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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  May 2, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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n laden and that was backe by detaed fial matchi. ficials say his body was buried at sea aer being washed according to custom and reiving a religious fural, e attempt to not have a pce ofpilgrimage for his follers. >> aft sholy after taking ofce, decte leo panetta, the directo of the c.i., to make the kiing or
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capturof osama bilade te cus en as we continued our efforts to defea h networ then las august, after years of pnstaking work by our telligence communy, ias brfed on a possible leato bin laden. it was far fromertain and took many months to run ts read to ground. i met repeatedlywith my national security am as w developed re iormation about the possibity tt locad biladen hiding within a coound deepnsid pakistan. d finally, lt week i determed that we had enough inlligence to makectio and thorized an operation to t osama bin laden and ing m to juste. >> it's an oddeeling in the ballpark right now. >>ven before the predent spoke, newsaspreang acromerica. >>he chant u.s.a. prompting a mixture of j, reliefndpatrtism. for many, there is a sens tha
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thettas of 9-11 in 2001 haveeen avenged with the killg of the man o rected an l them. >> we didn't say,ow, isn't thisreat we just sat qietly tether d we listened an we have beenarried a ile, so we kind of sense ho thether person feels, butwe were both veryvery elated. ey we thrilled that the d had finally comehen the orgazer al qaeda finally met his dise and was finally killed. >> tony blair who was prime ministerlongside presiden bush in 2001 toy warned the fight ains extremms not yet won. >> this r is t er. th nrative thatin den reesented which is that islam is in ndamental battl with the west and tt it is at war th us, that narrative sti exists, i'frai it still hs itsdhence. ittill has i work in the
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rld. we havto cry on until we defeat i an eliminate it. >> day' pri minter stresseduturrisk as wells immeate sisfaion. >> this ns will welcomed ght across our country. of crse, it does not rk the end of the that we face fr extremist trror. indeed we'll he to be paicully vigint ithe weekahea but it i i believe, a massive sep forwd. >> at ground zo in new york, a new buildg is emerging from the wreckagef thtwin towers and now president obamas llin hisatio one imrtantask has been compled. >> as count,we will never tolete o security being threated n standdly by wh our people have been kill. we wille relentles in defee ofur citizens d our friends and alies. we wille true to the values that make us who we are and on nights like this one, w can say to those families who have loslove on to al
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qaeda's terror, jtice has been de. >>o underscehat,he f.b.i. has up updated its most waed lt of terrorist osama bin laden's try now reads simply dease james robbi, bbnews. >> n doubt tis is a milestone in the warn terror, at used to be called e wa on terror, but is it a turning pot? we talk to the presentof foreign ratio and a senio poli adsor r the bush admistration at the time o 9-11. od thave youack othe ogra richa. as f as you're concerned,s this aignicant victory in the war agnst extmism? >> it is a siifict victory. it closes something of a apteas you suggested, b it's also notore an that this is not transfoing momentnistory. we will still fa esstial a rrort threatn tame scal tomorrow that we ced
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last friday, so thin as good as ts is, welcomes this is, it's iorta to keep it in thatind perecti. >> i mean,ne of the mos traoinary things, richard, is, of course, the already mplerelationship th pakistan has tten a lo more compx as result othe location where osamain len s found. wh do you concle here? >> wel y're exactly right. this has been one of the more complicated an frustrating bilateral relationips om bo sides for some decades now. i think it's about toet lot mo frustratingnd complicated. it's hard for me to believe that officials in pakistan's government wer not aware of this cpounin the suburbs of the capital and wt it gges to me yetgain is thatakisn is not onboard. it is at most highly lmited partner of the unitestat
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and has a tolerance fr teoris groups for reans only known to takistanis. i think from t amecan point of view, either theakianis are goingto cnge theirays draticly, or the sor o dependent acon w saw taken by arican special forces is going to beme the le raer than the exctionnd that in turn will cause en more friction witthe paktanis. >>f as you sa there might be an elent of complicity i certain elents the miliry political structure of pastan howo you justify to th american taxpayer that even one single dollar should be spent onaid to that untrif that countryere hidi osama bin laden knowingly? >> i tnk t onlway u can justify in e court of potical and publicpini, matt, would be on e bis at the pakisnis ve changed, that eentily t aid uld onlyo forward hee
