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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  December 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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her ex on the roadway. >> and find out who our mvp is.>> the night team in action for you. >> 12news at 10:00 starts right now. rack up first, a 12news exclusive. the man convicted of negligent homicide in the deaths of three people at the sedona sweat lodge now describing those people as heroes, not victims. >> james arthur ray is the subject of a documentary on cnn this saturday and he made the unusual hero claims this morning. williats one of those people who died, who says she doesn't believe ray is even sorry for what happened. >> reporter: he was convicted of three counts of negligent homicide. >> 911, where is your emergency? >> two people aren't breathing. there is no pulse. >> reporter: served 20 months in prison. now james arthur ray is making the rounds coming doing interviews about the sedona
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and fall in the new age movement. >> i have taken full and complete responsibility for what happened. i have done everything is asked of me. i have paid restitution. i think it's really important for me to communicate that james sure, liz neuman, and kirby brown were heroes, not victims. >> he is pays -- painting himself one who has suffered. >> reporter: jenny brown is kirby brown's mother. she says she hasn't seen the man who has taken responsibility for her daughter's death. >> i think you believes that but full responsibility to me would be i've been rehabilitated because i now understand that what i did was dangerous and i will never do that again.>> reporter: kirby
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told that he would be a test for them. >> you would have to get to a point where you surrendered and it's okay to die. >> reporter: and sweltering temperatures, those same people who paid almost $10,000 to come to the sweat lodge were facing heat illnesses, dehydration and death but where is still cashing an end not feeling remorse. >> what my hope is, is that people who do this can say hey, if he had the resilience to get through that >> reporter: here is james ray's response. nothing. he initially agreed to be part of this story and be interviewed by nbc in new york but when pr people found out the interview wouldn't be edited and would include jenny brown, they called it off and claimed the story would be biased before we even asked a question. but ray wasn't done. he took to twitter for an
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ask where a single question even though he called it an ambush. >> he did something that was criminal and yes he has served his time but that doesn't dispel the fact that he was guilty. >> reporter: william pitts, 12news the other big news on 12news at 10:00, an accused serial killer who kidnapped a woman and chained her like a dog on the other side of the country is now telling police he killed someone back here in after serving 15 years here for wright but now there are new developments in the case. patricia hendrix is joining us from the live workcenter with what we're learning.>> reporter: tonight, tempe police are telling 12news they have been advised that todd kohlhepp, has admitted to several murders and make mention of killing someone in arizona. right now, tempe police detectives tell us they are
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in south carolina. in reference to kohlhepp's bombshell statement, tempe police say detectives in south carolina are dealing with a huge investigation so they don't want to impede their active investigation.this time. tempe police do not have any active investigations involving kohlhepp but detectives are reviewing their old cases prior to his arrest in 1986 to the time of his release in 2001. records from 12news review -- reveal kohlhepp has a, history is a sex offender in the valley. cops arrested him in 1986 for kidnapping. he spent 15 years in prison. documents show when he was 15 years old, he forced the victim at gunpoint to his house to have sex with him. that victim's parents told police they were afraid he might kill someone someday. tempe police say he had been living were visiting his father in arizona but primarily lived
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carolina. he is linked to seven murders including four people at a motorcycle shop in 2003. tempe police tell us they will keep searching through unsolved cases dating back 30 years to see if todd kohlhepp is the missing link. we are live in the live alert center, tricia hendrix 12news at 10:00. hot headlines. two -- to some police have identified the two officers and the suspect involved in a deadly shooting this morning. the suspect who died at the scene was 27-year-old was -- was 27-year-old josi byron haldes. an -- and officer jorge to keita received a gunshot wound to the shoulder as currently in icu with current serious injuries. a police officer opening fire on a suspect outside the
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garage. when the driver tried to ram an officer, two people were later arrested after the car broke down. and about 50 guns and 80,000 rounds of ammunition were seized from the arizona department of economic security on the same day the agency director resigned. these photos released tonight from a spokeswoman for des. she said the weapons were intended for the use of 1335 peace officer's and 28 on security enforcement safety act officers. president-elect trump touting a deal struck with a air-conditioning company to keep 1000 manufacturing jobs in the u.s. compound mike pence traveled to the indiana plants today as part of an election tour. the plant had planned to move jobs to mexico, a move trump repeatedly criticized as a symbol of lost jobs.
