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tv   BBC World News  PBS  December 21, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PST

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>> and now "bbc world news." >> winter weather brings chaos to europe. tens of thousands of stranded passengers were told they may have to abandon their christmas plans. many flights have been canceled. there have been mass cancellations in paris and frankfurt. the u.n. challenges an incumbent in the ivory coast to step down. coming up later, international criticized president election. some protesters were beaten by police. how iran has a determination to
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keep their nuclear program in tact. winter weather has left tens of thousands of travelers stranded across europe. airports in london, paris, frankfurt, are badly affected. there are delays and cancellations that may be beyond christmas day. we will have the latest from one airport where some passengers are preparing for their fourth day stranded at the airport. we have the latest on the situation in europe. >> and going nowhere fast. for many passengers at brussels airport, monday brought cancellations and frustrations.
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they could clear the runway, but did not have enough liquid needed to de-ice the plane. clearing the backlog of stranded travelers even if they are able to get back up on their feet on tuesday will still take time. in berlin, the trams are still running. the pavement was glacial. as of this aviation hub in frankfurt, two-thirds of flights were canceled. it was a similar picture in france. the main airport, scores of flights were left grounded. >> we are here from saturday morning at 6:00 a.m.. >> the transport minister got a
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taste of passengers frustration. >> worry for three days. >> in australia, people traveling to europe for christmas may not make it. this may be a sign how extraordinary the weather is. she then -- even in moscow, where there were many snow plows out, it still had delays. many travelers remain stuck in the icy grip. the bbc news. >> the world and busiest international airport has been chaotic. many flights cancelled and 11 way open. -- one runway open. >> not the christmas break they had in mind. another night on the floor.
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98 hours -- 48 hours after heavy snow, it is still not functioning. >> i spoke with my travel agent. >> it has not been very good. >> i have been trying to get out of this country since saturday. >> i am still here. >> the no. one way is open. -- northern runway is open. >> many planes cannot even get there to take off. thousands of passengers are backlogged. it is taking time to get them
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away for christmas and time is running out. snow plows are being used to clear the pavement. the airport it meant they underestimated this storm. >> each had an aircraft on it. 30 tons of snow on each aircraft. it is taking us longer than expected. >> other airports have been affected as well. things were not much better for people traveling in this area. it does not shut down in the 100 five-year history of the area. 1 05 yea05 year history.
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>> no one has told us anything. only one announcement. >> their website was really bad. >> people are being asked to cancel their trips for their flights over the next couple of days if they do not need to travel. bbc news. >> south korea's president is due to hold a national security council meeting with north korea. it has agreed to allow international inspectors to monitor its nuclear facility. that also -- the united states
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is praising the decision of north korea not to retaliate. russia and has warned u.s. lawmakers that any change to the treaty between the country could destroy the pact. they recently pushed to change the wording in the u.s. senate. an explosion in nairobi, kenya has killed three people. it was headed for you got there. some groups linked to al qaeda may have possible attacks there. in ivory coast, the turmoil over
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the presidential election continues to grow. a direct challenge was made so they can extend the mandate. the white house threats and targeted sanctions. our colleague is in the u.n. headquarters and is following this development. >> the council has agreed to extend the mandate for another six months. they have paved the way should there be additional u.n. sanctions to the ivory coast. they could be redeployed. this mandate may not be as robust as some were hoping for, u.n. diplomats say this is a very clear statement.
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this man must step down. but he is determined to cling to power. they have the world's biggest cocoa producer. the european union has agreed to impose sanctions on the ivory coast. the u.s. will follow suit with probably a travel ban. it may even freeze financial assets. >> british police have arrested 12 men in a significant operation to prevent a bombing campaign in the united kingdom's. -- kingdom. our security correspondent has the details. >> five men arrested, three
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others, three in london, and another. they are suspected to be parts of acts of terrorism. police were making follow-ups to several addresses. >> very good people with no problems. >> the of arrests were made by an armed officers. officials believe the man -- the men were planning to attack targets in britain. >> i think it was absolutely necessary to keep the public safe.
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>> there are talks of a chemical bomb. in recent figures, just 30% of terrorism people were actually charged. 57% of defendants were convicted. there are tensions about charge. only six people have been held for the full 28 days. >> the terrorists are not acting illegally until later on in the plot. they go around shopping centers
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looking for places where they can plant bombs. none of that is illegal. so the evidence is very circumstantial. >> they need to produce evidence. the question is to charge them will release them. >> you are watching bbc world news. democracy denied. that is still to come. five days to go before christmas. others are suffering badly try to get to the stores. >> children get excited by the
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countdown to christmas as well as retailers. the snow was still falling when this shop opened its doors this morning. >> trying to see more customers at the moment. >> you cannot get out to a place like this. many people have tried. you can shop online. >> it is difficult to say if they will fall through or not. >> maybe people will try that much harder when family
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christmas is on the line. it looks that way at this shopping center in london. >> we could not get outside. i am trying to spend this morning trying to get this. >> in the end, did you get as many presidents as he would never got 10? >> no, i did not. if the bad weather continues, it could be more extreme than this one. >> winter weather has brought chaos to europe. tens of thousands of travelers are stranded.
