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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 1, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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>>thbiteinly h >>ou 10 mperur g t ndau >> w wl ath p us . th te hostn ion thgoic" > d ctaly do go in arie liio siteit dneas herego. >> h g iston m.ndates final urve loo
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e fiv rht h also to dold bernanderso ru ris ie. >>ry vheres. th is lose n e pobe putup fou o up fi-pointd t old y cladrn nderler. lldeeat.>> it is s close. jon karltarts us off with vochined dinurbandal good. ortemornin 'ry we'r nspolitil sts.yoys rdy[ ch app or h, go llou, or, wet quita ce he. fac iu lookt th decric a rublin ce mbed, we hner en
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flye. i d't cif you'rinly, teature, get outf be cauc >> s mov futt we want e geer. we cauup wteuz sa >> believe we'll. >>state, myuph frer dd trump and feelania ie're g to have ago res i hop we'reoio haodsult ios a s.heampa areous.depleddaht ieaeoe ccu is se b wri true s j seied inautoapisscine iokies
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eporols ha en callinged erati has bece battle for bodie iey come here. r bhaf n, 15,000porters, cising reets d knocng on doors. more tn 76,000 weekend alon ton campai d onthan2500. somes yl showp thdo, 're a hiary suppteor aersuoranth stcovero ani in-- rr:nd bst60 fn wahimoh afl atsoanarilunci llefitcaus >> wllthe. wllthe. y?enngma cion?
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n'kn>> rr: 7morrow and georgel yoat the top of thsh half ofli voters said they could stitag reo the w ny adecided. of chee few se heir s. owys of inutri jon, b wyou mo. llecngn caus a d lg wl. 'ltabo tha > reoo aa mile scho, ofhe bgest loonte wilga ghmpty. ayn 00le llckg thlahis enin cthvod candidreinbi sh rtom amas beoverrepuan
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nig?o ur he td he fngd.whs stgyth epr:inrnin ragyarower the re h thspin tve rod sapabaheaig n om t iuz'seen is b feritc mber- viti9 io.for it abogrouam,0 vol the vo try to 20,0. iso impm. as for senatorar r hopingor o of thosthree tickets out of iowa.he'sti the preur on uz out yod lline n this is in state for tedd george. 's go to cecilia right ng the demrae t. s in des ms righ sell ya, tlinton famiut in all weekd lo. d the plan whaey
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rorter:hee. th ithe vition. wsondencheadin inod. llarcltopainin thecrds i'm teg you, he never seen hern isamigtrl erast up odae nfmo engitake lstt t,le ing hhoym a r crowder s inme prat t cto borkiou nhese srs oigel hie's t l. sdeantso ts tayile on smer. allightcecinkouuc>>t's lkll cl genoujos onery ant sy day.anu sor the thvictory pay se very tight
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but very goo wor hard. i t op. g izers whfaed athe ousandof voltes,k 1oors thipa w so, e omed enenusiclldswhshs ght.comea. urngwhinst inaung m plee the ght,:3 i'lle the piri cae if uta u for i llta uorurin cpan d tohete hoe. there si whaht ars agaihaenge that yo t fferces d similariti betwn whatou're expericing
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yearag wnkhat haveetter or t ju reaouitink builornionanso o pndanhen try,orki imo ticsi k i' nd ink , inst knong mt thcaucus p and w neo do to toward th, erienc crettate, epenedndsi dendabt whhe xtrede wha fl ke
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owwhatstin len, uerstw ally dmatic asit bethe bls we ake thetese, wou rip tros.weldbee geth econy gog foeverod get comeng able coryinhireponse conanthe wothat hfrom i crisscstouenuger as well >>aven't gotl 99. i t wabody tth lenc affmati, but i relot gd d i ve manthsandof peleand have so much. that's t bt rt.itioin kea of wheepsgoe
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y pe aron t min ou aopurauted they ul't aorititho afab heah re w yngoms she's ownitudeand eda way t. it smo i g ha it wilt.spking oiowans, he karl, he'sou's with voters.ots a und let' has tojo>> repr: hrobillo, starye ni u' betenlaclton d hnash.