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breaks for carrier and critics say it could set a dangerous precedent for other companies looking for favors in the future. trump also vowed to build a border wall. >> i think -- we're going to build a wall. people are saying do you think trump will build a wall? >> since the election, trump has conceded he would consider a fence in some areas and the wall would "have doors allowing legal immigration." our question to you tonight, border wall? go to voice to vote in our live, interactive poll. the final results will be revealed at the end of the show. right now, our holiday lights tracker is on patrol in gilbert. you are looking at christmas. >> 13 houses all in on spreading the holiday cheer. and for a good reason. this neighborhood display has a national title to live up to.
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live tonight with this story.>> reporter: there is always that one guy on every block who wants to outdo everyone else but this street in gilbert is different because everyone works together. all 13 houses are synchronized to the same holiday music. last december, they won a national television competition of -- and have learned an might has well jingle all the way. >> ? >> reporter: to live here, you have to love life, respect electricity, and -- manage traffic. >> the traffic became enormous. people were coming through neighborhood and it was just gridlock. truck but not your typical holiday gridlock.
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one when you get all the lights up and they are working. you see the people come out. a lot of people. they begin to enjoy all the fruits of our labor i guess. >> it's one of our favorite things to do during the holiday season is come check it out.>> reporter: whether you are walking or riding, people come to see one of the best shows in the country. >> it's like a sense of pride to have so much of the drive down your street every year. it's just nice i guess for me to see the little kids get all happy. and excited. >> and the parents. they are so grateful. >> i say we do it for the kids but some of us old guys like it. >> reporter: but with a street so lit, what about the electric bill? >> that is a major question we get from everybody. how much i you guys spending? you guys are really overbudget,
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the christmas gifts were worse. >> reporter: it's not just for fun either. there are donation boxes all down the street and 100% of those proceeds go towards the make a wish foundation. last year after winning the television competition, they were able to raise enough money to grant five wishes to children from around the valley. that is obviously great news and we are live in gilbert. brian cody, 12news at 10:00. >> the coordination impressive. >> it goes all the way down the street. >> i love everything about it. the way that it looks and the fact that they are supporting such an amazing cause. if you and your family or friends come across any amazing light displays, email us photos of the location to and we will add them to our interactive holiday map. wildfires taking more lives and homeowners learning when they will be able to see if
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stand. all of this as firefighters fighting the flames go viral. movie theater thrill. is the volume during the flick hurting your hearing?>> ? victoria's secret models strutting their stuff including one coming face-to-face with her ask on the runway -- her ask -- ex on the runway. and we're counting down to jimmy. >> we have musgrave. do not change the channel. tomorrow, only on 12news at 10:00: >> four decades behind bars, the legal gamble that kept one man walked up more than 30 years longer than his brother, who actually pulled the trigger in a deadly shooting. that's tomorrow, only on 12news at 10:00. >> thank you arizona for making us number one and letting us
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we share our success with all of you. 12news, arizona's number one team. don't go anywhere, 12news at 10:00 will be back in 60
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12news is back with more hot headlines. officials in tennessee say that whole from wildfires is now up to 11. one family watched their home burn through the cameras captured flames shooting up below the home and smoke filling up the inside. this photo of firefighters in tennessee sleeping on the sidewalk has gone viral tonight. it was posted on the johnson city professional firefighters association facebook page. now to colombia and the plane crash that killed 71
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an audio recording between the pilot and control tower reveals the pilot saying they have a fuel problem. he asks to land immediately but the controller tells the pilot to wait seven minutes because of an aircraft below. just before crashing, the pilot said the plane was in total electrical failer -- failure. and a candlelight vigil taking place in phoenix tonight for world aids day. it's a day dedicated to raising awareness and ending the stigma surrounding aids and hiv and on this world aids day, we have some concerning statistics. c in six people with hiv in the united states don't even know they are infected. only on 12news, a warning before you head to the movies. >> could the theater volume be damaging your hearing? it turns out some movie theaters can get so loud, experts say it could happen. >> here is the thing. you wouldn't even know it. so jeff ross is finding out just how loud those movies are
