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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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right now on 12 today, the
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casting your vote. >> someone call samuel l. jack op. i am tired of snakes on a plane. where this guy slithered into an overhead compartment. >> and hit other 3! >> and steph curry making it rain in oakland. his record-setting performance is coming up. . >> we are getting it started here on 12. today, live from our 12 news studios in downtown phoenix. welcome, everybody to 12 today. this is what we have coming your way. the one and only miss cocoa brown. >> hey. >> joining us again. >> yes. >> thank you so much for coming back. >> thank you. >> it's been a fun morning with you. we want to check our forecast now, jimmy. you're out live in peoria. hi, jimmy. >> yeah, and temperatures out here are a little bit warmer
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so chilly, but the skies are on the clear side. so, if you're going to get up, maybe you want to do the voting early, early. no big problems and it's not going to be that hot today. its warmer than average, up to 89 and closer to 90. we won't call that hot. we know what hot here is in the valley. could be breezy by this afternoon. the wins at 10 to 15 miles an hour, which is not crazy, but we'll call it breezy from time to time. with the reaching 89 degrees we're here at rio vista community center. we'll be here all morning long telling you about fishing and a memorial rock wall they have as well. jen, how's it looking out there? we passed you up on the freeway. we were waiving to you but you completely missed us because you were focusing. >> reporter: oh, jimmy, i'm sorry. we were focusing on traffic. we have that here on the 17 southbound just approaching northern.
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it's not blocking any lanes, but there are several vehicles involved. emergency crews are on scene, and it's certainly making people just go a little bit slower this morning. stopping to look and take their time just to play it safe. so, it looks like we have five vehicles here involved in this crash. as we pass it, we do open up the lanes quite a bit and our speeds go up from 20 miles an hour all the way to 40 to 50 and right about where we should be this morning as we're now so, with our exclusive bird's- eye view here, pan over to the left and show you the northbound lanes of the 17. the sun starting to rise on this election day. as far as the rest of the valley goes, the 10 eastbound into phoenix is now starting to show red. we're seeing a lot of stop-and- go and we're in the orange zone here on the 17 southbound. that along with the durango curb and so far from the east valley, also the west valley, highways like the 101, the 303,
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hour, that is going to change. stay with us as we let you know what is happening on your valley roadways. 6:04. it's finally here, election day 2016. clinton and trump made their final rally cries to voters yesterday. miss clinton made events in michigan and pennsylvania and then the final event in raleigh, north carolina. mr. trump held his, vents in in michigan. >> and under new hampshire state law, communities with fewer than 100 voters can open polls at midnight and close them as soon as everyone has voted. well, with just 8 voters there, that vote was in and counted before 12:10. hillary clinton wins it with a 4-2 vote. the final two votes were split between gary johnson and write- in candidate mitt romney. >> and polling places in
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shows donald trump leading hillary clinton 47% to 44% in our state. more than 2/3 of people surveyed said they had already voted. however, at 6:05, many people have not voted and they heading to the polls to cast their bout. and nicole is live to check out the lines. how's it looks out there? do you see a lot of people? >> reporter: we did, matt. polls opened up a minute ago. if you remember, 100 or so people lined up. they havings is walked in. the question everyone -- they have since walked in and the question everyone has on their mines is how long will we be here today? first things if the. do you have any last-minute advice for voters? >> make sure you're going to the proper polling place. look up on the secretary of state's website and check your address to make sure you know where your polling place is. you should have gotten, if you were not on the loading list, you should have gotten a sample
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today? >> not at the moment. no. no. >> it's good to hear. of course, last question is there are long lines during the primaries. are you at all concerned that maybe that will play a role in your election this year? >> reporter: it certainly could. i know a lost people are not happy about that, and i understand that. as i said in march, you know, i apologized for that, but i think we have had a couple of elections since then. the special election in may and which is really exciting. everybody is really excited about this. we have never had more than a million ballots come back into our facility and we have this year. >> that is good news and thank you for your time. again, the polls chose at 7:00 p.m. as long as you are in line by 7:00, you will be able to vote. 12 news will cover the election today on air and online.