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clerem a, e in toorbilyita partanoness. >>haal g.than for askause get asked that a loti ve angn m a possoou a liifrent whady,d toien's thogm,ss theis w rmed foste car and an , in wde a rtisliin in wrdo gehewoed gramn atase, ion if the a ng reic w didt po e il ti rk .
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oundovesuli a aidict hdruswetoe vo awhach o d d ace for tod at coroacand we will ma tother. >>ecrelintonan ve reciatus on >>hat to talto y >> y a >> cn toofats ri dorump otofor threbl ubyodor, mrp. to you ain th know, ve n ac fed vfore ous? you he t
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gone thr mylect ts buts fomeonsegege.thisa li bitre r s wes yos el jhope eis g abl gut d . ooe e tohe tth wiok. ittano ov j me it at w a be. hopevery gett an tes.d the t ds of anyclnderwho'cond.i llhat. have th enthu o rallthey're s.lie thg gout and eme rica gagaiischance. lf-fmp th one t nodyoi thk th's aigfence. t ofeoe li t but ers eat thia in s t
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e,ouawheol e es-poi ad. ow i te' g t y ll wre goi toind out on >> yr stangow hasrpseler, was ndg atr spse ihrishre d saidold wke wn or tihink he.trp. es, haou d u t at? ieaurin >>hat isourespo chs chri w sd u're toe lf dn er
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in f downthe.w jeeye 50th e. g it last.he s be that i'm rised ould tlike at. bee h i usetoa tithlld. nkt opwobe vrpse eh lendng llseat hwove id tt. haen lif est'if winng,s ae kireea. it'seen a fe- ha acedrends succs anffenfomedyo th, viy,ngllwell row ity unnkou'lg the vo first onight.'ll be to in xt half-ho
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donnile. and mahew wd ahen see wh's greit likan eripeosphe. and it somng tt han'tnin qteom mesu uerin>>t'faininai 're iendfa. naldru tked t it. e vors are iarges ofoday. anitngemus aty useverytng y thoht goto hpen no lot ght i k d toriin trsthecti ul se til eake depenngn at happens t rubcaor moatic s rinoe vha t ntl. at y o ld tn reicide.bernn craticde juarneing is outst the ornizations of hd
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georgeaksmt u oncampai transtes. thingkeye oters up t ano te. s sa rion.its a utad ay adagto t ar. er >>let'goo rofothe wehe>>eygewee tching th msi srmrars waacssheouitilmp unlig.
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gh yourm tonow is increa ge a y ai ndooth heaw pected ntueo ghhemog drivis gog to b eachers, b 's lking le evendr uld ven wo as th stsyst s ou wll bewi a otor somalong lm di4-10" ouadndelty, 2-6" those alh hwy0. e hill end.. e sohwesteunins! the heavnow ind down by tsday rning, b >>lot other n g ggadneatrardrg two collen iod cud of kilng yng gl. >>wee li iion is ca d. the caidat and the
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inuding rn sde a hfean men ba.eran h anco feeld sore comon? abral it few dat .etdeepwo immed busrote hes. dot ut o, fa. abva t up'lt it is te. yeah qui
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yo lastyoolgrqueratanyo(beagrow)(bursmash d gr seen cover i noorsewe'vhitwo. ar bumdum-bum- adve f99
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whollywood's premiere jewelrdesigne, crtes a ring for toars...esigns it to loo falous from ane. ans colleconat kay jers... ds the g. s! lid.iqueul atmb oneje inri
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wi flowingseimelessness.e i eom to feel like a star. every kiss bs ay. cept iot 2 i acptshorseesenrskro t, ret,nohelve m. won' ng lan my there's ing than warf, ind ri oftrinpl imabl w eld .th'shat tar opiniqunss urtoteto, sppins yo rif vielouaninasatquve
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oue cedis.ctut anecal enedaccelay ike i ill y st. eliquis.ce ma to .iit ..o s htor. od
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rert el paunjalkkrch exct to inearage and nsndoon, withcted to cont the isgointo eaitng g dr be eve astm st mot, w t wito fo f ong er divi" nd colo spnd telty, 2-ose alond soh wy 50. the hi countrwill end wit2' for ... with han 2' in southwes mos! the aviest sno willind downay mo lingering snow i expected to lastinto tuesday.
