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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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as summer lashing out online. the biggest toy this holiday season. why parents need to see them if they want a detachable. [music] it is monday from the ne a chilly monday. it is also cyber monday. with a lot going on. back to that chilly monday, we have meteorologist kristal henderson with a look at your forecast. good morning to you. temperatures are crushing down and -- crashing down and everybody is getting in on the chill. we are in freezing territory in sedona. dipping into the 20s. preston, flagstaff, winslow, show low, even phoenix dropping down into the 40s. we may even knock off another degree or two before the sun
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i believe that it is. sure enough. we will see valley temperatures ranging from 40 degrees to 45 degrees while the kids are at the bus stop. give them a heavy coat. it will not only be called the we will see clouds. uteri to the sky too. we may see more rain of those clouds, but for the most part, they are plain old clouds to start things off. a little bit of sunshine will do anything to one said. we're waiting 10 gr later in the evening as the sunsets at 521 later in the evening as the sunsets at 5:21 pm, we may be renewing our chance for rain showers in the valley. an, crystal. absolutely loving the rain in the valley. snow outdoors. -- snow up north. snow is on the side of the road this morning. we can expect slid conditions in flagstaff schools are only two hour delay because of all of the winter weather
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northbound and southbound lanes looking good. southbound lane starting to slow down just a little bit. for the most part, the valley is nice and clear this morning. we do have a little backup on the 10 eastbound to about 10 eastbound. speeds are at about 20 miles per hour. is only going to take you 10 minutes to get from the 101 to the many stat. one minutes dead and another in critical condition after a shooting along the right -- light rail in phoenix. latest from there. i am a -- the suspect in this shooting is still on the loose. police have now been here for nine hours. they are starting to clear the scene. in fact, moments ago, we saw the command than driveway. we do have one cop car here. the shooting happened at 24th street and jefferson at 9 pm last night.
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the slight rail. two men were approached by a third being. they got into an argument that turned physical. one of those men pulled out a handgun and shot the other one. -- shot the other two. those two men were taken to the hospital. one died in one remains in critical condition. placer searching for the suspect at this point. we have not gotten a suspect description. something to keep in mind, if you do drive through here, you may want to consider a different route to work. edessa look like police will be clearing the scene shortly but it is something you may want to consider. check today. a missing twin your -- a missing twin-year-old -- a missing 21-year-old's body was found yesterday. at this time, investigators are still looking into what happened. authorities are looking for a missing hiker from phoenix was supposed to return from a trip from sequoia national park last wednesday. search and rescue crews are looking for 41-year-old vince
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november 18. wisconsin election officials are expected to meet today to discuss a recount of the states presidential election. the recount was requested by green party candidate jill stein to look into hacking -- attacking was impacting the results. president-elect donald trump nearly 1 wisconsin and pennsylvania and has a small lead in michigan. hillary clinton's campaign has joined the recount effort said they'd found in every evidence of hacking. we will have the latest on this recount coming up at 6:30 am. millions of holiday travelers make the return home. travelers lined up for tickets and then moved on to long support -- long security lines at airports. according to aaa, around 29 million people travel by air or by the road for the holiday weekend. topping business news now, the dow jones will open at a record high this morning in a
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session on friday, the dow rose another 69 points. it closed at 19,000 152. target -- 19 152. had a record- breaking day with sales topping on monday. the online sales were driven by three items. tvs, apple products, and gaming systems. target continues its holiday sale today offering 15% off of most items both in-store and online. talk about cashing in. someone is waking up $421 million richer this morning. there was just one winning ticket for the massive powerball ticket. don't get your hopes down just yet. the winning number was sold in tennessee. check her numbers anyway. there are still many ways to win. the numbers were 17, 19, 21,
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out am hundred dollars in the hole -- i am $100 in the hole for powerball. we are live at the amazon for the filming center. i'm sure it is getting very busy out there, brian. training, it is different getting busy and feeling -- in speaking of the lottery, this place will be packed today not just in phoenix but all the place. this is the amazon fulfillment center. this is where the labels come out and all the shipping happens. we are joined by martin. tell us a little bit about the station., this is where we will put our products into the boxes and be ready to ship out to customers. we are expecting thousands of shippers out of this point alone. last year, we shipped 54 million items which is roughly 659 items per second. this is where the magic will happen today. >> it is one of your busiest