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forth if fairly stri conditions were met. even that goi to be tough. sentlly that's the convsation we had 10 yes ago in thestate partnt after 9-11. we esstially told the pakistanis tt eir bhavi, vis-a-s th taban afghanisnas iolerable. ifhey wanted to have a relaonsh with us that clud aid, they would have tohang their way dramical. they prosed to do so and then over the last decade, weave seen an enormo amount of ck sliding getting usto wheree re t last few days. so it's gog tbe very hard if youwill to ll thatorse again. my hunch is 'll try, but it's ing take some verough and plic assurancesnd guarantees fm th pakistanis and as ronald rean used t say about mr. gorbhev,we're t simply going to trust, 're going to verify ts time ound. >> indeed, thank you f joing us. well, of course, now,here are soany questions about the
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future of the cpaig agast tremm, but alsobout this particar oration, how d it come about, when were the leads discovered? how did they manag to keep it so sect for such a long amou of me andwhy did it take 10ears tcome up with eilling of osama binaden katty kay is in waington, d. that's where 184 people died 9-11 she s be abreastf al of e developments and detls that have me out allay long from the white house you sten to the press conference that s gin a few hours ago. what is the thinghat h ruck you most aboutthis particar opetion? >>ell, one of the things, matthew, is that 2 hours ate thisperation tooklace in pakistanwe he an extrrdinary amount of detl about what was happening in the whithouse in the days lding up t it and athe time. they were in the sittion om, e president incded, the chief national securit team watchgnealimeof those navy sea went into that
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compound. it must have enan extrrdiny ten ment, one tional security aisor said that the minutes passed lik days and that it s one ofhe most anxious momentthat he had had the white use. they had ao ne a runthrough of this they had built a mock of the compound in afghanistan, the practiced going into i under rious scenarios, with lots of guards, with f grds, in various weather condition obviously someing this importan the needed to train for. and that ama bin laden, wh he was actuallyshot, woman wa shiding himt the time as onewhithouse advor said to me he was hiding li a coward behind h. i'here at the pentagon,att d the scene as you ca see is ry calm indeed. there are opleere allay who havbeent this memorial eachf these bench whe th 184 people wer killed,ut it was avery differentcen at the wte hse lastight
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where there was jubilation on the streets outside the white house. theime theresident ce outo sak, thousands of pele werthere cheering, dancing, sngin waseen forelebtions as a ment of catharsis for the erican peoplend for most of all forhoseoved on of the family members w diein the attacks of 9-11. stevekingn has thatpart of the stor >> good morning, america, breaking ns. osama bin laden is dead. >> iwasan unmistakablely triuhantone to the headnes. >> the masrmind of 9-11as been kille >> as e ars slipp b manyere had ce to ubt whher osama bin len wld evere brought to justice. now erics are reving in his death. u.s.a.! u.s.! >> but the celebrations e mid with remembranc among ose at gund zero tarke the husbd o arith woman who diedn thtwin
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wers. >> omericans guys, wnt in there, looked him inheeye, probably said coup of chce wds and shot him in theead. katherine is in heaven and is looking at this aa feeli satisfaion. i know godhrew that man's soul in the deps ofell. >> thisladypoke of rmer closure. >> for the world it' a victy. for meit's pernal. it w't bring my brother, john,back but i'm glad tt my son and jo's cldren won't grow up in a worlwith osama bin lade int. >> as fo the commander chief, history wi remember him as the priden who got merica's most wanted." barack oba spo at the white house a short time ago. >> think we c all agr this is a good day for aeric our country has keptts commment to see that justi
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is done, theorld is ser,t is a bett place because of th death of osama bin lad. >> back obama was still state senator wh alaeda stru at eameran heardld. these were t terrifying sces in washgtonhat day, an adayisdirect h on the lita headquarters. here at theentagon, the 184 stone benches in thisemorl garden symbolize the peop who lost tirivesheren 9-11 enamerican airlines 77 hit amica' headquters it's a day of quiet rlection by both vitor and retives of those wh dd. >> this man td me he ca here tonnect with hi fiancee. >> sherobly alrea kns, bu i think it wa iportant r me to cmunite with her toda >> and how do you feel that no
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bin laden is dead? >>late >> america etion is mpered by a sen of village le. security is tit at airrt and around goverent ildis. theris nspecific intelligen poiing to anned reisals, but a wounded enemy is sometimes the most dangerous. steve kingsto bbc news, shington. welamerans may be lebrating, but the tru is at my had rlly give up that osama bin lanwould ever be found. fr today's even, though, we can telthat is t true of the eric intelligence community. theyere determined to track him dn. e bbc's world fair editors john spson hasheearch th lasted a dcade. forn entire decade,is face was thmost famous in the wod. people erywhere were fascined i hwoul emerge agn fr the shadowsand indeed what had ppen to him. thughout his eire
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presidency, gege wbush was unable to capture h. >> thereas aold poste out we tha i recall that sd wanted, ddr alive. >> b where bin len actually was, senior shdministration figures didn't ha a clue. >>e may bedead. he may beeriously wounded. heay bin afghanistan, he mabe somewhere else. >>e never shou havbeen alloweto escape in thefirst place. eric special fces d him bottled in caves in the tra bora mouainsn eastern afghanistan. on 100 or so sorgewere involved in e opation while thousands of other troops were kept on the sidelis. the local taliban coande spitedim out of the area on a seet patayhich no oe guarding ande go away entuallyo pastan. ter that, all we heardof him washe ocsional video message from whi every clu to his whereabouts was carelly exclude
