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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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by. as soon as i started to go to sleep around 6:00, the rain started pounding my win deand now we're starting to see the cool air because of it. >> i get so excited and hopefully you excited to. and we have cold air in its wake. it is a wake-up call in the high country, so much so that the flag staff schools are on a two-hour delay here this morning. here is a look at the snowfall more on the way today. forest lake, six inches there. williams, four inches. i think you get the picture. everyone is get diagnose on a little bit of the white stuff. it looks like more white stuff will be flying bus of this, the next big thing waiting in the wings, getting ready to zip on by. this thing has legs, too. it is going to be moving very quickly. we expect anywhere from one to three inches of additional
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right now the snow level is around 5,000 feet. here the the valley we might get on rainfall too. hour by hour, shooting up to a 60% chance in the afternoon and here in the valley by 6:00, a 20% chance of rain showers. jen? >> thank you, crystal. it is wonderful to finally feel like the season locally, up 'the high country, we're talking traffic, roadways, and flagstaff schools on a two-hour delay. this is a look at i-40 west of flagstaff. you can see a lot of snow piled up outside of the highway. it might up there this morning, so just take it slow. down the valley freeways, a look at 60. things starting to pick up here. you're still able to get where you need to go, but we are seeing a few slowdowns at 67th avenue. everywhere else as for as major freeways are rooking really good this morning. fortunately, though, there is a closure here. jefferson between 24th and 26th streets due to police activity
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going to be washington street or buckeye. and let's look ahead to the next half hour because things change very quickly here. this is 6:00 a.m. on valley roadways. around the durango curve. you're down to about 36 miles per hour. also, the 10 heading westbound right at the 60. matt? >> thank you, jen. 5:32. new this morning, one man is dead and another man is fighting for his life following a shooting at the light rail in phoenix. this happened at 24th and jefferson. nicole? >> reporter: and that shooting took place right here at 24th street and jefferson around 9:00 p.m., but the police are still on scene investigating. now, it happened on the platform of this light rail where you can see the detectives are still standing there right now. you can get a better look at the scene from the video that our crew shot last night right as the crews were just getting here. witnesses told police that they
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third man approached them. those men got special an argue that turned physical -- argument that turned physical and at some point one man pulled out a handgun and shot the other one. one died and at last check, the second man was in extremely critical condition. the police are still searching for the suspect. at this point they have not released a description. something to keep in mind, if you do drive to work through here, you may want to find right now, it is closed off at 24th street. we don't know when it will reopen. just something to keep in mind if you drive through here. for now live in phoenix, 12 today. >> thank you for the update. let's get a quick check of your hot headlines on this monday. three people are recovering after one men fell from one of the balcony's at asu's auditorium injuring the people
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scale king musical just before 2:30 yesterday. the man accidentally fell from the grand tier ball con no area more -- balcony area more than 25 feet. the body of a missing 20- year-old man was found in a chandler lake yesterday morning. he had been missing since last sunday. at this time the investigators are still trying to figure out what happened. and it is a huge day for retailers. this is the traditional cyber monday. and sales are predicted to hit $3.5 billion today, but the analysts question consumers will spend today, including many stores have been rolling out online holiday deal force the last month or so. speaking of cyber monday, how many of you plan on taking advantage of cyber monday? well, plenty of us around here, of course, including brian west out. there when it comes to technology, he is the guy for it. that is why team 1 brian west is at the amazon fulfillment center and he had that for matt. i think that was the perfect gift. >> reporter: and brandon, this
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i am such -- my nerdy, geeky side is coming out. we're above the conveyor belt. this this fulfillment center, 1.2 million square feet. that is about the size of 28 football fields. they have eight miles of convey yore belts. they definitely will be busy. i got presents already for you brandon and matt, and vanessa, i didn't forget about you. take a look at this nice purse. this is actually some of the product. >> so we hand make each product from scratch. we use the finest leathers and materials. yeah, we started in 2011 and we have been making them ever since. >> reporter: you were telling me this is one of the hot item this is year? >> it is. it is a classic staple. every guy needs a good shave bag that is going to last his whole life. we're going to be doing really good deals for cyber monday. yeah. >> it is amazing. take a look at this bag.
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to love that, fitting everything you need in there, including your morning juice. we're selling you some of the -- showing you some of the hottest deals. we're going to show you some of those coming up at 6:00. i can't tell you. this is just amazing. tick a look at all of these packages. they all will be going somewhere. 50million alone just for cyber monday. >> this is just the beginning. how much is the purse and the shave bag? >> reporter: so they were give me a price range for the purse and the shave bag? >> so for these shave bags, they go for about $89. they range from $89 to $110. these are priced on our web site for $225, but we're doing cyber monday deals on them for $168. >> it take as half a day to make one of these, all hand skipped, crafted, locally owned. we're bringing this back to you, vanessa. >> thank you, brian.
