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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  November 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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don't fall for the hype, dale. dale? fresh. delicious. chicken, from sanderson farms. a 1-year-old dies after police are looking for answers. >> fire fights as crews brace for another night of powerful winds fanning flames. >> as arizona honors the fallen granite mountain hotshots. >> remembering what happened. >> a su's quarterback on a mission.
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>> the legendary singer talks about family. >> an arizona couple's selfless act to keep five sib lings together. >> the no. 1 night team in action for you. 1-year-old boy dies after he was run over by a truck. >> monique griego is live near he heartbreaking story. >> reporter: devastating for everyone involved. both the driver and the little boy live here in this community. so tonight as investigators work to figure out exactly what led to the accident, neighbors here are grieving. >> reporter: a horrific chain of events sending a south phoenix family on a frantic drive to save their 1-year-old's
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hit by a truck. >> the child had -- his head was bashed. >> reporter: phoenix police telling 12news a neighbor backing up his truck hit the toddler in the driveway at mobile home park where they live. >> very responsible person. he has kids of his own. i know alcohol wasn't a factor. >> reporter: the driver telling the boy's parent who is began rushing him to the hospital in critical condition. >> i believe that was probably related to a lot of panic going on. seeing your child in a critical state and they didn't know what the family, firefighters taking over the transport. the boy later died at the hospital. >> their little kid is crying because the little kid saw what happened. >> reporter: the driver of the truck didn't see the little boy. >> it was an accident. to have that in your head that you ran over a little boy, now we find out that the boy passed away, it's even harder on him right now. >> reporter: authorities do not think impairment is a factor and
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cooperating with police. >> you're looking at a child who may have walked away just for a few seconds. very, very tragic. >> reporter: police also told us they do not believe the driver was speeding and the investigation is ongoing. monique griego, 12news at 10:00. our other big story on 12news at 10:00, the fire fight underway in eastern tennessee. on flames along with dry brush. at least three people are dead. the fire destroying hundreds of buildings. and the danger isn't over yet. the resort town of gatlinburg is bracing for more intense winds, and a curfew is in place. >> flames got dangerously close to a hotel, trapping some guests. that fire knocking on
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the theme park. >> fire and smoke everywhere. >> many of the evacuees had to navigate mountain roads, which were clogged with smoke. firefighters admit they have not been able to reach some areas remember they're investigating the cause of the fire, arson has not been ruled out. so many incredible, courageous stories coming out of tennessee tonight, like this one, stuck inside the hotel, krista boarden thought she was going to die. the hotel surrounded by fire. as people gathered in the lobby with no form of escape. so she wrote the names and ages of her son and nephew on a piece of paper thinking the three of them would pass out and eventually die from smoke inhalation. >> i knew we only had minutes, and that we would eventually pass out. and i was thinking i was so thankful that we would
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>> sorry . experience anything more devastating than what they had already experienced. [ crying ] >> you can just imagine that. they were cuddling, calm, and at peace, but thankfully she and the boy all survived and are doing fine tonight. >> all of that comes as we remember the 19 arizona firefighters who died battling the yarnell hill fire three years ago. >> aew opening where the hotshots lost their lives. the trail takes visitors to where they took their final breaths. >> more on the lasting tribute to their heroism. >> this is not an easy trail to hike by any means. it goes uphill for a couple miles before you get to the memorial site, and the families of the granite mountain hotshots wouldn't want it any other way. >> travis parker. [ bells ringing ] >> reporter: not just names, not just pictures. [ bells ringing ] >> reporter: they were people
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learned it all on the trail. >> to slowly get to know the crew intimately and who these men were, that's amazing >> reporter: it's a hard hike, broken up by plaques dedicated to each of the 19 hotshots. eric marsh's is first. >> it's bittersweet. you're proudest there, and you're thankful. >> reporter: the members of the holl shots visited the spot together ones made their final stand, where they will always be remembered. >> it gets everybody. hard to put words to it, but it just kind of takes my breath away. >> reporter: a circle in stone marked with purple ribbons showing that to the end, they stuck together. >> they were all for one and one for all, just a special group >> reporter: the state park officially opens to the public on wednesday.