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> wco youacto "od rnera. d ia st of groullurfornieand th aeadyo he fornindre iio.and lso repubn candate rson's hetersmorng. yey'redy in swing rbanda. anthosarvoterse e sher. ey're ted jokathey'rciter tos ca>> of tihere altateht n. we e af n.thorniherom ousea o oeweadlin this mng 'lgeto tt. > t rs rinhad a chce to sit wnitbeie d jane sanrs y, 's makinheadlis ovgh hsae'no ope owe'
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coti. ean hepanoatla towove sh mpios froa tor vmo. he drawingoungerro his sts. d chceo lko him hiwi. unike u ke ait rutio ore's e de fuhindt revoontaki oinme wea inlity. ca u be s and s wi jusurfo e bidackage tea in d mnei inyosaid thatoy,o tt wt enwi t usoue int r the lo . absoly. thinour ssagis nangouout e coop wt onmen t es a
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ov t cnt, ial th s sote. r:eoe llinly ae pe. whatrer outshi we llin i e'a lae tern r peoplewer-inme ople, if tme out ig s 'll don't . o seiveninofocracyn ne hamp eveelse, o see leotter th wy' ng ant toee tcauc te>> hillali's cef te saiyove r the negive mpai in decr pryer >>d,oi bac50ars. ha triy stne maki psol tacks againshiarclintog e
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netive camig rd.i'ever run i caif aegativ not people y th >> iea tt you to whitand thly twpee nowearg x you and nels ms that true? >> yesannaugural balwiou tn y? >> don't think smillife sagrees. you know, tux is kind of sy oilege. that says i'm reor and i'm and you're ing else. ator sders joinsw. >>ol colleague recently, rttz, tongue in cheekgoego like moiticians, ho yaynded? it' humblscary experience bec people are pug so much faith in. it'siv you know, yowant tlet own. thhesi i h run first place ate down. >> mrsth of thens you fideas. >> youove
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his wife jaf re tha s who heposed at fr's parot a onre.>> eitionalevi. e wao ut a, o and we're fow.t's no it up he hadme a c tid, no, wl you marrid, fine >> that you gave a veteran onhet and i kn mrs. sanders sa a ved you n you oe on wt yo h shealed it yo y. peopleuntingn him. e are counng on you have to deliver. >> rteou'r
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can be a'te a ngssmaeae pn g. >> il taou to er oka >> lnis s 100top n state owa. d see, s fe brinther the strengpeisnci rewas g in ress 2s ago e t got toongress. of tsthingabou beranders h meeeen csit al25 yea >>anor won tenotes. that tenacity right, he aysage and no ques >>ird
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llst ait ppen t rd reebe hash 8ern. ghhen c.wel ple -up covegeht. athe sus n. th's exact rhtmoreomupm thning ae're cering eotheadlines s > s hots avive be arrested a e rderf a lid .pilgrim report qst surththe motive. >> reporter: this rning, two viec fing argeinn with the de 1year-o ksbul. w tou h il ial hiom >>eporr:icloll res sa s visd weestwmi,
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volueeeahifi r. and fendsorha lerrat ciended me iesgaon uo 18eaoldav einhower a rg tech ent.tuayning, sterudaying enha knl an tha ntage. around 4 aonhey found . sund second stnatalie s ch an acce of heeinhau die of thel's bo bong heldithout bl expeedcot latod fo"ginam" a lgbclasbg,vi > e world heth gazas ho ery inon mons quitborn za viru
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>>rrng ak he isc ra setfi killg86eoe inclung chilen. e suoredhidi t>>back he at h an aitreling h philphia hit b obje, lae en to dage e .lice not surwhat is. an a suris speing out abouhis ld wipthisfralilhe w sll edo hiar he stel likeumpi offa b wd ay wh ju aff ck. fac prey rerkab, hewas ck htinghe t neay 'd bhittg th gack hat wow.
