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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MST

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more is on the way. garrity for wet commute out there. she is back and ready to perform after months of waiting. thousands of arizonans are ready for the adele concert. to carson palmer just throw away the playoff chances? the season goes from bad to worse. [music]
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here is what is coming your way on 12 news. we're blaming it on the rain this morning. what a wet start of the work week. jimmy is here with more of that. we will start out with cloudy skies and a little milli vanilli there. temperatures overall in the 60s. a very small thermometer for us early on this morning. the temperatures will be pretty stable for the most part. here's what we have outside. great skies visibility is pretty good, but the clouds are lingering up above. rainfall for the past 24 hours, we've been adding up the totals. waddell's had the most. about a half-inch of rain. north phoenix around thunderbird and the 51, you have had .5 and the 51, you have had .51 inches of rain. luke air force base, .24. glen dale, .20. everybody else from scott's dale -- scottsdale, tempe, .04 inches of rain.
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and matting everything down. we do have showers right around surprise along the 303. this will be moving up toward the north. a little rainfall as well on the 17 in the 101. it could hinder that early morning commute as well. east valley also relatively quiet right now. jen, here you go. 64 to 69. a cold day with storms. how's it looking on the roads where you are? >> good morning to you, jimmy loving the temperatures. not so much the traffic. let's give you the big picture traffic first. i 17 southbound in the yellow zone around the durango curve, we are noticing some strong backups on the 10 eastbound, way out to about 67th avenue. there is some red on the screen. the broadway curve in the yellow zone and the 60 heading westbound, you are already
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we're at the 10 eastbound and 43rd avenue. it is stop and go traffic. we are down to 20 miles per hour times. a lot of traffic on the westbound lanes of the 10 also. we're heading to the 17. it will take us about 10 minutes to get there because we're trying to track some rain in the valley as well as traffic . we mentioned there is a disabled vehicle of 43rd avenue. on-ramp onto the 10 westbound. i will zoom in here and you can kind of see a behind the lights. it is a little tough, but if take it slow this morning. other than that, we're looking pretty good. crash free for now around the valley. we hope to bring you some good rain shots in the next 10 minutes or so. it is taking us a while to get to the 17 because there is a lot of traffic you're on the 10 westbound.>> drive safely, jen. good headset. a police pursuit has just ended in scottsdale. we are live near 68th st. with the very latest from there. nicole? >> reporter: good morning,
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ridge apartments in scottsdale just off of luke 101 in scottsdale road. you can cebit -- there are several dps cars. a pursuit ended here just moments ago. here's what we know. phoenix pd put out an attempt to locate warning for two people. dps troopers spotted those two people. the suspects led troopers on a pursuit that ended right here on the street with the suspects ditching their vehicle a little further down the street. they then ran down to this apartment complex trying catch up with them. they apprehended the two suspects. those two men will now be handed over to phoenix pd where they face potential charges of fleeing from dps in addition to whatever charges they were already facing. for now, live in scottsdale, the call psy, 12news. the arizona department
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over grand road is set to open tomorrow. the interchange will reduce traffic delays by -- caused by freight trains. the road is been closed since april. 49 million americans will travel for thanksgiving. 1.6% people will fly over last year. tickets are 21% from a year ago with the average airfare of $205. top five destinations are francisco, san diego, orlando, and new york. plenty of drivers city at the roads over the holiday. the gas has fallen to $2.20 per gallon. a drop of six cents in the past two weeks. prices even lower in arizona. the state averages to -- $2.14 for regular unleaded. in flagstaff, they are paying $2.37 per gallon. i will reschedule the
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it especially for you. i am really, really sorry. >> remember that? adele getting sick and apologizing for canceling a show in phoenix. today, she is back. bryan west is outside of the arena. hello, brian. >> reporter: thousands of people are going to be bringing their kleenex boxes to talking stick arena to tonight for the rescheduled concert. if you remember back in august, she was set to have two concerts here. she played the first night in question, but importantly, she had to cancel the second one do to sickness. famous people also get sick. on the 27th, she released his facebook video. she said during rehearsals, she was warming up. if she performed, she would not be very good. we're told that anybody with tickets from that day, they will be honored tonight. anyone who cannot make it is
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rolling in the deep. if you try to get tickets to tonight, ticketmaster does say, sorry, unavailable. what we can confirm for you is it was raining last night. it was raining this morning. if it continues for tonight's concert, you can count on adele and her team, they could set fire to it. are your arizona cardinals going to miss the playoffs? another horrible showing. they end up losing to the vikings 30-24. formal here this morning. what is going off with carson palmer. interceptions. that "pick 6" when they could have scored a touchdown. it basically cost them a lot. >> it did cost them a lot. a lot of people feel that john brown should of broke that route sooner or he was being held. when you were a quarterback in this league, when the corners
