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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 2, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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enheweeoiarts on tk h dsf y.>>'dikeoelveha . >> a noeatge>> f hfweett tr teused cz ng as yno t er lghon st a fhe rtsn reblanan c riie bhn nhaeheveon ineadyor bhowd inhe f ar s tomla i alrdy er ll gomoing,m.epr:robi gd ing ,rump and rubom thashir a mhifre ndifreace us aouio t candi ota i m uavsh, jc wre a hus s waye ist heiaerat blicnd int
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camp jeb s tmpgn is bu, some criti sayin one-meunner hit the retnore an once a and heae to c io we haet mention. ro race his c could not c lim r predent eigrs ag es outf h r th speech mpai t'take a >>t'ime officiall spend the campaign but not votes, i e of illness.sly the voters areick of need to anoed little bit sodi aithumor rig thern cars i dayhe camrae op ariciziim but he'sing aay o t fotfla, that lik gre uldseome floth ghw.
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murd. liewhe. >>enr use t ti h aano abhelhe >> reporr:iclovell momtellin "the gtont" the -yead met er onli ieselieveovell o asa thows them and abil ts.seauar cipa reevac remem hive d w tope 'justerne>>orhe sstunatalinngee ent whoned at used ofel auer gid of t rl'sdy. i wllyhoo s heace onefs fohe becse didn'he was le sheidn't le ofrson. orter: her pents sayhe a against her door befor climbing outsoi s butli dco bod les ayrona.
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gnd neint ple ehauerakthisme otlievthle orge>> osmam here sand tld ld l o tion st' vewoested di crim for , he fry ahe .ero me i t right, so tells thatwa't evince ene t ledhem thi was certainlyvidenc smedi almostta ndted l twhic w t als n sangy lirehand ry
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bianli who' n guiltyfatherallyd laoncerned h wbecomirris >>om home destrondni s i the housr: sn tn o18anheckou trying t- u' gng thr me iai l a rte ttnoverges is sym laipl ay1,00 peleirstn aau fl a aaronrtnd adti to aru mb enis pen bece tri
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thanks, dad!donald's hameal. with fresh,ic cuties. a colng onem ld remnasasw orn ld a ceymy 5%. orn ur col a ov c loat d myicco s!
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orteerowl tdays and quart peytonf the bronc newhe p to .>> well got great footbl. i want t winusust >> reporter: at the sreme circus,wn opening bothla gis o other. go atingrter be >>tonn w aayse ea rorr: -year-d ing oequteac oal me vemv aannardin ch pngn gamerdg hi exchae ug bshtime's ns the nfl" athe champnsould la st, thi by lto reaseen ea>>hi cldi'ar this cld i rorr:akgneon,-ydbb alas ra. g wh ea
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weeood abohe growe' >> sanders dnton i deaat as to hamp > alsni the ain d mliov m coul anyone be att th repo? ner b be rea fes 1 atesnchihirn weollooung w who every t an hasustenay too it whateaorks w i c >>t' glerd mohest osterl won the. >>'mngrs w cur ktang ntoigonig. p aanh jol ney b.anceeriv
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>>rninca. 'touov tt ltle ug froouneance alg wtravolta. eyrerrgin n niri autth o mp ial. premi eyents s aanceres, iut ha w. i'verd is . ma e tatng.rnseio o yedr " fooegege >>yea lik us tbe keen goingp and w wan t s thao erne w jd uround thnce. s veosndsh ove 30
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sm ig,epentg ita c t finops. ea ta ok. et you b ghli>>hi jurne m b d into gd e. >>eaygat. greant dot etle le u cebo sou c g s on - weounddee. >> we'ping. >> it sounds so thank you. right to that big story.presenoi an that h . g snheep ab jonesin mon.>> rorte goornin ora nit.bernlaryn ol o t truzid therepub h to he ag fithonump and beatm.od bless the great state o iowa.n td hightu and gh drasheirst ves
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esidtialrace iowa en note tha tbl ninndheext esentf t uted ll b cn be thepe mele>>eporr: cmp l p bil acn >> ionulat iht h and bu repor insistshe aayss nnded his rs.nky t n hampshire. repea poll ery other llo on eas y or b wer the hey t up >> rter: t ise, bio,inishi i a ro thice andling robis mng - i givety b ot ju t ufy vativeovemto it. orter: and on tmoat side, a nail s i stand here t, g a sighf reef
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am he te ea 5 fes intehave ldo rd>or p made a m finally be tricing down topa ic is the latest airnetonnounce retur of free snacks incoac pretze chobe avai by ap ys thed. airli pos rec billionfit las ar> we wan tion h th m s wl g theion c meer cgebaskch jano. ns o theoahe veperan ll c search ro>>15 andta l
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wia 1ilon peatri canr slyaandrb mey are theer hono and cai to th in h yo>>conglati news. >> t lar with t "g nu." cations,bin. > here's what'g up. "dancing with the sharing a major lsuitit d online. am on what d ste and se i on? supery. we'lshow ynd then ten days, tenate, tenoung wan thes t the of te is eri finder l amerialloming up lfromim uare dogoanywhe ar you ady? >>eah. s t. >>"g mng y b advi reli dsn'tetny bter an thi ot. sry. fiinthce. whe les.
