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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  August 10, 2022 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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stephen colbert is next >> have a great night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> a new york city restaurateur is speaking out after a couple was caught fornicating in her dining shed. according to the owner, her "outside dining shed is being used as a sex den," and she wants the city to put a stop. to it. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> get a room! >> announcer: it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight: plus, stephen welcomes: kieran culkin and musical guest, run the jewels featuring jon batiste and stay human, with special guest joe walsh. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hello. good to see you. welcome! >> audience: stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: please, have a seat, everybody. welcome, in here, out there, all around the world. obviously, everyone in canada. welcome. welcome to "the late show." i am your host, stephen colbert. and ladies and gentlemen i am still-- ( cheers and applause ) i'm still all hot and bothered about the f.b.i. raid at mar-a-lago. turns out, my kink is consequences. we're learning more juicy deets about the raid. it's becoming increasingly clear
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that the search was tied to an ongoing investigation into whether the former president took classified records from the white house to his florida residence. spoiler: he did. ( laughter ) we already know he did. no matter what it is, it's always what you thought, but worse than you imagined. ( laughter ) he incited an insurrection. he extorted ukraine. he put the bop in the bop shoe bop shoe bop. he put the ram in the ramalama ding dong! then, made the ramalama ding dong sign an n.d.a. he's already admitted he did it. about seven months ago, the former president revealed that he had unlawful possession of classified material when he turned over 15 boxes of items to the national archives. so, i'm sure you're saying, "hey, steve, if he turned it over, why did the f.b.i. go back?" turns out, as the investigators sifted through the initial 15
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boxes, they grew concerned that the former president had not, in fact, returned all the government property. one hint was that the mar-a-lago buffet was serving unlimited shrimp out of abe lincoln's hat. ( laughter ) so monday, they went back. they searched the joint, and the agents took about 12 more boxes. "about" twelve more. keep in mind, these 12 boxes were kept in the basement storage area. that's where he kept classified government documents, in a basement in florida? was there no room in the kiddie pool full of pythons and mildew? and it gets worse, because only after the former president's lawyer received instructions to secure the room this past spring, did they add a padlock. so, before, it was just open? it would make a great action movie: "national treasure 3: found it! behind the christmas ornaments!" ( laughter ) ( applause ) the f.b.i.'s--
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( applause ) the f.b.i.'s dress code for the event was indictment casual. a handful of agents were in suits, but most wore t-shirts and cargo pants. yeah, so good luck getting your dad to change his outfit now: "no way, kiddo. old dad's in his tactical sorts, like the g-men! i need the extra pockets for my night-vision goggles and my three different iphone chargers. you should plug in. you're at 70%." right-wing media has taken the f.b.i.'s successful attempt to recover stolen classified documents pretty hard. they're calling america a banana republic, and everywhere you look, there are conservative calls for a civil war in the u.s. that is scary. okay, if we don't leave the ex-president alone and give him whatever what he wants, it is neoconfederates could violently attack the united states... a year and a half ago. in fact-- ( cheers and applause ) we don't want it!
