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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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was hospitalized or how long he's expected to be in the hospital. bruce cooper continues our team coverage. we have talked about this before. it's been a tough season for the cardinals. do you think this could be stress-related? >> that's certainly a national assumption. win the super bowl. the expectations were high and he described this season's super bowl or bust. today you have to do find the season as a bust which is something we've never seen are associated with the cardinals. four wins, five losses of one type. they said in the 11th position in the nfc with five teams ahead of them for the sixth and
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win out to make the playoffs. so yes, given all the expectations relative to how the season has unfolded, there is a lot of stress. but to say that contributed to his health care, let's wait for what the real doctors are saying. he appears to be fine right now and i know we are all praying for him and wish him a speedy recovery.>> a new deal announced today by governor doug ducey would in the fight over the casino one glendale. the state and several tribes of gone to court to try to block the component casino. just what this means for gaming in arizona. >> you would see more gambling. it could become the vegas of the west valley and you would see more card games at other casinos also. >> governor doug ducey assembled tribal leaders to sign a new gaming deal with the
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it would allow the desert diamond casino to offer a vegas style menu of games like poker, blackjack and roulette in exchange lawsuits blocking the expansion would go away while other tribes could offer new and different gaming. new casinos would be limited in the valley. the tribe was not in the room. the governor sent this message. >> you're welcome. we would love to have you at the table and work with you on what's next for the state of arizona. coming up at 6:00 what the nation has to say about this contract award glendale is saying about a up casino right next door to his major entertainment district. turning now to the weather, a rainy day across the valley. take a look at the time lapse in an. you can see the dark clouds did not stick around too long today at some places did see some serious downpours. snow in the high country on --
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thanksgiving week which is good news for cooler weather so they can get a start off to their season. what can we expect for the rest of tonight? you can see that we are winding things down. we have some clouds and a sprinkle north of cave creek. for the most part all of this moisture is pushing off to the east and we should be clearing things out as we head through tonight and even to travel troubles for the midsection of the and northwest. footage of another violent clash between law enforcement and protesters on the standing is circulating online. this is happening near the construction site of the controversial dakota access pipeline. tonight there are conflicting reports about what prompted law enforcement to turn a fire hose on people in subfreezing temperatures. we spoke with two people who
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>> the water protectors as they call themselves are disputing claims made by the local sheriff's department that they were writing last night was prompted the use of nonlethal force. footage of the latest violent clashes standing rock shows water protectors being drenched by law enforcement and below freezing temperatures. >> the numerous fires that were started in occurring. >> fire was burning away from the barricade to keep people warm. >> they "are hose and began spraying all of us with a water cannon. was the water hit your jacket it would turn to ice. violence erupted after protesters attempted to move a police barricade. that move was made out of concern that ambulances would be forced to
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emergencies an issue say they have race with the sheriff's office multiple times. >> we are reacting to them to make sure that the public and the protesters when they're doing this stay safe. >> rocks and water bottles were being thrown at officers and the incident was a riot which prompted nonlethal response. >> no violence whatsoever. the only thing thrown to the cost was the pepper spray canisters. the finest lasted several hours. authorities use rubble -- rubber bullets tear gas and concussion grenades. the sheriff's office the plate -- reports one officer was hit in the head by a rock. let's get a look at your hot headlines. at least one person is dead after a series of crashes on the 101 this afternoon. sky 12 flew over the scene as
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take a look at. the crash is close to southbound lanes of cactus. they are expected to stay that way for another couple of hours. there is no word on what caused the rex. joe arpaio agreeing to pay to settle on lawsuit. officers restrain the woman. she gave birth in a hospital. as part of the settlement he agreed to not restrain inmates while they are in at least two children are dead after a school bus crash this afternoon in chattanooga. 21 other children were taken to the hospital. officials say the bus was the only vehicle involved in that crash. coming up, pop-up storms have been hitting across the valley today. what can you expect for the thanksgiving weekend.
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everyone is putting the finishing touches on their turkey traced. we will do the big reveal of the final product and we will
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off tonight. teams from around the valley are decorating turkey traced and now it is time for the big reveal. >> the competition is fierce. crystal henderson is life right now at st. vincent de paul. crystal, how is it looking out there? >> for half an hour they have been perfecting the finest details on their turkey traced. but now the time is up. forks down. the competition is over. we've got to check them out. so stephen has already taken a peek. we've got a special award for each of them. first up, tell us about this award. >> this is so innovative. when you look at this, the most innovative turkey carve off award.
