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tv   BBC World News  PBS  December 31, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PST

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>> and now "bbc world news." >> the u.s. and europe criticize russia as the oil tycoon is sentenced to more years in prison. and attacks on minority prisons. plotting a terror attack on the journalists. welcome to bbc news broadcasting to the worst in the u.k. and around the world. -- viewers in the u.k. and around the world. italy bans the use of all non- biodegradable shopping bags.
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a russian judge has ordered that the former oil tycoon jose imprisoned until 2017. he stole oil from his own company and launder the proceeds. -- laundered the proceeds. the u.s. and several european governments say it is a major test of the country's judicial system. >> he already knew that he would be convicted for a second time as he faced several more years in prison. the only question was, how many? the answer came at the end of the four-day verdict.
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a 14-year sentence starting from his arrest in 2003. exactly what the prosecution had asked for. the former billionaire had support from opposition groups to spend another seven years in prison. it is certain he will be behind bars for the next presidential election in 2012. >> i believe the sentence is illegal and not based on real evidence. it is quite clear where the pressure was coming from. it came from the executive authority. >> he was one of a small group of businessmen that made billions after the collapse of the soviet union. only those that got involved in opposition politics found themselves on the wrong end of the law. he was arrested for tax evasion
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in siberia. he will spend the next seven years as a type 2 -- tycoon in prison. >> a correspondent says there is strong international criticism. >> you have both expressed alarm at this appointment because it raises concern about the rule of law in russia. it appears to be an abuse of the legal system for at improper and. -- an improper end. it wants to promote the rule of law in russia, and this verdict is clearly a setback. however, washington also needs russia when it comes to international files like iran for example. they just signed the start treaty.
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even though they expressed concern, we won't see outrage or the use of the word "condemnation." >> do they go as far as talking about the political and violences that might be taking place? -- influences that might be taking place? >> we heard that allegations have been made of irregularities in the proceedings. the same sort of language used in the statement issued by the state department. hillary clinton has also alluded to the fact that russia needed to improve its laws if it wanted to make progress with the economy. they don't make any direct mention of the russian president or the russian prime minister. everyone here knows what is going on. they are very clear about the
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implications. they are sending signals to moscow that it really needs to clean up its act if it wants to be a real partner in the international community. for example, when it comes to the world trade organization. white house officials have been saying that this could complicate the bid of russia to join the wto. it will stop it, but it will complicate it. >> they want to have some sort of message, but they don't want to upset them? >> is clear that washington is very keen to make sure that whatever it says about the verdict, they don't want to undermine the progress that has been made in the past couple of years under the obama administration in the relationship between the united states and russia. the ties between moscow and
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washington are essential and they want to make sure the relationship is improved. it is one of the key foreign policy achievements, and they don't want to undo that because moscow is a partner when it comes to dealing with iran's nuclear program. >> iraqi police say that two people have been johann in attacks in baghdad. dozens more were issued -- ingured. the baghdad correspondent says that these attacks are meant to drive kristian out of the country. -- christians out of the country. >> they were killed by police, mostly in the muslim areas.
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christians being targeted in the tax -- attacks. just like the string of attacks 10 days after the taking over of the church in the massacre. it is very definitely a continuation of this campaign apparently aimed at driving the christians out of iraq. >> a court in denmark has charged three men with attempting to carry out an act of terrorism that might have just that hours from going ahead. he wanted to shoot as many people as possible at a building in copenhagen at a newspaper that published cartoons of the prophet muhammed. >> amid the tightest security,
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the three men plotting to commit mass murder were driven to a courthouse. there they face a preliminary charges from an attemptive act of terrorism. a 4th man was earlier released. the target was believed to be the newspaper that printed cartoons of the prophet muhammed in 2005 causing widespread anger. the staff had long feared that militant islamists might try to attack the newspaper. >> i believe the secret service is taking good care of us. still, i am worried for the employees. >> in total, four people were arrested in denmark. a 29-year-old man, a swedish
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national whose country of origin is unknown and a 26-year- old iraqi now released. and a citizen was also arrested. the three reported to have traveled on tuesday night. this is where they tried to find the car to cross the border. outside the court, relatives were angry. >> this happens to people in religion that have big beards and long dresses. they are called terrorists. >> of the copenhagen police will start their work. >> if convicted, the suspects face life in prison.
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>> this is bbc news. police in nigeria suspect that five people were killed in separate attacks. one of the attacks killed two people. 79 members of thailand's yellow shirt movement have been convicted. it is the first time they have convicted demonstrators from the group. a polish judge is a swedish neonazi, and he admitted stealing it last year. it was recovered three days later. fuel protests in bolivia have entered a fifth day as thousands
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of demonstrators take to the streets. the government can no longer afford to subsidize the powerful unions. >> it is a policy under attack. for five days, they have been protesting the decision to allow fuel prices to rise by as much as 83%. some have given free rein. public buildings have been targeted. police officers to flee in terror after being outnumbered by demonstrators. part of it descended into anarchy. in the presidential palace, the once popular leader had the most
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promising intake. >> decision we have made is difficult for the national economy and for families. we are caring for the national economy. >> they kept prices low by subsidizing petrol and diesel. the prices rise overnight. >> the rise in fuel prices means the money is worthless. >> on wednesday, they try to diffuse the crisis by offering a 20% rise in a minimum wage. with such undisguised enter on the streets, these are tense days for bolivia. >> the first great grandchild
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for britain's clean -- queen. she is twelfth in line for the throne. a retired english teacher at one of the top schools is arrested on suspicion of murdering a landscape architectur. int he c -- in the clifton area of bristol. christopher jeffries, a retired schoolteacher. yesterday, he told police he thought he had seen her outside of her flat the night she disappeared. plainclothes officers came to the property and arrested him on suspicion of murdering the 25-
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year-old landscape architect. it has been nearly two weeks since he went missing after an evening out with friends. covered in snow and dumped in a country lane just outside bristol. after this morning goes the rest -- morning's arrest, it is subject to forensic examinations. they said they were shocked by the 65-year-old arrest. >> he kept to himself. he has never done anything. he looks a bit eccentric, but it was just the way of his character. >> the family said they were pleased that an arrest had been made. they are still examining footage of the last to journey back to el -- home.
