'ot mdaught nk youhe latest te aghen g actrn smhe daurectormi s abyng as us and noweang oxclu gutman. haequin r of dan actor kevin smith, ordered a er earlier this week, she sayscting a ride, abducmen poas drirsryry. ter:ar spea exclu to ma night r exence riide an. sts.>> thed i starlkg hed th
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r:mirehe thivi stagram cast h errattd dahter tal sedrustrietalk my ki getting ieicar. thh's aconhe r thing byto saye let t exer.roed to an use yocan't gs kehaop y froling repter:orgoodng eric" mattma abcew s le tr at. mine exusivon-o cosierinousa et he hi
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> ckivhe fro anscand roger odl ha enheminer of th y s tc teae haenecen goodl sint an had ancesidown m du the'sgeek. ee theber of ncussion ris d rehist year, is theeague can do? >> the nber concussions wentp this yan g to go down in angiveonreings wenupy ww lforti fm thpler d ammate th's w the ctuange. to be as yer was,ell, it' a din
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sse you arti ou ep tpelee th e leuet be fr tu haot dres th ctco>>obin, wi.ouook athat yearwee ru designed on ma safer.arthe lathen and weedchwengch chnk wlp ludiea paonurf ata hey tthakti
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his death thiseeitha had he lnd wis leade. if known madre c b the leagas of vingmere t piesan milt gog noo fl sas is goimakell safer, ryaferite kly wivectn brn dier?ul wouot him to ootball,ill ce age o it uld let do it.i ththere tremus va in plg thme of otba ere's d wian in fe butt o s keur oplethe o yirtdo it inary sion
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anrds thld w esvien alt , wenged that, e changeto o policycember as past adt ount o arrenfl. >> howon p o mu >> i know ty me ower. thealkibout ne, olley bargaion i th been lace f des, comssioha thro theieldto protect tamd s ineresof ovn exce wi tomt. wng.hat 'vseen ithatre kihaenhaviheortypl and ly gls. sowao ablhaen mm t to re oow we c mpro low mo te ls so they come ader so
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mg hes, t roule t for do to acsh tha>>l, they ru w tablisd prly 1s agelitrs alof oinarrl he cchea we wtoak se th wn veeninnoon hava die atof cditebut woth wbelie n t b d te itrooneywese tonlaacve >>n e wl >>hohe in wl sodeile iablyrogrs,s thmo se th wreopth atts c be en bett
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're fini. e neo mu of e mpleo grs re >> wbo0 sts awayspokwihe isonbout tig yr balef th quteacu veeyn nnve w'tak b i ouo at youbeerhan >>n sewod th we ven t w whe the' mh sithe's ch dco conrne whwoisngo er ndiot iswetbalanr bowl 'rgog ebhe mendhere t leeryo cin geerouane voeditth's gme y cebte t g >> tmmat drebrhe, j. w jesst lierrend t
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peboort'mi inng sbo, .i ay'mli an die bk inew yk. i't feelinwe andave ethiitthwon's it sllof to ydrewnd.jd jeg usmen i no ise inew so eel .>> movtill the.>> yea !>>ves ca jukiceov ue ibadws al? u'ngke
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broughto you by kayerkissins orng, a naitr ou e da akeakreon g to thr is of f woodand poweprty rsti. re....we ob hes th h pled ro racrs halllo, poinve i'm nain
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ihibrco have me f as well. >> wt'upgu? gosoaj superar sll otea rse,house tonto j.and satsdr and mll you'reakn bo ourythg neo ow. >> swe eitedor ao t gs sl itelngs ou hene vnn or areotliinyo nauty, 'sny, 's "ho ble soll gthat nd liv ch ot comi ulen. g >>story th, y n d be saercelyng itheit onne d as nellon alated inur nig
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wnhi flyipe >> conns wort and acing to uroccoid e h coueeing ter:le" rters 'sar s to s moth'se mo a lie rr:t ningrood scler attosay ju as poas m andritcinioe ju n.s go wto whao nd hetso dot. epor f "go mng eric" enni a new w rk tnkna annad ouwlrt n sdy e the l it up seconds is per as the food youdr y
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sntblutcagn pinnso oe l' bit ds - t onle i ae aonail.>> aheatup cina n ss i eaerhamaki a beabrd.>>epter:nsringat evhe to t inhed is g o. >> a d 'omroe ar epharl tih dagrowroomen just e you'uy a shing youn mea can't nnect with her.eporr: featu beew ans e amin ws two le g my ne is n >> and i benjam nae'lldgit'so connt a do y nt to whethert's dai 's ridgt'ab connng a tm
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wheeeautul ds teh r hta it ry hp ung rlgro ngom >>teamigal sort of a iloofo da w t le tryi forigs, stive tin haldgathheto. feee mmt he h ter: alike t nfl the your h guys w en know what that >> e>> pantene pois to reseah that shoen ey in rahts who re -confiself-rel and moressful inchoo thcares,ads od geose bbns, bate i obi daught'sai dot owbout, or, but i vet.
