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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  October 31, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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controversial talk viral. only on 12 news, the teen who can't stop eating. >> hannah's family fighting to get her the specialized treatment that could save her life. a car chase coming to a crashing conclusion. the wines that pair upon up with halloween candy. >> how much did you spend on halloween this year? and the christmas creep. >> the calendar says halloween but it is beginning to look a lot like c action for you. >> 12 news starts right now. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us. the big story. bold bandits striking in a matter of minutes and burglars breaking into your home stealing cash and valuables. >> in this case the experts are real burglars, busted for what they have done in the past. >> tonight they are giving us an insider's guide on what your
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knowing it. >> we go to the live alert center with the five things you need to know before leaving home for work in the morning. kevin? >> reporter: who better to ask than former burglars. a man who stolen thousands in property tonight. we will tell you what he looks for when he decides do i or don't i break into your home. >> on a night creatures will case your home. the real danger come come during the day when many of you are at work burglars working, too. >> i tried to be ninja. i would scout out and go in. >> a former burglar. never caught, his secrets are valuable. >> is there movement. >> noise of any kind. the tv radio, dogs are enough to skip one house for another. homes covered with bushes and trees and inviting target. >> if it is hidden yes, more of a reason to go ahead and attack
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home. >> i worry about people coming in from the alleys. >> reporter: her home always secure, windows locked and doors dead bolted. >> locked, both locks when i leave. >> reporter: what can you do to protect your home? former burglars say leave tvs on and keep blinds open and an extra car in the driveway can detour a burglar. install lights with motion detectures. and a dog. a big one will also help. the people that want to invade your home -- >> reporter: take it from a man who got his in crime. >> reporter: he works at the rescue mission helping other people get their lives turned around. as for other items that burglars look for. boxes thrown out that show an expensive purchase was made and nra sticker showing you have
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pawn. back to you. usa, usa! controversial comments the arizona man chanting jew-s-a telling 12 news he was just having fun. >> trump's campaign manager is condemning this behavior from a man who is no stranger to internet fame. >> reporter: we go live. he is saying he was not talking about jews, right? >> mark, that is exactly correct. now, you may remember that video was take ep -- taken here at the convention center. the man seen yelling here had nothing to do with jews but it was about speaking spanish. if he looks familiar you will remember the guy that makes the phrase "reality hits you hard bro" famous. >> the chant going viral. >> reporter: caught on camera
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jew-s-a until usa. at reporters during this weekend's trump rally nomy friend josh called me i am -- rally. >> my friend josh called me and i am worried people are calling you racist. >> he is saying he is no racist. this is a big misunderstanding. >> all my friends speak spanish. a lot of time when they say usa or united states jew-s-a i thought it sounds cool. >> you were not talking about jews? >> nothing to do with jews. >> reporter: he heard mexicans at the rally chanting that way. >> so i joined in with them and i said it in solidarity with them. >> reporter: some accused of him being a fake his answer to that is written all over his shirt. >> of course not, man. that is so ridiculous. it is a rally. you are supposed to have fun. people are just standing around. man this is a rally, bro, let's
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first time had his personality got him plastered all over the internet. in 2011 a dramatic tv news interview put him to internet fame. >> don't move, bro. >> reporter: this time the attention is less positive he had a message fors his haters. >> if they tone like me, man, who caress. -- if they don't like me, man, who caress, cockroaches, good- bye. >> reporter: he has received a few hate calls earth. reporting live, back to you. >> all right, thank you very much for that. now time for decision 2016. the political blitz is on here in arizona. with a week to go until election day, both campaigns pulling out awful the stops. >> tonight we are learning that republican vice presidential nominee mike pence will be in phoenix on wednesday morning. hads visit comes a few days after trump's visit to the
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voters. then on wednesday, tim kaine plans to deliver an event completely in spanish. >> and former presidential nominee, mitt romney, will hold a rally for john mccain at the cubs spring training park in mesa. well, next week arizonans will vote in the presidential election but also prop 205. the measure to marijuana that has folks passion atly divided. tonight -- passionately divided. tonight we are taking you to colorado to see how legal marijuana is doing there. there are images of people smoking pot that may not be suitable for children. >> reporter: a night on approach to denver.