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dangerous levels. >> reporter: explosions. adventure. >> the 3-d is amazing. >> reporter: big thrills at the movies. but according to the american hearing research foundation, movies among other common noises can contribute to premature hearing reduction. >> safe listening levels or something like what we're doing now. it should be around 60 db. that danger zone. >> so 85 is the danger limit. >> you want to stay below. >> what happens if you go over? >> that is where you could potentially cause damage. >> reporter: how loud do movies really get? to find out, we went out and bought this sound level meter. i'm going to go inside this
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experts say you never want to see a reading over 85 db. >> one ticket please. >> reporter: first up, magnificent 7. a western with lots of gunfire. it doesn't take long.>> 93.7. >> reporter: over the limit. and it keeps climbing. >> this gunfight is intense. we are about 97.2. >> reporter: when i go see storks and 3-d a cartoon for kids, the sound stays under 85 for most of the movie but then -- >> look at this. it just hit a 99.3, we over the 85 number. this is just a kids movie. >> reporter: we don't go to the movies every day. we go in short spurts. how dangerous is this? >> if you are reaching for over -- over 100 for minutes or seconds at a time, you could be in the range with immediate permanent damage.>> reporter: and we found those levels in this next movie. deepwater horizon, packed with
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>> the movie just got really loud. look what we have on our meter. 101. >> reporter: and when the action really picks up -- >> look at the meter. we are 104.9. >> reporter: so why is this happening? according to an industry group, there are standards for how movies are made and delivered to the theaters but it's up to each individual theater to control the volume. the national association of theater owners tells nbc news, as in life, certain sounds in different movies well spike. and if movies don't exceed 85 -- and that movies don't exceed 85 db on a regular basis. >> if your ears are ringing, you could potentially have damage from the loud noise. >> reporter: something you don't always think about. by the way, as you head to the movies, you can try this
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there are free sound level apps that you can download right now and use inside the theater. a list of some of the most popular apps are at and speaking of movies, we all have our own favorite christmas flicks but i bet you didn't know these movie secrets. for example, eric lloyd who played charlie in the santa claus broke his front teeth in a follow right before filming started and had to wear prosthetics for the entire shoot. while filming my vo much sugar that he had trouble sleeping. a christmas story start peter billingsley has an uncredited cameo in elf and jim carrey was originally slated to star in elf but i think will ferrell hits it out of the park. >> speaking of jim carrey, he worked with a cia specialist who trained agents to survive torture in order to get through the painful makeup process for dr. seuss's how the grinch stole christmas. i guess i could see how that could be painful.
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at a time. john candy shot all of his home alone scenes in one long 23 hour day on the set. after the release of home loan 2, families flocked to the plaza hotel where they could re- create kevin's adventure in suite 411 for a price of $1100. >> do you remember who made a cameo in home loan 2? >> i don't remember. >> president-elect trump. >> that's right. they are at the mall, right?>> yes. there was a couple other cameos. >> he was also in the fresh prince -- fresh prince of bel air. i can't believe i know that. we are counting down to jimmy with just a few minutes to go right after 12news at 10:00. >> he has emma stone and casey musgrave's. new video tonight. victoria's secret models hitting the runway in paris yesterday. the first time this show was
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bella hadee strutted down the stage with those iconic angel wings. >> but the internet is going crazy about her ex-boyfriend singing on stage as she walked right past him in a gray bra corset and matching underwear. the short clip also shows he could not take his eyes off of her. >> well, this is they have been publicly spotted together since their breakup last month. they dated for nearly 2 years. they blamed busy schedules for the split. >> he couldn't take his eyes off of her and neither could millions of other people. >> this is just my personal opinion, i don't think there romance is over yet but talk about awkward. >> in a public setting and you have very little clothing. >> and you are in your underwear.