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like today? >> we have the inventory available in the building and make sure we have it available on the website. we have seasonal associates that help that happen we have people that will pick, pack, and shipped today to make sure that we can meet our customer demands today. they have hundreds of boxes. this is a three. all of the tape that is inside of this is measured in scientifically knows exactly how much to put on each box so that you do not e of the hot deals over here. we will be showing you a table that is set up. it is just on the other side because they have 8 million -- they have 8 miles of conveyor belts in this area. 54,000,000+ packages will be going through here. let's show you down here. these are already some of them that will be going out to some happy customers today. what is neat in the valley is they have same-day delivery for the valley. that is free today. a lot of hot items. anything from learning elmo to where you've seen the
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google, they have those electronic devices that echo. we have all of those coming up at 6:30 am. cyber monday is the topic of our poll question today. laster, the average online purchase was $128. we are wondering how much you are going to spend today? more than $128, less than $128, or nothing? grab your phone or your child -- tablet. 70% of people say they are not going to quarterback, one of these attachable's, they are the hot toy this holiday season. get this, a pair of brothers the valley may be able to help you. the stars are just like us, right? watch erin -- watch ellen embarrass one celebrity with his crash. temperatures may be a shock to the system.
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the chandler trifecta there. 48 from phoenix in colder temperatures there. luke air force base, you name it. it is a cold one. even colder temperatures are on the way. will talk about your full forecast coming up. tonight only on 12news at 10, whitney used's -- whitney houston's daughter in the shocking news surrounding her death. only tonight on 12news that tend it.
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-- at 10. [music] it is 6:12 am on this monday morning. big spender, is that what she said there? that is what we are all thinking this cyber monday.
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more than $128, or less than $100, or to -- or zero? it looks like most people are spending zero. >> are you a big spender? i spent all of my money on black friday. i went shopping on thanksgiving night and black friday morning. celebrities are just like us. just like actor james marsden's -- marston and he said how he recently took a picture of her after he realized they were on the same flight. take a look.>> when i got off of the flight, i followed her to baggage claim and in a creepy way, i took a photo of her while she was walking.
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backstage because i did not want her to know that i was stalking her in the room international airport. >> helen, come on out. >> [music] watch a very red-faced james meet helen moran. >> got a love that. look at that connection there. >> of course. when you use a bird to write with, it is called tweeting. on nl second still rest easy but the latest film, moe on a, dominated the box office ranking in more than $81 million in the us over the five day weekend. this makes it the second biggest thanksgiving opening
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the weekend as well, and i loved it. it was such a cute movie. james taylor and i were talking about this earlier. i felt like there was enough singing in it, but james thought there should be more singing. >> i needed just a little bit more. for us adults, we thought there was just the right amount of singing. 30% of people say they have never done this and others sayy what is this? that's the second hint help us out a little bit? i am still stumped. to broad. i have no idea. >> the only thing that i say his workouts. some people do it every day and some people have never done it and their life. >> i could see that. >> jen, do you have any ideas? -- >> is a get your car wash? just let the rain when it off.
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night. now, we are taking you out to i tend and 75th avenue. eastbound. wall to wall traffic your. every lane is completely filled up. it is only 6:16 am this morning. we still have another couple of hours of rush hour to go and there are reports of a crash off left here. be careful if you're heading out in that area. once you get closer to downtown phoenix, we're seeing some the east valley is relatively clear for now. that will definitely change especially on the 60 westbound in just a few minutes. jefferson between 24th and 26th st. this morning, no word on when this will reopen. your alternate routes are going to be washington streets or buckeye. looking ahead to the 7:00 hour, this is about 40 minutes away. we will take you up to the north as speeds are down to about 123 miles per hour as we had east.