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th, d! mc's ppme. thfres dicusutie hethiss oytoro tyoth betr oi f halev aeeto vet ., bui ve aes toyndn. wel withi l daase go enah waok, t rnch ke
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p...othell cat ale ba? pain. i nt r thtiwi an easy opecap. "gm on this tuesday morning and now to thaial med rinding us post."dancing wthars" pro v chme is bngued f milli over a memedlineline jungeth ath. od mng, >> grninobintherea whyody' as s n t'ayl is kno foughoversut he's foramation and emotional injury reminng u amemean have lasting
8:05 am
with the this moing, valy is iegal wer ing thisemeis 0,us f ok.readin let yr ki od b cabgirlil nui f m sayi hum gl wdown syndrome w's at muc higher rick forobesity. >> andin cse to half a million followe of apparenysamee. rorte a laui whekn heral gatoapd f ptingt to
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aboutuit. do familyse. it's not of all this ptu w allegedly a game,ght, so d have an ion o the itc u can takeictures pubhetati he's alsoll e inio abouts i nice. the qn is a legal matt m deaffama doesn't i't think. i dnk he' hny re with regar t invaf pracy. wilut tuest , inioionf emnas is onehe tire >>ow d $6ll ir o t cct wi othatdla haso ouagus,ecau is -- youayim sogs intenon
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'tetnd mad unppy. it h to tonoth lbeble b t ar ryng es bause youe lkg abt chilyoar"you in va"'s notalng aut meone w host wages pounies forbs, e te,t's rllyust t m millio ct enf treo what i diic lsuag aoghhingor th pr >> i sal sgnvertiut c er frestingg? nc cou get ynt o e. ye y g to rembe tha ocia're ctiv ef aublishnow. shin the nye elsing infoio ther so if yomething tt is liab yourefen canwell it's my f i c
8:09 am
shing ouou you areublishing , be ld rible fort i in y're >> even i youreposting,ublisher. st pau bore y tt se go ttu alt don't think they'llav partularlytrg here. >> thank you,la thank you. o t ge on yby's minds, super bowl 5-0. l this week we're showingusive sneak pthe a thatl a headles the ma we you rnge almalf milli nd a firoo thagerly aip ad tha h yasng raw w thene onl st t. ta a lk. a t, let this. iot t tstndalues torp
8:10 am
portra.>>t e tohe z odeusng y hend m singt. re o gher eaon >> tnk a littlegh re o dren >> rockheinw. e e raw., ed it. n. ea doavavor tweentyan ? on'tw s u were ioan,t was goo too. aferewa >> it waitilper ts. i wo seem no>> d them .ther lote,ie peing e alxchem t,course w als excite authel the nfki correspdeho we behine-enes forgma" oni nightsk a
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ononne whwhpeonanningewton. ke loopeni night f sup wl50 tkiof to aeeofci. eang uto t b g su bwehe dr brco a tarin pahe. andoel usovhiuge t,e a verypecial rrpohi h, iosdhissom >> -yr-dar ly w cn b the tho youtb toe a whird wk adingp tohe biggame oalk smf t ay >>te thesignmefeti forthuparlo itfoll's star whaouny yr lrode >>eallnow wthameat younk mnt?thou'r proyngo ti >>ou totalsedthe poin i oing t parpa in rode. >>epr:ve theanths
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radn "e ehindsid" d y l bng m st brootblay. >>efityfootll. rorr: pki tir br aetnge brilan t rerga >>owou tin t b agrarrb >>ust y t ain haut yr. >> cch a manalls as yon,un a lotnd eat od. >>henrow oer i wan to be aeadoach just l you so iasringhat adv me. ngsoungado be coh >> repor it wn' aness f t espot do you eawhen'm in i d d just likyou. >> no,oun't. i >> >> "go," i'n jose back to yo marlo.>> she's got jsren jeopar >> askin reallyreat question >> ul.