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>> for sure. we have a really nice weekend coming up. i know it has been chilly but we are going to make up for that over the next couple of days. today, 62 degrees our high at phoenix sky harbor. you can see, still well below that normal of 69 degrees. here is what the weekend looks like. tomorrow is going to be another cool day but saturday and sunday, take a look as those highs increase back to normal, even above normal on sunday. we are expecting sunshine but before all of that happens, we are expecting another area of low pressure to drop down from the north tomorrow. this system is not going to be very powerful and it is not going to impact a whole lot of us with the exception of the high country. we are expecting to see active weather. we are looking at a 30% chance of snow showers along the rim. some areas will see strong winds, in particular the colorado river. we are also expecting much
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flag will only be in the 30s tomorrow. not a strong system but we could see measurable snowfall along the rim. it looks like forecast models are saying it's just going to be a few inches by tomorrow afternoon. wind advisories in effect along the colorado river includes lake havasu with gusts up to 50 miles per hour expected. but also extends into southern california. visibility could be reduced off of i-10 headed westward into california due to blowing dust. across the valley, another chilling one tonight. 39 degrees to 45 degrees. tomorrow, we are going to see partly sunny skies, 59 degrees to 63 degrees. that low will keep temperatures below normal but as i mentioned, saturday and sunday those temperatures will be recovering. highs tomorrow 30 degrees at the grand canyon, 35 degrees at show low with a chance of showers, 45 degrees in prescott, 62 degrees and prescott and 61 degrees for gila bend.
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see a gradual cooldown but not bad. temperatures will be just a little above average wednesday with a high of 65 degrees. leniency for a feathered friend and it's all caught on camera. and still, don't forget to weigh in on our live, interactive poll tonight. we want to know, will president- elect trump actually build that border wall? go to vote to record your voice. we will have those results at 12 sports is sponsored by
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there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street, can fill you with wonder. and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch, and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough.
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12 sports is sponsored by your valley toyota dealers. >> all right. the arizona coyotes back on the home line against the la kings. they suffered a tough overtime defeat against the sharks last night. if you look for popcorn at the start of tonight's game, you martin handle, just 15 seconds into the game, finds the back of the net for a 1-0 coyotes lead. his first multi-goal of the game came later in the game. the coyotes a tough 4 -3 defeat. my 12 sports mvp of the night is tiger woods, playing his first competitive match in 16 months. the tiger shot 107 at the challenge. he looked really sharp on the
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it was captivating watching him play well again. welcome back tyler? -- tyler. >> thanks so much. time for our omg photo of the night. >> this is something you don't see every day. a policeman shot that includes well, a big, red bird. >> the mackall named bird -- macaw jail for violating the terms of his release agreements. >> well, expressing concern for the bird in a tree, a security deputy also worried about the birds safety and well doing -- well-being, decided to allowed inside. >> there you see it, the two jailbirds posing for a series of mugshots together including one that shows the macaw perched on the man's shoulder.
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bird while the owner serves his sentence. >> do you think he has to get fingerprinted?>> you can't make this stuff up. don't go to bed just yet. in six minutes, emma stone, jeffrey morgan, and casey musgrave will be joining jimmy fallon on the tonight show
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where locals rule. play now through december 27th during our $250k cash dash. 40 winners will get their shot at up to $250,000 in monday and tuesday drawings. what do you think of that, paul? sold... sold... sold! figured he'd say that.
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we asked, will president trump build a border wall after he becomes president? >> and there are the results. 51% say yes. 49% say no. before we go, we want to go ahead and ask you to sink your teeth into this. you can now have the taste of dunkin' donuts coffee in your pop tart.>> sounds delicious. for the first time, pop tart up to create two limited- edition coffee inspired pop tart flavors. frosted vanilla latte and frosted chocolate mocha. >> that became available at stores across the nation today. >> cross marketing. >> not a bad combo. >> i will take a vanilla latte. >> thank you for joining us. 12news is always on. >> get the latest at
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(avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- emma stone.


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