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at 6:06, we'll go live to new york where hillary clinton cast her ballot. you're seeing live pictures out of chapa cow, new york and in the meantime, at voice, we have a question for you. whicheracy or issue is the most important to you? we have the presidential race, the maricopa county sheriff race or arizona proposition 205 to legalize recreational marijuana. go to and 84% of people say the president is the most important for them. locally, all ties will be on the race for sheriff as well. joe arpaio has been sheriff since 1993 and could lose tonight to the challenger pat penzone. for many, this could be a start of a new era of politics in arizona. nico santos is live with more on this. >> reporter: the election results could be the beginning of ay lot of change for maricopa county and arizona in
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someone, mainly paul penzone could take over the building here. the headquarters. and he's been hereness is 1993, arpaio, and it's not been a smooth ride for him, including tent city and the pink underwear inmates have to wear. the biggest story out of has time in office is the ongoing racial profiling case. a judge recently finding him in civil contempt of as he's campaigning for his 11th tour and he was remember chad with criminal contempt of court after failing to follow court orders to keep the office from racially profiling latinos. months of campaigning have come down today. we'll have to wait and see what is good for all of the elections. he said he is nervous but confident about what is about to happen and that he'll be okay if he doesn't win. >> if the people don't want me
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citizens. i will see my wife more. i am nervous a little because i want to win. continue on. if i don't, it's not the know of the world, but i expect to win. >> and once again, sheriff joe arpaio cautiously optimistic here. we'll have to wait and see the results coming in. his opponent declining to comment until later tonight. stick with all of your election coverage on 12news and 12o news.come. hotheadlines in grim details. they continue to emerge in south carolina surrounding a man believed to be a serial killer. the coroner will begin tests found of another body found. police believe he's connected to seven deaths. he was arrested over the weekend after officers discovered he allegedly kidnapped a woman and was keeping her inside of a shipping container. >> and federal prosecutors said an ohio man trying to join isis was arrested as he boarded a plane in columbus, ohio.
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his alleged support of a foreign terrorist group. he was on the way to libya when he was arrested after a monthslong investigation. if convicted, daniels faces up to 20 years in prison. and take a look at this. a snake managed to slither itself way on to a flight in mexico. the serpent was filmed dangling from the overhead compartment and given priority landing in mexico city after the snake dropped down like that. it was captured. aero mexico is investigating on another plane. >> so, so scary. >> and we nba history was made last night in oakland. the golden state warriors steph curry was red-hot against new orleans pelicans and drained an nba record 13 three-pointers. the final coming with over two minutes left in the game and the reaction is right there and says it all oh, yeah, that is what he's saying and he finished with 46 points in the
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today, a creepyvo out of alaska has people scratching their heads. is it much to do about nothing or asenster creature of the deep. >> question for you, how are our your parallel park skills? you're in luck. we have a refresher course coming up in the 12 today life changer.
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. >> not so sure he can shake off the extremely long voting lines at 8th street and elliott. the polls opened up 14 minutes ago and the lines are massive. hopefully this is not a repeat of march. 12 today will follow this all day long. let's go to the ladies and get
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this tuesday. >> and that is right. all right, janet jackson may have a name for her yet-to-be baby boy. yeah, according to radar online, she's naming the baby after her late brothers michael and brandon. the little boy will be named michael brandon honoring both the king of pop and marlin's twin brother who died at birth. her husband has agreed to it, according to the report, despite being a traditional muslim. the baby boy will have a first and last name, meaning he will have a >> and they can call him acronym, honey. >> and yeah. >> whatever the first initials are. >> right. >> and do you think that is openy? people are thinking that is creepy. >> and people name, you know, their kids after grandparents. >> yeah. >> and aunts and uncles all of the time. >> and that is like honoring them in their memory. >> absolutely. >> and that is fine. >> okay. >> they have to worry about other stuff. check it out, folks, is it