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> rownoth, h ahe r.>>la theseuy havbeen t h sin 4 a erre y ? hon, texa >>ittlehiy here usn,texa plorid somym fl dveryroclim.wh it'um r oue syey,sta. list aook at tning. ss. that w close for severe statplenty memphobaton notimend ally birmingm d wnirom northern all theayo rn minn arney, 52es a ur wowing sn toda as ansion tthe sidef la stm, swfalrawi decrsemeg,ig sns pect. no latis beeen 1 3"be poible i sorn lodo thugthdashowerll co sier d g , thno peed coanndla tsd rl d cod mfo anheof ugelregilf aot xtraimfo yo m ening dre.ig teerur wl on g io e en twenti, king
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proceeds willo to charity tp isk crenondering wh hisight w ehat c of course tn twine. >> t out as >> trulyope >> nwitchrs to "pop selenas fan t art want anndthe woryear au topgier hrt out. taketen. iannoab love you a lsoaby eouikesong ba >> rinldng>> sases >>he gik bte tnja has. itreds >> go >>ol bko ianlod aitnk pt.'sorerfeen
8:16 am
's ceboauey danania ar bro dird. sgh segu, tsou c she hheritttite and t srit ghit le ent eneyg aueynrfmelle yeeue rt>>yemam. >> i lov h st. l youike aoveon by met sowh ear-d auey wov yo > al ipone ts inor t5000 a titiing fopg to nae aullson o al pkie "plart thapras pn h stomntsl venrecu s cd planet rth. talook ng
8:17 am
ey oretunkeymooose >> sas tetis sportfor the id. we s anal, g it ifheshgs not roug y as drte it's tha wid -- >>ou s for iz tr decad d? o oto ool.>> wndlly,ys, jus aque, it'stuo doesn tays here. i knews robin'sneheroessgu il yhi guy -- lookhafa mahe a madmonk heo taket yme. he's one, with ymonkey ss?he's lik grumpy hank i rafle lo thatrumpy mon thi grumtuesda
8:18 am
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8:19 am
wee coinhors thsd a idvene t unins, but geray andrr atr ll intth eken
8:20 am
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8:21 am
ws pcerundertak tat atys drfish,ho o tomy oflove" con aey5,gles fm mah and td r tience pays>>%fm t ttego fal ln ec datnd tt's art. but biz the most lelyctorhi boos spleasonual sayreling t try sethiffer w, iningnd m eve u >> rorte er crash urnhetef their dit beon fltingith jet datnumbomorrow i lu, frre she d
8:22 am
d r vra pdur ic ot joins u w. gsrepa. bsre a pked. widouee tn iselingre gn? >>ye dinity gngto beadntur for sure ukn, i kdfew tohe ng scene ithght, it sounded liktl bit of and'mxcotee will ha n'm t today. yon't >> touche. ycernthou?osye missi a ight the wleilnravel if we off hele. ishat?s.>> is or maxiouenh >> hin eryin plaed ll dat a and ady go hopelly don'tet sto up. >>nct s youe ye stundcoereenm i ove bry pa
8:23 am
waiting for you right >> i hen't met himyei h n hjo>> a theaml be fhi on't anydyuld ao . >>e'ste. lot3 ie,p-hoconlkn t anbowrft. >>o you have any expectaintoeric >>expectat havot of oh, my gosh, iouik gime, jusere eryg arigh all right. re l forrdo- yo pbabl oht teabeheti fyo >>'tt standimp. w cck bk in wh a b uanolweyget a binenoo odinmecaom o y donis plesera. >>'loy be. >> or hit bthe nn, eas jui newe maffndysmadoff wef rnie oostpi fcialon n a me.