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said. that was to on one for that receiver. the ball should not have been ran. because of the play, you gave up six points. you gave up the kickoff return for a touchdown. that set the tone the second half. even with all of that, they still had a chance to win. this type of snafus are hurting the steam. you mention playoffs. if you want to get there, each game, in my opinion, is a playoff game. they just lost that one. it will be even tougher going into atlanta. they are coming off a bye week. with matt they could recapping. i've heard some coaches say that the most important series in a close game is the first series in the second half. they did not even try to be in their lanes. >> even against patterson, this guy was a number one pick by the minnesota vikings. this is what he is been known for. is not been known for his
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are kicking two. right now, the guys are not executing. when you look at the special teams plays, in general, this year, they have not executed well. you just mentioned on the road against atlanta. if they lose, is the season over? i i think so. this will be tough. if you look around the league, all of the teams are over 500. nfc north, they just lost to them with the minnesota vikings, detroit is there. green bay is still fighting way. is going to be tough. if they do not win that game, i cannot see them getting into it. >> do you think they will? i i don't think so. it is going to be tough. the other team is coming off a bye week. fatally -- they don't want the saints or the panthers to come back and catch them. just in time for a big travel week. here comes the winter. snow is pounding a major part of the country this morning. start thinking about the christmas tree, twinkling
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we have three of the best valley chefs and studio this morning. they will answer your questions coming up.
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[music] adele back in the valley after getting a cold. the last time she was here back in august. we can't wait to hear from her. we would have a live report from bryan west. first, let it snow up in the northern us. the snow has arrived in upstate new york. look at that. from rochester last night.
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the snow was falling an inch in our. along with the snow came when gust of about 30 miles per hour. the first snow storm of the season dick calls slight delays and cancellation. speaking of the weather, here is jimmy with the forecast. starting out for today, 64 up to 69 degrees. it is definitely going to be a cloudy day for us out here too. rainfall totals have also been up as well for some areas. most folks of only saying about 4/100 of an it. here's what the rain has been so far for the past 24 hours. we will stretch this back to 2:00 yesterday when the showers were out there. waddell, you have a half inch. these are nice totals. .51. that is a thunderbird. around luke air force base, we had a quarter of financial for. lindell, .20 -- glen dale, .20.
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the day. some pockets could be on the heavy side. we're looking for yellows and reds, heavier amounts of rainfall. everything is north of surprise right now. most of the north valley is also listed. cave creek, right in this area, expects a more showers and that actor -- in that area. a lot of clouds for chandler right now. and for ahwatukee, cloudy skies and nothing to speak of. temperatures at 69 degrees. kingman, 56. 70s along the river. scattered showers possible for all areas. snowfall levels will be at about 8000 feet, a little on the high side. here is our seven day payoff forecast. 68 degrees for manic monday. turkey tuesday, 69. for things given, clear skies.
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and warm in your car. how is it looking out there? >> we are doing great out here, jimmy. let's look at your big picture traffic. i 10 eastbound is backed up from 83rd avenue. all the way to seventh street. you will notice some slowdowns there. around the durango curve as well heading southbound on the 17 around dunlap. northern is also backing up this morning. broadway curve getting a little bit slower tha in the east valley, we're looking at 60 westbound also starting to slow down a little bit. roadways, let's take you live to the thunderbird. we are clear here. eating top speeds. panning to the left, 17 southbound, we are noticing a little more traffic than normal this morning. definitely this one as far as the rain here. 17 northbound,
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you might get some there. and then the 101 in the north valleys, east and west as you are in the glen dale in peoria area. we will track things out here for you and let you know if any crashes pop-up. right now, we are crash free around the valley with the exception of the disabled vehicle around i westbound and 91st avenue. inc. you so much. we're back in the kitchen once again with our chef from the foundry hotel. you have a kicked up version of carrots >> at the restaurant, we try to keep things really light. trying to not -- trying to get away from your usual thanksgiving dinner, but also involving global colors and flavors and textures. one of the dishes that is on our menu is barbecued carrots. these are baby barbecued carrots from clinton farms. we are going to dewberry simply with a little yogurt and her reset. it is very easy to do.