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take a good close look here. the images were captured by the alaska bureof land management and they posted it to the facebook page and what appeared to be a creature swimming through the receiver in fairbanks and had a lot of folks who watched it saying what the -- what do you think? >> i feel like this. if this successes you know, if we can have the kind of election day then anything is possible. [ laughter >> oh, yes. >> the longest monster. >> i think i saw bigfoot yesterday outside of my room. i do. >> there you go. >> and that was just jimmy. >> and i saw the tie. >> keep that shirt on, jimmy, okay. so, people on facebook, they said no, it's not a creature from the deep but the most compelling explanation is that ice stuck to a rope that is caught on a bridge pier and no
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>> did you see it in. >> i don't know. >> who is pulling the rope? >> yeah. >> a ifry -- fairy? >> what? >> a smaller animal and it got stuck to the smaller animal, fish or whatever and moving around. >> and i am sticking with the loch ness monster. >> and there you go. rearing its ugly head out. >> exactly. >> okay. >> and we'll have to keep an eye on that. and time for your juicy question of the morning. the older you get, the more surprisingly, few college students do this. the sorry have a shows over 50% of people, 55 or older do this. what is this? i still say it's stay home on the weekends. college kids don't stay home but the older you get, you want to. >> and i was going to say study. older people going back to school? >> no. [ laughter ] >> and i have no idea. i don't. >> i don't know. >> that is -- . >> college students, i don't know how much studying they're
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lot. >> i made it through four years, honey, on a wing and a prayer. >> there is hope. >> and okay, you're my new best friend. >> come on, let's hang out. >> and checking the forecast now. jimmy, how's the weather looking on this election day? looking patriotic there. >> i'm loving the tie. >> and thank you very much. feeling really comfortable. i'm not alone here. we have fishermen here hanging out. and you know your weather today, light get to the accidents, i'll tell you, a few clear skies and my clouds over the area, though, and breezy. so, it will be sort of a mix of clouds and sunshine to start things off. the high pressure, let's go into the forecast map. the high pressure is dominating today and the pressure is close to 90 degrees. the low pressure is coming in later on in the week and giving us a chance of showers, too and that should be good, too. 72 for prescott; 60, flagstaff
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havasu. the 70 after -- sufficient aft, don't forget to get out and -- seven-day forecast, don't forget to get out and vote. close to a record high and cov for wednesday. thursday, 82 and friday, 82 degrees. so, we're here at the rio vista community center in peoria, talking fishing again. kevin, i know you haven't had a bite yet. is there fish in here and what type of fish? >> we have sun fish and trout an cat fish. stocked by the arizona game and fish department. get stocked up once every couple of weeks and we hit the stock last week, actually. >> and what do people need to know? >> kids 13 and under, no license and over 13, a license and log on to the arizona game and fish website to get the information. >> and that is here in peoria and have fun on a perfect morning. have the nice vest on and not bad as well.
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still ahead, can you parallel park? that is not easy, folks. it could be given proper instructions. in our 12 today life changer,
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welcome back. 6:22 and let's get that 12 today trivia question on this election day. so, our question to you, a simple one: why do we vote on a tuesday? >> i will let you answer this one. >> daniel clark, one of the photographers got it right. the answer is because of farmers and church. when voting day was established in 1845, most americans were farmers and christians. they went to churn on sunday and had to take a day to travel to the county seat to vote. hence, why we vote on a tuesday. they do it in november because harvested and planted. >> and very, very interesting. thank you for that tid bit of history. and here on 12 today, we have 30 life-changers that everyone needs to know to make their life easier. right now, we're down to number 19. >> team 12s nico santos got behind the wheel with aaa to show us the easiest way to parallel park. >> my name is netherland farris, i -- is ned farris, i
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aaa. we're learning the steps to parallel parking. it's a slow-speed, lane change and reverse. take a right pull forward even. we'll shift to reverse and back with the wheels straight for a bit. crank the wheels all the way right and that will make the rear of the car, the right rear of the car go into the space. we're looking for the car to form approximately a 45 degrees angle. i will straighten the wheels and put the car in the space. if i steer to the left too soon, i end up more than 12 inches the way left and that causes the right front side of the car to come toward the curve. we stop and we steer the wheels 1 1/2 turns to the right, that straightens the wheels and as best i can, i will center myself to have as much room between the front of my car and the car in front as i have between the back of the car. fear not, parallel parking is easier than you think. >> you got that?
