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tv   12 News  NBC  September 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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hopefully, you know, whether or not you enjoy my wine or not, i want you to come down and have a good time." this is also literally the home of kief joshua vineyards in elgin. "i used to be in construction so we built our tasting room and our winery ourselves. we designed, built it, i built all the furniture in it. we do have picnic areas where there's room for people to sit. we do live music every weekend through the summer and give some place to sit, hang out, you don't have to rush through it. we've been here for 12 years now, we started in 2003, we have about 18 acres planted, we plant two more acres every spring. doing a bit over 3000 cases annually all right here in the building. we have our tasting room here on site.
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the wine is sold out of the building where i make the wine." it's a high-end product with a laidback attitude. "we're definitely not pretentious, it's me, my mom and my dad here, no employees. it's just a small family business like any other. i think there is a lot of perceived pretention in the wine industry just because peoples perception of how much they most people are just more afraid of being wrong in wine than anything else, even though it doesn't matter, you drink what you like, you don't have to know all 2000 recognized grape varietals, you don't have to know the difference between tannen and dry and sweet, you just have to enjoy it and drink what you like. try not to be too pretentious about it because
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hear 'oh my god, this wine's actually really good, i never would've expected arizona' and it's like this is actually the second place in the country to ever be planted with european wine grapes. pre-dating wine grapes in california by about 120 years. so we've had wine grapes since 1560 planted by the spanish which we're 100% temperneo, which is a really is the same for white wine, usually light, crisp, fruity great for the arizona summers and probably not to say flagship but one of our most popular wines would be our magdelena which is a barbarra cabernet frau blend, usually aged for about two years in oak, named
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show up to magdelena's birthday party each year." since kief's house is always open, there's no need to rsvp, just show up and have a good time. it can be found in all forms. "this is need to rsvp, just show up and have a good time. it can be found in all forms. "this is chocolate truffle is by far the best seller." at the chocofin chocolatier, it's all decadent and delicious. "the primary focus of our business is chocolate. we do about, 75% of our business is in individual chocolates or we work with chocolate to like make the barks
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ile ago. we were living in connecticut at the time, and we had heard about the scottsdale area being such a great place to be to learn, so we decided to move out here about 20 years ago to mentor with some of the good pastry chefs, especially at the big resorts." eventually, lou and denise took on the roles of chocolatiers and opened their doors to those in need of fine, handmade chocolates. "three things you wanna be aware of is temperature, motion and time when you're dealing with chocolate." in the kitchen, it seems to be an unusual dance between science and creativity. "what we actually do is test it just below the bottom lip. it's still about body temperature, it's about 98 degrees and we need to bring it down to 88 degrees. okay, i think we're ready to dip. this is our smores that i told you
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ice kind of contrast." it's a place where everyone with a sweet tooth is taken care of. "we sell desserts, we make a handful of desserts here, since we're both pastry chefs it's kinda the obvious thing, we want to be able to stretch our wings a little bit." "this is our chocolate mousse cake which is probably our most popular cake that we do here at chocofine. give it a good shake for a nice, know! do chocolatiers ever get tired of eating their chocolates? the first few weeks, you eat night and day, you know, you eat cookies, brownies or in our case chocolates. and then you kind of get over the novelty of it, we just enjoy them kind of in moderation like everybody
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and enjoy what we''re doing, and you know if you can make a living at that, that's just great." "i'm just so happy that people like what we do because that's what i love to do and i wanna make people happy with my product, so that's basically what it's all about. arizona highways television is brought to you by aps, wells fargo, the way you use energy is changing everyday. [a/c turns on] the way we generate it is too. so what's next for arizona? next is investing millions in modernizing the grid to power
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elvis painting that helped get a small pizza restaurant up and running, and the town of patagonia all shook up." "this little place has created not only pizza but it's a culture, the music, the colors, the celebration of the southwest." and to think, it all started because, it just came in a very unusual way. we needed a name that people would remember or
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united states being so close to the border, and nothing did it better than velvet elvis or rather elvis and velvet." owner celia san miguel was searching for not just a new name for her restaurant, but a new life. "i had moved to patagonia after my husband died, and for the first own, so i found myself a woman alone for the first time. and so the whole world was open to me,
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extended family." and it was that extended family that helped her get started. "and so it's been nothing but a series of miracles that the way we ended up opening the velvet elvis. one patagonia, and she said the best day we have in the restaurant is fridays because we offer pizza,
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a local, a side of elvis! "somebody in town already had this painting and they show up with this painting and they said ceceila, we have it in storage, we cannot give it to you, we cannot sell it to you, it can be on permanent loan, so this has been on permanent loan for the also suggest new pizza recipes, which ceceila willing tries and puts on the menu. "i have been cooking most of my life and it has been part of my excitement, i mean i really enjoy cooking. i'm not a trained chef, i learned to cook with my grandmother. so when i'm
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elvis, her restaurant is filled with ceceila paintings by local artists. "it's part of creating the environment, it's part of creating the beauty and it's also connecting with the local people. so there is kind of an ownership that develops when you say my artwork is in people that think of velvet painting like oh my god, that's so awful, because they think of sad clowns and elvis and big eyed children." like patagonia, the art world was all shook up by the introduction of velvet painting. but wait until you meet the tucson woman who is
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changing everyday. [a/c turns on] the way we generate it is too. so what's next for arizona? next is investing millions in modernizing the grid to power innovation and bring you more renewable energy like solar. "next is our job, and it's happening right now." the future of energy is bright. see what's next at so where did the idea to paint elvis on velvet come from? well many people, including those from the art world, think of velvet paintings as kind of tacky. well we're going to introduce you to one tucson artist who is trying to change all that." meet diane bombshelter. "well i've always had a kitschy sensibility."