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paper towel and clean the dirt off of them. the simple plate up for the carrots will be yogurt, which we will -- we use crows dairy yogurt. >> and then her riso which has a little spice to it. a little kick to it. these are carrots that we took in a pan with olive oil and salt and pepper. your roast them in a a little picard -- a little pickled mustard seed, with just water, sugar, vinegar. remoulade is very easy. it is traditionally partially was some sort of net that you would like and a citrus. here, we are using local tangerines. here is our parsley. pistachio. and then we will take a little olive oil and mix
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>> and that tops it over? >> this is going to be our top in. this adds crunch. a nice citrus flavor and nice fall colors. >>'s smells great too. >> we want to get to so many questions we've got right now. what is the difference between sweet potatoes and yams? we get that a lot. >> a is traditionally a lot thinner and longer. it is native to northern africa. they were broht the slave trade and whatnot. those flavors and that kind of really starchy vegetable is what ended up being part of our cuisine. a sweet potatoes usually white. it is less starchy and not as sweet. the difference between a sweet potato and a jam, they are two different things, but what we traditionally have for thanksgiving is a sweet potato. >> if you want sweet, go with the yam. >> exactly.
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potato.>> in the on facebook is asked how can you make a gravy ahead of time if you don't want to wait until the bird is done? i traditionally would make the gravy out of the dipping's from when you cook a turkey. >> you come by to turkey send make the gravy out of the turkey they you click the night before. you can also roast a couple of chickens. you can use chicken stock, l to make it the night before. totally up to you. i would definitely make it with the drippings from the turkey so that you can make it true to that bird. >> when are you going to open built wine? >> -- when are you going to open the wine? >> we are talking about kanye west. wait until you see what happened when he went off on a
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it is home remedy week on 12 news today. the one thing that you could do to keep you and your family
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[music] good morning to you. welcome back to 12 today. 6:24 am. let's take a look at sky harbor which will be busy later this week if you are flying out. let's head brandon with more morning juice. kanye west says he is a presidential candidate in 2020, but he may have lost a few votes this weekend. say it is not so.'s fans are outraged after he canceled a concert in la. this came hours after cutting another concert short and going on another kanye rant on stage. >> everybody and i'm --
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showed you how they felt. feelings matter. >> he talked about his support for trump, and beyonci. and then he stormed out of this show which started an hour and a half after that. fans were not thrilled. some $50 just to see them. you never know what to expect when it comes to kanye west, right? your something we thought we would never say. are you ready to watch rick perry danced up and allies? i that is right. that is what is going to happen on the two-part finale of dancing with the stars. former governor rick perry would van steuban allies. perry and his partner will dance as the no ice performs ice ice baby. also on the show will be baby
6:26 am
>> rick perry mixed in? those pants, look at that outfit. it is time for your juicy question and answer of the morning. the majority of people would give these two things up after trying them just once. sometimes people get hurt when trying them. what are these two things? my next guest is -- my next gas is hiking. >> probably something like skiing or snowboarding dangerous. >> something to spicing. >> rollerblading? >> you can't just try golf once. you have to display that -- you have to play that for a long period of time to get good at it. >> and it is expensive. things giving week is here.
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getting a break from work. still to come, what aaa predicts the holiday will be the busiest in almost a decade. has black friday become the new cyber monday? some people are hoping that you will just skip the lines and shop from home.