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- and still ahead, prince harry goes on the attack against the media. why he's upset with the press. >> and the internet craze sweeping over the nation. have you done the mannequin challenge? if you haven't, you might be asked to. >> and we want to take you live new from sky 12. this is the long line at tempe high school. you'll be seeing a lot of long lines throughout the entire valley. and probe across the nation nation as well. very simple this morning: which race or issue is most important to you? the presidential race, the maricopa county sheriff race or arizona prop 205 legalizing recreational marijuana. right now, it looks like the presidential race is the most important at 86%. just go to voice and take our poll.
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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. right now on 12 today, the
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filing in. we're live with what you need to know before you cast your vote. >> plus, freeze spray. the manny quinn challenge, the hottest thing since sliced bread and the ice bucket challenge. we have the how and why it all started. >> and there are how many bugs in your house? oh, wait until you hear what a new study found about the creepy crawlies in your home. do we have to know? >> we'll get to that in just a mean. first, live from downtown phoenix, the 12 news studios, this is 12 today. we're going to go vista park in peoria right now where jimmy q, what political office are you running for today with that? [ laughter ] >> i am an independent, an american, man. the freedom to vote. that is awesome. how lucky are we to challenge our leaders and get to the polls and make decisions. so, pretty awesome. i will tell you what, another thing we're free to do is work out at the rio vista center. they're working out big time. temperatures are reaching close
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and sunshine. if you look just off as beautiful, yeah, everyone is out working with a high temperature of 89 degrees and close to 94. a phenomenal work and this is workout season for us and that is sunrise coming up. how beautiful is it here? you have the people working out. the sunrise coming up. jen, i wish you could come here. it's nice. i know you're riding around and hopefully folks have patients on the freeways and still being are starting to stack up, jimmy and wish we could enjoy the gorgeous weather with you. and we're on mcdowel and 15th avenue and heading to seventh avenue. we'll get on the 10 eastbound eventually. show you how things are shaping up. a couple of crashes off to the right. one on i-10 eastbound near bullard. the right lane is cleared. you can expect leftover swimming from that and we show -- we showed you that and there are vehicles stacked up because
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valley goes, we'll look at the larger map and show you the bigger picture here on 12 today. you have some lowing on the 101 eastbound and the north valleys around 67th avenue and around seventh avenue. the 10 eastbound into phoenix with the west valley in the red zone. the durango curve is slowing also. the 51 southbound closing in on phoenix and the 101 northbound around ray road into chandler starting to pick up this morning. lk door early, getting ready to get off to the polls and we're past the light we're moving. again, we're heading to the 10 eastbound and we're going to check out some polling locations in mesa that we hear may be having issues. we're going to verify that for you and we'll bring that to you coming up here in just a bit along with your valley traffic. >> thank you for that. polls here in arizona have been open for 31 minutes now. already, we're seeing some extremely lon like -- long lines at 48th street and
6:32 am
live at seventh avenue and glendale. we saw a line earlier s. it growing or getting smaller? >> reporter: good morning, matt. the lines here at this location don't look too bad. if you remember before 6:00, they were lined up maybe a couple hundred people around the building but as soon as they opened up the doors at 6:00, that line dissipated and we're looking at about 10 voters, maybe, at this point and we're here at seventh avenue and glendale. the big question is will there look at this video from sky 12. this is of an early voting location. there were similar lines reported in glendale and other cities. they had to wait several hours to cast an early vote. maricopa county reporter helen purr cell who took responsible for the fiasco in marchs her office was responding to last week's lines by adding equipment to polling locations. since march, they have also beefed up the number of poem workers and to tell us that
6:33 am
box and whether or not the measures will pay off remains to be seen. but if you want to go out and vote, polls are open until 7:00 tonight. as long as you're in line by 7:00, you will be able to vote. of course, 12 news will be monitoring the elections and lines all day on air and online. for now, back to you. you're getting the best election coverage tonight on 12 news. >> join us for 12 news first at 4 for the will we see a repeat of last spring's voting disaster and then, you will see the nbc nightly news with lester holt at 4:30. >> at 5:00 p.m. tonight, nbc kicks off the decision night in america coverage with the first results coming in from the east coast. >> and we'll join you on 12 news every half hour for coverage of the big local races and the most up-to-date numbers as soon as we get them. >> on the go, you will see live streaming coverage all night
