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tv   BBC World News  PBS  December 17, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> and now "bbc world news." >> president mugabe claims that the power-sharing government is finished. japan shows its concern about tensions in the region with the military buildup. welcome to "the bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on bbc world nations. the founder of wikileaks says that many more leaks are to come but that the u.s. is trying to extradite him. mothers forced to abandon their babies.
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it is the reflection of the new tensions and one of the world's >> zimbabwe's president has declared that a power-sharing government should not carry on. he says there should be elections early next year. he has threatened to seize foreign-owned businesses as retaliation for western sanctions. >> robert mugabe has been forced to share power, he's still got the red carpet treatment when he arrived with his wife. this is the party's annual conference which is certainly the last before elections. the 86-year-old sounded the death knell for the unity deal, the deal that brought former
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foes together for the sake of peace. >> we agreed to work together in the global political agreement as a compromise. we also said that this would not be the permanent agreement for the country. >> the marriage between the two parties has been fraught with difficulty. promised electoral reforms are not in place and the expiration of the deal could not come soon enough for many here. the party faithful, this was once the promise of land that helped to secure votes. now it is minerals and foreign assets. there is a planned to take a majority shareholding in british and other foreign firms. if they fail to lift targeted sanctions against the president and those close to him. >> we must read them the riot
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act. i say to them, this is only 51% we are taking. unless you remove sanctions, we will go 100%. >> outside of the conference call, the president is up for elections next year. >> we are ready. there is nothing to stop us. we don't want to know about it anymore. >> they're ready for the elections. they would like an inclusive government. >> the president has fired the starting pistol for an election campaign and his main aim will be to try to recover the lost ground from last time around. this is an unstoppable mission. for some people, that my start like a threat.
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>> the recent military buildup in north korea and china has raised such alarm over security that japan has announced a major reconfiguration of their defense forces. the government in tokyo described p'yongyang as a great source of instability. the chinese foreign ministry has a responded and they say that china has posed no threat. >> japan is reshaping its defense in response to the shifting balance of power in asia cutting the number of tanks facing russia to the north. missile defense will be strengthened to guard against an unpredictable north korea. >> we have been able to put
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together an informant -- an environment that is a purpose. >> relations between the two countries were strained. if fishing captain was arrested. china broke off contact claiming that the islands near where the incident took place were rightfully chinese. this added to the japanese alarm over china's growing activity and seas. >> at the chinese like a transparency and its increased military spending as well as the fact that we had to protest against them have become a matter of concern. >> days after japan and the u.s. held their biggest ever joint exercise, the relationship is described as indefensible. japan's government had wanted to be less dependent on the u.s. and closer to their asian neighbors. now, they are calling for the westchester penalize to be strengthened.
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in reordering their defense, japan is moving out of the cold war area and are realizing the challenge is emerging in the region. they have said that they're not a threat to any of the country's neighbors. the new strategy will be watched closely where japanese wartime aggression has neither been forgotten or forgiven. >> the chinese prime minister is on a three-day visit to pakistan were is due to assign billions of dollars worth of trade deals. he is expected to reassure his hosts that beijing sees pakistan as an important partner even though china's ties with india are improving. china's relationship with pakistan has been traditionally found on military links. the president of the ivory coast, laurent gbagbo, is under pressure to step down. his opponent, alassane ouattara,
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is widely recognized as the winner of the election. the african union says that they should use force to remove laurent gbagbo. and court in france has handed down jail sentences for 50 neils -- 15 years to life for people who serve under the ruler pinochet. they were found guilty in the absence of the disappearance of french citizens in the 1970's. caps on non-european migrant workers put up by the british government have been called on lawful. the accord says that the government is trying to avoid parliamentary scrutiny. now belarus holds a presidential election this weekend and there are few doubts about the outcome. for the fast 15 years, the country has been ruled by alexander lukashenko. the man is often referred to as
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the last dictator. they were once seen as a partner to russia and a counterweight to the emerging democracies in eastern europe. he might be trying to mend fences with the west. he is giving the opposition candidate to greater freedom to campaign. they are planning mass demonstrations when his expected victory is declared. >> out on the streets, campaigning is slow. the residents seem to be more concerned with christmas shopping. protesters did not call them apathetic. >> people to not believe that their vote will count. this has been going on for many years. people do not believe that we live in a democratic country. >> this is the charge that the current president lukashenko had to face while in office. he was presenting himself as a force of stability and a defender of strong ties with russia. the image was tainted by the fight over russian fuel supplies. just a week before voting,
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lukashenko presented another deal with moscow which will secure oil imports. now belarus is looking to the west. abdeh have removed some of the opposition -- they have removed some of the opposition to other candidates. the number of contenders is unprecedented. there is no doubt who gets the better coverage. the vast majority of all broadcast and print covers what the president says and does. in this newspaper, page after page of the speeches, letters from grateful citizens. opposition supporters have no illusions. this man is very concerned. he said that the observers from europe will not protest the election even though there is wide vote rigging. six of the nine candidates for people to come out to the main square of immediately after the polls close to demand a new vote without mr. lukashenko.