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welcome back everyone to 12 today as we take a live look outside. right now, 61 degrees, and we are starting the work week off wet and rainy. drivers, be careful on the roads. jimmy, what can we expect? struck a beautiful sunrise. the sky will be amazing. the eastern skies are just starting to open up right now. a combination of clouds and sunshine. there. the lights are starting to slow -- slowly go down. with a major disturbance across our region. a specific system. more rain coming from california. it is called -- it is called peter storms. is broken up a bit. we had showers early this morning. they had lifted north of us. writer runs price. most of phoenix proper is pretty quiet. just a few showers in that
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more scattered storms across of rim country right now. just off toward the west of williams, we have lightning and storms. this break your forecast down right now. 64 degrees to 69 today. a cool day. barely getting out of the mid- 60s with their storms. we will have more in your thanksgiving forecast. that is all coming up. how's it looking on the highways and byways? straka morning to you, jimmy. we're seeing a lot more traffic than nl let's break it down for you right now. big picture traffic right here for the valley. i tend eastbound in the red zone . 75th avenue. all the way to 59th avenue. in your heading into i 10 from chandler into phoenix, it is a big yellow. kind of slow there. 51 southbound, starting to back up a little bit. a slight backup on the dunlap
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that is where we are right now. camelback road. we will give you a live picture., your checkout the roadways with this. first, we will pan over to the right and show you all of the traffic in the southbound lanes. we are able to hit about the deep up to 60 miles per hour. the northbound lanes are also slow. we had to turn our windshield wipers on for a little while this morning . but things dried out just like jimmy said. here, we're hoping in the next half-hour to show you a gorgeous sunrise once we get ro the clouds are starting to break. hopefully that will make for incredible morning here on our roadways. as far as your evening commute goes, watch for a little bit of rain at lunchtime and on through the evening. off and on, so far, you can expect dry roads in a crash free valley this morning. we just received new information of breaking news that we've been tracking all morning for you want 12news today. we are live in scottsdale with the very latest.
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morning, matt. i just spoke with phoenix pd on how this entire situation, this pursuit that ended in scottsdale, how it all unfolded. is started at 5:00 this morning when a woman reported shots being fired at her vehicle issue was part on 51st avenue. and mcdowell. dps found suspects that match the description. those suspects led dps on a pursuit that ended right here on the street. you can still see phoenix this tree here is a dark sedan. police tell us that this is the vehicle that belonged to the suspects. those suspects ditch this vehicle, ran down through this remain in into the apartment complexes that are behind this tree line. they are trying to run away from officers. they were trying to apprehend those two men. the woman the police are now talking to, the woman who was
6:34 am
apprehended. quite the morning playing out through scottsdale. 633 through scottsdale. 6:33 am right now. let's check our hot headlines. police in san antonio texas are searching for the vehicle who pulled behind an officer writing a traffic ticket, walk up to the officers driver side window, and shot him twice in the head, killing him. the first -- is your family is celebrating the one of their own. >> the shooter drove off in remains on the run. the officer was a 20 year veteran of the force. a police sergeant shot twice in the faces in critical condition this morning but is expected to survive. a 40-year-old officer was sitting in traffic when another unmarked vehicle pulled up
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checked out of work and are ready to get traveling. this could be the busiest holiday in 10 years.>> can you believe this? one of the hot spots will be o'hare airport in chicago. o'hare is among the busiest airports in the nation. this morning, it could be the busiest here. but whether it is this airport, another, or even on the roadways, long. they will be stretched to limits in some cases. the holiday rush has started. >> where expecting nearly 49,000,000 americans to be traveling more than 50 miles away from home. the majority of individuals tell us they are going to drive. truck more than 43 million people are expected to pack up and pull out on the highway due in part to falling gas prices. >> the prices at the pump are following suit.
6:36 am
>> the airlines are predicting their this -- their busiest thanksgiving traffic in decades. >> reporter: long lines in major headaches. >> i'm hoping to make my flight at this point. you can see the line behind me.>> the transportation security administration has added staff and officials say they are ready for this week's crowds. >> we can also address problems as they arise and they become extended. >> hopefully giving you some extended time with family and friends over the holiday. >> traditionally, the busiest travel days during the holiday our wednesday right before thanksgiving and the sunday after. if you want to avoid the crowds, the best day to travel is thanksgiving day. at o'hare airport, i am jail -- i am j gray.
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we are one day away from turkey tuesday. we are going to get to that in just a bit. right now, we want to talk about walmart. >> yes. it looks like walmart is going to start cyber monday this friday and have a lot of good deals there as well.>> still to come, you might be surprised to learn that doctors and nurses often have to go home to do some home remedies. we will show you some secrets coming up. our chefs have some we are going to roll up our
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[music] we are back in the kitchen with chef bob. you have a quick little demo of the turkey are going to carve out. >> one thing that people do is carve the turkey as soon as it comes out.