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fou. gut t. e l >>of cominup, it ia mi faere in iowa. weot donaltrums twolde ns, nald jr.nd e ey'rstngli. wel tem alittev gti marednevess aned u pied butinank yo 'rnever ving kid mmmmbrthe. i lo it re. re ner mg thrb we aevtingneth(m reavotd. egnant i am nevereto. for all the nevers in li, statth anodrt o 50es
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in for f lose tennds on ever neeff. yil atexe hn perode. whitee3 ase bf colge opwhe exs wh tee in days juy brng. if yohaype et u owt it lik al whi d ong t d lps ood januvi yr is hig sucausit works er dywnaby to low usaniaby itself, is t lily tht januvia should nty diabetes r ihasede effects can happen,cludinpancatitisicdeath.
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evere payourch aa h may pareit your ctorwad st tjanu you heanergic tihat esellif thfaceps ueoroat,afsreng riv kidney pblemti reing alis veeen port. soeople madeveloseverejoinpa ll ydoct if ppen ing nuviwithsuurear inn y causlow d suce rour presa lo osulfurea oliyour doctoma a dt to check
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side eff may include upp spt stufnose, soroat, lerur sugatatojavi ths eee go ond thehousumahead plsight now. who ows wilhaen toght. 'lo two people w imesjr you ing t me basou
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moin wha been g oundhestatneisng.e we fes edle pee getut tvo. erem or'rbl o thnde's ina ea>> yer d tainli reyoidhi n f yoys, o. >>habe. e op havemac a ll. ant tonk tm w all encdiblrd ns sch wse ind husiaswhat's to, a npian comi inworld g so with th i wan t thankfor all mns so muchus >> lotve message lot of ent d ost of t btates lot of cs well ho yuy tt? s u ntr th .weovimto dth wke im d t l tes. y'rg mmr inyobee ic
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ithitand e ovffe ouin.hao .'sateti weouimagai h hav thiccoat, rw els es ch sin abooutherossi nnr prent theed ss. u re a le b yng ck. t is e eaie m th y tt urat iboi trufo pridt. >> think whaeeitho oiv. wae fitime go t. mployef th pplereed of erzahe wouldee, ay if he diad go at'sre tta yheyteate s can probablydize all that eygiven him overhe y ns tooim. ea ang id inel
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..ytinodriamfor bnd.. fo thonman urifwho'bo thentida z my mere to seve chroc aq psois deime ip gryre yt b fallyi ha portt cosati mrmatistabouraxpha sidedy to tloourcof in clinical trials, most alts saw 75% skin carance. and the wr star
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>>wee li in iowa a inng lk t cantean that's m r n.hejos li cg >>as hec outhe calo in thi>>hicene alcandid lf things. h sunshine.i am his advo soed abog ai n xr tntmo to re.
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ddheme rove o tiog : a 't e dihoul't be o mema or who'sad rean xor s reing tr
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d,eizuulsi,live laddemd oueyki mege d ed y ofincr comtshedieshey .baask dobout ceenda xlearfrrial amxr you mucker'ate er tweeor eitn aybeuswi aamlismket s bgo. if yisplacur discer car you use i pnt purases our co sds d onouind u cht ghonin. u'reac eezet, ly fm discov. t at scover.c. i'vemoa quotbude nhe noi . cormq teed lechlos prent thur
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hy cosenide cu wantoan a fain ameriyou that. nobody builds factories in theusan r s mas .u can'yo to hikers ree o out rtely d o eatee but amanactoes usemerin raw mates and hireric w.
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to sexinean rand tey aiar nn, th h s exct inuento nighhemog is ing to btreaut it loo the eving driv coulbe e as isorm sys oull efth ot s onth10" ou ndlethal h of0. gh untry up wit2' for me... wi tha in mota sll wind do by tueg, but g snow is expe conditions wbe oitr, aradvised do so!u habehe r yoursf t xt me tge dtinaonanpre r winter tvel ndio.
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pu. le ina. justeforthrse castn raceor pside we're goi thaveic.tha t ppg. ty thistu a sheaj candateta thng dasiging e nninmaeee everepf e way. wh they allyt owut tirpoes gatt? >>e. > last oe em nternaonalrgen thisning as sease er repor fm t lineasold alo coat vi weg behe sces obiggre ey on super bowl . ryan reynold neseen befing affic.why scotto g n thfutu? althat wree i
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>>ll: od morni, erica! >>nnouliverotis rendes moine ia, thspiaeditn d rnic"ouicour wacuse d weh yogoing,rifr thast 'rli iio. yosejohe a neanvoteti r t m theidenight. ow, torco ruis stagreen ro right welal h iew e waing a litt one theule cagn ai is th reallougree ? got oure.that prey >>hagooo dided tta aan o th > abt lu ey'rhawohig, gote focajebuisl morning long.
