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tv   BBC World News  PBS  December 9, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> students vent their anger and some britain passes the bill that will treble tuition fees. prince charles and camilla -- protesters attacked her car. extreme world as part of a special series. we look at the rise of corruption from africa to scandinavia. welcome to "bbc news." coming up later, cyber attacks on corporate sites that
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tried to silence wikileaks. a war of words. china lashes out at the award for a jailed activist. hello. in the cneteenter of london, police have struggled to contain it thousands of protesters outside the parliament. inside, they passed austerity measures that will triple tuition fees for many university students. protesters have attacked the supreme court building, the treasury, and the cart carrying prince charles and his wife the ducheesss of cornwall.
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>> the heir to the throne under attack tonight. the expression of shock on their faces is clear to see. this was an attack at close quarters, a window smashed in their roles rise. the car, a state fiscal, splattered with paint -- a rolls royce. amateur footage it captured the moment that the crowd realized that the royals were in their midst. they routed them in the middle of the protest. >> he was surrounded with lines of policemen on motorbikes, and they tried to protect him. >> [inaudible] then progressed up regent street. i thought i was mad because
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there were thousands of protesters. there were heading straight into them. >> the protesters could not have chosen a more high profile target. >> the royal highnesses are safe. what we've seen on the streets of london today is want and vandalism. peaceful protests is acceptable, but violent protest and criminal damage is not. >> or royal aides were stressing that it was business as usual for charles and camilla and there were smiles once at their engagement. this car has been used for more than 30 years. now, covered in caen, its windows smashed, it will be a defining image of a protest -- covered in paint. the questions again, how and why the royals come under attack?
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>> and has become a ritual confrontation. this is round four. there was a planned route agreed by star len yard. it did not last long -- agreed by scotland yard. [sirens] protesters in masks broke away. >> they have lines already. >> is there a plan? >> which shows a different record >> at first, they could not be held back. in and parliament square, then made their own riot shield. -- they made their own riot shield. >> this group of protestors is constantly trying to get to the police line. there were stopped by a double barrier and now there are police horses.
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they are trying to come through all the time. the fencing around parliament square fell early, but this line, barriers, and batons protected the parliament. who were the students on the streets? some were at university and some did not condemn the violence occurred. >> this would have never been brought to the front pages. i think it made a huge difference occurred >> and there were all taught younger groups from colleges. >> we are from the slums of london. [unintelligible] in college, and they are expecting us from doing drug deals on the streets. >> even payments for poor students is being cut. more than 20 people have been injured, including police
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officers. [shouting] the number of unrest has grown steadily as canada's fought to control -- as the number of arrest grew as police fought to keep control. officers were using containment, letting only small numbers of protesters out. >> ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ >> not far away -- the vote may be lost, but the confrontations continued. for many of these people, it is still anger, but it is frustration. there was a man lying on the floor of unconscious. we asked for a medic. they rushed us. they attacked us on provoked. you can see the results.
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but scotland yard said police are reacting to increasing levels of violence. >> i think anybody who's been watching the pictures just wants to condemn it. any right minded individual, including peaceful protesters will condemn what happens today. >> this comes after several weeks in which many people had their first taste of protest. the violence does not seem to have put them off. >> we'll have more a little later. a staggering figure. the kenyan government admitted that onedivided bythird of its annual budget is lost to corruption. the implicated high level politicians -- it is committed 1/3 of its annual budget is lost to corruption. senior ministers have been forced to step aside.
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as part of a bbc series, will ross reports from nairobi. >> robbery is comment. getting caught is a record local tv cameras capture -- people trying to run away from the anti-correction commission, but not getting far. these police officers were taking more than their salary. do you have to end up paying bribes to get things done? >> of course. >> it's expensive. the employed people -- and you find that in many ways they even buy votes so they can be elected. >> you go to an office, you
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cannot do this or that. you spend a lot of time. you have to come again. >> if you pauy, you get something done. >> yeah. >> this is the cemetery. there is no more room for graves. what happens? the authorities look for more land. they hand over more than $3.50 million. it transpired that was 10 times the market value of the land. the latest example of millions of taxpayers' money going down the drain or more likely lining the pocktets of corrupt officials. the mayor was forced to step down. many more are hoping evidence stays buried. >> 70% of your cabinet would not be in place. you may not indict them on
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criminality in a court of law, but if he were to shift the burden to ask them, tell us, you cannot explain your world. tell us how you got it. they would be hard put to explain. >> kenyans are used to seeing reports into multimillion-dollar scams shelved. these are the people paying the price for the grand theft. >> a court in italy handed down in 18 year jail term for the founder of [please stand parmal. parmalot collapsed in 2003. it has for former executives to pay millions of dollars appear. bae systems will cut 1400 jobs.
