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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  February 15, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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nine on fox 44." 3 3 a *former* iowa governor stops in sioux city to criticize planned changes to the state's medicaid chet culver served just one term before being defeated by republican terry branstad in 2010. and more than 5 years later... culver has some strong words for his successor. 3 and tonight that story is first on fox. 3 culver is criticizing branstad's effort to transition iowa's medicaid program to a managed- care plan run by three private insurance companies. 3 our nick popham was at this afternoon's town hall meeting at the siouxland center for active generations. nick... what's got governor culver so riled up about this proposed switch? 3 larry, diana... the proposal would affect more than a half million people and would require them to choose between three private health care
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people wondering whether their doctor visits and prescriptions will still be covered. 3 "this is about you; this is about your loved ones, this is about your neighbors and friends."former iowa governor chet culver is referring to the potential privatization of medicaid in the hawkeye state. this is part of current governor terry brandstad's medicaid modernization initiative.the plan involves letting private insurance companies determine whether or not they will cover people who are on or want to be on medicaid.brandstad feels that this approach will create a sustainable health care budget if the private sector takes a result-mr. culver is holding town hall meetings across iowa to hear from people who aren't satisfied with the new initiative."we want to make sure that their voices are heard as this is deliberated, this change from a state managed model to privately managed." people like local resident pinky
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problem but meetings like this inspire him to get involved."i can't see myself getting proper, good, medical treatment with this kind of plan. i've got bad lungs, bad heart, i've had strokes. i don't know what i'm going to do yet, but i'm going to do something.""the privatization of medicaid would affect roughly 560-thousand iowans. and of that 560-thousand, about half of them are children."governor culver- however-is hopeful that town halls like this one will persuade the state's decision. "i really commend all of the people that came out here in the siouxland area for their passion and their engagement in, again, what could be one of the biggest policy decisions we make in the last half century." 3 the switch was scheduled to take place january first. then the feds pushed it back to march first. and now last week the iowa senate voted to repeal the plan.. a vote that
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republicans who oppose the change. we'll just have to see what transpires from here... diana. 3 3 the ice cream capital of the world is planning another round of community improvement projects. 3 this afternoon... community leaders announced wells enterprises... the makers of blue bunny ice cream... will match the two - and - a half million dollars raised by the community for those projects. that gives the city 5 million to spend without having to raise property taxes. 3 "as well as enhance the life style and equality of life for our employees in this community it is really a part of our moral fabric and part of our value set to invest in and we live."city officials plan to spend that money on 10 projects... including a new dog park... a shelter house at a separate park... improvements to walking and bike trails... and even a 3 3 he went from a college dropout... to a billionaire. tonight sioux city's ted waitt returned to town with advice
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3 waitt was the kickoff speaker for "entrepalooza" at briar cliff university. the event is a two week celebration of innovation... networking... and collaboration. waitt started the gateway computer mpany at his family's farm in 1985... with a invasion, networking and collaboration. rate started the collaboration with his father with a $10,000 loan from his grandmother. >> what are the advantages for us. to where we're donating the stages. there was some idiot being naive and being young. there was something pure about this. we didn't have any rules. >> reporter: wade who's network has been estimated to $4 billion told the group that one of his greatest regrets was moving gateway to san diego. he added that sioux city is a
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neighbors woke up to a horrible message spray painted. >> police say they don't know who's behind the vandalism or why the fraternity was targeted. >> the fraternity has since removed the paint from the sides of their house. >> reporter: a faint amount of spray paint can be seen that says we date rape. >> we speak to our students about living their values given years ago. >> reporter: they say they don't know why the fraternity was targeted with both usd and the fraternity having no reports of sexual assault. >> it was a little awe struck, to the fraternity themselves
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>> we don't have any reason to believe that anyone in that fraternity or any of the other greek houses have committed a sex crime. we have no ongoing investigation with anyone there. >> reporter: police are working with campus police but have no suspects yet. >> we have received some information. however, we're waiting to see if that information is accurate or of any value to the investigation. >> reporter: they will use the information to educate students. >> reporter: the students say they're proud of their greek life and this is not indicative of the greek community. we've been watching for the cloud cover coming into the area. that's bringing a little bit of
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we have seen a little bit of so. that's only going to increase overnight hours. satellite and radar imagery showing that moisture really picking up across south central portions of south dakota and nebraska. a little bit of light rain early. as temperatures continue to cool off some of that rain is eventually going to be changing over to snow. 34 in sioux falls, 35 in sioux city. as we take a look at the evening planner, rain first and a little bit of snow by morning. we'll talk about your forecast in detail coming up in just a few moments. this weekend's death of supreme court justice scalia has already turned washington's expectations for 2015 on their head. while politicians politicians speculate on how president obama will move to preplace the justice. the president is waiting to
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scalia's funeral. meanwhile, president obama has ordered all flags to be flown half staff. that echoed by paul ryan and offices in iowa. lines already being drawn between the white house and republican controlled senate for president obama not making a replacement to justice scalia. >> republicans in the senate have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. >> it's called delay, delay, delay. >> i don't believe the president should appoint someone. >> reporter: politics takes no rest in washington, d.c. but with the death of a conservative champion on the high court, and a lame duck presidency the stakes have just been raced in this blood sport. >> i suppose president obama