6:34 am news. >> and 12 news at 10 is going commercial free and the best political team in the valley will be everywhere. bringing you live team coverage as we find out the winners and losers. that is all tonight on 12 news starting at 4 in the afternoon. and looking forward to that. new at 6:34. sky 12 is over long lines and this is at tempe high school. we're getting numerous reports of long lines and even some lows. problems inside of the polls around the maricopa that and figure out exactly what is going on. in the meantime, we want you to answer today's poll question. it's very easy: which race or issue is most important to you today? we have the presidential race, the maricopa county sheriff's race or arizona prop 205, which would legalize recreational marijuana. head to voice and take the poll. 86% of people say the president is the northwest important race for them, tram. and to decision 2016, the
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sheriff arpaio held this position for more than 20 years and, after months of campaigning, all that is left to do is wait for the results. nikeo santos has more on what is going through his mind. >> reporter: more than two decades in office and today could be the last day for him. if paul penny zone wins after basically a -- penzone wins after a close office. the biggest story out of his time in office has been the ongoing racial profiling case and as he's running for this seventh term, a judge found him in civil contempt of court in may. he was also charged last month with criminal contempt of court after failing to file a court order to keep the maricopa county sheriff's office from racially profiling latinos. months of campaign having come down to today and arpaio telling 12 news he's nervous
6:36 am
either way, he's ready to end this election. >> and to get it over with. it's your influx on the way and i am trying to run the organization. i am sure there are people within the organization paying attention, too and if you get a new sheriff, i would presume many things will change. and so, there is some anxiety. >> so, his opponent paul penzone declining to comment until later tonight. in the meantime, all of election cover average on 12 news and -- still ahead, prince harry is mad and not taking it anymore. what he had to stay to -- say to the press over coverage of his new girlfriend. >> and speaking of harry, how all of you harry potter fans can turn your phone into a
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welcome back to 12 today. 12news continues to follow a developing story this morning of some very long polling lines. the polls here in arizona have been open for all of a whopping 40 minutes. sky 12 showed us long lines in tempe and phoenix and now on the way to a surprise. our newsroom is getting calls about the lines and e-mails and people are concerned that maricopa county could be on the verge of a fiasco like in march and we'll follow th all day and now, let's go to tram, vanessa and cocoa with more morning joyce. prince heir -- juice. prince harry is lashing out over the treatment of his new girlfriend. he issued a highly unusual statement accusing the media of racially abusing and harassing his girlfriend megan markel. he confirms he is dating the american actress and expressed concern for her safety. harry's office said that while he understands there is
6:41 am
private life, a line had been crossed in terms of media intrusion. and me said the statement was issued in hopes that media driving the story would take a pause. we're talking about claims of sexist and racial abuse. photographers have broken into her home. >> wow. >> her ex-boyfriend was getting substantial bribes. >> what is she? is she smuggles? >> i am confused. and the brits are >> yeah. >> and more so than us. they're nuts here, too but over there, especially with the royals? >> yes. >> and it's like there is god and the royals. that is it. it's like it's crazy. >> yeah. >> and i can imagine what she's dealing with. i commend him for sticking up for her. >> yes. >> and i commend him for putting his foot down and saying don't do this. >> enough is enough. leave us alone. >> yeah. >> and all right. attention all you harry potter fans, listen to this. instead of once, andro idsers
6:42 am
spells like students at hogwarts. >> users must activate the microphone and say okay, google, to summon google search and say knox to turn the flashlight on or off or silencio to silence the ringer and notification. part of a promotion for the movie fantastic easts and where to find them. everyone -- fantastic beasts and where to find them. everyone is going to the phone now. >> if you're over 21 and into this, you may counseling [ laughter ] >> this is a opinion. >> and wouldn't saying silencio to someone you're talking to sometimes. >> and if i could have done that in my marriage, we might have worked. >> and coworkers. uh-huh. >> and 6:42 now. the older you get, the more likely you are to do this? some say it's more comfortable
6:43 am
older and you're less self- conscious. >> and what? >> wear elastic. >> and how about wear elastic? >> like elastic. >> and college students don't do this? >> no. >> oh! >> so -- . >> as you get older? >> that was in here earlier. >> is any that would be creepy. [ laughter ] >> and i need to have support in certain areas. then no. >> i can't do that. i have a four-year-old. >> oh. and no. >> he's realizing the different body parts now. >> got you. >> and i'm wearing the full regalia. >> okay. >> and my kids ya2 and a half. >> you're good. >> i still have a year or so. >> yes. still ahead on 12 today,
6:44 am
the mannequin challenge. coming up, what it is and where it started. >> and parents have we got a deal for you. how you can score one of the hottest gaming devices for kids for 100.
