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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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it is the one thing you do not want to do on a day like today, but if you are stuck at the airport, we are sorry. it will not get any better as the busiest travel day of the year is just getting started. prop 205 to legalize marijuana in arizona went up in smoke a few weeks ago, but is it about to make a comeback? if you thought you were going to escape christmas without an ugly sweater, think again. good morning. hope you're off to a great start this morning. jimmy is out at scottsdale quarter. >> reporter: singing jingle bells. a lot of festivities happening at scottsdale quarter. great music and a lot of fun. this is just a preview of what is coming this weekend. they have more lights coming in, believe it or not. a great atmosphere.
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they are definitely chilly. temperatures today will get up to about 73 degrees. for thanksgiving day we are going to be fantastic. the sunrise at about 7:07 this morning. dry weather out here. we have some great dogs up for adoption. we will tell you very interested in that. we want to go outside and take a look at the -- 110 westbound. so far it is free flowing. not a lot of traffic. let's check in with jen.
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of the entire valley. a little slowing on 10 eastbound from the west valley. not as bad as a typical day. you might use -- start to see a little bit on 202 heading into the airport. that is where we are. let's give you an exclusive view of terminal number two. still pretty clear this morning. that we know in the next few hours it will be so busy. travelers heading out to visit frie everything thanksgiving this holiday season. there will be no weekend closures throughout today and sunday because of the holiday. they want everyone to take a safe. last year 60 people died in 10 traffic collisions during the holiday weekend on arizona state and local roadways.
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down to zero. who is ready to travel? we are beginning the heaviest thanksgiving travel week in a deck of -- decade. brian is at sky harbor checking conditions there. it looks like it is getting a little busier. >> reporter: it has cool down a little bit from earlier. about 45 minutes ago we saw a lot of traffic. b day during this holiday break. tuesday was also pretty busy, but it cuts off significantly on thursday and friday. i want to introduce you to susan. tell me about where you are going. >> i am going to san jose to see family. >> reporter: tell me about your travel companion. >> i always travel with him.
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he is a little feisty, but i love traveling with him. >> reporter: i have noticed a lot of animals today. >> -- there will be 49 million people and a lot of animals. travel safe. again, 49 million people traveling today. take a look behind me. it is getting a little busy, thanksgiving to be the busiest travel period ever with a record 27 million flyers between last friday and november 29. mother nature is also cooperated. a winter storm is expected to move through the midwest near minneapolis, but that airport operates while in the snow. 89% of travelers will be driving to their destinations. as you guys know, it is busy.
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arrive early and be patient. let's check the hot headlines. prop 205 was voted down a few weeks ago, but a bill to legalize marijuana is about to be reintroduced. a representative says he thinks he can get support for the bill based on the number of people who voted for it. it was narrowly defeated by less than 80,000 votes. arizo went back to work yesterday morning working on the game plan for big game sunday in atlanta. he was released from the hospital after spending the night with chest pains. he is feeling a lot better. this morning brandon is checking out zoo lights. >> reporter: good morning.
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playing and millions of lights are lighting up the phoenix zoo right now. this is the 25th annual phoenix zoo lights. we are joined by linda. it all kicks off tonight. >> we're so excited. we wanted to go big on this. we're actually letting guests in at about five that 20. -- 5:20. we will have the asu marching bands playing fabulous music. we have our president and ceo doing a tree lighting ceremony. that takes tonight.>> reporter: you can see the lake right now. that is very popular. >> we have a music and motion show. it is synchronize music. every 15 minutes a new show comes on. this year it is the trans- siberian orchestra as well as a medley of holiday songs.>> reporter: you will see millions of lights, but you can still see some of the animals?