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beautiful. beautiful. in fact, right after the f.b.i. raid, the term "civil war" started trending on twitter. which can only mean one thing: the civil war is dating pete davidson! ( laughter ) i'm happy for them, very happy raged is foxs number-one realtor in uncanny valley, jeanine pirro. judge jeanine had some advice for the justice department: >> you do not break into a house of a guy that you've been working with for nine months, that you have to admit has been cooperating with you, for presidential records?! no!" >> stephen: it wasn't a break-in, jeanine. they had a warrant, and he didn't co-operate! cooperating would have been handing over all 27 boxes. he kept 12. that's like a smuggler saying, "your honor, i turned over half
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of my heroin. what do you want, all of my heroin? what next, the cocaine? okay, you want the cocaine. i'll be right back. ( applause ) you can have that. the former president's lawyer floated this conspiracy theory: >> quite honestly, i'm concerned that they may have planted something. >> stephen: good point. what if they planted those 12 boxes of evidence? ( gasps )hyhey weearing o pa this is a banana republic! and they're 30% off. of course-- ( applause ) they're a pair of pants, they're a type of pants. of course, no clown car would be complete without presidential son and phantom of the conference room, eric. eric jumped on the rage wagon to explain how he knew this was a
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political hit job on his dad. >> make no mistake, jessie. i know the white house as well as anyone. i spent a lot of time there, i know the system. this is did not happen without joe bryden's explicit approval. the white house approved of this >> stephen: "if there's one thing i learned from my dad's time in office, it's that the president definitely interferes with the justice department! no, i am serious. i am serious as a heart attack. heart attack. nothing happens without his approval, except me." ( applause ) eric's dad also weighed in, saying, "i've never done anything wrong. nobody can prove that i ever did anything wrong. it's pretty tough when a citizen with an unblemished record must
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be hounded from his home. i am feeling very bad, very bad. how would you feel if the police, paid to protect you, acted towards you like they acted toward me?" i'm sorry, i'm actually being told that's not a quote from the former president. that's a quote from al capone. ( laughter ) ( applause ) obviously, i'm joking. they're nothing alike. al capone's crime was organized. so why-- ( applause ) why-- al capone. al capone fans. the former president is not the only one in trouble with the war. so is rudy giuliani. this one-- this one comes from
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the investigation into the ex-president's interference in georgia, where he demands that the georgia secretary of state somehow find him 11,780 votes-- which, coincidentally, is the same number of investigations he's now under. rudy was one of the key players behind this plot, and has been ordered to testify before a grand jury in fulton county next week. oh, you gotta feel bad for georgia. first, the devil went down there, and now they have to get a visit from rudy? ( laughter ) ( applause ) at least they're both great at fiddlin'. >> audience: oooo"h." >> stephen: really, really? no? no? fair enough. technically he was playing the
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organ. thank you very much. you're welcome. but giuliani's attorney tried to fight the summons, claiming rudy couldn't fly to atlanta because of a recent heart stent operation. apparently, doctors had to remove a blockage obstructing the flow of life-giving beaujolais. ( laughter ) the judge wasn't having it in this case, and the judge ordered rudy to get to georgia this month by a train, a bus, or uber." basically, whatever vehicle he wakes up in. there's not just bad news for our ex-president. there's also good wsorurrr the labor department reported that inflation dropped to zero! it is flat. ( applause ) inflation-- up for the year, but flat from june to july. and not a minute too soon, because american families have been
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hit hard by high prices. even wealthier ones. case in point: richer people are eating more at applebee's and ihop. well, of course they are. have you ever had a deep-fried mozzarella stick? i'm happily married, but that's my hall pass. ( laughter ) i love that food, and it has nothing to do with inflation. applebee's and ihop are where you can taste all the tasty tastes! the salts are salty, the fats are fatty, and the "four cheese mac 'n cheese with honey pepper chicken tenders" is all of those things. and when i used to be on the road, i ate there all the time, and i never regretted eating at an applebee's while i was eating it. and ihop is undoubtedly the best place to go in the morning to recover from eating at applebee's the night before. on an earnings call, a company spokesman said "folks that often dine at more expensive restaurants are now finding
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applebee's and ihop because of their well-known value." yeah, everyone loves a deal, including the wealthy: "amanda, get your passport, we're going to the house of pancakes international. garcon, je voudrais le rooty tooty fresh and fruity, sil vous plait!" ( laughter ) too sweet. because-- ( applause ) thank you. i speak several languages. ( cheering ) because these restaurants have a tonier clientele now, they've actually raised their prices but thrown in bonuses, like adding a dozen shrimp for a dollar when you order a steak. that's where i get a little suspicious. ( laughter ) there's no way 12 shrimp can cost a dollar. if you're paying 8 cents a pop, those aren't shrimp. those are sea monkeys on steroids. we've got a great show for you tonight. my guest is "succession's" kieran culkin. but when we come back, "meanwhile!" join us, won't you? #.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause )