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6:47 am
. good tuesday morning to you. we're on the 60 eastbound now. i'm getting ready to approach the 101 showing you your valley traffic. sixty eastbound wide open. nice and clear. we'll show you the westbound lanes and how about this gorgeous shot stop what you're doing and step outside and look at the fiery colors. absolutely beautiful. the westbound lanes of the 60 as we pan off to the left here with the exclusive bird's eye camera definitely starting to build up this morning and we're seeing more vehicles on the roadways. this part of the valley is in the orange zone and we have some other locations like the 10 eastbound into phoenix, which are in the red. also, the 101 eastbound and the northwest valleys. 67th avenue also in the red
6:48 am
around northern and the durango curb, even though 101 northbound into chandler and around chandler boulevard and warner, we're seeing stop-and- go this morning. the 60 westbound like you can see and in the orange zone. as far as that goes, we don't have any major crashes to report to you and this morning, we are cruising around and checking out the polling throughout the morning and check us out on facebook. we'll look at tweets as well and live this morning from the polls and letting you know how your different locations are going. guys? >> and thank you, jen. we're seeing long lines across the valley. we'll talk more about that in a moment. first, we want to take to you cleveland, ohio, the swing state that some say could decide the election or help decide it. the polls are open for a couple
6:49 am for all of your election coverage. tram. and to the craze sweeping the internet, the mannequin challenge, have you see sign this -- you have seen this? people all over the country freezing in their tracks acting like mannequins. sports teams, celebs, everyone is doing it and posting the videos to facebook, instagram, and twitter. clark foraker caught up with the high school teens that started it all. >> reporter: this is the video that startd it all. >> ts that is just to stand still. >> reporter: a group of students from a high school decided to record themselves doing nothing, literally froze own camera. -- frozen on camera. the mannequin challenge has ruled the internet. >> and it's easy to do. there are like dances out and hard for everyone to learn dance moves and stuff and it's just standing there. >> reporter: emily, jasmine, brianna and derek were in an
6:50 am
taped the clip. >> we started doing random poses and derek was like we should make it a challenge. >> they thought it would help with an upcoming assignment. >> we were thinking live movement or structural art. >> reporter: it didn't, okay, because the wave they started online has influenced school. >> i found it great. we're finally getting to be the school out there and get seen by other people and not in this bad kind of negative input. >> i now, thousands have made their own mannequin challenge this group said the favorite clips come from professional sports teams and famous singers, even beyonce. >> it's shocking. >> it went so far. >> reporter: and strike a suppose -- a pose, it's still going. >> okay, my arm's getting tired. okay, right. [ laughter ] -- okay.
6:51 am
>> nice. >> and i feel like beyonce. >> i know. >> we need to share the love around here. >> we do. >> and that is so much fun. >> and that is so crazy this mannequin challenge. >> i know. >> and we have the ice buckle challenge. >> right. >> and all of this stuff. it's like okay. >> i would rather do this one than the ice buckle challenge. >> that's true. >> i got ice thrown in my face. >> i know. this is safer, i guess. >> and it's neat, though. lo >> all of the celebs and everyone. they stop and do it. it's funny. >> seriously. >> and how long does it stay like that? >> true. it's 6:51 and let's go out to the jimmy q looking patriotic on this election day. good morning, jimmy. out in peoria. >> i am. this is cool. a lot happening here in the rio vista rec center. and today, there are some high
6:52 am
gorgeous sunrise and just beautiful, beautiful weather. nice and cool this morning. all today. as far as the numbers, we're going to be warmer-than- average, close to 90. really, not that hot overall. about 90 degrees for that current it. and we can expect to see temperatures really continuing to go down after today as well and beautiful weather and on this election tuesday, no excuses as far as the weather for not getting out and voting we're looking at baby aerobics, stroller aerobics here and look at the kids and they look tired, a lot of them and they're sort of getting along out here and enjoying this, too. you can see them. what you do is get out here with your baby and strollers and that have all of the exercises designed to stay in shape with the kids and let's hit everything we can and how
6:53 am
you have to wonder if there is a correlation between kids waking up early on in the morning and being able to get up early later on in life. this is so cool. kelly, what is -- you're in charge here. what is the official name of the group? >> this is stroller stride. we're under the umbrella of fit for mom. >> how cool. >> yeah. >> and you have the exercises? >> and we work on all different form and your body is up and down twisting, and we're working on different motions to make sure you're nice and safe and don't ingur yourself. >> and we're at 930 i'm here and we have grams and all throughout the valley. >> and how awesome. and i will let you get back to this and no crying babies here but a lot of fun and wonderful activities and we have this wonderful feature here. what is your name again? >> bill moss.