6:41 am
minutes. >> uneducated so crispy on the skin? >> it is the brine. we are going to carve this and then the chef will talk about some tips for thanksgiving. >> when you're cooking a turkey, cook it to 155 degrees and then taking it out of the oven and left -- and let it carry over to itself to 165 until it is fully cooked. we make mistakes so commonly and we cook it to 165 then it is totally drive. we are going to do, really quick, an example of another dish that could be vegetarian- based. but these are local arizona dates that we are mixing with chorizo. it is going to be a very simple presentation of dates with shiners -- shriners chorizo. we are topping it in garnishing it with a little ricotta that
6:42 am
we have some olive oil. >> another nice great side. >> with another question. someone wanted to know -- 718 pound turkey that they want to deep fry appeared -- deep fry it. what is the average for deep frying a turkey. >> test it with water and then picture oil and. see where your oil level is. 3 to 4 inches from the top of your pot and then go with the oil. just some questions, are you getting online? >> jimmy q just wants to know when you're going to serve the wine? >> any ideas on some of the snacks? >> if you are just doing a stack, some of the things that we try to get away with is serving not said thanksgiving. it is something that this time
6:43 am
it seems like every day more and more people are allergic to nuts. a great snack -- if you have carrots, beautiful character you get from the market, sauti some carrots and serve it with a dip. you already have the carrots and house. that way if you have any gas that are allergic -- allergic to nuts, you don't feel that anybody needs to have allergic -- an allergic reaction while they are at your house. it is something that is fresh andff think of small portions of what you are serving and make it healthy and light. this looks so succulent. loving it. ahead it 12news today, it is something your mother's told you 1 million times. always look twice before crossing a street. the same should be said for running across an nfl tunnel. a huge night for ariana grande day.
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your dreams and get into the real-time tracker. that is where jim -- janet walls -- jen wahl is there this morning. good morning to you, matt. it is been a busy morning. first, we will talk about the entire valley.there's a crash near 35th avenue. that is 101. hiv loaded -- t blocked on that. 337 northbound. traffic very slow. the traffic light at riggs road has been fixed, but there is still a huge backup from that. also the 10, coming to phoenix from the west valley, it has been stop and go throughout most of the morning. let's get you live out here. the 17 northbound, we are heading back into phoenix. just passing back i wrote. northbound and southbound lanes are looking pretty good. most of the backups this morning are going to be on the
6:48 am
westbound around priest too. we will not -- i will show you all of the clouds we have seen in the sky. we have seen rain in the west and north valley. roadways are pretty dry. they have had a few hours to dry out. you can expect to see a gorgeous sunrise at the morning as we continue to give you an exclusive birdseye view. we will keep it and send it back to you in the studio here on this beauty shot of our valley skies. a gorgeous look this morning. thank you, jen. at his home remedy week and we are trying almost anything to keep ourselves from getting sick>> that before going to the doctor, team dwells michelle lee says check your kitchen pantry.>> -- >> reporter: sometimes a trip to the doctor is unavoidable. but when it is possible, doctors are working more than ever with their patients to help them naturally get better. >> i think there is a lot of this right now from patients
6:49 am
interventional as they can and to try to take care as much as they can at home. >> for some, that means going to the web and looking for home remedies. >> definitely scour pintrest. >> it is no secret that nurses and doctors have recommended some home remedies for years. is start with the basics. >> again, healthy diet. not smoking, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep. >> reporter: from there, doctors and healthcare providers have their own go to's. back would be vitamin c and zinc. >> there's some studies that taking zinc right at the beginning of a cold might shorten the symptoms by a day. >> amidst talk to your doctor's about the recommended dose. in the meantime, it is okay to ask your doctor or nurse to do things -- to ask them how to do things naturally. >> i hope that they do.
6:50 am
>> make sure you talk with the doctor about the dose. you can overdose on things like zinc and that can hurt you. you can also by zinc and lozenge form now. the same goes for vitamin c. list checker forecast. jimmy, where is the rain now? >> it is right around the deer /cave creek area. cloudy skies in a beautiful morning. what a way to start office back to work monday and i would deftly call it a bit of a manic monday with some of the showers out there. it could cause some problems, but jen wahl was out there showing us what's going on. here, we have rainfall totals. we go to half-inch and waddell commented goes down to a fourth -- 407 inch in scottsdale. -- most of the rain will
6:51 am
into the fall -- into the holiday. remember the mornings will be on the chilly side. perfect if you're going to be cooking the bird early on. you can open up the doors and windows to air out the house. right now, here's what we see. most of the showers starting, southwest living up to the north in the northeast for today. a couple of showers just popped up right along with 51 here. this is going to be at tatum and shake him up toward the north right around bell and on 40th st. a little bit of rain fa throughout the day north of lake pleasant. most of east valley relatively quiet. i don't want to leave out apache junction. still on the clear side, most of the showers moved up toward superior. we have some big pockets near strawberry. s'more rain up there too. flagstaff, a couple of/hours. there's going to be more that might be coming in from the south of us. today, temperatures right around 55 for globe. 40 for pet -- 40 for payson. 42 for flagstaff and 49 degrees.