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tonight after tweeting out "people who burn the american flag should lose their citizenship or spend a year in jail." >> should it be illegal? you can vote yes or no at >> nico santos is in the newsroom with feedback. >> there seems to be a little common ground. freedom of expression y flag, assuming it's your own property. at least some of the veterans we talked to just because you can do it doesn't make it any less offensive. >> there must be consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail. >> reporter: that was the tweet from donald trump early tuesday. >> there are several problems with that. >> reporter: some social media users agree, one saying if you can't burn the flag, you may as well burn the constitution. the aclu of arizona says it's protected. >> the supreme court has
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symbolic speech. >> reporter: if there were punishment for burning the flag, your citizenship would not know at stake. >> it would be a violation of 8th amendment. >> reporter: could it be illegal after trump is sworn in? it would make a major change at the supreme court level. >> to the point that there was a majority of the court that found flag burning to not be protected. >> reporter: some agree. >> they don't really appreciate what veteran we met in downtown phoenix says flag burning is offensive to him and all service members in this country. >> i would feel very hurt. >> reporter: but he admits the flag represents the freedom to burn it. >> i think they have no understanding of how important that is. >> reporter: others are not so forgiving. >> wrap yourself in and i'll light the match for you. >> you may also be offended by
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form of speech. abuse, a lack of sensitivity and misunderstanding take place on college campuses between men and women. a group at asu is trying to change all of that. danny wilson plays a big role in that. he further help and education others. >> reporter: practice, team meetings, physician meetings, film studies, team meals. for manny wilkins, that's a busy day. that does not include the student part of his day. >> i'm trying to be a good person and a good man >> reporter: yet he adds to his crowded plate by attending a campus group meeting once a
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>> reporter: say what? >> i am that girl is a women's empowerment organization. we pride ourselves on turning self-doubt into self-love. and we're really just one big space where girls can come and be 100% authentic to themselves. >> reporter: yeah, but what's that gotta do with you, manny? >> i've seen some things in my time growing up that have obviously shaped me to the man they am t learned growing up no matter what that there's never a situation where a woman or a female needs to be disrespected. it's all about just standing up for what you believe in. >> we invite the football department, or the football team specifically because we feel that they have a lot of pull on campus, and they're able to set an example for other men on campus. >> i'm out here just to improve
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get closer to my pierce around asu. >> we think about things that go on in our lives personally, we speak about things that we see in the community that we don't like or things that we do like. >> reporter: the meetings are never contentious but can and do spark interesting and valuable dialogues. >> that happen s. people change as they come to college. >> confidence issues. >> we wanted a place where girls can collaborate instead of compete with each other. >> anytime somebody says anything good, you just finger snap or it touches you, just pat yourself on the heart to let them know that person that's talking, that what they said connected with you. i've learned a lot coming to these meetings. hearing these young girls'
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past. it's helped me learn about my girlfriend even more. i pride myself on being a very respectable man. to my girlfriend to the woman that i see and encounter myself with on a daily basis. >> that's pure integrity. doing stuff on and off the field regardless of who sees you or not. >> i cry all the time. [ laughter ] >> and he comes to these all the time. that's definitely a big mark, check mark on my book. >> it's a up for what you believe in. you gotta speak up. if you don't speak up, everything spreads out, it's kind ever like a disease. and at the end of the day, i want to be able to do nothing bibetter this football team. two police officers caught on camera pepper spraying a woman will no longer be facing criminal charges.
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together. >> talking about family ahead of dolly's christmas special. >> priceless reactions, and counting down to jimmy. >> natally port man, jj abrams, and music from neal diamond!
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crash investigators in columbia have released a photograph of the black boxes from the plane carrying a brazilian soccer team to a south american championship playoff
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people. six survived including just three team members. the video and photo from the airport and the plane are haunting. you can see the young faces of brazil's soccer club, an underdog dream team considered a cinderella story just moments before tragedy struck. a survivor told rescuers the plane ran out of fuel. >> no ! >> get >> out of that yard. >> here in the valley a surprising turn of events, the maricopa county attorney's office moved to dismiss the criminal case filed against the phoenix police officers both indicted for tampering with a public record after pepper spraying a homeless woman. they said they stayed to give her medical attention but that's not what their gps and body cameras revealed. the case is being
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conviction. the internal affairs investigation against the men will continue. both are still on administrative leave. it's been a busy year for 70-year-old country music legend dolly parton. a no. 1 album, an nbc christmas special airing tomorrow night, and a 50th wedding anniversary. >> many of you watched her performing tonight on the voice. before, that she sat down with team 12's ryan cody who joins us live from the newsroom. no sign was slowing down. she's dealing with a heavy heart this week though. wildfires in east tennessee, dangerously close to her theme park and resort in pigeon forge. both evacuated on tuesday. she issued a statement saying she's heartbroken and sending prayers. a lot to balance tonight. ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> i don't ever want to retire.