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the ones that like to stay up late. we also have stingray bay open. camel rides are ready and open to go. we have rudolph, the for the experience in our theater. -- the 3-d experience in our theater. >> reporter: if you are not in the holiday spirit yet, starting tonight you will be. it is phoenix zoo lights. go to their website to buy your et the motion show is about to begin. back to you. she criticized donald trump in a big way, but this morning she is his pick to be ambassador to the united nations. we will have the latest on that
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good morning. welcome back. here is a live look at some of the construction at sky harbor right now. we will check in with jen to see if it is getting any busier out there. brian is inside the airport where he says the traffic there is actually dying down a little bit. we will check with them coming up. donald trump is waking up in florida today to celebrate thanksgiving with his family. this morning we are hearing the first reports from a sitdown interview with the new york times editorial board.>>
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breaking news within the last hour or so we've learned that the south carolina governor has accepted the position of un ambassador. we are expecting to get that official announcement in a couple of hours. >> -- nikki haley accepted the offer for ambassador to the united nations this morning. adding another notch to donald trump's cabinet. she was highly critical of him during the campaign. mitt romney is now the front runner for secretary of ben carson is being considered as the secretary of housing and urban development. >> she has to go to jail. >> reporter: after a lengthy interview with new york times, donald trump says it is time to make peace with his former rival. saying in part hillary clinton suffered greatly in many ways and he needs to move on from her investigation. >> there is a tradition and politics that after you win an election you put things behind
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foundation -- trump foundation. it may have to pay penalties our taxes according to experts. in the meantime, donald trump is focused on filling his cabinet. >> these are incredibly inspiring meetings for him. >> reporter: as donald trump is in palm beach florida for thanksgiving, and norman security around the private club that he owns staying. the coast guard has set up a zone in the water around the club banning boats from going into that zone. thanks for the update. hillary clinton's campaign is being urged by top computer scientist to call for a recount in three crucial battleground states. those experts say they believe they found evidence that vote totals in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania could have
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a source says they told the clinton campaign they believe there is a questionable trend in wisconsin of clinton performing worse in counties that relied on electronic voting machines compared to optical scanners and paper ballots. no word yet if the clinton campaign will contest the results. the deadline to do so is next week. let's get a check of your real-time on the road traffic. this is 10 at 67th avenue. doesn't look that what are you seeing jen? >> good morning. as far as the big picture traffic goes, we're actually seeing some red on 10 eastbound starting at 83rd avenue. there is expected to be less travelers on valley freeways today, east valley freeways are looking good. let's get you to where we are
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here is a look at people celebrating the holiday flying out. it is actually not too busy just yet. we typically start to pick things up here around 8 am. later on in the morning folks getting ready to enjoy turkey and pie and thanksgiving goodies. this 12 day travel period started friday, november 18. it is expected to be busier than last year. a possible extra 55,000 travelers per day. today give yourself extra time as you're heading out the door. if you have an early flight, you will not have any issues yet. let's go to scottsdale quarter. does jimmy land on the naughty list for the nice list? >> that is easy. it is the naughty list. >> reporter: you promised you
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let's tell you about what's been happening on here. such a special place here in scottsdale. we have carolers out here. we have arizona animal welfare league with poppies -- puppies being adopted this morning. temperatures today should be pretty nice. although in the morning it is cold. high pressure is kicking in. that will keep us relatively mild so. that will be beautiful. thanksgiving will be good. but it really gets cold about 7 o'clock in the morning. high temperatures today all across the state. chilly up towards the north. they picked up 10 inches of snow in the mountains up north.
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morning hours. here is the seven-day forecast. thanksgiving lots of turkey and gravy. if you are doing the turkey bowl or hiking with your family, it will be good. league. these dogs are up for adoption. you can find them on their website. they are having a blast. matt has his eye on this guy. >> we have the santa social event. at 12 o'clock we have free photos with santa. 2 o'clock adoptions with the animal welfare league. kids entertainment and 4 o'clock.
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>> reporter: santa, matt, is he naughty or nice? >> i should not divulges information on the air. matt, you have a little bit of work to do. >> reporter: i did not prep that. santa does his own thing. >> thanks a lot. good morning. it is time for an update on the angelina and brad pit situation. the fbi says they will not charge the actor in connection
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his children on a flight last september. a spokeswoman said that they will not conduct any further investigation. he was also cleared of a legend child abuse from the la county department of children and family services. angelina jolie filed for divorce after the incident. they were together for 12 years. hopefully things will get easier for them. especially for the kids around the holidays. trend is getting a creative twist the season. there is a create your own sweater tool on a website. it will cost to almost $100. they have sold $500 so far. it is cheaper to make your own sweater at home. if you are using the website,
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10% off and free shipping. now it is time for your question of the morning. the average woman has about seven of these, but you will only use one of them. matt might know. what are these? >> bracelets, purses. i don't know. >> it is bottles of perfume. >> that is true. i do have a number. >> you always fall back to the same one. >> i have lots of perfume on my dresser, but really only use scented lotion. >> that is better and
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another question. 35% to 40% of all weddings have this in common. what is this? that they cost a lot of money. >> that would be 100%. >> the songs celebrate. >> don't you always hear that? >> do that again. everybody gets out there and rushes to the dance floor. >> is it more than wobbling? can you sing that?
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good morning. a live look outside. looking pretty good so far. that song relates to this. we have a series of life changers everyone needs to know to make life a little bit easier. this is one we will all need tomorrow. >> do you really know how to set the table for thanksgiving dinner? if not, you will. >> i am the owner gourmet. today we will learn how to set a table properly. it is nice to put a charger down to center your table setting. on top of that you put the dinner plate. you lay out the silverware.
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forks on the left. glasses go on the right. dessert utensils. they go above the plate. take your hands and plate goes on this side. put down your salad plates on top of your dinner plate and the super bowl on top of that. here is to -- and your soup bowl on top of that. here is to a wonderful thanksgiving. another trick i remember when setting the table is when
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the fork with your left hand and the knife with your right hand. that is why i always remember the fork is on the left. bald eagles in arizona? believe it. >> in the next half hour we will take you to their habitat. we are cr showing you your thanksgiving travel. we will let you know how to make your commute on
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right now on 12 nod today, the holiday rush is on. we're live in sky harbor as millions prepare to travel frg thanksgiving. plus, a tsunami wave in gentleman man was bigger than they thought. incredible new video shows how close they came to a disaster after that massive earthquake


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