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the outcome of these elections will be disputed here. the authorities have turned this square into a large skating rink. if disillusionment over lukashenko is as large as the opposition says it is, this could be the largest protest in years. >> the opposition in ukraine is demanding a criminal investigation into how several of its politicians came to be injured in a brawl. members exchanged blows up for many minutes. a group of mp's block to the main rostrum in protest. the one is setting up a special panel to investigate claims that their peacekeepers responsible for the outbreak of cholera in haiti. this is the disease that has killed at least 2000 people in
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two months. the trustee appointed to cover money -- recover money for bernie madoff has reached a settlement with one of the single largest beneficiaries. half of the money lost in this window will be brought back as a result of this. the founder of the web site wikileaks has warned that there are many more revelations to come despite concerns that the u.s. is preparing to try to extradite him to america. julian assange is wanted in sweden for alleged sex offenses which he denies. he was released from prison on bail yesterday and put under house arrest. >> julian assange this afternoon reported to his local police station. a condition along with being taged of his bail. his relief at being freed was all t o l that -- was alltoo
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evident. yesterday, he woke up in a prison. this morning, he stepped out of a country house belonging to one of his supporters. the world's media had defended to hear from the wikileaks founder. >he is still facing an extradition request on sweden for sexual assault charges, charges he denies. >> the swedish prosecutors in his representation to the british government said that they did not need to provide a single shred of evidence. they said this three times and in fact has provided nothing. >> even one in custody, the revelations continued from his website including in today's papers. >> india has a systemic use of torture. nearly 12 under cases of torture in kashmir. -- nearly 1200 cases of torture
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in kashmir. the materials continue to come out, we are approximately 200 cables into this. >> the leaking of american diplomatic cables means the pressure is continue to grow in washington to try to find some way of stopping julian assange. the swedish charges have all been about personal allegations against him but to the americans are looking for some way of charging him for the leak of the documents. they are focusing on his relationship with the former army intelligence analyst who is believed to be the source of the cables. >> it has been hypothesized that there is some evidence that julian assange was in direct communication with the intelligence analyst who is believed to up in the source of the leak and gave him the tools and instructions on how to achieve what he did. if that is the case, that makes the prosecution much more likely. >> julian assange mike in joyous freedom for now but an
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extradition battle with sweden and perhaps with america looms. -- julian assange might be enjoying his freedom now. >> asamoah gyan has been named to the african footballer of the year. the british prime minister says that he has won the agreement of germany and france to freeze the european union government for -- government budget for six years and that they are setting up a permanent fund to bail out member states. >> it was this that the leaders of europe about to protect, the currency in the tales of 16 countries and in the pockets so 330 million people. a currency under threat. in the meeting rooms of brussels, they debated on how to
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make sure that the currency does not fall. their solution, changing a couple of sentences. that will be enough, they say, to set a permanent mechanism to allow countries using the euro to bail out other countries in financial trouble. what has been discussed at this summit is not clear. it just how much money will there be? how will it be decided how the money will be spent? will any of this be enough to reassure the markets? there's pressure from some countries making cuts at home for the eu to keep a closer eye and its own budget. >> all around europe, countries are dealing with their deficits. europe cannot be immune from that. we should see real budgetary restraint from 2014-2020 and that is why the text we will publish talks about at least a real terms freeze in the budget for that time.
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>> germany and france have joined the u.k.-backed campaign that some less wealthy member states will argue for more money. people have home knowing that there is much more to say about how much the eu spent and how much their currency can survive. >> zimbabwe cost president mugabe has declared a power- sharing government is finished. japan has shown its concern about china's growing power with a major military shakeup. beijing called the new defense policy irresponsible. russia has called on south korea to abandon a live firing artillery exercise planned on an island near the sea border with north korea. the north has warned that they will attack if the exercise it goes ahead. north korea shelled the island last month. that has brought a surge of new
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recruits to the south korean armed forces, many women among them. this has renewed a debate about who and who should not play a part. >> here, like anywhere, the military is -- but this shows how things are changing in south korea, these are the newest recruits. they are the first female students allowed onto a military training program. this is part of the military's plan to double the number of women in their ranks. this is probably the first time anyone war eyeliner at the enrollment ceremony. -- worn eyeliner at the ceremony. since north korea attacked the southern island last month, the reality of what they're signing up to has become much more apparent.