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appoint him to the court and mitch mcconnell would say no. >> reporter: even though the house and senate will likely use their constitutional authority to secure their legacy, the gop stands to lose this epic battle of words because they will be seen as the party of no. >> if it comes through, this rejection of any obama nominee sight unseen is going to add to the narrative. >> reporter: there are a lot of major issues to be tackled in the u.s. supreme court in this like abortion. affirmative action and gun control. if the vote is split 4-4. the lower court ruling will stand. and no new national precedent will be set. >> which is why lakeman says president obama has the upper hand in his last year as president. >> it is completely within precedent for a president to nominate a supreme court justice to the fellow vacancy
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>> some pundents worry that business. election year. i'm jeff barnes reporting. women also said senate republicans are in a high stakes political match as a gop holds on very tenuously to the four seat court. we caught up with senator fisher this afternoon and she says it was the democrats who have made things difficult. >> the presentation tent is there. the democrats have set that
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that president obama reagan in his last 18 months of office should not have another vote. >> reporter: the president is within his rights to nominate a replacement until june 20 of 2016. coming up after the break, in this week's edition. we'll let you know how you can have marshals find a woman wanted for violating her pretrial release on drug charges. and we'll let you know
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3 tonight u- s marshals need your help finding a fugitive who's wanted for tonight u.s. marshals need your help finding a fugitive who's wanted for violating her pretrial release. but first our count is up again. alisa lion was wanted, she was arrested tuesday in macy nebraska by members of the fugitive task force and the macy police department after a tip from a most wanted viewer. she is capture 228 since most wanted began. now on to tonight's most wanted fugitive. wright is wanted for a meth charge. she weighs approximately 145 pounds.
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about mccaya wright please call the u.s. marshal's service at 712-252-0211. your tip to tip 411. the information you provide remains confidential and could put this fugitive behind bars. taking a live look outside over dakota dune center.
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>> we saw a very warm start "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 larry, diana and chad talk about today's weather was very nice today but will we see snow overnight? >> it's very possible we're starting to see a little bit of
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as temperatures continue to fall, they don't have too much to go until we see the transition into snow. it is a quiet night. cloud cover has been on the increase for the last four or six hours. in the meantime take a look at these very mild temperatures we expect to see toward the end of the week. near 60 on thursday despite the cloud cover then we'll be up near 60 for friday and saturday with plenty of sunshine. certainly a very tkpwaold -- good end to the week is in store. you can see a little heavier rain to the end of sioux city. a little lighter rain. this is the begning of what is going to be a very wet evening across the region. now as temperatures drop you will see the progress to snow. it's not a matter of if, i
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of when we start to see that rain across the area. so we put the maps into motion as we work our way toward the evening. there's midnight. still rain hanging around. a few breaks. as that area of high pressure gets a little closer and slides through we will see that transition to snow. by the time we wake up tomorrow morning, most of the snow should be aout -- out of the area. the question is how much snow will we see. you see how we work our way into tuesday afternoon and wednesday, we see high pressure dipping down. another slight chance of snow for wednesday morning up around the isle and great lakes. that will continue into thursday. snowfall potential you can see not a lot out there from an inch to an inch and a half. things should be fairly quiet expecting mainly a rain event for the folks in town. right now in sioux city we're 30 degrees and officially mostly cloudy skies at the airport.
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forecast tonight, over cast skies, rain and snow. i think generally the further east you go around 39 the better chance of snow you will have. 32 the overnight low. our high temperature topping out at 37 degrees. there's a look at your extended forecast. get rid of tomorrow and we're looking forward to what should be an absolutely fantastic weekend. thanks chad. well visitors can soon get a close look inside the lincoln memorial thanks to a renovation now in the works. >> charles payne has more in tonight's business report. >> reporter: how about this president's day present. a facelift for lincoln.
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to renovate the president lincoln statute. and if you want to avoid the er, then be careful on the stairs. a new study says injuries from steps are the number one reason for emergency room visits. the second biggest reason slipping or tripping on floors. forget about valentine's day? dominoes wants to help. this week is offering a carry out special for you and your sweetheart. any large two topic pizza for $5.99. if that doesn't win over your valentine i don't know what will. that's business, i'm charles payne. there's not many certainty in life, expect for death and
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and you're goingng 3 3 getting older is one of the few things guaranteed in life... barring accidents. getting older is one of the few things we're guaranteed in life barring accident.
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we age. >> as we age, we become more susceptible to diseases. >> as we age things become more difficult as far as staying as healthy as we would like. the weight tends to come on. we have to exercise more. metabolism slows down. >> reporter: so we must play an extra role by reading up on how to stay healthy. >> sometimes we get in there and we forget. >> reporter: another important daily task is -- >> floss your teeth. there's a link between gum disease and heart disease. the risk goes up if you don't floss your teeth. it's a very simple thing you can do daily. >> reporter: exercising is important because -- >> waist circumference is
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if you're more of an apple shape it's bad for your health. >> reporter: socializing is also key in staying healthy mentally and physically. ralph waldo emerson once said. >> the first wealth is health. most people value their health most when they lose it. so don't get to that point. stay on top of it. be into self-care because you can't buy it back.
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you by dune hospititit
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overcast skies. temperatures around 33 degrees. looks like that cloud cover is going to hang around for a couple more days. guys. >> all right, like to hear that. >> it could get close to 60 by the end of the week.
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