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projected to be spent today for cyber monday. >> we kid the research. last year the average online purchase for cyber monday was $128 so that is our poll question of the morning. how much do you plan to spend today? over $128, under $128, or flat out nothing? sker? and south florida and that's what 70% of people who vote sod far are saying, they are spending nothing. we want to hear from you, go to voice. it takes just >> keep it at zero. save your money. the trump transition team is in turmoil this after he goes on a tirade of tweets over election results. and pizza delivery drivers usually have two legs and a car and in japan tray do things differently, particularly over the holidays. we'll show you more of this video coming up at 12 today.
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good morning to you. welcome back to 12 today. 5:41 on this monday. let's get to politics and later today we expect to find out if wisconsin can finish its recount before the college deadline next month. the green party is challenging the elections in three states and hillary clinton is joining them and president-elect donald trump is calling it all a scam. tracy potts has the latest from washington this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the next step in all of this, what can wisconsin do and when can they get it done? in less than three hours we'll hear from their election commission on whether they can even get a recount done by the federal deadline, december 13th.
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michigan, and pennsylvania. >> this is not about helping one guy and hurting another guy. this is about providing a system that we, the voters kbelieve in. >> reporter: president-elect is denouncing the effort on twitter alleging voter fraud in states hillary clinton won, claiming without proof he won the popular vote because millions voted illegally. he called the recount a fundraising scam. the green party denies that. >> this distraction and a fraud, and something that they should drop. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign lawyer says they found no evidence of hacking. they're not behind the recount but will participate. in the meantime, there is dissension inside the trump transition over possibly appointing mtv as secretary of state. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney would be given the most significant cabinet postof all. we don't even know if he voted for donald trump. >> reporter: and after the
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about whether mr. trump will embrace or reverse president obama's renewed relationship with cuba. and there's also word this morning from a couple of sources telling msnbc that the president-elect is furious that kelly anne conway, the senior advisor, would come out publicly on mtv. >> she had some scathing things to say yesterday on the sunday morning talk shows, but she is not tomlin republican coming out against mtv, right, tracy? >> rte we have heard from mike huckabee, newt gingrich, he made it very clear even before the holiday that he thought rudy giuliani had a better temperament, as he put it, than mtv. it is not just conway, but given the fact that she has been an insider, she was a campaign manager, she has been an insider and somewhat of a spokesperson pretty regularly on the morning show for this campaign, to come out publy -- public against someone who is
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elect really seems to have thrown things off on the inside in terms of how they're looking at her. they're wondering whether she is a team player. >> it will be interesting to see what happens this week. tracie potts live in washington this morning. thank you. let's come back to the valley and arizona and get a quick check of the traffic. here is jen. good morning to you. we got rain overnight. the good news is the roads are drying out. the commute could be wetter for the afternoon and early evening. here is a look outside. i-10 eastbound starting up. 75th avenue so that is pretty far from downtown. you can expect unfortunately some slower speeds here for at least a few miles. 12 today, big picture traffic, no major crashes across valley treeways right now. we're just starting to add more vehicles here for rush hour. let's give you a few drive times. i-17 southbound from the 303 to the split taking 27 minutes now. 60 westbound from the 202 to the 10 is a 16 miles per hour
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16-minute commute and your exclusive traffic future cast, we're looking ahead about an hour to 7:00 a.m. the 17 backs up all the we and you're getting down to 37 miles per hour. also, the 101 northbound through scottsdale. crystal, and i know flagstaff schools are on a two-hour delay this morning. how are things looking up there because of the snow? >> it is a rude awakening, no matter where you're waking up in the state of arizona right now. temperatures have been allowed to come crashing down with the ss which basically lived up to its name. right now checking in at 20 degrees in flagstaff. 48 degrees in phoenix. you'll notice the dew points pretty close to those temperatures. the humidity is running high. there's just a light breeze out there. things are kick up in the high country. let's roll through future cast here for you. the clouds hanging out with us and what is this? well, there is another piece of energy in our atmosphere that is going to zip on through today that means more flakes flying in the high country. here we are looking at this afternoon.
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screen. yes, that is also a shot for some showers here the the valley. more so in the late evening hours, overnighttime frame. and then the cold air is here to stay. oh, boy, just you wait until tuesday night, wednesday morning. that will be the coldest temperatures we have seen so far with some valley neighborhoods getting down into the 30s. you can see getting a little gusty up to, i'd say 25 miles per hour there. and then dying off in the overnight hours. that's when that cold air is for us and we'll see the temperatures drop. ready for more winter? two days until the average high temperature in phoenix is in the 60s. winter begins in 23 days. 27 days until chris miss and the brand-new year starts in 34 days. here is a look at the high temperatures. i know it will be a little bit of of a shock, but these are high temperatures for today. awfully chilly in flagstaff at 34 degrees. 36 in the grand canyon.
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degrees. here is that seven-day forecast. we'll walk you through it a20% chance for stray showers left- handed hitter on today in the valley, so just keep your eye to the sky. so more than anything, i think you're going to just grab the heavy coat and hug it tightly this morning and layers for this evening. it will still be very chilly at the height of the day. still keeping it below average. and we've got more sunshine than anything on wednesday, but you n face value because that will be the coldest morning. and then as we head into the end of the week and the beginning of the weekend, we're tossing in another chance for some showers in the valley. it is still days out, so we're being conservative with the rain chances. this's why it is only a slight chance, but i have a feeling we will be tweaking the numbers in the days ahead. brosy on saturday o, yeah, big gym on sunday. it looks like the high of that day, 71 degrees.