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it will -- there will be consultations on job losses across england and scotland at five bae sites. the african union has suspended ivory coast until the new president takes over. they describe him as the democratically elected head of the west african state. most international bodies are saying that he won the election. but the opposition has refused to accept defeat. computer hackers have stepped up their cyber attacks on companies refusing to deal with wikileaks. visa, mastercard and paypal have been targeted. amazon just became the latest. >> in a cold war bunker in stockholm, wikileaks's prized possessions are held under tight
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security. the need american cables are stored on computers here. -- the leaked american cables are stored on computers year. a number of big american businesses have stopped doing business with wikileaks on the grounds its activities may be illegal. their web sites are under attack by anonymous web activist. 30,000 people have downloaded a tool kit allowing their computers to be used in the assault on the website. this man, cold blood, says he's helping coordinate the attacks. >> at those sites have effectively been flooded with traffic. so much traffic that no one else can really exit the site. there is one battle in an uphill struggle. i feel the end goal is to be able to keep the internet free and open, like how it once was
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originally appeared >> of this is a cyber warfare. millions can use this and watch it from anywhere. on twitter, an anonymous group are announcing their current target saying, fire, fire, fire. snend traffic to visa's website. some on-line payments were halted for awhile. if this continues to be a problem, governments would have to get together and find a way to attack the source and shut them down. that would be difficult and weekly difficult. first signs the attackers may be struggling. amazon still seems to be working fine. on twitter, they admit they do not have enough troops for this battle. >> stay with us on "bbc news." more to come, keeping it clean.
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does sweden deserve its reputation as one of the least corrupt places in the world to do business? first, thought, the family of the woman that was killed on honeymoon in south africa have urged her husband to cooperate with authorities investigating her murder. he's been arrested on suspicion of plotting the murder of his bride. he has not been charged. he denies the accusation. karen allen has been speaking to his uncle. >> a few weeks back, a few people have fairly heard of this township. now it is in the international spotlight. her article has remained in south africa with her husband in custody. the application for bail has been denied in the family deliver this message -- every day this case is not over it's
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torture. don't prolong this anymore. just come down here, have the court decide. every day is torture for us. thousands of miles from here, he is being held in britain on suspicion of conspiring to commit murder. he has not been charged, but he is expected in court today or tomorrow to fight for his right to be granted bail. the south african authorities want him back here to face questioning, and a complex extradition process has begun. >> british police hunting the killers of farrouk, say they have arrested a man. it sparked -- his death sparked fridarioting in karachi. >> several species of shark have
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been behind attacks on tourists in egypt. the singles chart carried out two attacks. a german woman killed and four peopl;e injured. [coughs] let's give you the latest headlines this hour on "bbc news". student protests have hurt -- turned violent on the streets of london. due to an increase in tuition fees. prince charles and his wife camilla were caught up in the violence. well, let's get some more on that now. with me is our home affairs correspondent. june, let's be clear about this. there were a lot a peaceful protesters, most of them contained by the police. it is certain what will be on the front page -- the picture of the world couple. it was not a calculated ambush.