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country over the last 12 hours. roads are icy. people need to take it slow. some of you are waking up and saying hello snow. here in the valley, it is some damp roads out there and some left over clouds. in the high country, the kids are rejoicing because there is a two hour delay at flagstaff schools. we are left with a half foot in forest lakes near flagstaff. williams, 4 inches. how would you like to add about 3 inches to those totals today? it could happen. there is another system that was upon through and deliver s'more snowflakes. the snow is not just for the high country. phoenix, i'm talking to you too. today, on this day, way back in 1919, it's smoked -- it snowed here. is set the record high cold temperatures at 40
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just two days away until we track average high temperatures in phoenix. 23 days until the official start of winter begins. dismiss, 27 days away, and new year's, 34 days away. let's take you through futurecast hour by hour and see what is up. would basically have clouds right now and then we have the system we are talking about. it has legs on it and it will be moving very quickly. do not blink years i will are down to 5000 feet. 123 feet on top of what you havarti got. then, some green on your screen. this is overnight hours into early tomorrow morning. possibly some rain showers here in the valley. and then just like that, it is out of your. it zips on through and cold air is left in its way. boy, does it -- is it going to leave its calling card of cold. the meantime, here are the highs for today. do not be confused. those are high temperatures.
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44 basin, globe, sedona. and then barely busting out of freedom -- freezing. 40 for the grand canyon. show low, you are coming in of 46 degrees. the cold, this is where it is that. notice that low of 41 degrees in phoenix. that means some valley neighborhood sticking -- dipping into the 30s. freeze for places like globe and miami. in the meantime, we will continue to drop the temperatures drop that night. watch out for that shower overnight tonight. otherwise, start to see those clouds bust up and we will see more sunshine on wednesday. what is this? friday and saturday, another system the we're tracking. right now, it looks like a big snooze fest. that is because we are being conservative. will watch these things develop an we will keep you posted.
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breezy too. embrace the low temperatures. before you know it, it will be lows in the 100's. still ahead on 12 today, the hottest toy and parents cannot find them anywhere. a couple of brothers in the valley can help. it will cost you though.>> week by week, they would increase in price. we started selling them at $90. $100. black friday, they were going 4 how to brothers are cashing -- are cashing in on those articles.
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now how's that thing supposed to convince anyone to buy a car? it's just full of hot air and doesn't say much. like the labels you see on a lot of chicken packaging. the ones that say "raised without antibiotics." that's just a trick to get you to pay more money. fact is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear
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though i must say, he is somewhat hypnotic. don't fall for the hype, dale. dale? fresh. delicious. chicken, from sanderson farms. there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street, can fill you with wonder. and the smile of a mouse can spark joy.
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so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days. 6:23 am on this monday morning. that is a live look at possibly? that is what flagstaff used to look like. we do know it is cold and flagstaff. there is cold -- there is snow up there and that is just two hours north of flagstaff. here in the valley, it is called. not as cold. no snow. always beautiful here in the valley of the sun. move over cabbage patch kids. step aside for been tickle me elmo. parents everywhere are searching high and low for the
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attachable's. >> their sold-out just about everywhere. but one set of brothers brought a ton of them and are now cashing in.>> people make a fortune off of playing good stock tips. how about toy tips? you probably have not even heard about a hatch a bowl until now. chances are, you will hear soon. >> the infamous attachable cannot stay warehouse. a hatch a bull is a furry little interactive critter that hatches from an egg. in the zappers are selling them for a huge profit. >> we started selling them at $90, $100. black friday is today a week are selling them for $220 on ebay right now. $220 for $60 toy. it started when mike's daughter asked for hatch a bull for christmas.