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making sure it works correctly than andrew freeman. >> how does your family react saying my son the pot czar. >> reporter: marijuana coordination for the state of colorado but everyone knows him as the state's pot czar. >> personally how did you view this proposition before it passed? >> i was nervous. mainly because being the first in the country to do there are a whole butch of consequences. [music] >> reporter: in just three years pot is colorado's biggest industries. part of colorado's wind fall comes from pot tourism. and this is what colorado's cannabis tourism looks like. a bus people are getting on board learning about weed. >> all right, guys. hello, hello. my name is mia jane. i will be your colorado tour
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is everyone excited for their colorado cannabis tour? all right. awesome. i like to hear it. >> reporter: not everyone is happy with legalized pot in colorado. verify, marijuana measure team 12 road trip looks at all sides of this debait. that is tomorrow night on 12 news at 10:00. right now, while many families are huddled around piles of halloween candy making skittles it in the bags others are just beginning their journey together as newlyweds. >> i take you. >> i take you. >> as my wedded wife. >> as my wedded wife. >> the justice courts has three judges on hand tonight marrying couples in full costumes. even before the costumes come off and the halloween decorations come down it looks like christmas decorations, oh, yes, are already going up.
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arizonans to start their winter festivities early. local christmas company says it is earlier than ever. we are live in phoenix where a neighborhood says bring on st. nick. brian? >> reporter: let me be among the first to wish you a happy holiday. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas in parts of the valley. once your kid comes down from the halloween candy sugar rush it will be a list, check it twice and admit to ourselves it is too early to be celebrating christmas. [music] [music] >> reporter: 'tis the season already. >> it is the perfect time it is holiday season. >> slay bells ring, good luck not listening t it is everywhere.
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their time. >> trick or treat. >> even santa is ready. >> you are out early this year. >> yes. merry christmas. >> i think it feels leak christmas comes earlier every year and, you know, again, there is nothing wrong with having that love a little earlier than normal. >> what about the weather? 85 degrees outside. >> october 31st and we have a good sweat on. >> reporter: the holiday lights business is booming. >> just skipped over thanksgiving and just christmas. >> ryan and his crew at holiday lights deckerating are working earlier and earlier every year. >> worry starting in september -- decorating are working earlier and earlier every year. >> we are starting in september, starting earlier and earlier. we are checking lights and taking the calls for reservations. [music] >> enjoy your halloween candy
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you. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> i don't know about you guys but i am not ready. >> i am not ready, either. >> i am not ready for thanksgiving much less christmas. >> it will be here like that, though, oh, boy. we have sewn -- seen a lot of cool costumes tonight. >> we want to know how much did you spend on halloween between the costumes and candy. 12 news has gone you can share your answer with us live. go with let us know. you will see a bar sliding on the screen. people respond. revealing your totals in just a couple of minutes. >> the other big question tonight, of course, what is heidi klum go going to be for halloween this year? >> she is known for her extreme and amazing halloween costumes.
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is mattie sigler. that costume was not the super model's biggest look of the night. >> oh, no. she teased her look all day long on instagram and twitter with the hash tag heidi halloween. >> she posted videos getting prosthetics, prepping bootses and getting several extensions and manicures on several hands. >> a lot of peopue but we got the big reveal. check her out times 6. yep. i read the official name of her costume this year is doppelganger. if. >> can we zoom in on that? it was heidi klum times 6.
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were underwhelmed. >> she found five other girls that look like her. >> and then every girl in their face prosthetics were applied to look like heidi klum. >> they should of looked like her somewhat at the bebeginning. you can not transform -- >> i think this is probably a hit. all of the guys are like 6 heidi klums? >> i already heard that one in the news room. >> maybe it was a hit. only on 12 news. the teen whoan eating. >> her heart can not take that weight. >> is there hope for hannah? hot pursuit. the car chase ending that you have to see. >> security scare. a man with a machete. >> the best wins to pair with all of the halloween candy. >> we are counting it down to jimmy.
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the driver of a stolen car is in if custody after leading the police on a chase in southern california. it ended when the driver slammed into an lapd suv following a 10 minute standoff. they broke into the driver's out. horrifying security camera video shows chaos at a ts align as a man unleashes wasp spray and swings a machete. it happened in new orleans last year. the attacker was shot and killed and the investigators found molotov cocktails inside of his bag with a grill lighter, a plastic letter opener and smoke bombs. in a 12 news exclusive.
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her child. >> hannah has a rare tkpwepbetic condition that causes her to be hungry, literally, 24 hours a day. to the point of obsession and obviously there are major complications for her health. >> her mother speaking to team 12 about the health insurance fight she is waging, once again, to try to save her daughter's life. >> reporter: more than just a hungry child. >> everything is locked up in even the bread box has a lock on it. >> reporter: she is 16 and two80 pounds. she lives with potty willie syndrome. >> imagine if you were hungry all of the time and could not eat. and even if you did eat, you are still starving. >> reporter: it is a complex genetic disorder. anyone can be born with it and
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but treatment requires a number of specialists. >> we see a cardiologist, a polmonary, endo, a gi doctor, pediatrician, ortho ... >> reporter: her weight continues to be a problem. >> she has heart problems. her heart can not take that weight. >> reporter: 280 pounds is considered obese. but it is much healthier than almost three years ago when we first met hannah as she neared 355 pounds. >> i can that i really liked. >> reporter: her weight kept her from activities like special olympics but this year -- >> i swam and i won medals. >> reporter: she competed once again after the family found success for her in a case study testing a medication that helped with weight loss and behavior control. >> it was just amazing. she lost close to 80 pounds.