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those protesters had broken off from the main march. it was a coincidence. but surely, the royal detail, the security detail will have some serious questions to answer. >> i was told by scotland yard that they are beginning an internal investigation. the big questions are, what if this had been somebody else is more sinister intent? what if this had not been painted? and these people got very close to the rolls royce. the prince has a security detail. how were these people able to get so close? >> the car had a bulletproof panels and class. -- and glass. central london had been a battleground for hours. the security detail must have known. >> they never had any plan for
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the rural route to converge with the demonstration, but the problem arose when these protesters split off from the main demonstration. the main demonstrations were going around the houses of parliament. they split away and ended up in the west end of london, the theater area, which is where the royal couple were heading. that is how the two collided. that raises the question -- once you can see the protestors had split away, perhaps the piece planning the world trip, they should think, do we need to change routes? it was a volatile situation. this will be on the front page. >> another problem seems to be the police car cut separated from the royal car. we have witnesses saying that the police cars were trying to move forward, banging their front doors into the protesters. several correspondents have said that the government won the vote, but it will not look like a victory in the streets. >> the question to the police
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and the home secretary. she has said it is a massive -- for the police. how were they able to get so close to the royal couple? as we saw in the pictures, they look very shocked. the duchess looks terribly taken aback. >> thank you. in china, right now friday morning is a daunting. one of this citizens will receive the nobel peace prize. liu xiaobo will not be there to receive it. the nobel panel defended their pick today. they said those that those who attend tomorrow's ceremony -- china says that those who attend tomorrow ceremony will not be showing respect. >> it's a grey, cold, forbidding place. the prison. walls topped with barbed wire.
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we hide our cameras. this year's peace prize winner is serving time here. he has another nine years to serve. this'll be the first time since the 1930's a family member will travel to oslo to collect the prize. at the time, the winner was a in jail in nazi germany. it is a parallel. the chinese government says that he is a criminal -- liu xiaobo is a criminal. his crime is to challenge the communist party's monopolization of power in china. this is liu xiaobo on the left in the yen and tianenman squar.
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they credit him with the saving countless lives by persuading the students to withdraw as the army advanced. this is where liu xiaobo live. his wife is inside under house arrest, cut off from communicating with anyone. others have been present -- prevented from travelling to oslo. his brother made a few brief comments after the prize was announced. >> i hope the government will release my brother and our nation can undergo political reform. if we are allowed to accept the prize, we will cut ago. >> since then, he has gone inside. we got as far as his office, but nobody was saying anything. the nobel prize is far too
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sensitive a subject. we would like to talk to the professor. eventually, we caught up with him at the airport. the authorities have warned him off. he will not talk again. after you -- you're afraid of the police arresting you. detectives are following him everywhere. there has been unprecedented diplomatic pressure, too. there is a letter sent by china to european embassies -- liu xiaobo did everything possible to sabotage china's stability. we hope that your country will refrain from attending any activities directed against china. friday's prize ceremony. this nobel prize shows deep divisions between a democratic west and verizon authoritarian chun.
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at the heart of it, one-man languishing in a prison cell. >> now sweden comes out as among the cleanest places in the world to do business. do the swedes deserve their reputation? >> sweden's sweethearts. crown princess victoria married her fitness coach earlier this year. but once the royal honeymoon -- was it corrupt. princess victoria got married here at her local church in stockholm. the honeymoon was abroad. they flew on a private jet to luxury yacht, all paid for by business tycoons. a leading political commentator says public figures should not be in debt it to private
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business. >> it might be very helpful for a company like that and a person like that to have the royal family as a door opener as he is doing investments. there is this a potential risk that the royal family repays the favor. >> sweden's anti-corruption unit decided the palace was immune under the constitution. the palace said it was a wedding gift from an old friend. the unit did investigate saab, a maker of these jets over allegations it used a middleman to bribe the south african government to secure a liquid of order. we asked saab for an interview. they give us a statement. we do not consider that we have committed any illegal acts. for us, we conduct our business with the highest ethical standards and we act with zero tolerance for bribery. the preliminary investigation
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was conducted over several years. it was assisted by openly sharing all the information requested. the prosecutor dropped the case. he said he did not have enough evidence. one author says it is not good enough. >> the prosecutor could not get the means for doing the investigation. we was often, sevearral times asked for special policemen to do the work. this is the biggest corruption in sweden. >> there are still not enough staff. he has to rely on police for other departments. >> it's a problems till. we are not that aware of corruption in sweden. you can say it's naive. you don't allocate resources,
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and you don't understand the importance of fighting corruption appeared. >> muhch more online and on facebook and twitter.>> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. ♪
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