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that journey is the focus of this whole investigation. from her flat and from her landlord's flat. >> you are with bbc news. international criticism of the decision to sentence a the russian oil tycoon to additional six years in prison. 14 other people were injured in the blast. the australian prime minister has toured the damaged areas where more than 4000 people have been displaced. they have been inundated.
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iranian eased on thursday, but the levels continue to rise in many locations. now let's go to our reporter, steve marshall. he told me the latest on the government's response. >> your response to the flood disaster, the flood-ravaged city is in southeast queensland. it was inundated by the local river and waterways. he was also briefed on the recovery effort by the local disaster management group. nearly half of queensland has been declared a disaster zone with more than 20 towns flooded or isolated. >> what is the major concern at the moment? >> in other parts of southeast queensland, the waters are
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receding and they reveal the extent of the damage. the major infrastructure has been damaged. it is posing a significant number of public health issues. they can be a matter of days before they are able to return to their homes because the water is receding so slowly. they just had a complete and drenching up in that stage. >> what is needed right now? is it just a matter of waiting? >> the state government in the commonwealth government has put millions of dollars into a disaster relief fund. they want to give generously because the total will be in the billions of u.s. dollars.
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there is a prime farmland and coal mines that have been intimidated -- in debated with water. -- inundated with water. [unintelligible] >> kenya's olympic marathon champion has been charged with assault and threatening to kill his wife with a rifle. he was released on bail. he was the first to win the marathon in the beijing olympics. they warned supporters of the ivory coast incumbent against attacking the headquarters of the rival. un peacekeepers are there. the brazilian president is the
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most popular president in history with approval ratings. it is in part credited to the economic growth. he is the first president many feel they can identify with. >> he is going back home after 20 years. like the president, he is one of the millions of migrants that fled the poverty of the northeast. it is still the poorest region in brazil, but it is growing faster than any other part of the country. it is time to go back. >> when i left my home town, i had nothing. now i am going back the elder of three houses and money to start a business.
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i didn't even know what being a doctor in the door was -- an entrepreneur was. now i do. >> he went on to become a metalworker, a trade union leader opposing the military regime and now the most popular president in history. he held brazil over a period of growth. millions of people have been raised from property -- poverty. there is a lot to be done if the benefits are to reach everyone in brazil can lose its reputation as one of the most unequal societies in the world. he leaves behind a booming economy and fears that this government has not done enough to sustain growth.
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there has been a lack of investment in infrastructure. in public schools, education remains poor. but these are the problems for his successor. he does not rule out running for office again in the future, but for now, it is not clear what he will do. he has a clear plan for himself and his family. >> since he came to power, my life got better. i want to expand my shop. i want to give my family more comfortable living. -- a more comfortable living. >> hot it will be an exhausting drive to get home.
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it reflects the dramatic changes since he took office. >> trucks and other businesses in italy will not be allowed to sell or give plastic bags. it is for environmental reasons and has been under discussion for a decade. >> like a modern-day tumbleweed, the bags that waft through our home, choking rivers, a great plague of plastic. italy is banning the bags. in favor of the biodegradable. >> they are not biodegradable. it is disgusting. a small daily action from everybody would help a lot.
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>> i am afraid it would be difficult because the habit is too strong. gosh retailers knew that the changes were coming. >> retailers knew that the changes were coming. >> our company offers alternatives. the paper, reusable bags. >> has taken a decade. -- it has taken a decade. plastic bags will be a hard habit for italians to break. they currently use around 20 billion every year. the is about 400 for every person.
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environmentalists say that it pollutes the environment. there remain indestructible for up to 1000 years. >> they will ban plastic bags, the single use plastic bags. we will never find them again. >> 4 supporters, it is a fearless that into a bag was world. -- ferless - -fea -- fearless step into a bagless world. >> the queen has a great granddaughter, a baby girl that is twelfth deadline for the throne. -- twelfth in line for the throne. >> she is the first
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granddaughter for princess anne. the bride to renounce her catholic faith and to join the church of england, allowing her husband to keep his right to the throne. it was the couple's decision to sell their wedding photos to "hello" magazine. the family now spans four generations. there is much for the queen to celebrate in 2011. and, of course, the big event in april. the marriage of chris william -- prince william and k tilton -- kate middleton. she has a 16 grandchildren -- has 16 grandchildren.
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