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>>th gir in e we onn r us thesit p o aonnd ke. d er put in ? >>h,'lver th thou>> aali,leictu ie th to to jessan sco, lnks, i'm righ with teople fi ted than 've g j.jwatt heon tex drew from o and mlo m our k copo dng uelbll . wnhe bow ant to ca/dve o othbi sty neweeetalkin abt e the quarrbks cam wt fm li, tanteda flaoyt an of peonan, tveons, kofthe t in h f r .i'mng to as you fit, j., as
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beenble do is yr.ho d youp on?thllar es i indellyse a totaeir hasiolyut vi pd de eingheuy h h ois v mier akb lihelltoer gn. nop find w tminize h pact plad t on nning aerl leyes ago and everyo is talkghis yr about w doeave rmstref g off t whave m pe ihe? tt t eaimse. nvad areateam thugut t sn d i lt keheirefenla phomenal tououhe sean bu ty seedo eave lileorceca bin theup mwauge me a the ty'vee ugh the pl. helayiremeell, gameks grehe visly thr defens t. >> jne ocool thingabout tser got ther, rona, the nense frenr. 'm goingk u ques. g
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ense? a goi sa welapn efero bec he woa r wl havg ew besin nerf co wo sffen but i tnk in ge tre t ire h tbeonfet li isouchhewithuk kuecy ansh norman. r me adenspler i wi ba lotf fun t w attl >> ewou w t w al rrndeecau w tainabt nst tt's e ggt ale use it n -as teouelit jga is no hiroege ivs tomite me, yo to fiayhannour eneand emns id aroull of that stu. elime dictionsust get the it'sti bs
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the most calat benng thi game d comfl setsink cae mostcoeain fright noense defso h e twings t's g to-- >>havek al der. itell, gu s be alleek ng rvieng c nan ytonningnd ebodyll ek s beee petar. he a qstioec y k thtougoneshest'veot twos? has ur pdiior e r wl o othot rig ay. i ow. >>ou do asthtoh tis. u know, holyon'tnow howhe gngout vior gubane phill kng typf guyshey are, ope theychampionsher the th deserve iherehat do i h both sii think once you're feel like caliouldin
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>>hisyou're saying. ien able tpull o becausehr weeavbeen fferent.yot. r lo'my g yoon this onyou'veishis game boto e yog d theanerbecaj.j. sy'redyna d thnsis wel as tense thotcltogether i athe d canthe s'sepeyt ing eyo th off d h tm he anci st bayoys newk. just to mao. he's g >> i lovgivea rey what she thinks. hews wrysm r s inte daily update.
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one-on-one with the ceo of ly pe and she also nt on date numbe this time a ro ride. ta a look. bab perfect thias ae differ inead of havg act ned, m aer ere ent fr edee, ec the photh. and going e lded to the tindeadqutead for t
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you dot. love o feature which is uful on traveling because yoca onover y. whatort of sup wld you use the passport feature f if it hoop? srsis not in your we're doing on >> y're notron app ion tu you want to take it. >> what are the dos and don'ts ding? be yournd show ystmostcel n tind a tat telor>> a gtake tha realgo a way whou're ng e.n real true his ile d i t wead eat . >> a gat timwith, er jouse fros anis. ait prer oe moveri sc ks foreih us
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>> igoing grbut to kit ith y o esline.erstan nexre inolsc you'rerids gues so telle -- you urs not deba, coada >> yes, nghe obo wve dndupid gng oldscol.ave a pror wh brher'frnd iin vaso i ulavt m otrwiswee indu buy di which'mxced ou lli n' the flightec'mlrdyt the airpor >>arwas know asking dungheie he you d y emtrwi ayet? sth'ral gat ys. ut ty' vk dae's cara chistrisind h meur supse, actuly macoes shalo
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soentoe atbd, e k. d u. nt t y plan a fher d hines one,era. #t. ght, l'sdde t rob. >>y, y s o t sw, so y kw, umel not b t. oy veo yode u haa pebo ater >>t s ldndno. >>u woulexct les look athathe weroi to be le in artt nor colin i u'avg or ty, inyourer55notoo ab dr, mup41 grs, ao t tobaifoun'mat t be, icwi, welra syitlno s