8:24 am
yo ahave. uss in btimes. why y again. >> ou me mek be i isty? >>we i d't tovl wh g, d't k that it a l st there'tainlyhi we howhi wom w d bh,ow at thisan whoheime she met himhe wa 16 cometely aowed him to take over her >>upedeveryone hiwife. . t'she nk wcompce. i don'tel s i th ykn, y'rit somneor
8:25 am
hereiduloo i anhe was qst erneha that ewheot sh beve dlyn sh witerrids vingomnd aoodimean t mutenippre e s me allycared,at him,foad s heyouknow, ty-mewas a mrly i -- >>o wrd the whole anl. on theend, sado so mu d hav a chao tk to i di wt was that we she was fragile. you know, i mean how could you you'vetherhiorm.
8:26 am
-- wand me inkalo shathemothrather iry,ucedhei co suppo ser de itdbo t t'ng te suc alineriespeople to beou go, als o a y husband brucedanrscer inspid to wor w tfounon.tebout. >> ah m daughterhr an fanras raised gr fun forl ccer foti ol ccer whi ie peopleo vec it' al beepemev dom diryouvery o evyr i countryrom nc. thatance a i donhink manyeo knowth >> didt kws th it'ay mor pvale amooung peorge t t prcent crenoyand giohe inoonagai rymporta so
8:27 am
peoplohe anto it>> oralcaforg thissof airs ow ery fo cing, blhe. ouide to rob. >> all bdled upro io. youot tacen this isng for >>t's t was ltive0ew w a we'r bi was yeshen n rk t' a thether coming theas coah thod wat inect for part of sylvania n rsey, wre theningtd oodiss i thi errnd th bar andho i ancio. we sionthbadeth nt stm, s tes ler sn is exctedmi
8:28 am
ben d wilbe >>hisea rept i brt b rnt m a mo-law ayfndy st birt.happbthy. bk tyo de thank ominoh avolta, cotneynce,
8:29 am
8:30 am
at wase tnad ag w i aoo a th theew sers "pele v..j. simpson: an im reitow jn avol rty an wtaras aorne johnnie cochr and rt spiro. om g somlovereneo ">>ol w gck d yhat bee ab to watchhe firtwo. premiht ty aldt of.od itfha y remeer wreou ween, pecial the whitebrco doou rembe wre yre hn >> ah i w, caia asluhetesi i in m cebra rth ofeeh"pp
8:31 am
ti aas lebrineeutexen tsca tragy, is rldichom iets. ho abo >> wnamto. we wg"pther t prted- b chasepreemptehe finals finals. that.ndas -- what is gngn here? w p a af a iat was on huge o. simpson juice. >> from the ays and bfalo w r a ate o shockhat thiss haing a becse it s s w nn setng erhehoor w cain kne ss llke -o ty rll cout-
8:32 am
ri tids of , eon yad a pr hes cll by ts and kt u informe everyday. >> wis i had at. >> ynd'm tel yo the ee cast, you just reayrecaptur. hank yo >>ant to py a charr, bob spiro ingp ainstciarpl >> ynt irr 's wh a fewdo 's vy esse >>yeah we, hd be desed.he kildwo peop. 's goi st ur. >>e ocno >> you ht talketo this b you were reluc toakehe role ll ll, iniallou i tht, ll, why tghis ands ea?tinoesaal d isin wa en offed, youkn,
8:33 am
nto t ryanmurpndina jay only d high e thii didak a w a sveye af f i tindury tee wtt aneylikevasy mirodbeu ow ela wredults go wahhings a more ksor vi and altor t and s d icism, aut clsi,heeg andud bng oken, you kn, fame,leity. all it. >> andhen i sha was so ny subct sorilliantlynt s?heotf . bl to meejohnchran. yes. eforessed. >> years y. what did y w
8:34 am
of mtingsh rrad doble>> gowi >>s. kif shoingt di kno iooke t h uil i putha w on. you sdouidt w -oun't wo mic udiedhi ouowe's iconic sa i'm n m.if c sgest aetauceeroheryi knowillaveey j so - >>sropeneo h. y tnkpl wlhae mi? kn tt' n wt y >> a w c h f fmy rspeiveeo w beg ss alk.iwas fshk , ppleere polariz us it theyldtteacno to tosa wow,eel thatway?lhis way.'s talkbout we need t. talk. >> know esode surp. sometvery n
8:35 am
endfheenpide y'l unta w tdi w at it was and you will b enlitene bhell gs tt werapng thayoueveroue hs hatn'it a ble courthe furpe t bkering betweeers,hehtr,ouw,eg syeialng, i eaow lf. a ltl obiin st tt we,nd c i y n't min il agrse!""gelive.">> i toit flyoyosot g a chao it b'll w . >> it wasau it wifully d it s think ynd t iginals. >> >> wego coute-crth hn.
