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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  August 12, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> former president trump objeco the release of the warrant on his mar largo estate? >> we are moments from finding out. > >> and right now on kpix 5 streg on cbs news bay area, a deadlind for former president trump to object to the release of the fbi fbi search in a late night tweet. trump called for the release of the documents yesterday. merrick garland filed filed a motion to release them.t comes as the wall street journal street journal is reporting 11 sets of classified dockments including the highest classification levels were recovered during the search s. agents removed 20 boxes from tht residents from palm beach. it's not known what classified
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documents were specifically about. > >> back here locally, family, friends, supporters are rallying rallying for the da to file charges in the gabe case. >> police believe gabe was murdd by her ex boyfriend marshal jones. he was killed in a confrontation with police in washington state. in may, police police arrested jones' murder for aiding and abetting. the da da didn't file charges. she was released. >> babe's parents are pushing for charges and started a petition for the da to take another look at the case. >> seems like the da has forgotten about us. >> we all know that marshal jones is dead. it doesn't mean our case is dead too. >> alexis vanished in january ad has never been found. we reachet to the district attorney's
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office for comment but have not heard back. > >> debate is growing over a bill bill heading to governor newsoms desk, oakland, san francisco and, los angeles. senate bill 57 57 was passed this month. todaya group of people including a state assembly man and state district attorney are making a plea for the governor to veto the bill. they claim it could harm local businesses and communities and doesn't do enough to cut down on drug use. >> if one looks at san francisco francisco county just during the the pandemic, they have twice the number of fentanyl overdoses overdoses as they did covid deaths. while it is noble to want to get people to use drugs less, what perhaps is more noble noble is to actually require them to get treatment. >> if we are going to stabilize our community, it can not happen. >> it's the governor approved the bill, the three cities could cities could have to vote to op.
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>> right now vice president kama harris is back as part of a mission to break the cycle of generational poverty. oakland ig the $50 million fund to support 30,000 oakland children from low low income families through ther 2035. it provide $500 savings accounts for babies that grow or time. it includes $1000 yearly scholarships for students pursuing a college degree or trade certificate. >> this will help our nation by example to do what we must do to to close the wealth gap in our country, the education gap in our country and opportunity gap that still exists in far too many communities. >> the goal is to make college more accessible for oakland's most underserved students. > >> let's take a look at our u.s. u.s. stocks. dow up in the green green 345 points on this fridaye democrats are expected to pass a
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a sweeping package to fight climate change, raise taxes on large companies. inflation reduction act could be passed this afternoon and comes as inflation rages near the highest the highest level in four decades. it includes the largesr single invest to the battle clie change $370 billion. >> we've never done anything like this before. we know this is totally needed in a way that we will not solve the climate crisis without this type of big action. it's in time. we have until 2030 to put these big things into implementation. >> the bill calls to reduce carn emissions by 40% by 2030. > >> we're counting down to 49ers preseason football. the niners are set to take on the packers in levi stadium in a few hours.u can catch the action here on kpix 5. it will be the first chance to catch trey lance action. an earlier look for you in our red and green report.
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>> we are on the eve of a new era and 49ers football. trey lance will take the field against the packers as san francisco starting quarterback.e this is lance's second year in the nfl, the 22-year-old enters the 22 season as the 49ers undisputed qb 1. after talking to him, the former third overalk sounds ready for the job. >> this is really cool. i'm blessed to be in this position.e been preparing for this since the day i got drafted. this was the goal to get to this point. >> you're throwing the ball going time is running down. thrg the game winning touchdown. dres like that. bam, coming true now. now. >> absolutely. like i said, just absolutely. like i said, just blessed to be in the position. d for this season. guys did a great job. great start to training camp. >> with the red and gold report,
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report, i'm burn glenn. >> lots going on across the bay area. let's get over to jessica birch. how's the forecast for al the fun? for all of it. >> so many events in the bay area. i say take advantage of this beautiful weather heading into the weekend. starting off with the 49ers game, we're dealing with low 80s in sight. y mild conditions for us at kickoff. just at 5:30 this evening. if you're heading out o mason, going to be breezier there. make sure you're bundling bundling up. there's so many events going on this weekend ife heading out for the sonoma county fair. upper 80s in site.e sure your hydrating, wearing your sunscreen. even for the jazz fest going on this weekend, weekend, like i said, lots to take advantage of all across the across the board in the bay. i suggest you do it. once we head to monday's forecast, that heats going to crank up significantlye going to experience something
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off in the east hills. we'll brk that down coming up in a bit. a? > >> that big game means a lot for for the niner faithful. can fans at the game expect tonight? a lot of good fun there. the excitement is only building on twitter. we are loving seeing te sea of red and gold. earlier we saw a tweet from the fan in thek that has to wait until after the the game airs and couldn't haven more upset. excitement is flooding on twitter. tag us using the #kpix and who knows, you could end up on one of our . we're getting you for the 49ers game all day long. special hour at 4:00 is happening live from levi stadium. that leads us to the red and gold report. kickoft 5:30. stick around for full anas with the fifth quarter. > >> coming up, we don't just mean mean the performance. coming up, up, we sit down with the
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executive director to talk about about the big push to fund raise raise for next year. > >> life is about dreaming big whether that be with jobs, traveling the world. this week, students rising above scholar is scholar is living out his dream.