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♪ i'm a soul man i'm a soul man. >> stephen: hey! welcome back, everybody. give it up for the band right over there! louis cato. and company. oh, my goodness. oh, my goodness. ( cheers and applause ) magnificent. magnificent. this is good. this is a good seat. coming up, y'all... ( applause ) it's quite-- we've got quite a show tonight. quite a show tonight. coming up in just a moment, emmy nominated wonderful actor from hbo's "succession," kieran culkin is going to be out here in just a little while. >> louis: that's right, that's right. >> stephen: and, i mean, i hope we can all have as much fun
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over here as it looks y'all are having over there. i can't believe i have front-row seats to mr. joe walsh, right over there. say hello. ( applause ) joe, you've played some great hits this week, you know, some mastererful guitar work. covers like "soul man." but things you have made immortal. is there any chance we will hear "life newscast lane this week." >> that will cost you extra. >> stephen: that's like guac? it's a little extra for that how about just the riff? could we hear even just the riff at any point. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: that's all we can
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afford. thank you. stop right there. >> louis: come on! come on! >> stephen: that's all we can afford. thank you, joe. folks, i spend most of my time right over there, adorning the stage with the day's biggest news, inviting the finest, most-topical stories, booking jugglers and lute players and laying out a splendid cornucopia of meats, fruit, and wine to put on for you the lavish louis versailles gala that is my monologue. but sometimes, i snap awake in the woods by the airport, throw a tarp over a dirty baby pool and trap a ragtag collection of forest creatures using cheese laced with cough syrup, and then make them watch me honk through a broken harmonica in the deranged meth-head's party hut of news that is my segment: "meanwhile!" ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: it's a ladder to the stars. it's a ladder to eternity
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"meanwhile," everybody. meanwhile, zombie fans, rejoice! we've just learned that "the walking dead's" daryl spin-off takes place in france. so daryl is gonna be fine. french zombies are notorious snobs. ( with french accent ) "ugh, your american brains don't even come with a bearnaise or a nice sauvignon? go away. i wait for a proper french cerebellum." plus, they're easy to get away from, 'cuz you can just trap them in an invisible box. ( laughter ) meanwhile, over in the department of luxury snoozin', casper is hiring professional nappers with exceptional sleeping ability. i would love to see that job interview: "well, i guess my biggest weakness is... meanwhile, domino's pizza is shutting down in italy. oh, no!
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now when italians want pizza, they'll have to go to papa john's. ( laughter ) apparently, after seven years, the last of domino's 29 branches have closed. yes, one by one, these domino's fell like... ( laughter ) a series of falling things. meanwhile, oreo is bringing back their pumpkin spice sandwich cookie for a limited time. which means you'll only have a few weeks not to buy it. ( laughter ) now, if you've never tried them, i can understand that. according to the company, they have an "unforgettable twist of pumpkin spice flavor." i don't know if "unforgettable" is as positive a word as the oreo folks think it is: "oh, you'll try to forget. spend years in therapy. thousands of dollars.3 then, just when you think you're free, you'll close your eyes at
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night, and they'll be there. ( laughter ) available for only a limited time. ( laughter ) meanwhile, r guests got stuck on the "it's a small world" ride for over an hour, and described it as "torture." well, yeah. "it's a small world" is designed to be torture. it's a boat ride through a humid diorama where the most famously annoying song in human history plays endlessly. it's where they take gitmo prisoners who won't talk: "yes, i'm a terrorist! now, please, just take away the tiny harmonizing belgians!" evidently-- ( applause ) really? really? evidently, a line of boats got stuck when one appeared to be
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slowly sinking into the water. ( laughter ) and here's a look at footage of the harrowing experience. they're not moving. aaaand they're still not moving. okay, just walk out! it's not a real river! there's no crocodiles! it's two feet deep!els,ss this . weho18 inches from here. but the hem of my shorts might get damp. who're who do we eat first? billy eats choreos. maybe he tastes like cinnamon. meanwhile, american football doofus aaron rodgers said that taking the psychedelic drug ayahuasca led to "the best season of my career." shockingly, there will be no repercussions for the drug use, because psychedelics aren't a banned substance so "his use of ayahuasca won't get him in trouble with the n.f.l.," the league says. in fact, the n.f.l. is so on board, they released a brand-new slate of promos.