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the c.i.a. sd theyere genuine and somimese referred to curre events. ere were many me audio ssag, 30 or so, in 10 years. la year he d more than any other year tn 2007. sie the americans tracked m down thrgh a courier, it mt be a posbili that this latively heavy trafficn tapes played a pa in his downfall. thou his basic message w a deeply chiing one, osama bin laden i person wentle, poli, an so softlypoke thatou had to listen to him very ceful. his father was an immenly rich prorty developer in saudi arabia and th familyas ge. his chdhooeem to have en a hap one it was the sovie vasi of afghantan in 1979 that radicalid him itas often been sa th the
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c.i.a. helped to s m up but that isn't strictly te. they did back some of his fundamentalistalli in afghanistan, though. his vie was thatutsiders had no right to interfere in islami countries. when saudi arabi allowed t erics to establish bases ere fore and after the fitulf war, osama bin laden went on the attk. from the tinin camps he fund in afghanian, and his clest aociates started planni a serie of tack against western inrest around the wld. in februar 199came the first attack on new york, a bombing at the wld trade cte killingix and injurin 1,000. in augus 18, tre were near simultaneous bombis on the american embases i kea and
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tanzania, more than 200 die an5,000 injured. inctober 2000,therwas an atck on an american warship the u.s.s. le o the coas of yemen. then, ocour, theost sage attack of all on september 11,001. >> page 153. >> it showed up various wenesses in th newly established sh admistraon. the pridenwas told theews buteven longinutes passed, no instructions from the commanr inhief, no warnis the american public. huge inrnatnal sympathy mask the lack of forth right leadship. but wa real frin many pts of the world and especiallyhe west, peoe felt bin laden could strike anywhere he wanted. in fact, although e project to iade iraq nowinfled opinion inany islic countries, the wer three
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major aacks in theext three yes, t bali bombisin ocbe 2002, killing 202 ople, manyfthem australians,he maid train bombin in march 04 killing nely 20 thoughl qaeda never admitted responsilit for this and in july 20, the boson t london anspt system which killed56 people andnjured 7. we nedo clear now. >> in fact,osama bin laden m not ev have known aut thes attacks beforehand. th had a distinctly local feel tothem d anyway, aqaed was never an oanizion so much as an attitude, aapproach. biladen's depend today tk over the ldership, but he doesn'seem to have anything ke bin laden's stregic
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vision. as for bilade hself, his main ccern waso stay free, even if it meant bcomi a virtual prison o his security adsors. there haslways been astrong spicion that elements pakistan's militar intelligence thahelp him dung t war against the russians in afanisn were lookg after himtill inhe e, thoug it was go deteive work byheamericans whiccaught osama bin laden. wenow now that the aricans wanted kil bin len, not to take him aliv and we can be pretty sure he wante to die raer tn b captured. john simon, bbc news. >> well,lmost a dede ago on th crisporning ofepteer , 21, i wasdown here at th pentagon just 20 mites aftethatlanemash into that side ofhe building jus ther i remember talking t soiers who wereisib shaking after whathey had seen. the was a he plume of brown
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smokerisi from this ilding. iteemsxtraordinary that it has taken a full decade to captur osama bin laden. i ink l of the soldiers on that morning hed that it would be that ch quicker. no o tonight is suggesting at ts is the end of the r on trorism. thehite house is ver keen to sathat they know that an awful lot of work ill remai to be de, but th areayin thathis ia strategic as we as symbolic victory, matt. >> indeed. andou conjured up those haunting iges the day self in the yea afterwards, every time you looked at the sky in new york and u saw a ple, y kind of wondered, even for a brief send where is tt plane heading wat is really going on he. t that sens of e terror aler of consta paranoia, of ericfeeling that i had a taet oits bk, i think that's done now, not so mu as result of bin len's dea,
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but people just forgetting, me healing some of the wounds over the last w years. as y say is war on terror isy no means over, but it certainlyas reach a maj milestone with the killing of osama bin laden, perps the most emem tic figure of evilhat tis company has expeenceapart fromadolph hitl and that was ahile ago. amera likes sty with a ginng, the admitted and the end an despite thekilling of osama bin laden, the is ill no rea ento this sto. having said that, i haseen extordinary day of membnce here at ground zero it is also the end of the spial edition of "bbc world news america" from n yor thank you very mh fo watcng the programlive here from ground ze in nhatn and we leaveyou some of the most memorabl images to rember. ♪ ♪
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