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the lights. this is really unique. of course the turkey looks delicious as well. next up is k love.>> when you look at everything they have done it is so traditional. we are giving them the most traditional turkey award today. when you look at the beautiful decorations, congratulations. >> i love how you brought in christmas also. and feels like home and family and getting together. they've been head-to-head over here. he has been planning this all year long. when you look at it, the one word that comes to mind is delicious. we are giving him the most delicious award. >> are you ready? jan and mark. we've got a show down here. this is parser -- part of the display. >> when you look at the mustache on the turkey and then
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the most creative. marquette a little bit of help here. >> this looks great. >> now over to st. vincent de paul. we are all in this together. if there is one word that describes st. vincent de paul, it is thankful. we've got the most thankful award for shannon and jerry took >> well put. and one more, we've got food what do we have for them? >> cisco is a veteran and he's down here every year. if there is anything more flavorful, i can't imagine what it is. we're giving cisco the most flavorful turkey award. >> congratulations. 12news wasn't just part of decorating. we've also got 12news volunteers back in the kitchen and we will talk to them coming
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>> such a wonderful cause. hi, mark i know you miss us all here in the studio. bring us back some turkey. thanks, crystal. >> it all looks the same in the valley by the way. >> they all taste good, also. >> it's turkey to say which is going down tomorrow. donate frozen turkeys the team market vanessa at food city and avondale or to coop on chandler . we will be broadcasting live from each location., down and meet your favorite anchor and take part in all of the fun activities we have planned took >> if you can't make it, you can help all month long. fayette city and bashas' are collecting money all month long . the weather will be
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the storm system is moving out. that will cause problems for other parts of the country but in arizona it will be great. take a look at the sunset. a lot less cloud cover. let's take a look at the satellite radar. you can see the green pushing off to the east. some of that turning into snow. we had that just to the north of payson and we saw that over into the white that moisture is moving into parts of new mexico. new river, one half-inch. scotts hill, .43. buckeye, .39. phoenix, .28. glendale, .24. here's the rest of your evening. those highs will continue to clear and temperatures will be in the 60s. attend the clock those temperatures will dip into the 50s. so there's are low moving into
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by wednesday we will see either rain or snow depending on where you are and where those temperatures are at. but as far as tomorrow goes, if you're heading out of town you shouldn't see too much trouble if you are going west port east into parts of texas and even oklahoma city. even the northeast looks pretty good. temperatures will be on the cool side. 46-52 tonight. tomorrow, don't be surprised if you see patchy fog in the morning. that could reduce visibility otherwise temperatures will be between 65-70 tomorrow. a nice forecast. there really aren't too many issues with the rest of the forecast. mid-70s on things giving day. by next week, another system will be cooling us down into the 60s. that your weather and now here is coop with your sports. >> is rivalry week in college football.
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>> the most important week reemphasize with our players and giving our total focus on keeping that cop here in tempe. >> as tough as the season has been, i think playing asu on this certainly gives our guide something to work hard for this week and achieve tonight. >> and you will be faced off in their annual territorial cup rivalry game with major stakes on the line. the winner would be pac 12 south champions and face organ in the conference championship game. that's quite a difference from what we will see this friday night in tucson. in fact, let's check out the bad sad numbers. asu goes into friday's game on a five-game losing streak. the devils last win came on
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ucla. the game has a little more significance on friday. a win would make them eligible. in the meantime the arizona wildcats will take the eight in a row the last time they won the game was back on september 17. a 47-28 win over hawaii. the wildcats are the only team in the pac 12 without a conference win. combined, both teams of last 13 games in a row with the two and 14 conference record. arizona has scored the fewest points in the conference, only 147 while asu has the worst pass defense in the nation. giving up on average over 350 yards per game. i've got to tell you, i am embarrassed. >> who do you give the edge to? >> doesn't matter, joe?>> i
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but i'm a little embarrassed. a five-game losing streak in an eight-game losing streak for you of a. >> still ahead on 12news at 5:00, were heading back out like the st. vincent depaul with a karloff continues. we're days away from dolly parton's nbc movie a christmas of many colors. ryan cody is in tennessee for look at the movie with the legend herself. >> we're in tennessee at dollywood ahead of the red carpet premiere for dolly parton's christmas special on nbc, christmas of many colors. when it comes to getting in the christmas spirit, they do not miss around. history has over 100,000 red christmas lights wrapped all
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you would think they hired clark griswold to come in here to the declarations. there's nobody walking around because dollywood is closed on monday unless you're a vip. i'm not talking about myself. i had a chance to walk around with some of the child stars of dolly parton's christmas special and asked him what it's like getting to know dolly parton, the country music legend at such a young age. we have that coming up tonight at 10:00.
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the southbound lanes of the loop 101 are back open their cactus where a deadly crash shut down the roadway this afternoon. traffic looks like it's moving freely there in that area. let's go back to our annual carve off in turkey tuesday. those great volunteers help make this e were heading back over to crystal henderson who's behind the scenes with some of those volunteers. is time to credit the people behind the scenes. >> reporter: we did not just put my content to work there carving away at that turkey. there is about 20 volunteer in here tonight representing 12news. they are so busy i had to grab them. why did you want to come out like >> it's just serving the community. the need is huge year round. this is the family shelter, the dining hall. we need to see people come out
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and bringing food to the families of making sure that the tables are clean and making sure these families have something to eat for the holidays. >> what have you been serving? >> we have been serving popcorn which is in high demand.>> lots of turkey and fixings. >> turkey, lasagna, all kinds of stuff >> on thanksgiving day will be serving turkey which is why we need your help on turkey tuesday which is tomorrow. visit to donate. don't forget tomorrow is turkey tuesday., long bashas' evans city stores from across the state are collecting money for st. vincent de paul. to see how you can help or to make a monetary donation, visit .
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omg video of the day. you may have missed the best tackle of the cardinals vikings game yesterday because that happened before the game even
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coming up on 12news at six, a nude -- will a new deal in the casino wars? the governor is offering to let full-fledged indian gambling at the glendale casino. we're verifying the story coming up to extract it's our omg video of the day.
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the best tackle of yesterday's cardinals/vikings games you saw it just there. a sound engineer getting trampled during minnesota's pregame rash. thankfully the guy was fine. he was able to work for the rest of the game. we're guessing he kept a much closer watch. >> i know that coop has been to a lot of these games . that was a stampede. >> that guy alone weight 325 pounds. >> glad to see the sound guy was smiling.
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breaking news tonight. school bus horror. several students killed, many injured, when the bus slammed into a house and wrapped around a tree, splitting it in half. we have a late report. manhunt for a killer. a police officer ambushed and assassinated, a deadly stretch for law enforcement. four officers shot across three states in just 24 hours. holiday week storm blanketing a big part of the country, threatening to make a travel nightmare for millions. beating black friday, skipping the crowds but not the savings. how those in the know are already getting big deals right now. and glory days, our monday inspiring america. the 55-year-old father who just made college football history, proving it's never too late to live your dream.


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