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>> before the attack, i always thought of them as our brothers. after the shelling, i have become a lot more alert about the threat. as a woman and now as a member of the military, i need to be more vigilant. >> the attack on the island presented south korea with pictures that they had not seen for the past 50 years. applications for their elite marine unit have spiraled. the army suffered a blow because they were weaker and they were slow to respond to the attack. many believed that the army needs to get much tougher. there is lots of military experience here and they have brought their own uniforms. there's just one problem, they are banned from joining the army because they are from north korea.
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all of these men and women escape from north korea and are living here in the south. this man served the north korean army for 16 years. he says that the south korean army has gone soft and they need to toughen up. hawkish attitudes are essential to these veterans with dark glasses. many are calling not just for a stronger response but to a pre- emptive strike. south korea is not ready to let a former enemy soldiers in to their army, so the commanders spend their time giving power point presentation is on the abilities of the north korean military. the colleagues will share the task of defending the streets. public support for a tougher start might be growing but among the army's newest recruits, it is not just the women who confessed to being
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scared. >> the u.s. has a diplomatic troubleshooter and p'yongyang right now. bill richardson has been describing the situation between north and south as a tinderbox and has urged extreme restraint by the north. he says that they it should allow the south's military exercise to go ahead. >> the tokens left behind by mothers forced to abandon their babies in 18th-century england have gone on display at the museum in london. this is on the side of the old foundling hospital. >> here, every page of every
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book is infested of the motion. each one recourse the moment when an impoverished mother handed over her baby to the care of the foundling hospital. a note was made of the child's scant possessions. unable to write, the mother would leave a scrap of material so she could one day identify her child. among the 50,000 children abandoned, only 152 wherever reclaimed by their mothers. a baby called charles was one of the lucky ones. >> she had sewn in a heart so that when she came back to claim her child, not only was the fabric back together but the heart was rejoined. >> the huge numbers of children dying on the streets of 18th- century london have sparked a new wage of finance to be -- a new wave of philanthropy. >> this is a very facile place
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to visit. -- fashionable place to visit and become a subscriber. beyond the children,they needed to attract people in. once they were here, they acted as a way of saying, what are going to give? >> the hospital continued for more than 200 years. it was closed in 1954 when local authorities took over protecting vulnerable children. many former residents have painful memories. this woman was abandoned by her mother. >> i did exactly as i it was told. i walked up to the stage and i turned it around and i saw that my mother had gone. she had not said goodbye, or anything at all. i have only seen her once since then. that was my first day in school.
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>> the hospital failed to cater for the emotional welfare. back in the 1700's, this was a lifeline preventing many thousands of infant deaths. this exhibit gives an insight into the hidden corner of british social history. >> a striker from ghana, asamoah gyan, has been named the bbc africans footballer for 2010. he was the overwhelming choice of football fans both by text and online. >> there was one ambition that he had, to get to the finals of the world cup. that dream was shattered when ghana was ousted in the quarter finals. something to celebrate now, he got his hands on a different trophy, the bbc african footballer of the year. >> i really appreciate this. i think about my family back
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home. i think about all of the africans and all of my fans. i appreciate this. >> in august, gyan signed a deal worth $20 million for a british club. it was also keen in helping ghana to become the third african country to make the world cup. he would have gone further if he had scored a penalty against uruguay. this was enough to catch the eyes of the black hats. >> he is an individual player, he can do something different. he works hard, he plays hard, and he has a tremendous enthusiasm. i was originally engage to his overall enthusiasm to play up front for on his own.
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i've been chasing him now for two or three years but could never have enough money to buy him. >> gyan says it was his dream to play in the british premier league and has a lot to learn. his award today is a recognition of his skill as a striker from his fans. >> capt. beef part -- beefheart has died. he retired from music 18 years ago but his string of albums have influence pretty much every strain of avant garde since. the president of mumbai way says that the power-sharing deal has run its course.
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-- the president of zimbabwe, robert mugabe, says that the power-sharing deal has run its course. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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