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n the late 50s and he did mostly tahitian women, he did some men too, but he lived in tahiti and that's basically how black velvet painting really got popular was because of him. the other influence would be from mexico. other people recognize like the elvises and most of that's another reason velvet painting became ubiquitous in the 50s and 60s mostly from the polynesian paintings and the mexican paintings." working on black velvet is the exact opposite of a white canvas. you paint highlights, using the velvet as shadows. the velvet
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elvis and big eyed children but then there's this other camp, oh,i love velvet paintings because, almost for the same reasons, but they love it for that stuff because it's kitschy. you can go down to mexico to find one, or get one from a thrift shop in tucson for ten dollars, and i think that gets people, there's people who get excited about it and of course that's who i market myself to. i make it because it makes me happy, not because i want approval from the high society of art. i do it just because it makes me very happy to do it,
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realism with a hint of kitsch and graphic art. "people do have this pre mindset of velvet painting, okay. so there's the kitschy-ness, there's the cool factor, there's the mid-century modern factor, what i'm trying to do is make people see it can be even more than that. it could be a beautiful portrait of a tahitian lady. it's not just kitschy-ness, it can be too, because like i have my poodle riding the donkey. i'm trying to open people's eyes and change their perception about what they think black velvet painting is." "it's dangerous, and it's fast." their perception about what they think black velvet painting is." "it's dangerous, and it's fast."
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move fast. it's like a workout, you know?" trent is the owner of the burly bear in pinetop. a special kind of shop where, yes, he does sell lighting, but he also sells a lot of his creative woodworks. something he started doing out of necessity. "i couldn't get our carvers to come out, or they weren't reliable, so i decided to do my own thing and pick up a saw and try it. i've always been fascinated with it, i have watched a few carvers over the years and thought how could they do that? so i said i wanna give it a go, you know?" trent's experimentation with chainsaws, wood and other sharp objects became the foundation for the creation of his burly bear store over 7 years ago. "this is called a relief carving where you cut in, we're gonna
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soon become hot sellers too! "sometimes the wood will dictate what you want and what you can do with it." when trent goes out to create, he dons the sunglasses, puts on his headphones and while other people hear this, [chainsaw] trent's headgear lets him hear this [rock and roll music] you could say he carves to the beat of his own drummer, and his chainsaw is well, his axe, man! it's all in a day's work for a rock and roll chainsaw artist whose shop is just off an arizona highway in the white mountains. arizona highways
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energy is changing everyday. [a/c turns on] the way we generate it is too. so what's next for arizona? next is investing millions in modernizing the grid to power innovation and bring you more renewable energy like solar. "next is our job, and it's
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subscribe to arizona highways magazine. one full year, 12 issues, is just $18. that's $6 less than the regular price. visit, click on 'subscribe' and use promo code 'special' kohl's ranch sits along tonto creek in the beauty of the mogollon rim. "kohl's ranch lodge has been here since the 1917 timeframe. so it's been around 93 years. it was originally a working cattle ranch." it's rustic but comfortable here at kohl's lodge. "we're situated on ten acres. kohl's ranch lodge is and so we have varying types of accomodations, we have lodge
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cabins. those are along the creek, we have one and two bedroom cabins, those are beautiful because they have the nice, big large decks and they have the jacuzzis on the decks." it's easy to relax here, and perhaps that's why so many people make this an annual destination. "we have a lot of families that do come up for their family vacation during the summer months. the thanksgiving holiday, and christmas holiday are very special traditions for ng and christmas." while kohl's ranch is western, there is a romantic ambiance here. "kohl's ranch we also have a beautiful pavilion area we call kohl's ranch pole barn, but we also do a lot of weddings in the summer months, summer and fall, and a lot of people like to get married down by the creek and then they go up to the pavilion for their reception. in
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just a relaxing atmosphere." "most people when think of arizona, they think of tucson and phoenix. "from the kief-joshua vineyard in elgin, arizona, they think of tucson and phoenix. "from the kief-joshua vineyard in elgin, to an artist in tucson, to a pizza restaurant in patagonia named for a velvet elvis painting, all are worth pulling off and visiting as you're driving down an arizona highway.
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??? ??? ?upbeat drums?
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?upbeat? for a change of latitude, we're taking an arizona highway up by driving south. "not enough people know about this story." join us as we experience four seasons in just one trip. and yes, that is snow you see covering the ground. plus, a town known for its homemade pie and fresh-made fudge, lose-knit community that loves having visitors, you know, they really appreciate tourists coming up there and exploring their neighborhoods and they have great homemade food, you know, conversation, it's good people and good fun up there." and no question is off-limits for this skygazer. "yeah, no, no aliens." [off camera] "no aliens?"
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follow us for a tour of mt. lemmon sky center and explore the universe like you've never seen it before. ??? "hi everyone, i'm robin sewell, we have discovered one of arizona's best kept secrets. come along with us on this scenic highway where the views are equivalent to driving from canada to mexico in just 27 miles. and once you reach your destination, you'll discover a quaint town that you'll wonder why you have never before been to summerhaven." "the catalina highway is one of the best, most scenic drives in arizona because of its biodiversity. it's the equivalent of driving from mexico to canada.
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your adventure begins in the lower sonoran region and takes you into the high elevation of the canadian zone. "i don't think arizonans realize how much biodiversity is on the catalina highway, and how quick of a drive it really is." you can make the drive within a short half hour, or stop at lookout points along the way. it is truly one of the most scenic highways in the southwest, that you just "so it's 25 miles of different campsites, trails, there's canyons you can go into. there's a lot of cool scenic overlooks you can look down into these beautiful cascading valleys." as you journey up the hill, leaving cactus and boulders behind, you'll enter the ponderosa pine forest, followed by a mixed confier forest.


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