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we d very big ne we have se inter conv. orter:hose are for >> weo have aig adlineoverbo vaen>> theressh a japingerformce l t. "easeiv" e aminthg s,t was just hrs aftererathe paed ay. bhehared with her llheite t nok ge>>ou, but ri back to jon kl,oued by the vote o hey, john. >> reporte h, geor pporte the machi shtaanhe bws thicrd renytiunde sohis how tillven'your t it
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l haven'mathr mis. george, we lovbout it's too cll sidestes ouvereha00ales d er0,0 lesiondscostin3 combinit's caucu mory clton lling >>nkmont pentteo e a tterdida illak a betidnda race f fnt donald tmp spearlier. wano win f coy, fysel rter:rnhtwe ug uwi the t c e u into? >>s te pe o.epr:ond llarclnor b ev
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just wri down the name trump.and yodo. te yot to makeit rolion. epor bers anrmy ,000 rse res ans. mohan 76,0 tou alone. the campaign said 's knocked onore th 125,000. tois cting d s th t- >>ortes left the suphe es dar youfeg holy4 mpere, outf an ucus epte s n, thbi eson h my t opcty geout to caus?sot'ck surve manyf at 7 and a rg,
7:57 am
to o thus tot. sowe'll see atappe. fuy feliehe gh >> ltlpoicicse rightthhaikhim. 'll g ouun ck e ndid wena lilonge t ha cd taalk. we'ritmawd and do we hillad ie sanders lose, whof i hon hpaig we first al you gn a ofomenm. ere retietof ha thr.alt eahestat movempta ost baight y ag dowois,den ne losht, then
7:58 am
, lle ttorment goi intat calthe g sutuy ates mah 1s atowd iha doldrump ule hwi i w in w hash t no >>o noumbeepubn r wofirst i k that inald truwere to it ought, 'll win elmingne she. l wih cali. ity ict sto iml erdito r g is hoose ife wina p, hownd a d.ole a rt oe taent. t haou blearine la sixths?>>.
7:59 am
n pe ci toshp?ke >>h, twong i haval lear one, the e fractured on b wenow now that fit's been cong.the other thing, t changed. erodhigh jump onway an nng d her wase ts . my orna u t.u irandie. >> br s xing thear.
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avstnow n'hit afr ig ourneaoowa.stdentownvgas tithich ed hereliceg to r ack dec yingus the knifolas killearrage oliceire. >>well, ere new er t e of ka viru the.ohold emgencet thsqto-b vushaseekeir fes.dr.icrd bserith th report >>epte rhtowena,pealeeng ple atorornizaond thgo etmineero t pimirearnd th glo p ncof..
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2,egnt infec virus he uniteat,it zare hee not waiting thof tt nding soiers hoor to kingo wipe out any ace e virus can be breeding. sflrich besser th the testrobril, yo > a study suggestinghat a -f dmahelper the risk f bascaer searchs fod at enerwho ate odhighfir haa r f devepingret caerore pauscoed ten w didn'at uch r asns> anerarved tyy's r bo.mee os. expluaba canewtow zra p the pant omrtor tha crs-un fto lirnia
8:02 am
uthin absolute st aught >>ay's whaming t morod coue,ive a. weke a cser loe cand feir me rug mas, ss rspee. > setoma bigorn cri botwie wh us.omhte inimquar ina. > "ging a's moing nuisroughtyou advil. re doe't g any better thanhis.advili d't get anyter
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ths my smile! e y . wideou caforn grouts. ont nald.dohe unprestall wsm yur rdre tmiersu ondintablouer yonfi so,ay bcentc. soo ig fice gearre thing all ofceep ger t. rom 99 pluspend at sea. ee book n, ofn.