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we still can't complain about that going into december, right? it is time for the morning juice. vanessa ramirez just walked in and she is ready to deliver some bizarre stories. >> reporter: that's right. you might want to step away real quick and take a look at your tv for this one. so domino's is take agu north korea approach to get people in the holiday spirit. they're using real reindeer fitted with gps trackers to deliver pizza to people's doors. yes, this is true. domino will make the trip easier in the harsh winter months. you won't see this in the valley. this is only happening in japan. my question is what happens when they get distracted and get off track. how do you get them become on track? >> i think it is much more reliable than the drone drop off. i'd much rather have a reindeer drop off my pizza. >> what do you tip them? >> what happens if they eat your pizza before they deliver isn't it? >> that is the juicy question.
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and find out what happens when it does take place. so there is more proof that things in australia defy explanation like this video submitted and apparently got near a dam. the video was uploaded online and it features a passing bird dropping a massive snake on to the windshield of the car causing the passengers to laugh hysterically and cry wind your window up! another video claimed hawk where a nick at a barbecue but that one turned out to be a hoax. is this a fake? can you imagine driving down the road and all of a sudden, boom! >> no way. >> a bird hit my windshield and i ducked thinking it was going to come through. oh, my gosh. >> and i wouldn't be laughing hysterically, i would be scared, what just happened! it is time for our juicy question. 75% of women say a man should
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most agree men have bad taste and are clueless with this. what is this? >> that is a lot of things. >> and that maybe spread to one other thing, maybe the ring. >> the ring. >> and a lot of guys don't have the eye -- >> i have never heard a woman say don't buy me that ring. >> there are a lot of women who say i didn't like that ring, i wanted something else. >> you're right. >> and yes. >> one of many guesses. a lot of people said this online as well. >> that is definitely true bese different idea of lingerie than us women do. >> that is the answer. >> and if you ever go to victoria's secret, you see guy theres, but they're just standing. >> and they never want to make eye contact with another shopper. >> keep your head down. >> and buy a gift card, okay, guys? buy a gift card and let her pick out her own lingerie. [ and she is likely to say you didn't put enough thought into. >> you can't win.
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>> 30% of people say they have never done this. what is this? >> well, very broad that is very broad. >> hum. >> maybe buy lingerie. we'll go back to this one. >> i'm going to have to think about this one. >> the hint is coming up in about a half hour. stick around for that. >> will cyber monday live up to the hype. predictions on how much we will spend and much of -- how much of it will come from you. >> and move over cabbage patch kids. parents everywhere are searching high and low for the mo season. once again it is the hatch
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that is a live look a we got the knew as couple of days ago that fidel castro pass aid way 90 years old and that is a live look at havana. wall street could start the week out in the red. stocks coming off a third straight woke of gains. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 all hit record highs. oil could be a drag this week as opec meets amid doubts the cartel can reach a deal to cut production. look for data on home prices, consumer confidence and the
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friday and the nasdaq is up 18 points. >> it is 5:54, let's get a quick check of your hotlines. cuba is preparing to pay tribute to castro. the revolutionary leader that turned to communism and he died friday at age 90. thousands are expected to visit havana starting today to honor the late leader. castro chose cremation. his ash also be taken around cuba until his funeral next sunday. >>an heart of new orleans' french quarter sunday morning. the police say two suspects were involved in the shooting and are still on the run. the investigators say they know who they are looking for. the investigators think the shots stem from an ongoing argument between those two suspects and that none of these victims were the intended targets. and adobey predicts cyber monday sale also hit $3.4 billion, a nearly 10% increase from last year. they predict 36% of coughs
5:56 am
monday. retailers say they have increased the page load time and fulfillment centers to prepare for the heavy online traffic that they will likely see. the latest on a deadly shooting along the phoenix light rail. >> we're following that story and will have details on where and when it happened that is minutes away at 6:00. and speaking of cyber monday, we're roaming all over the amazon fulfillment center finding you the hottest deals and learning about their process of the 50 million at the break. and lady ga ga opens up about fame and heart ache. and she shares her story at 6:30. and it is a chilly start to the day. crystal's full forecast and an update on school delays in flagstaff this morning. you are watching 12 today. stay with us.
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right now on 12 today, an argument leads to gunfire on the light rail. women is dead and another is fighting to survive.
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as summer lashing out online. the biggest toy this holiday season. why parents need to see them if they want a detachable. [music] it is monday from the ne a chilly monday. it is also cyber monday. with a lot going on. back to that chilly monday, we have meteorologist kristal henderson with a look at your forecast. good morning to you. temperatures are crushing down and -- crashing down and everybody is getting in on the chill. we are in freezing territory in sedona. dipping into the 20s. preston, flagstaff, winslow, show low, even phoenix dropping down into the 40s. we may even knock off another degree or two before the sun


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