6:52 am
forecast. 90% chance of storm activity for today. 69 degrees for thursday -- for tomorrow. for thursday, thanksgiving day, 76 for the high. temperatures kept the ski resort closed for and longer. this year. the coconino national forest is selling tree cutting they cost $15 each and you will have to bring your own cutting material and any other equipment needed to get the tree back home. the overpass is set to open tomorrow. a.says the new interchange will reduce track -- traffic delays. bellerose has been closed since april. good news for drivers planning to hit the you overrode.
6:53 am
past two weeks. prices are lower in arizona. the state averages to port -- $2.14 for regular unleaded. it is only 208 in the valley. people in flagger paying the most. new from overnight at the vatican, pope francis announces all priests worldwide will still be allowed tubes all women who get abortions even after the end of hole year of mercy. the pope and -- the pope made that announcement la prepared -- priest -- priests. donald trump will meet with mr. perry. he is ahead of the agricultural department or veterans affairs. he is one of the several high- profile visitors who are meeting with the president-elect donald trump is also suspected to announces economic landing
6:54 am
do see plans to help distribute holiday food baskets to needy families at a phoenix food bank. the governor and members of his staff will pack and handout thanksgiving meals today is st. mary's food bank. we're one day away from turkey tuesday. we want you -- we want to urge you to help other families in need by donating frozen turkeys that our injured -- at our area food city drives. they are connecting monetary -- they are collecting monetary donations as well as turkeys. the markets are coming off a second straight positive week with the dow and nasdaq hitting new record highs. we get reports this week on home sales. this friday as opposed to kickoff the busiest shopping time of the season. some retail experts say the black friday is losing its color. all the great friday might be a more apt name. experts say it will still be the biggest shopping day of the year. shopping monday is also losing its holiday nester.. spending before and after.
6:55 am
be driven by millenials with greater shopping habits. remember this. adele apologizing for canceling a show in phoenix? she is back. the show is expected to start tonight at 730 start tonight at 7:30 pm. [music] ariana grande walked away last night at the american music award. adam levine and merlin five played last night for the first time with lamarr. "fantastic beasts" took in the title of the nation's top movie. monday night football
6:56 am
they have played in mexico. there is concerned -- there is concern about the national anthem after donald trump's statements regarding a wall in mexico. a social media legend. bernie sanders got caught up in the middle of the minnesota vikings running out of the tunnel. he took in that -- heat took a nastyh questionable or doubtful for next sunday. >> and that is not bernie. >> but he looks like he took a hit from rocky. today is the 40th anniversary from the film rocky. it was november 21, 1976. they melt -- that is when audiences met rocky balboa. it was written by sylvester stallone in just three days.
6:57 am
rocky then became the highest grossing film of that year and a classic for all time. one last check at 12news. question for you, do you like stuffing in the berger outside the bird? a wiping -- a whopping majority like it outside. 55% versus inside, 32%. it doesn't matter, just be me as a -- is also 32%. final takeaways? a huge congratulations to daniel sports. such a nice and man. he won the race is past weekend in homestead and won the expended he whole series championship. the first driver born outside the us to do that. he is such a nice guy. >> we could listen to him for hours.>> my takeaways, i learned how to brian a turkey this morning. >> this will be the first year
6:58 am
sold out. you still cannot get tickets. invite a professional chef to your thanksgiving mail. >> wouldn't that be the easiest, greatest meal? >> that would be great. >> today, i learned to take out my meet 10 degrees before. it is all about resting. you want to let the juices in. again, that goes back to the brining. my final take away, was s great to have the chefs from the boundary hotel. thank you so much for letting us know your cooking questions. hopefully, we helped you out so that we are ready for thanksgiving. don't forget the 12news is always on we will be covering the rain for you all morning long. we will see you back here in 25 minutes. >> have a great day.
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. good morning. the first major storm of the season blankets the northeast. frigid temperatures, icy roads. power outages. people under advisory. >> donald trump meets with mitt romney and today rick perry. could those rivals end up in the cabinet as the vice president elect speaks out from his dressing down at the hamilton stage. trump himself not so forgiving. >> very inappropriate. >> urgent man hunt, the traffic stop in texas turns deadly for


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