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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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s it'st lig wo>>cord celonthroft. art,rgiau. miry be ne savnah. ns a warngs aredn rs andonehs rs. >>epr:pantou th o md,akro f es a wtoie rorr:s morng tmo 5pelew homes.nsf estredou colin tor td ast hes, s rait. heil liv h ngin rn villat dves to uelaan ook atfrom a an crockun tesee yo a tordorehrghhis es evee ho and saved lives. >> yes, doubt
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>>eporte hngaignrocktu. s tt's , we c gyorkp.'ll coay, i ide'.loveansa>>ter:re'so nong n enruchs y n n ha hade iditheceepor rer pama us cita dr. takingime ter iowa itorm y rsaucuthth tusor cruz it a mie. dt onpo>> rter: cn hurt hianceowa an's cafor tabi at asthosle wsiblould comou publicnd admhaey d.epter:iz to on by his campai'sio.
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to scanwoulthe ne sry ou wasrud cute cnre ter: bit a d fus? is ty trio ss news u're ie busi. you k w i an a news or a dirty tri to passshout at t blionreirringause he iowa.ell, l nrprit s ngt anher an o a tru >> rorteoverr s ristie is inesre onenat mar rub, chriierng thegef elngtherirst term seto >> oncame ou, e,me o
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alth jand go hn kasampaigvery hd pshire ping for t south ge. >> okay, tomy ch choes join us no , new hamp ting.u're sayinmarco ra obama? wt i'saying, nistatestod ex al of ever nagi w thaon nd rns havwahehe lven yearhe predent h mthis gnmennd m unct weeed ak we nate wht onant llint alan ge t genant n righk ced edte tke thchs,rgn onnema ytng lger an0-person sete s mco ss rehi out
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ishiper lack ust t exencege. all heas is rience ing a ator've ths a ary anddoesn' rk. >> y hng him prettysistentlr the vedaystynct be on thef thyou? n inoa si at rgbuatt s yia ly int i fonew irrs get to p ct we t swe adidahouall owatoing we nd toe ndid wilng ttake qstns t p inguaed waand edhave candatethatoeren 45in e-owlleetis mao ruo habeenhet eclende wh she cou bble whn kecaasouw e he 'lgeom hla clion h tomee wl mucgran athin y s can atim. wves rovey inout iocuse
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g ouat tru estihale cau m to 't u doinoue an asdo-othatsome glo connce y er aty. e relte thres. mnnd twie xtndfon viro y hocinso ha ohash do tha mti a to hl eting mang se now fer mthbu aeatoe k ghno w n an tt?>>ke wnggege 's hit. eporngl baten yolo tng , e oist s ond p teuzy wrwiar rub by ght
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seed wh po yowantm ery y es erythol bthe ctu l in naru wneovth fingwius d it os i gngo t th ge thougege 'sik peopl wll kn wt ppenankedesis bad off at b i adonbaofr e lls atous ti o wha galtrp ngou bin dfe direcon >> wllouatury gh thgoor >>ki fwait george thk >>geowo the decrs d inn ie sangtough tiat aha lt. eyreofe,ngg igndlive is in late o l t odorng to yo cil.
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rn sde m havthbi adn e llhe but tt n sppg lly n g mk r rit ren ck.t y inonhe at g e edch. toe paid75 >>l,onno 'st ey oered>>n brgiac th fs phse. o ile s vastight wing nspicy? >> d't y? >> i askyo h. te betr fu >>or alitide juoneeay>>t wi y do egn th? >>ave to rlly monsate asars can , wh i f wi'on repten iers' ck t not ba e wtaki oe stpoulalrgat inheha y
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epr: nusdaysaym e naonirim con srs th lkio ture sandel f dt ri renew mp e ng tre wilbe moreatesetwe y so it,higamythat traceth atide n a timen. >>ll rigceciliha.des nie epubbastndd avuid "ts ekhor rtha z erat r ren abeorge.e ont te on t dus zvirureg toridare tgorestat fr coti o fotb, isg onitoment es llfor isme csbe. drrichd eronscenghw. od mrich >> gg, ge
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rlngethe thisr fend ths onceedaue d thicwhen y y noalon mlions in r ar bral'and millions more expected this summer for c thkarisis orur niaz sa tasonfrstt nightmarl the ntcram stt ng a vac untiiseasays, pveis tir best c act w thningho dbtbr dentr thcs i donw tht's upg thcs ademicont te ti uitoes a toupponen
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ip theecatns eia ese l e pe bninserebirth de wh womr s focusiqualif foolymad coaji ethe ws" thutbris concein overtwo weekil ial run crowds do. 'son so co t quito se pehome we'apns to idicge tt is sca. >> c >>now to a b security headline.t isisympaizers in germany ov thorit three cies incdiwoen a
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and spected of plottg ind then securit ti t u.s. t r the suwl.the me je days ay. is a ooevi' m intacaliia, ou00op ing undanipi tholoanholaec surerystfe h armetactal tprin nfro terrist e'reoi to oo ay. ro te t eedb andig gu bullee tah 's bow ice things pen fr multipl