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>> it's a big picnic in the lasr show. the season is wrapping up with phil and action friends. wt a way to sign off. joining us now is executive director. thank director. thank you for joining us. i'm sure you're busy now. >> thanks for having me amanda. >> let's talk about the fund-raiser. start off with this this weekend's line up and what people can expect. >> we're so excited to present the brands this weekend. nothing weekend. nothing says san francisco much more than the grl dead. they were really known as a band for presenting free showd parks. we think it's the first time that's happened in 30 years. we're excited to be ableo do. that. > >> we've seen a lot of names this season. what goes into the process of choosing all of thest artists? >> well, of course we have committee and goals and a process. basically we're just trying to appeal to as many kinds of people as possible. so the bottom line is we try to
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present popular artists in different generas every week. >> with the fund-raiser, the entire festival is totally freet does this weekend mean for you g forward? >> yeah, this is really important weekend for us. it's obviously our big fund-raiser for the year. we raise about a quarter of our budget for the year with this event. it's extra extra important to us this yeart year's event got washed out by the big flood at the end of the. we're counting on this year to r for us and come through. >> why is this so important for people to parent and to make sure we can have this for next summer? >> well, i think that hopefully people consider this a gift to the people of the bay area and san francisco. because it is free, we do rely on the community. supporters then just everyone who shows up. people who dropped 5 in e up c free for the people.
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>> anything we can look forward to this weekend and moving forw? >> it's going to be a really exciting end to the season. we'e had local acts for five out of r ten show this is year and highlighted tons of bay area legends. we're really capping it it strong. we had a symphony taj symphony taj mahal. it's been a great season for us. >> some people this may be a first this weekend heading out this weekend. any tips when to t there, what to bring? >> the doors open at noon. someg if you haven't been to the festival, we allow people to bring food and beverage. bring a a picnic, bring your own alcohol. have a good time. >> that is my kind of sunday afternoon. looking forward to seeing how much you raise this weekend. thank you again for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much amanda. we really appreciate it. > >> let's get to jessica. how is it going to look this weekend for all those people heading out
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out or whatever. there's so many many things for this weekend to do. >> it's beautiful weather. i'ven there before. i know how it works. everyone brings their wine. theyjoy one last tim r u conditions this weekend. we extd to the next couple hours. that coastal area still seeing a lot of sunshine in site. just a little patchy fog off closer to half moon bay. nonetheless extending to the weekend. even the next 14 days. well above average. this is showing above normal conditions from here on out. that's really thanks to hih pressure diving its way in from the south. that's going to warm us up. it dries up and brings in in all that sunshine. it's going sunshine. it's going to stick around a lot heading to next monday. let's take our west inland areas for example. now upper 80s, 90s in the forecast.y alone, once we head to next
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week. upper 90s and triple digits in site. that's not the case for climates close in the bay. 70s across the board. thans to that onshore flow. i'm going to step offer screen to look at that area. early they are morning, model data showing triple digits as early as tuesday next week. high pressure pressure is prevailing for us across the board. it will cool down midportions next week. a little bit of a cooling trend wy and thursday. nothing too signi. itg be pleasant. we'll pleasant. we'll keep you updated updated in the weather center. r now, back to you. >> thanks so much. > >> coming up, it can be hard to find a sense of belonging. this week, students rising above scholar did just that. we'll hear how soul searching helped him move into a career he hopes to have positive impact on his community. > >> don't forget to join us for our 7:00 a.m. stream on weekdays. watch our stream when ever and on any platform using