8:36 am
love toot you bifultaleed , as ll. give t obe. wl . >>op youom , bot o you' got t sv.prres tnming he powerhdwweoe on-one with ne
8:37 am
> we'la lest entf girower a look apowerhou behindf th most popular chises, 650 milli hobe h viewers ndningheho fm bendesawon, stepnimcman. reerto'secthathe i meroiolst
8:38 am
d out. fovephanie mchoaugh of ith hm anornget as the compansra ofr. ald thatasee donatedy men wha d as w bngo thebl atom b t e tles perecti a ofteimesomeneel insece like tyon't bgthe ta wmen and why? is opini a l ab thanelse's? no. and i think tha theay realeoesisio iso havhat derty ihe om >>wwon- rorhear i bo wet t ff. >> rte wkingay fr a receptiostishe setng you feltou d to fight fha wn' ju given tou iferps wod if yerma becauboss
8:39 am
epr:ngs at meigor fhto riyi craereople love t hate >> youotng m tn nnbe r st un ylaf t caras ao bein can say ss, badaind the scenes asme.m but bcesoab entbr tha i care abo is ama rtynd iruly iv. a she usi t rtitto me 's n cid t hive ews n womennd a mo ohrughters, s's ovin tha wenan do it allan howo youance >> i'm m ta whing be rfect.crife hpenng wayer a sacrifi
8:40 am
buhehink w cane tt at hesllin an t domoorr:ndt with h hud, fan favit tpl she' pgew way for women wresininin nd sreyp w diti>> o fs ask us too me d f tm as aletes a ve more meaningfu characters. theirustye candy. moroinger we cauper wir yo i ttl p ab bievi i yoselfit'sboutnfidcesou sg u frsfdotakg f anenn wren' aha 'reing aimcte ar leho see,ou ow, n inhe s sg female aracters tust iis. son w c't be thinkts ju ving that ce mea
8:41 am
>> andteie mcmon, you
8:42 am
we'lbe r b "gd a"s oual ro,ll d lon 12 hotren and bore go. ere'icco gti tensttenodtlltha ramaser gd ckguys.
8:43 am
>>ava od day. il ma sps... owaiac losn ntto lls e
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gi.. ghre ilu..p ns coloeg tout. th of olan, to our .com fletesafe outyou head d ve yourself extra veure out. repo in manitngs,onnie silkman krdo newsan. s ane ba of thor rates will decrease... mein l snow is expectedons of in solorado thday. owerllcome stt as t does , with expect come t late tuesd
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snowred ro make anhe roug r your morng and eveng dre. hig lyteens and twmaking tue coldest da ek. nded: this em w fimove o swees f imemt the a w uld ing a ot frayver anne the tainut gerallwarmer
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us i is "liv wh ll& ae" today, one of hoywd'
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anou fre itro us, wh c sih ue "le"big gaee" alne"liv [caponindesibl -aesc telesion and e are your eming co-hosts, k ripa and m kelly:i. mi kell hi ch helke you glamt forundh?
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