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i think that's one of the reasons i stay young for my age is because i'm busy. i don't have time to get old. >> reporter: father time has no grip on this country music queen who even at 70 brings as much energy to her work as she did 50 years ago. >> i'm really proud of all i've accomplished. and they say wisdom comes with age, and if that's so i'm pretty smart right now. [ laughter ] >> reporter: actress, singer, songwriter, business woman. her theme park is a huge $450 million empire in tennessee. >> i met dolly when i was seven months pregnant with these two here at dollywood, and i asked her if it was okay if i named one of my twin daughters dolly, so this is dolly. >> reporter: despite working with and caring for so many children over the years, dolly and her husband never had kids themselves. >> if i had children, i would have probably not have done all they would have because i would have given myself i'm sure to
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and i don't regret it. he doesn't regret it. and i love being aunt dolly. i love having not that full responsibility, but i love that energy of kids. and that keeps me young too. ? ? [ music ] ? ? tomorrow after her movie my red carpet interview the 9-year-old who plays dolly in christmas of many play such an iconic figure, tomorrow on 12news at 10:00. an arizona couple make national headlines for adopting five brothers and sisters to keep them from being split up. they have opened their home to dozens of foster children over the years, and they tell people magazine the children they chose to be part of their forever home
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since february of 2015. their ages are 2, 3, 6, 7, and 9. you'll hear from the new loving family tomorrow night right here on 12news at 10:00. many of you watched the emotional 9th episode of "this is us" on 12news tonight. >> and can you continue the journey with an online series called "this was us." it's a special inside look from the creator who's joined by some of the show's cast. >> there's this big moment where rebecca goes and finds william for basically the second time in the show. >> yes. >> and it's really, really impactful. it's this moment where these two people, they don't even recognize each other. after almost a decade, these two people who have been such form tiv figures in their lives are confronted with each other for the second time.
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hoping he doesn't live there anymore or maybe he's not alive anymore. anything that would help ease the blow, make this lie vanish. >> yeah. >> and she doesn't have to carry around this lie anymore. because it's so heavy. and having to keep this information from jack as well i think has taken a much bigger toll than she initially realized. >> you can watch and share your comments. we love hearing from you about this show. so many of you really are into it. we appreciate that. can you watch a new episode every tuesday at 8:00. we're counting down to jimmy now with just about 10, 15 minutes to go until the tonight show kicks off right here. >> and his guests are natally
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and neal diamond. word is spreading that sir elton john will be making a tour stop at tucson arena on march the 21st. last time he played in tucson, he got food poisoning. he had to postpone his concert for a day this is a live look in a mesa neighborhood. obviously these neighbors -- look at that. getting into the spirit. goodness. beautiful. we want to know when you, your family and
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great job. >> really good. >> love christmas lights. this is the mormon temple in mesa. they have some free concerts throughout the month of december december. >> perfect weather to check that out. >> you need a jacket though. >> i always tell people, i was talking to my dad back east, it was in the 40s there. and i said well tonight it's gonna be in the 40s here. but the desert cold is different. >> it is. it does get to you, it gets to those bone fist you're not covered --
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the high country is really dealing with some temperatures that even people in the northeast and midwest have to given respect to. 11 degrees currently in flagstaff. it is thick right now in greer -- six right now in greer, the lowest temperature on the map. these temperatures are colder than yesterday at this time. so flag is 15 degrees colder than yesterday. it's a pretty big difference. show low 11 degrees colder, prescott 6. in pix yesterday. tonight some areas for the first time this season will drop down to freezing if not below that. dangerous temperatures that objection contact veblgtation -- that account impact vegetation, pets, stretching through portions of pinal county and down into areas like tucson, and some of the rural areas of puma county. that goes out until tomorrow morning. the storm system is way off to the east, long gone.
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have this is cold air filtering in from the north. so expect the next few nights to look something like this. here across the valley, 34 to 41. clear skies out there, winds coming out of the northeast light at 5 to 10 miles an hour. another system on friday, very weak, only a 10% chance of rain. and the weekend, back to sunshine with temperatures warming up, close to 70 keys degrees by sunday. your mvp of the night revealed. >> and our omg photo. [ laughter ] >> you can weigh in on our live poll tonight. should burning the
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because it's better to give than to receive. because there's no place like home. midfirst bank will always be true to your money - with innovative services that let you focus on what's most important. midfirst bank. true to your money. my mvp of the night, caribe and vanessa have given me the business in the past for picking
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effort. posted a 79 in basketball. and the 18-year veteran showed his stuff again tonight. the fact that he tried to finish this break with a dunk is an effort i'm rewarding. i'm giving paul pearce my mvp of the night! go ahead, boo want. i'm sticking with my choice. >> i'm not criticizing, i just think he looks like he's in pain. >> the least he could do is hoop up to be the mvp. >> why you gotta hate? >> high expectations. [ laughter ] our omg photo of the night. >> christmas is happening for one day in orlando. she is in love with her santa toy.
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>> they took thor meet the big guy: >> loves it. her owner says he never expected the photo to
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- natalie portman. j. j. abrams.


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