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on it, and they spent $5000 on everything they could find. >> at the end of the day, $5000 is a lot of money. our family thought we were crazy. >> dad changed his tune with the money came pouring in. >> i have 12 bids on this.>> the zappers are not setting the price. ebay is. still, they are getting some backlash. say they are profiting off of christmas. their response, basically, yell. >> it was a business decision that we made, the business decision is hopefully going to make my could have a good christmas. >> if you do not want to go on ebay, there's a chance you could win one. they are giving away one hatch will just for arizona. we have the link to that facebook page on>> i will not tell you exactly what is on my mind, but one
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the grinch who stole christmas. >> we're going on ebay. right now, they are going for $300 for a two dollar toy. there are working-class families who find it very hard to buy gifts for their children for the holiday, they will have a very hard time doing it. let us know what you think. you might know how we think about this, but had to our ew story there. five teams have state champions this weekend. who are the hot shots from a big weekend of high school football? straka presidential election lingers on. the latest effort to challenge the results in some states and the reaction that donald trump is offering. we are live from the amazon fulfillment center showing you some of the hot items that are selling the cyber monday. we will have this right after
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right now on 12 today, deadly confrontation eddie light rail station. the police may -- say may have led to this fatal shooting.
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monday. parents, wake up your teenagers. we show you the highlights from a weekend of high school football. it was nice and warm inside of that stating. if they played outside, with the chilly. it looks like the sun is about to come up over the valley of the sun and you can feel the chill in the air, crystal. you cannot take it at face value. we're waking up to one of the coldest mornings so far this season. those showers are long gone, but b leave behind his calling card. we've got cold air all across the state. 40 degrees is wealthier checking in in phoenix. freezing sedona, blow that impressive. 34 in payson. 24 at the grand canyon. taking you hour by hour here in the valley, noticeably stay in
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long each and every hour that that son is breaking through those clouds. you will notice in increasing clouds later on in the evening and then quickly those temperatures tumbling back into the 50s and 40s overnight. this means another shot that we could bring some rain out of those clouds. overnight, for the pike -- for the high country, to 60% chance. snow levels down to about 5000 feet. jen? we're taking you out to a crash. this as i 10 e. 75th avenue. i mentioned it about 10 minutes ago . we found it, parking lot because of it. this is heading into phoenix from the west valley. you are definitely going to need to give yourself extra time getting to wherever you need to go. 101 in the east valley. a slowdown around east valley. -- around 101. east 50 starting to back up. drive times because of this crash, 303 to 7 street on the 10 eastbound will take you 40
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on 60 westbound. before we send it to matt, give you this picture right here. there icy roads in the high country. flagstaff schools on a two-hour delay this morning. this is a look at i-40 just west of flagstaff. snow is piling up on the roadways. new this morning, one man is dead and another in critical condition after they were both shot while waiting for the light rail. team 12 is life in jefferson with the latest on the crime scene tape is down in police have cleared the scene. jefferson street remains closed off. we do know however that the light rail is back open. in fact, just moments ago, we saw the first train rolled through. that shooting happened here on this platform a 24th street in jefferson around 9 pm last night. police tell us that two men were standing on the platform when a third man approached them.
6:33 am
verbal fight that turned into a physical fight. at some point, one man pulled out a gun and shot the other two. those two men were taken to hospitals where one later died. the other is listed in very critical condition. we do not have any information on the suspect as soon as we do have some information or any other updates, we will make for now, the light rail is open although jefferson street is still closed off a 24th street. we do not have any information on when that will reopen. if you do travel through your on your way to work, you may want to consider an alternate route. for now, back to you. think you for the details. time now is 630 -- thank you for the details. time now is 630 for the details. time now is 6:30 am. the green party is challenging the election results in three states. hillary clinton campaign is joining them. president-elect donald trump is calling it all a scam.