6:54 am
here, bill? we're out here at the rio vista center and that is a beautiful wall. >> and it was originally constructed in 2007 with the recreation center. the veteran's memorial board worked on selecting the different, vents represented on the wall and completing it and getting the funding to make it happen. >> and what are we looking at? >> significant military events that happened throughout the country's history. the battles that shaped our country as it is today and you're out here and these are the people that made today happen. >> wow. >> and this is great. >> folks can come on out and fish and exercise. i really appreciate that time. >> you bet. >> and gorgeous. and finish it off with those folks working it. congratulations. these moms are doing a great job. >> and thank you. it's 6:54 and let's get a final check of the hot headlines. dps said a victim was on the
6:55 am
fell from a motorcycle and hit by a larger vehicle pulling a trailer. >> and 75 people were forced to evacuate at a food-handling facility yesterday. and fire crews sate move was a precaution and no one was hurt and -- . >> the reward for information on the murder of a baby horse is increased to $25,000 now. the six-month-old horse was found shot and mutilated near the shot river last month and two other adult hurt and appeal to be healing on their own. >> and now research this morning. scientists at north carolina state say there are more than 600 types of bugs living in most of our homes. homes with basements and cats or dogs. oh, boy, i'm in trouble v the greatest variety. >> and some classrooms are trading in traditional seating for kids and -- for seats that keep kids moving.
6:56 am
beanbags. -- bouncy balls and beanbags. and especially for kids with the attention disorders. >> good news for parents ho holiday season. and nintendo freebies for less than $100. and mushroom >> and open stores on thanksgiving day. the retailer will open at 5:00 p.m. local time and will stay open for 30 straight hows are -- hours. this is the fourth year toys "r" us are in arrest. and the store will have extra on hand and express checkout lanes. >> online. >> and that is the way to do it over the holiday. >> and tesla is ending the free use of charging stations.
6:57 am
charges. starting january 1st, buyers will get 1,000 miles worth of free charging credits. and after that, drivers will pay a small fee. it's not clear how much that will cost. and next summer, eight drone pilots will compete in london to be the best in the world. the event will coincide with the city's annual tech week and can hit peeds over 90 miles an hour and are built the same. the league said motor sports younger fans in the u.s. and hope the drone racing can change that. >> and my goodness. and now for a final check of the 12 today poll question and we asked which race or issue is the most important to you? and the maricopa race, presidential race or arizona proposition 205 legalizing medical marijuana. a thank you to more than 700 people who voted and for where
6:58 am
age 53, no more jeans. the scatter was seriously? i don't think so. >> and not going to happen. >> and i'm checking all lanes for snakes. >> and my takeaway is the unborn baby boy of janet jackson is named after michael. >> and it's election day. >> yes. >> and we have seen long lines in maricopa county and we would love to hear what you take away from tuesday and we'll cover it for you all day long. >> and watch the best team coverage here. thank you for watching, everybody. >> and 12news is always on and your favorite social media app. see you in a half hour. have a great day.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. election day. >> it's now officially tuesday, november 8th. >> let's make history together! >> polls now open. voters casting their ballots after the most conteious and controversial presidential campaign in history. 18 grueling months. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states! >> i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states.


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