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cod u ep a"sir ce kn i a saplve or hethtcdiyopackurwnagoh! -- e yr icto. ithoeople licyptnsto help fit eir dg[ annewarbling azy b shot mewoulck h o bs, rig? klesthe righain ndsome?uces ] wa.uh-o e o.. a s.ninoteatthsts. t buhedn a thnd daute or autel builhofoot.. causyorember att fee. not e kanpen arazinthn. ha ario kayewelerll a. righw, uto on seneartwelry atep your ...andovwiayfi everyiss with ka
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ro aificialeetene and zebaoikos triple be unsto dann heis is oyd. veo th the ch him is 's agioki ha30 acr to c by n. we'litl day eacto ol., i was ncmyhurting agn so... her s t alban.wa malgealdamirarris elf
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rng ic" back mao. her alk toinas we count he causes and he's t now.there there h heaid le oth green om. o gac ael rat b>>w he r w ve sporthe cdifromhe bng. theiouses, ser is m ihanc itieanwifet nseyavisald too ny thsplegoac tar t,ob li dre toduso f or t fods o debate sound a sse of thningor presen wo sole who kr secr ms and wthem t a loo candi h th es
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lot t th mpy thee car s so a g whoikeso ha so imsed er wor c, with tenacity. >> reporter: b way to g a se tial candida he's sopassiona of passte.ep is alk to peop likow - cleivy the 't worry, ve. m worpoke ber i rber ing m sayi hwaray ul thk itasrobly r fiftt staed in hd motd i sh, ges fa you need g g "nsw
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8:10 am
e ririie, d ato caer he las lf-cw wopeopd mreia t ne-ca re ysur tat. heo car and i woteou wghl time i ht herdeba repr: for t say, yo a phe surgn atsn pu woulyoy tho ccs >>n thavenooke aplishmenreal need pele who kw to ve pgrparttialist. soics t of aaloof. it morwoulch rathitown d ha m
8:11 am
coertis. rep shihe ca woo aspsefondcourare partgreatesset. >> hteadss >>atnce. cend>>m. h s his greasse almpng of o whereou'lnd ntimlot seof eir ides ahe se
8:12 am
hers, tfupi wsigs, nng s da u n bsmocayao!t'sea now t with florida senarco o joing us no w fis he.hee.oterla nhtth'litmegh mpirpr wee d ouhanghem. f fstimyore g fe te ayorufopridt nihaisthe in yr hau wa kthstnas?thite than party a e ce mentnd 'rintoroit ev ovi wi n 'l wi soi hat'y pe night,hen go heca sy ucinfor bau w can n. y lt-nu it? s
8:13 am
tonight, there ck th're ing t to t f, caus f mausen wit onmary tgel elon. trow,ou sd, y can go in ere ma pomuotfor ono wi yolkin neraat gipae stto winro nsen titedepublican has to come togebut 's nnoug we'vgot to te oumesse young amans whe ruggngndernto om livheck t .ke sehe jobdippeaan se oveea haiv paychec
8:14 am
ach em. j k out tet an n, yavvoat aes suo,eoe. yf eaouhoma cnan llgood.enr he at a wdog re om o sen on o >>eporte i jill om mrud cr oornin>>d g.>> he tour ndesak undetwyod crwh can to g
8:15 am
's a frid ofavenn metoionad s a cuttief cug toity. i lieve th world iser plmericastroeshether, wee to w thisct sande h cleineth c pif ds.peouhat in cotoctf wrongthrnaround formerica.hank yo r:a ano diprvor >> yeah.'ring to give away eet roll presidenc >> sorhaveood day today. uc > nerk goth
8:16 am
>>loweher wewa to tas thmidsecin t d tron,tornadpo s, odorni... i'm abby acone day: snow is expected increase in cogend y again around noo eavy sexpect coue i nit. t rne goto trchouut'ski l e eniv cove rs ath stm st veou w beefwip fo fom alg the lmdide4-" ouolado spring aeller county2- forthosalg an sout h 5 the gh untrwi end it t2'r mewi ha ie temota heie sno llindown tsday rnut i singlikou therla b t thaouch, "p tim we'll begin withome sa in the way.