6:34 am
latest from washington. >> reporter: the green party is requesting recounts in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. >> this is not about helping one guy and hurting another guy. this is about providing a system that we, the voters, kimberly then. took president-elect trump is denouncing the activity on twitter. he is claiming that without proof that he won the popular vote because millions voted illegally. he calls the recount fundraising scam. the green party denies said. >> this is a total and complete distraction and a fraud , and it is something that they should drop. specular clinton's campaign longer said they found no evidence of packing. they are not behind the recount but will participate. meantime, there is dissension inside the truck transition over possibly appointing met romney as secretary of state.>> people feel betrayed to think the governor romney would be
6:35 am
cabinet post add -- of all. we don't even know if he voted for donald trump. after the death of fidel castro, there are questions about whether trump will embrace or reverse president obama's reconnection with cuba. our bank accounts decreased a little bit. when it comes to technology and shopping, team 12 the fulfillment center where he is picking out gifts for all of us. he is bringing back some whey protein format morrow, right? i that is exactly right, brandon. i have seen some people eyeing this, crystal, but your darth vader mask, it is in good hands. 54 million packages are going to be going through amazon centers. this is nationwide just for today. for cyber monday. it is on was like a holiday for you guys.
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that you up.. >> 30% off of shoes and apparel. if you need shoes or boots for her, great deals. but i like about these, they light up. >> you are going to make somebody's day with these. 30% off. >> also, kitchenaid. $300 off. you know that you will be baking this holiday season. if you are baking cookies, bread, this is great. this is a big item. if you want to light up your house, you just project the lights onto your house. images projected onto your house. if you need a new kindle, check it out. this is a great item. it is a kids addition fire tablet. right? so check out this case. drop it on the ground, and it is durable. >> it also has a two-year worry free guarantee. if your son drops it on the ground, throws across the room, guess what? send it back to amazon, no
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i thought this was tickle me elmo because you're a member a couple of years ago. this is a newer version. love to learn elmo. it is a great new addition of the elmo doll. he plays games with you until she jokes. he giggles. he makes funny sounds. it is a great gift. >> a lot of great gifts if you're going shopping. free same-day delivery in the valley. a lot of great stuff. all of that brings us to our 12news poll question. last year, the average person spent about $128 on cyber monday. how much are you going to spend? more than $128, less than $120, or zero? right now, the poll says 67% of people said they will buy absolutely nothing. lady gaga gets emotional while talking about fame.
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of. and she may have found the fountain of youth. in the dairy section is where she founded. one thing the world's oldest person said she eats every single day. the stories coming up on 12
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[music] cannot be greedy on this monday morning. this cyber monday. hopefully you're getting some good deals. our poll question at the bottom the screen shows that a lot of you who voted are going to spend te monday. it is time for the morning juice from lady gaga to the oldest woman in the world, vanessa ramirez has at all. with a lot of good stuff. lady gaga gets emotional when talking about being a celebrity. check this out. this self-proclaimed mama monster even cried when she talked about the downside of fame. in particular, the loss of privacy saying that once she walks outside and crosses her property line, she is no longer
6:42 am
morning show, that it is legal for people to follow her whether on a sidewalk or on a beach and she cannot call police to ask them to leave her alone. she said being famous is the most single isolating thing that she can think of. that is hard. can you imagine? you can go to your favorite restaurant. you can't go anywhere without people following you. i always thought that michael jackson and elvis presley, they were the two biggest guys who lived in a prison because they could not do anything. >> that is what you signed up for when you became a let's all wish an early happy birthday to the worlds oldest living person. she is celebrating her 117th birthday tomorrow. she was born in 1899 when william mckinley was president of the us. she lived through two world world -- wars. however, emma said her secret is eating eggs every day since she was a teenager. she has eaten more than 1000
6:43 am
>> i am heading to the store right now to get some eggs. >> 1899. i cannot believe that. >> cholesterol is not a problem. imagine the things that she has seen over her lifetime. >> she has seen a lot of things. that is amazing. that is exciting for her tomorrow. it is time for our juicy question and the answer. 30% of people say they have never done this. here is your hand. we believe matt morrow has not done this in the past month while jimmy is likely done this with that, i am going to say drink. >> i was going to say get sloshed. >> how about this? eating meat. >> or just eating in general. let's see what the answer is. >> order take out. >> that is every night for jimmy q. although he told me that he just rolled out some filet mignon and lobster tell the other night.