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see if you can tell. >> monday night, the raiders take on the chargers but, in fact, they are all one people, connected by the world-spirit, in an infinitely expanding plane of human compassion. see the big hits, feel a hundred different hands on your body, imparting a blessing of forgiveness and gratitude. brought to you by quetzalcoatl, the official feathered serpent god of the n.f.l. >> stephen: we'll be right back with kieran culkin. ( applause ) announcer: type 2 diabetes? discover the power of 3 in the ozempic® tri-zone. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk,
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( applause ) please, have a seat. please, have a seat. my guest tonight is an actor you know from "igby goes down," "scott pilgrim vs. the world," and "succession." >> just explain it out of respect and you can take the message. >> i got it. >> this guy, tony, are you kidding? are you sure. >> don't swear at him. >> it's not cool to tell the president to blow me. >> hey, mr. president, sorry. yeah, no-- whoops. crosstalk, you go. yeah, no, this is actually-- i'm his son, roman. yup. that one. look, he can't talk right now, but how are you doing? yeah, i will certainly let him know that you are upset. >> stephen: welcome back to "the late show," kieran culkin! ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause )
12:08 am
>> hello! >> stephen: nice to see you again. >> nice to see you. >> stephen: thanks for being here. >> thanks. >> stephen: i had a good time with you when you were here last september or something like that. >> something like that. >> stephen: you and pretty much the whole cast came here to talk about the show. >> yeah. >> stephen: which i and so many different people have... >> have seen. >> stephen: more than seen. kind of obsessed with. >> oh, wow. >> stephen: and the show this year got 25 emmy nominations. >> i heard. >> stephen: and a record-breaking-- you heard? >> i heard. >> stephen: somebody called you? >> i got an email. >> stephen: a record 14 acting nominations, one of which is you. congratulations. >> thank you. ( applause ) >> stephen: were y'all-- >> your producer backstage told me that was a record. >> stephen: it is a record. >> i just found out. >> stephen: is this your first
12:09 am
nomination? >> no, second. look it up, man, like, do-- do your research. ( laughter ). >> stepheieranculkicom.>> shod ? >> stephen: why not. >> thanks for having me. >> stephen: have you been together since the nominations came out to celebrate? >> no, we haven't done anything like that. i think that happened, and then we just started going to work. and we don't all work the same days -- >> stephen: are you shooting right now? >> yeah, i just came from set. i'm actually wearing costume. i'm dead serious. the guy who mic'd me said,s, where do i do the wires? and i said, "there are holes in the pocket to pull the wires because this is costume." it didn't occur to me last night that i had to wear clothes to the show. i have nothing to wear. i have two young kids so all my kids are over-sized things and offcado smeared on it. i have nothing to wear, and i ran to the wardrobe truck,s, justin, i'm on tv."
12:10 am
>> stephen: this is the roman look? >> it's roman, yeah. > stephen: is there any danger of slipping into roman while you're in the roman costume? >> stephen: that's him. that's him. >> i don't know. >> stephen: that's him trying to express love. >> stephen: people are particularly thrilled, people really like the relationship between rome and gary. >> who threw a drink in my face. >> stephen: here are the two of you. there's an on again/off again-- ( applause ) will he, will she stop him i think going on between the two of you. and she tweeted this, "i threw a drink in kieran's face tonight. >> great, great, thanks. she posted it, loser. >> stephen: here's the proof. there's you post-drink. why-- why did she throw a drink in your face?
12:11 am
>> we just finished doing a table read for, like, the fourth episode, and she was a little upset. she goes, "you have a joke about my old age, and there are always so many jokes about how old i am." which the show is pretty brutal making fun of everybody. in the show, dad has made comments about me being a bendy ( bleep ). laughing lie a hyena. somebody said, "my brother connor." and he goes, "is he the one with the face?" i don't know how alan is supposed to take that one. >> stephen: that's pretty rough. no one is particularly nice to each other. >> no. and the writers are unloading on us. "no, we didn't say that, the character said it. we just wrote it for them to say." that's just what we think about you. >> stephen: what did you say back? >> later on we're having dinner and sarah snook is saying men's ears and noses never stop growing, so as they get older they have long ears.