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it is occurring in london, paris, and frankfurt. and the u.n. will provide peacekeeping forces in the ivory coast for another six months. the european security organization has declared the that the sunday presidential election was seriously flawed. the president has returned to office with almost 80% of the vote. here is the report appeared. >> has lost touch? when the results came in this time, he only got 79% of the votes.
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here is the result of winning this election year. many have broke -- have tried to break up the crowd. hundreds of people arrested. vladimir was one of nine candidates who challenged the president in the polls. these supporters were on their way to vote and police fired shots to disperse them. this president was unrepentant.
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but today denounced the poll as flawed. >> of the people deserve better. [unintelligible] >> the president has been in power for 16 years. he has 1 four presidential elections. he has been accused in the past of falsifying votes. the scale of protests has never been big enough to threaten his position. after sunday's violence, many are calling for fresh demonstrations. they are determined to crack down this.
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it is unsure if his opponents will dare to continue their protests. bbc news, moscow. >> clear evidence that international sanctions on iran are affecting the country's economy. it is affecting the price of a fuel. here is the report. >> drivers in iran have to put up with some of the worst traffic in the world. now they are getting quite a shock when they go to fill a third tank. in some places, the price has gone from 10 cents to 40 cents a liter. the country's population has grown into the economy is in bad shape. they have decided they can no longer afford to provide this.
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>> we should support the government. we should understand why we cannot contain -- why we have six times the amount of consumption as other areas. >> the money they deposited into our a, -- account is one part of the story. we do not know how much the prices will rise. >> the government will give families a small cash handout for the next couple of months. their president has caught -- and has made comments about this. the government said it will take five years to get rid of the subsidies entirely. bbc news. >> one of the finest correspondent has died. he was 61.
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here is more. >> he was a great journalist and broadcaster. in more than 30 years of assignments around the world, he earned the trust of the viewers and the respect and admiration of his colleagues. his big break was in 1982. the navy did not want him to giveaway military secrets with its debt rated an airfield. -- jet raided an airfield. >> i am not allowed to say how many planes are going, but the pilots were unhurt and gave a thumbs-up signs. >> he was a self confident journalists. even in the toughest moments, his ego was never part of the
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story. [unintelligible] >> that is the british firing back. >> is a great gift for journalism has left no one quite like him. he knew when to shut up. he understood the art of silence. >> he reported the news like the night the berlin wall fell. >> i am standing on top of the berlin wall, which as been a symbol for the division of europe for years. the changes are sweeping across this continent. >> tributes to his reporting has come in from mchale gorbachev, the worse, and colleagues.
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viewers, and colleagues. >> they really tried to make sense of it. they had brilliant news. >> many said their good wishes. >> brian was going to be here today. [unintelligible] we wish him a speedy recovery. >> brian died this morning. the best kind of journalist in a very decent man who will be much missed. >> of this christmas, more children in america than ever before will have a parent behind bars. according to a recent study,
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these children are more likely to struggle later on in life. here is the report. >> this six year old child is celebrating christmas with her mother. 43 precious hours, they will be inseparable -- for 3 precious hours, they will be inseparable in the this jail a few weeks before christmas. she is not just visiting her mother. her grandmother is incarcerated here as well. >> it is taking a toll on our family with a mother and grandmother gone. >> both women were convicted of attempted robbery after they tried to steal a person in a mall. neither was armed and they both
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got nine years. now they share a cell. >> my sentence is harsh. >> african-americans are five times more likely to go to prison than white americans. black children are most affected by the incarceration rates. more than nine have parents behind bars. this population is growing faster than any other population group. in maryland, four times as women are behind bars as years ago. she is being raised by her 76 year-old great-grandfather. >> it takes a toll. they want their mothers. they do not understand why they cannot be with them. they do not fully understand why.
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>> this is mommy. i am reading a nice little book. i love you. i hope you enjoy the story. i picked it out just for you. i know that story. >> it is the playback from a storybook project. many volunteers help the storytelling will help women bond with their children. she hopes she will not repeat the mistakes of her mother and grandmother. the odds are not on her side. her parents imprisonment is affecting her agent every day. >> i love you so, so much. >> a bbc news, baltimore.
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