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pe in shiinutt.s shldcond morni. snacked road may ow you t extrtior mo ar fm h ouho y,ghwain t and40d: wilbearme onatthhighge ckntth40 r th other co frt rives tuay nininininini >> bhewat' tionea pers momporly is nation wear day so.hearassociion fomen o red womered fowomewe. lack tu. ge.itthin itp " ti egith rembe. is youembe
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ther oess plas pux apent irbne off ora st aih mi e he oonitben a in t arpes 70 en. >>ice. nicepartnt. >>mangief lo anutand t anhel tohdn,ha itihe ee $5 feechy and ainbwill it.>> what? elle ow. youto rth hat reed t's ed. >>ngy es goes to charity.y ggest . >> iould sugstes spnavide for u as yo work watch is guy. wait f iba
8:14 am
the cha there >> dbarbment. >> t youthat "pop ne" t ful,riy n w rg like str m competn, wworl , olschool loveing tank yoara. >>ng ue supebowl ad we've talut a rngoehe scenesf e famoweis clyd
8:15 am
live. can't wait for up on "g."o mng.. :2am, ayfery 5 a sno isnis exedo coueftofto uthet. owshld eby-mningsn-pacd anicromaslou wnhi moing!ll tra me f trning wi fro s ug t y, whiwag to tnds.debe wwiths ttback intthe 40 r mosttht rives saturday t/ay rlsunday. by the next week, 40s
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8:17 am
lce t"g los re a"g" ted r thbigame >> ych alegusclli gegere wh as e crm okiedwhes. they a looking so od. eneoe rg rmonta otr isho mip.t,myou >> y lk artosis ga iof thmo aipedtsf thsupebo, ou y e onyo ou sitthe mousbur das ith a
8:18 am
istfo o. >>eporr: of thmostnticat comrcials theup bow eagog hindhes s fithd e ki othne ads armeisryd,eren repter: illat d ly h.n.arre >>s thigou om? >>eah,hat willk. heuse. eowian tk abth one ro,t ng row ithg tlribeghtiedot bowsie , e yddetoie the oud ecntgo mningmerica k it a nanle a. d 'simfothve.
8:19 am
w astronight? cheend ae ] detelyotesound l t, gowh hilarious lesl man ay, t's st iou ersado, shhet.reitast gwee leie is ar in a ly eamoviamg it dataohns aeb wson.
8:20 am
ttle cse a y y isheing her >> hld is that o ?>> like >> onl r g would tkoet pedic majuodno comin >>kae docu ar m a--our characyoo cute you think ou'r wohya gete g you >>l,nk -, nsusdoctly whhent, he supe youw, hdsomd hairss, h is- >> r, lws nd oe y d,nd he to gym a lot. >> y whi is thopposi of husbndhe pd me
8:21 am
iwiah. ame ake. i wa is so was so in this m you gd reallye chy. nk you s on "g" thk.e on "gi uh-huh. >> i just lo ardakota johnson >> y. >> rebel wiln, jake d ny ilike worng wi thiamwas greaof pe i t espeally dakota because we dimo o our f ther bel is lik around, juow, , says oher ndmes 'sul ea you ke the us eah.doow idid tho u.did yotervie >> it wage and wasry. he>> well, t pewambes be lovehen he getsarrass >> greatfun. andota, y tell
8:22 am
uysdingn y irting withnterviewer recentaw this video. . your husband -- the's the y yo >> what happened is that waslike af >> long et. >> ag nket day terviews back to bacfo li tnd weust g l d we on this a li being terviewed and t breafrh air ant wafun tosee him keffoooff his t? >>e did off h shi
8:23 am
do to mah the y.husbanjudd mo weven i a.heaw tweetedu.totally t it? d he t e - re>> dakslie hit fo. >>eah. ead hunguys't ny le ow to beingle n a teic m are thaovviit hank>> what ou wl ople ahis vi wht a ? nk, you t vie to go valeand if u h d ha fun enit. the yeam your star, mann w wlohere
8:24 am
y wait, what i d>> jusgo >> r hdow sle omaha tdown uperl y fect o iantara go teuraytohich is fhrowan ffeas w outo.j. watt andrew s. jessth, alar efl supowl. >> y kwe're excite a formd ayer we acly he grwer ngp heer bl . gu obvly wrein fransco tig, bu yuysre alsre pportiome prty c cas wej. we'ven on atoras tryi tfigu hmake t hleter as a athle mf, i'ys tryigt w i bet gade ig gy than he tand much yoowanyluid re inow my caydra youee everhlete endhavi
8:25 am