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resume. leaving the family looking for other options. >> i just don't want to go back. >> reporter: tonya says her doctors do the best they can. >> they just do not know enough about the syndrome. >> reporter: so she will fight, once again, to send her to a one of a kind in-patient facility if in pittsburgh that specializes in it. united health care turned down that request multiple times saying hannah can be treated here. she would not haes so tonya will try again. >> we will not stop. as the insurance battle begins again the family's folk us remains on quality of life for hannah. >> my pet. >> what are their names? >> oreo and snick. >> reporter: she wants to work with rescue animals when she grows up. her moms wants to make that happen. she plans on fight for her
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there that will help your child you will do what it takes -- [crying] -- to help her. >> as you just heard united health care turned down the family's request to send her to specialized care several times. but this time, it might be different. tonya just started a new job so the family hope ons that private insurance combined with hannah's medicaid could lead to a different outcome. we will closely and let you know what happens. back to you. >> all right, thank you. we, moan while, are counting down to jimmy. just 14 minutes to two until "the tonight show" kicks off right after 12 news at 10:00. >> his guests are jay leno and model and actress gabrielle union. >> here is a look at what they have in store. >> hillary clinton got quite a scare tonight. a trick or treater came to the
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detector. and i tell you, donald trump is a smart businessman. the kids rang the bell and said trick or treat. he said trick and before the kids could grab the candy he declared bankruptcy. boom. >> his music guest is rapper big sean. guessing. woulda, coulda, shoulda tonight. now, if i woulda told you before the season started that this team would have three wins at the midway point what would you have told me? >> i would of told you that you were insane. i would be lighter in the pocket book because i would of laid money on the fact that you would be wrong. who would of thunk it? 3 wins, 4 losses and a tie at the halfway point?
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vertical passing game has been mia. it has been just as surprising as the specialty play. no one, i mean no one, saw it coming. 3, 4, 1. going. >> if you could, point to one key moment that lingered over the season so far, what would it be? >> it could be the moment, the key moment that lingers over the season that could be the missed field goals. not one of field goal. the misfire for the seahawks in overtime, they are making the field goals that have changed the portions of the cardinals instead of 5-3 record at the break and leading the tuition by half a game. the cardinals are 2 games behind the sea hawks in the loss column. >> getting most of the attention, either way. good or bad. what should fans be most disappointed with? >> i think fans should be most
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keep in mind, every receiver returning from last year's record setting hits. this unit, the strength of the team. but, larry aside it has been anything but. he has had a bad case of the drops. the home run or beep ball for the offense has been absent all season long. >> thanks for playing. your parting gift you will come back in just a now minutes, see you then. >> all right, let's take a live lo phoenix area. and, it was a wonderful day out there for all of those trick or treaters. pretty nice temperatures, thankfully not the triple digits like last week. today we were still above average. now, tomorrow, the temperatures will come down even more. so 82 degrees for the high temperature, we will see the high clouds some of them sticking around. more sunshine out there. boy the middle and the end of the week we have a storm system coming. we will have a 20% chance of
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temperatures level off just a little a buff normal. right now, the weekend looks dry and the temperatures closing in near 90 degrees for sunday and monday. 12 news at 10:00 not over yet. the best wines to pair with your left over trick or troet candy. how much did you spend on halloween this year? go to 12 -- treat candy. how much did you spend on halloween this year?
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if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america.
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tonight, sports, now, the 4th quarter owned and operated by l.a. the clippers hand the suns the 4th straight loss to start the season andersen recently took a leave of absence from the team after learning his wife had cancer. following an injury to a teammate, hammond, anderson's wife urged him to return to the team and wow, on the road in edmonton he stopped all 37 shots he faced. leading them to a shutout win. talk about classy. when anderson was announced as
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thunderous ovation from the crowd. good luck to you and your wife. now that your kids are babeing from trick or treating time for toy have fun. >> yes. a wine app is helping take your kid's candy to the next level with the halloween candy and wine. >> okay. grab your cell phone and take a picture of the combination. nothing with the reese's? >> here we go. what? >> just go to our news app. >> yes.
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candy. >> all right. [music] don't go to bed, everyone, jimmy fallon is in just a few
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all of you spent $50 on halloween this year. >> have a great night.
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"o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jay leno --


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