8:17 am
berebldiicultorfnea hu tge ssedwafromta 4ce lessha hrs eer ta a lten. andd t d n cr wowthe e'sig he wot thin couldo. it tbe s pinf d. wod ven pud. soal mgree shnailhe pdowan mline troad.was wiwithsnat
8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
5hi trith for th mo2' in uthweste inheheno willind down g, but ngersnow is ct to lainue. n,d coitio w
8:22 am
aradsetoyo o ghome a. ba to "gin america. lookingat iowa righnow turs berniealinisorng gegendob a iiowa ag . ayrom the usesgoino bao th usa so ting, w a eak peekme of how wl a ining rya ds, liavr enefor 'll aindn 're os n huilto her"gd rng er" mon likesn ceok.t we h oag g of e latest from iowa. we le an it dayead nighbig s.>>t fi wdo wanto rin a grgina. allig, ys, thanyouc wedi down e
8:23 am
wiur youor are folling th4/7, e ep oe wa althem rwarrrs d yo aut tsey.veil con wie.ow eersa eporr: t are fac t6 iden youdo i'muallrea ha forrie'inrmgh fon y te ortspllg atever ve 'm hon tlapresbus. ctuallyon'tam cre>>riy,le stes thepa tb ti grug it's g.
8:24 am
reting theates' biggorte. sng se ris rn diti. i aomann asshe ma a dald ump s. >>orte tg us be tnes y step o e way.>>hankank you ve. playwir.prab onee catrail. i i hh ades g neim w crd tl i mea he waslly >> t thingeoome mighowboruz grease h.
8:25 am
evy. abtentiaent.and w you see l themour roriors. c'hnanlitz rmallyis on donald trump. uwh hei gni e, d magm oonbe aat uran t with umve hyou ow 'rhind snes,re theith mesomeonon if dtrp kes ly dth meant. him onhe up andts me, pes men filming spia hl of sudn, c ue ys jn,e knkse agn. r a whe haa rmanen d bl -- itie
8:26 am
th onboa u getting ready, w taking him over in the th sudde he , johnaid, y g to g ror ew.anyspt ld daltrp. minthalou'rwiry con and u sat'litt bit fferen >>hi'm goingin n't think that'sapshe'mue trad ndidat ss ce diul her. i spenst of daysng que oth l h s re. dsosof thractin vote e are timewhenave sehe iimat cand, f monts.
8:27 am
j-ndrye dashe'kingfiess meerskt. niittle arvement got to to ch chie. quilyst rd fo? h, my d. the baecue ih cana. ot to goe burg alwaysheur >> thank you guy very much. or cis chrise ov at the e shace bee w ostersing. vern cti t y joinus ain ts moinknthlatel iowaas y a3%w e gog mproveth othur of da >> tpr vecof itntinueht. the fact iand the numberne gov wel rform th's d buwh youoo
8:28 am
e poahofim he on tasday ad oe tiet yoing >>coseit'srothers vebehimany caho gth tit thinthi thiowand wise e ey'l rge.ilelpol f. ly f fiven avire da s n trp mself s fe'turt
8:29 am
been haenyeareastthe tabout rn loerhetheplicara 's tut tem b >> well, f, i'm a ffouider, he wt to rd, heorked tee feral vent andhen had a federal joexas hardly.stopallingeders. anp-noasedat hnsop y is si f aerd ofimwille scinedo wh , t'wa a n d ncsis bad off llg.i mb bin00
8:30 am
esidof tnited n'ink appeth ss likeoupea suseht nhai'm g rpseut yoowlohe pls all yearnd t ft ho sess edys ab s,tters ple rt wiurplvo, , aie teore arreacng ovnoooluckod gouctot. out ra. e,seng ie. th f bwa thks hin o oy, take ca let' rn w york. fromithe ppet kerr mingt trog nk you. >>ood rninto y, si talng aut t blid. se weross e h. mt therlittit indstanwe'rgoto ha rnyoverhemiva. >>hou st young, the msturof t fa? >>an.
8:31 am
of rai going to headpow'rie ltg osd hrou waingt, d.c. heigt o lies and gelen. ri tperaturecoin acsshe nthst that's qckhe on your atfost goorning.. i'm aconetoday: sw is pectedo cr in verage a inteagain oun,th hw ed t ino ght. t modriv treaous, looike e evg dr d ben wo astor vet,ll bet th utoa foot f s althpalm divide4- ndolo spring >>hiwerert is brghtoouy mcdonald's weave excgu good weather expert m aexpe on
8:32 am
he. omenho at wok f wit the w timet? theold st by theay, it's exact -'s tly 35 hours and 15 mi fore sw co, if youdoanhehaelalady tuned in. >>erfe.ouecutives lthat. now,re or fa is?l d e th trm ave mland 're glun-fr th ourw urn anuts >> wafe froadieand gentmee et newimuesd at:0 > thuch. > comicounthe bowl, ggest new sneak ekyn.