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ecal poiheis ll onsanardisahaha dinpe thi t ahe for iei aveot onstvent >>epr:omsnifng ds and deer pice alrey everherendonitr and og et x-machre etelivefrd to e's ti the milit ts astom erction awks ll pate g nacis anw pothdrt aa rele thiper v in eadronat h r:dr aow mis sup bonoce am
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ange tsan adof theome. w tan win ing yo cllenges stple st: ocolate. ln ocdi mf jewede cenri.. jondssavep to 20% yles, wi ddesis that s to love. ay, the numb welry store. an chocoiamonds... ..or thet thing your life. kiss begin kay. se t,t i've.cegii ind mi islie wh have ticationsburien thesy of mohn'disease.d thatn clical stues, f patientson hir
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humira cy fs,cluding serious,etal infectionsnd, inudvehapped; e blood, ler, st pblous allergic rctororseningeart f be tmer tb.ctor if you've been to areascertfungal iections are common,
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ore li. don't start hu if u have infabra. iremison is possi 99 p to spend eeri , ofn. ououeeug a co
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d ve ome back to "gyou are athe ic dataggett theifishow satu. e reing candites alace ofrighhen e wahi ovethigiotople plioth arepl before t potd fe>> t altseinilsby t to vewa aftaped idn trng ts th
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. > itjuhrays l e per wlndodaythe l hngtsir er wom'sumt.roishehe's rvwi nomssio gegol fo eiowere. sl bactomooww t ewveen iirgite.enamilmo le e s mmes akinou 'lta ta leing i oferfthirero a piri >>ter: ornig mrn loved a fmehers yi triteo eaol ni lel hefunel ju h ay. vebodys gog to t u 'rgoin ms heile use kin , yoowc.i wiiss pol.>> rter: vira te udenavidhaand
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of waking upthe's tiarocto tty o investg o munning. o'ole, thary m l hawafo cleth realnnie and for aing rkidnacrohe sound drous is hst>> rter:theicebo phothepear t a typicalovingoue.thisveil fersdit cte he duo my are ca21sttury'siewatcasiterbrittarp a ginia, forc
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the octh'seft madf lega xes an t phony docuused to ff his massive schemewe we rserloside. is wh k.>>hae king osat d bags a bags of rethe i says madoff de he scale oime. >> he shre a lot esboxe thee ains hiwoulha bveryve ffict. >>epte hdn brving thstf hi is. e ulhaveontol fomeine 0 ar nds hestn whr th kw woionshs ed dd she ewnyg out it a s r beenedh crbut shis tc gu. hehuand wi d iison anhetwso a alrdy , scithher franceyear a h
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th>> notn someonyawnsouustew late aewenmoptleoushan.ists meec wo icreai y inreonrs rhe undke unsabt theti.wh monlyoe. spaet t my scptec jus s s a stdoya usin. i yawt's n bec i'mry me yl tter. j d. aboutu,l?>> noeroosmothe's ofohe ne.jer tsorngnd 'r g theroo.'snfan abo wha so i ngbo ters from hi ba.
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8:03 am
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8:06 am
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ourdo, thanksery ch >> cld see. >> thank your >>ghnkyo > a e. yig for rehibo ki that s.ow i coultheery ma a tryton it rsrehst in ood llwa iiddledcept a kee ktead c reaonowre'scice in jtecy idoinids.>>ith ught >> r a deney use ansomee and tred
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omug wiow tid sll tteasnew miecreena ireseme >>ou w >> bnd i b nward siionsanually yng mian't sations tld lead to elop of 'sasamrortphul aancing atte theemical udforooen ong t s p f t sur a realt th otela t
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8:15 am
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8:16 am
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8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:20 am
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8:23 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
allashn ok, e odthfuths om t. heirasy ye and wt'rebout wake s,ni ringsicn nger wits. >>es. whis you want to home, th do , $50, halbus. >> nd the but l yonee io i insthis t te a a ikal butt teod do, ic. y he parts u lok. s ymu g, ae azindeonm u see'n di ese l e $5 the reet
8:31 am
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8:32 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:41 am
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8:42 am
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8:43 am
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>>s ivwi k chl. fm w how to,"akohon off e esinplt's lm lve's bam l xtiv"[cg osblby
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a n, re your my awingo-sts, pandicelanll h hi, di. . llno nngi r 'lge t i geth it.huary 20, elco tew, mil:es wh's going ll i got seg in th m h miae it'sd ofik dashts m sta . key: pbls,ou aianma
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