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>> many of us dream big about l, jobs, travel. liz cook introduces us to this week's rising above scholar with dreamd more. >> in 2019, robert green was a senior at mt. eden high school acing his course work. >> exactly. >> getting rid of her college in in minnesota where he hoped to get a phd and hope to become a professor. what a difference someone could make in someone's life. >> robert is back home in oakland for the summer getting ready to start his junior year in southern california. he has a a new career too at a job he was was recruited for. >> i'm an investment operations associate at capitol group. i
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work on a product management for for the funds that the current hedge fund is pushing out. it'sa summer job. hopefully at the end end of this month, i'll have an offer. >> what is a history major doinn finance? robert says his process process of switching career goals was result of serious soul soul searching and good humor. >> i like money. >> football success was part of the equation for robert. >> personal, cultural, communal experience factored in. >> someone from my background of of being like a low income gay, black men. growing up in oakland, things happened to me.i don't influence current market.g that like perspective of being underrepresented person and interesting spaces where i had no business being in. i bring that impact and actually kind of of have a positive impact in my
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community. >> a community that now includes includes friends robert made during the semester abroad in africa. >> for the first time going to africa, i saw black people feeling different personalities, personalities, different viewpoints. >> the trip was life changing. t brought out my true self. i found myself on that trip. >> robert's entrepreneur process entrepreneur process was south out too. >> you saw black investors like black real estate agents. it opened up so many career fieldsi didn't know i could possibly dor i could possibly do. for now. >> then hopefully full time empt in finance. based on the country country grown to love. >> blackness is vibrant. my
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blackness is unique to me. >> the goal is see friends and on site research on apartment rentals. >> we'll tell you why when we ce back. > >> today on the show, guest kate guest kate hudson watch today at at 2:00 on kpix 5.
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>> coming up at 3:00, we are live at levi stadium ahead of kickoff to 49ers season. today starting trey lance at starting quarterback. we'll have that story and more at 3:00. > >> let's check in one last time with first alert meteorologist jessica birch. look at that beautiful sky we have. >> it's warm out there today, perfect. i'm going flying out after the show. i'm grateful for for sunny skies. as we extend te afternoon, kickoff to 49ers game. we're expecting 80s in thl area during that time. you know what, daytime highs are in 280s down south in the san jose areae we head off, similar trend crang up more. warming up to 80s, even
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even 90s in the hills today. dot get use to this. going to be seeing upper 90s and triple digits off in the east inland hills monday and tuesday of next next week. what should we do? te advantage of beautiful weather while we have it. upper 60s across the peninsula today. 80s out near sonoma. now back to you. > >> check out this cutie here. e zoo is close to giving the new baby hippo a name. officials say say after thousands of suggestions from around the world, they narrowed down to two. i wonder how they got those those names. vote for your favorite at cincinnati zoo on te ground. the winner is expected next week. fritz or ferguson. it like either to be honest. >> i think they need to redo this. we need a revote.
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>> where did these come from? >> hippos are cute. >> this is a bland name. >> ferguson the hippo. >> no? okay. that's it for kpixs at noon. we're here 24/7 streaming on our next newscast is at 3:00. watch here at 5:00. we're starting at 4:00 on the special newscast. we're going to go all night long giving you red and gold. thanks for joining us. have a great we.
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for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness.
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vote yes on 27.
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[ dramatic music ] >> steffy: so that's how it ends, a bear mauling? >> sanchez: and as i said, we found shreds of she was bloodstained clothing, her driver's license, busted cell phone. and... most shocking of all, middle toe. i know it's gruesome, i apologize. i hesitated to bring it, but-- >> taylor: no, no. we're-- we're glad you did. >> steffy: we've been through a lot with sheila. but to realize it's... >> li: to realize that she can do no further harm. it's a huge relief. >> brooke: so, all that extra security that ridge hired-- >> sanchez: yes. that's no longer necessary. the dna evidence is indisputable. sheila's dead. ♪♪


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