8:33 am
all xt. > cagi mrnin hha man m t ahty >> o in ace.>> ofice i say, waeynold and yes, lahat
8:34 am
. hae so pl th one onew subowl for hyi starring r wee ng down to t e t ticipatemmercijesst ople wess. t's abouados.d wh ac polack reco 2ils e goine ea superbowl sy. ood thing.l beas nsdollarneed f ad en s >> wthe nek in t rsdraft ever - austthe kangaresep iwae ts ruin steasubo. eyer'tel br.thseing,ou y ev acado nd me
8:35 am
greick. orter: well, ty're bk avmexits adncy ind "goorning americind then f forf the mopated ads l >> thiutismuseum ulamer ahiis t wte a ldress thaedhe civ wa iss s bo. ter:thisr' sco e. >> i call frt. ro i, i
8:36 am
n e wl. th lotados.old in theeek e super bowl andrned iintouath g essudvsi ut >> w wittire u the bowlt anlo down it conds and e twit you're likny wd , 's id trice admison? aihe's n told anyis fends that hi "go mning america" this surp>> aex urat m opd.ofigta in seilamanab wba t name a fe>> vco lohe comls >> if you watch s nowvery year, t gsways a. but e co asorr ay, e u in t cme ktoame
8:37 am
tee t cisue as tre lt i didn't geee comial. t's t cool >>e'ngjee ovommercweveouercial righwh bk,u yto yo tuk the c we y you ea al. congp xt on oomoing
8:38 am
yobycas omexo. al lg.ocosronoto t whos foing urse g. iz bh ytonoungs f hefirst amervi
8:39 am
irou t k?>> f poul. , e fe ill can rejate you make yook ing. r earsf bea aceri alha enngg le eteyere younr. ir ailnts dieang. >> ope tnk, i ehethy 's smuch peivverdio iftr tea o o g s oa is ve, ordable. thiar amisrethts t in soit'sgl. itsuna thquoa y cset in lunch afar. vveat ve iensi >>reust tag e suboke to eaer bowl. biba s
8:40 am
i dsof y wan cerg on yea u n't nto th eyoll bw slsh y wrant a bte ip fd -haiso go. 'so farae. t'fih anoxanyoea and g yng. didouake >> deatn the ovet c bof kw, almost like velveeta and lot of ltt all.
8:41 am
.>>'t mme verya --high in vita oomegas. four in itl t uretolm gog. ll r, is orng p iciz. havd in youfa veduringuperl. yo a h v. i d this heaersi is m wi. ll ryour anour. metabize itet noal whe. rosema is great you'll rber who's g.sclions are ve good p you n faly >> the all - not missu're getng tfo ve.thu soucr in . >>haou>>oourlfngs
8:42 am
>>we'lbehtack. they're soood. seyon nerk. ys. cke,leas ye, u th usesor neightui live in iowaeollnchothe results ve tht and thelive fr ion oebsiteon fook. lihe "goornimeri
8:43 am
ld. >>e a eat danday greatday. coradosp.. snditio dr. .. ity ggo ..g icy d rtin spngonni man krdo ws. mor. abne. sno ed
8:44 am
coverand innsity ouoowiea sw ed tcoue io nit. dre is ing be cher but looking th even rs as this orm syout, w lefwith uto forome the lmer dide, 4-10arou cad ri ael coty, 2-6"or e and h h thhi trwillnd upupo so..wi ha2' in e uthwte tain t avstw wiin tsday rnin b linginow ctedo la intosd oa itiod!you oid el, u are todo syo tut
8:45 am
rself of e time t
8:46 am
toda ainni act odinr. lite pigrecon wille me aweic g wee yfoviecould u olwoll xtn h l "l" onmadesible sneyomestic sion] noerr emmy award-winnino-elly rindichatr! heerand ] ke mil:re g
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