6:44 am
he had a barbecue the other day. >> is exaggerating. >> that happens once a week for most people.>> you just call ahead and ordered and pick it up on your way home. >> with the breeds and all those other apps, it is easy. >> there is take out and then there's fast food. you are on 12 today. it was a football championship weekend in the belly. five teams to calm the crowd that only a few can be called hotshots.
6:45 am
at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday.
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>> [ cheers] >> [music] a whole bunch of teenagers are walking into school this morning with a little extra swagger. five new state football champions were crowned on saturday.
6:48 am
some hotshots. we have some hotshots from championship weekend. >> [music] special-teams are always a game changer. to hotshots did just that. first up, thatchers late and older. the block that sealed the deal for the eagles into a. how often do you get a second chance of returning a punt for a touchdown? swirls tackled at the 2 yard line early in the game, but this time he would not go down. >> it was real. i dreamed about it all week. i dreamed about getting that pat return. three amazing hotshots. two of them from chandler amount employed. check out the one-handed grab from amani lee. low moor look. by -- my goodness. four turnovers, then the prides. isaiah looking like uncle troy. the best came from the state
6:49 am
is there with the scoop and 60 yards scored. >> we came here to make history, and we did. listen to the sound from chandler way? patriots are your state champs. how about the hotshots for best catch of the day. touchdown. this one was unanimous. chandlers tj green, 233 yards on the ground. three touchdowns. >> i can describe it. i love my team. i love my whole line. we did it. >> out as a bill to be state champs back >> [ cheers] . following the hotshot for best bucket drop. >> [ cheers]
6:50 am
>> [ cheers] [music] all right. for more coverage from high school football championships, head over to transports and be sure to catch the final fever of the high school football season this friday night at 11:30 am -- 1130 -- 11:30 pm as the out the postseason awards. be a believer and catch the fever at 1135 catch the fever at 11:35 am. jen, we believe in you. we will believe that you will get people to work on time. we're working on a. especially in the belly where we're working on clash -- crash closures. i 10 and 70 fifth avenue, we will talk about that in just a second. right now, we're taking you out
6:51 am
a motorcycle crash. or alternate route will be winter or chandler boulevard. we do not know when this is going to reopen. it is expected to be backed up for quite some time. another closure because of police activity, jefferson between 24th and 26th st. alternate routes, washington street or buckeye. stabler 12news for when that will reopen. now taking you have to i 10 and 70 fifth avenue. eastbound lanes are completely stop. a crash off to the left. this is heading into phoenix. a mess of a commute this morning. drive times on the 10th westbound from queen street street taking 25 minutes. good news. listened with a bright spot. 202 red mountain and santana are both in the green. crystal, how is the forecast? our next weather maker is on the way right now. a next big burst of sunshine is greeting you for outside. a little might check. was due do over. that's an is popping up now. i'm pretty sure, shortly at 7:12 am. he saw just how big and bright it is.
6:52 am
sky in the valley. headset because our next weather maker is on the way. in fact, we have already gotten some flakes flying in the high country. snow levels down to 5000 feet. is mostly reserved for the northwestern portion of the state right now. maybe a little bit of action happened near flagstaff as this gets closer and closer. we will be adding to those snow totals today. here is what we've got right now on the ground. notice the deep blue color could be up to 1 foot of snow. that bull's-eye is just north of payson. you can see that swath of snow stretching from the northwest quarter over to the white mountains here. the snow is not just for the high country. phoenix, i am talking to you.'s note hear back in 1919. it was a dusting but a very rare sight your. pat day also set the record high cold temperature for the state at 40 degrees. will certainly get out of the 40s and 50s at some point today. and we will even crack into the
6:53 am
thank goodness for that. we just got in on some rainfall overnight.. generally, depending on which neighborhood you are picking out here, it is on the order of about a quarter of an inch. it could be adding to those totals too. let's walk you through futurecast. as with all the clock, more clouds than anything. then here comes the snow. nothing yet for the valley. some additional clouds certainly with some sun breaks. later in the evening and overnight hours, there is some green on your screen. that is hinting at the possibility of some showers. kind of the same timeframe that you are -- that you er cold, cold conditions on deck. tuesday night and into wednesday morning, it will be a rude awakening for some valley had neighborhoods. it will be dip down into the 30s. keep your eyes to the sky for a shot for showers. later on, high temperatures will be running below average. we keep those below average right through the end of the week.