n radetle th tdrin knoacy mucho dr get ted o chasi quarrb allay. whboyo d >> i'mere behf of miost anhae pounittoe on microso techlo pki aut he t vanc iur veee pttyamazg. e tse in thpaasn sue n ne fun s out he l s btoobn ne . >> let's cckutha g ro toury i'ab aco. day:now thorng i ct to contuehiftg f t asers ou coo nd by-m-pd icmaslow tmog!ll trme g ut ll rttoth thhouthe wh s inck to t 30snd >> ts weher porought toou bcall's got rowdyrowdut he, a. back oveou ghrob. noewro fromiclaspisf urse, e auoreh easterdalove sri
8:26 am
rbe" "m in tt." o a m is calle"the an haisawith ahe >>ay atiecau'm t toelu thcret life y? whmnout choi >>eporn he cice" nipark1tlm adtaonbealkean payraan bb twoor cinneigputohe uime . >>vis, ts is ry mccth bfr rep to e w r ey ll g ho oli. >>om tmeba >>eporr:eow thenn,eresa chol srks himsf ew rk cy've ogree ol,his wathe rsfioutionpais cnge yo rol >> fil as llatpr ere to down brtorm i that settinis
8:27 am
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8:28 am
new york. t. >> ah.ere's some lghwe alw the e ing to b arto he ultatce makeover. thm fore il y seeloke
8:29 am
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8:30 am
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8:31 am
reecs ocki.deed d gbad. >>hemay wathe owausew wa fghtengndade hisi bt e an ut theoodeds fro of s ju reallbeful. mli ryhist alere ly tranma. ltle of a t. thinopleftentant thea ofllpa itliothec or
8:32 am
with l o archit, form it thi h ansotihane u m biever ths sht go in erif tn a canet ill knhere a ay' >> i rlievthe paers ing way d room ou put ton a d of hold , so somethia t ofpele c t nk he's go ety? dit my gosh. thlievable so thill the furni bought. >>ea >> bu gured these utiful >>se a veowe eat. wgainedle -- you this g look. sotu it has your water, is a little baby igor 'splt. >> tou g >> d sorthlde ni since
8:33 am
t's od. >>t'great. ey'runlievable. this gat. >> taka p in >> a good a dimmer. >> a dimmer.>> c't bievehis isefor afr. i >> gd.t is at. ksaneaanur s e lnyis oe ta. are let's merica, t'orge stno' on er w. ank for in rs eveis ealitn >>ap simeswe he statter show h.ore rt abtht lm cowork- t's e part
8:34 am
anis is whyou store yo wateis is go i meis sn'tty h, see, amer had aing. ali come sometimdoes sve li hn hehe apnd then rcctur" heid>> y ali, is and asmucherce gotyoanu,chturadi." ks ls ige. abselitwsst mip,hefs crtiheltime me d re.
8:35 am
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8:36 am
co a k a sy nework gits. om evyb exndge f ian oel meut of l. bot chs. as of the nis rain mey for fd 's o whhraladnto 192llnea. >>ot t meou fl gd at'sntertingorve ll t get ty eight alsnd mti op i t are issed welit>> no y gti y t bam iwo ay wh a yti alltion y dete t cos. t bs. ch] a rhtarh de. e've g or lo.
8:37 am
an ifouanoak sce rupieraypeppha -prkl it oto >> bsu enpp. >>rahe lmreghth r ae aituctimeasceeceaned ian m ome. i c aeadyelu e -- i'm falrecake ecgped coie l le falan t aittlla at ireamndak eefor eten yoi tveth ehen tkin.>>acexacy. ge,'r . >> pantherfan,arol rbec, by
8:38 am
alh.t'umer ill d tt herbr he oo loisul fd.maa >> ts gh at's doit>> s willer liou id. oi ce youhe way y kno yeah,s right.>> are a ps f noisha w ian>>too w de. winheche? la, yot to de.aveoth mrgis cheersnd ae ] >> you atrhy. >> thas tl apreid a tun orr got e hy
8:39 am
> b we want askar y gngar and onz o i a? ll uur wsigoodmerica on yaho >>ave auper bowekend.good m:5ua. a tono th pect to inhig of t uthet. s o nd id-mngow d ma wns memoin mmutki llarrt s in intohe andenit wbemer ont turd ghnday ing.suil htlyleusslig ce fight snhighy thh easundbythe le o wee0s anare exed t rn!
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8:41 am
t'"livkey mi tothe newm, "tosimaisionar bn. and rapive"'s kileak l neiv [capmadebl dibcvisi and w,er yr my ardak, ll
8:42 am
ke h . hi hi key: lady. hi, h it'sri, 16 d nkhaher sck thae out here. ok. we're happy tseyou. appyo see y more no, there was like mod, 'sem no,ove yo.michael: you'veot great ats too. lly:h. righhindam chae mknomod ke [l li, aw tod
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