6:54 am
some breezy weather conditions. you're thinking about the weekend, right? 71 degrees will be the high on the day. we're looking at tailgating time -- time temperatures in the 60s with clouds mixing in with the sun. let's get a final check on your hot headlines this monday. a family is for -- a family is safe after a family of four had a home invasion. police arrested three men and are trying to determine if others were involved issues grady auditorium injuring people blood. it happened during a performance of beautiful, a carol cain musical before 230 a performance of beautiful, a carol cain musical before 2:30 pm yesterday afternoon. the man fell from the grant your balcony area, more than 25 feet onto theater split. >> he did not want to disturb patrons around him by exiting to go to the restroom. so he thought he could go
6:55 am
unfortunately, that grand tier is free hanging in there is no kind of while faith -- walkway. >> our row was the road that he fell into. we did not see that fall. we did hear the commotion in the yelling. the emts came very quickly. they had the area cleared. >> police say three people were taken to different hospitals by ambulance for their injuries. at last check, no one suffered any life threatening injuries. a woman two bystanders in baton rouge, louisiana. the man was later killed in a shootout. the 48-year-old man was shot and died on the way to the hospital. cubit is planning to pay tribute to fidel castro. thousands are expected to visit havana's revolution plaza today
6:56 am
trump gets back to meeting with numbers today with his cabinet. this following the criticism regarding the recount. during a 12 hour twitter offensive, he made in substantiating claims of millions of illegal votes cast in the election. in the meantime, there is a battle shaping up. tim kaine is challenging nancy pelosi for a new messenger has democrats set to vote. who will lead them when congress reconvenes in january? it is cyber monday. is a going extinct? that is a question. things to the increase use of cell phones, the concept of black friday and cyber monday maybe fading. many would had to work after things giving weekend to snap
6:57 am
now, many of us have fast access on our mobile devices and are snagging deals early in the month. charity is the big winner of a hockey game in calgary. the hockey team called the hitmen has an annual teddy bear toss to benefit local charities. fans throw teddy bears on the ice after the team scores their first goal. the fans tossed a whopping 24,000 stuffed animals onto the ice there. our megaphone question of the morning story, by the way. that are question this morning, how much will you spend on cyber monday? more than $128, less than 128, or absolutely nothing. the results are in. 66% say absolutely nothing. there saving them for money. >> i think there's app from black friday for the folks were watching this show are not shopping. everyone else's shopping and not watching. real quick, 12news takeaways.
6:58 am
take your time. it will be a slippery one for the next hour or two. flagstaff schools are on a two-out later -- two hour delay. back in 1919, it snowed in phoenix. the oldest women -- the oldest woman in the world eats a lot of eggs. go home and eat some eggs. the rangers will be delivering pizza in japan. for me, if you're going to spend $750 on shoes, call me. i will do it for a week for 250. i will save you money. mine is about the snow to. i would give a lot to be up in flagstaff. it is going to be a great powder day upon the mountains. don't forget the 12news is always on. you can go to our website or to our app to get all of the weather information. have a great monday . we will
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. sore winner? donald trump now claiming voter fraud cost him the popular vote. this just hours after hammering hillary clinton for backing recount efforts in key swing states. but is there any proof of illegal voting? bidding farewell. cuba begins nine days of official tributes for fidel castro. but not everyone there is mourning the former dictator's death. we're live in havana. chaos on bourbon street. visitors of the popular new orleans tourist spot run for cover as gunfire between two men erupts in the french quarter. one person killed, nine others wounded. officials vowing to track down the shooter.


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