12:12 am
i said, "are you sure that's just men?" and she goes, "why are you pointing at me? why?" i said, "no, no, you have long ears. wer they always that way?" ( laughter ) and still i don't have the drink in my face. that's not-- that's early on the in dinner. later on, the restaurant's getting more and more full, so it gets harder for her to hear. she keeps having to ask, "what's funny. what did he say?" i said, you have all that ear, and you can't hear?" still, no drink in my face. >> stephen: wow. >> still no drink in my face. and we get the check exprv is getting ready to go. and she goes, "what's happening? what are we doing?" and i take her hand and go ( shouting ) we're going now! we're all going home! it's 8:00. thank you so much for staying up so late! we fresht!" ( applause ) i deserved it. >> stephen: you're lucky it
12:13 am
was a drink. >> yeah. >> stephen: not a steak knife. >> yeah. i think that's round one. >> stephen: this relationship between roman and jerry, can we expect more of it? is there going to be more of it this season? >> i don't know, we're both still on the show. >> stephen: we want to see where this is going. >> when people say i don't want spoilers. i don't know up until we get the next script. we got an early draft of episode four. so we don't know beyond that. >> stephen: you've shot one, two, three. >> i have not shot any of one. we had to jump ahead to two and three. i've done some work with jay, yeah. ooooh! >> stephen: people want anything. >> "they've done scene work. hmmm..." >> stephen: we have to take a quick break, we'll be back with more kieran culkin, everybody. stick around.
12:14 am
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and i couldn't let stiff joints slow me down. so i started taking osteo bi-flex every day because it has joint shield... ...clinically shown to improve joint comfort within 7 days. osteo bi-flex - available at your local retailer and club. >> i've only seen it once for a day. >> stephen: we're back with kieran culkin, from hbo's "succession." alexsander skarzguard is he back? >> i don't know if i can say. will they get mad at me if i say that? i don't know. in script so far. i have not seen him. that's not true. maybe i have. >> stephen: so he's definitely
12:19 am
back. >> he's maybe back. he's also maybe not back. >> stephen: you've been to like croatia. >> croatia was beautiful. >> stephen: can you tell me any place that you're going special this year? >> i ebl specifically cannot. >> stephen: you specifically cannot. >> i asked today, "are we shooting there?" they said, "don't say anything." who cares, it's the location. >> stephen: but you can't give away the location. even though i know where it is. i know and you know, because you told my producer before you asked whether you could tell anybody. >> that's true, that's true. >> stephen: so i could say it right now! i could open my mouth and say it right now. >> totally. >> stephen: and there's nothing you could do about it. >> they were so happy to me today when i asked permission. they were like, "thank you, so much for asking. no, don't tell him. we love you for asking, thank you." and you're going to ruin it. >> stephen: no, i'm going to feel special. i'm not going to do nothing. i'm just going to say to everybody in the world, "wouldn't you like to know?"
12:20 am
uh-huh. do you guys-- are you guys having any kind of emmys party or anything like that out there? >> no. >> stephen: if there is, invite me, or i tell everybody where you're shooting. ( applause ) deal? deal? all right. that goes for me and my whole show. when we were here last fall, other people in the cast said you're the biggest curser. you're the best, bigger, curser, cusser, bomb-dropper on the set. not in character, you. >> yeah, gliings is that hard to turn off, or are you not turning anything on or off. because you have kids, right? >> i have kids. and my daughter is just at an age now where she just repeats everything. >> stephen: what is he-- >> i don't know how. i never h had a filter. i had a tutor, and she said don't. from the age of nine, i feel like i have been conditioned to... i just let loose, and i my
12:21 am
daughter will repeat things sometimes. the other day-- actually, my wife doesn't know this yet so this is kind of a fun way for her to find this out. she had a bad night's sleep. i said, "you sleep in, i'll take the kids, and give them breakfast. i have my boy in the highchair. and as i'm making it i think of something i did at work they could have done better and i went ( bleep ). and my daughter goes, "daddy, what is ( bleep )?" and i keep making-- making-- "d, daddy?" >> yeah, i can hear you. >> what is ( bleep ). do you want a peach? i felt like my options were-- i had two or three options, do ( blp ) i did.gnore , an give and there was my instinct, which was to laugh my ass off, but that encouraged it.
12:22 am
bthad word daddy said and you shouldn't do it. i know my daughter, if i did that, she would have one in the chamber at all times going, "i can drop a ( bleep ) at any point and ruin your day." >> stephen: so when she's older, she's going to associate that word with getting a treat. >> yes. ( laughter ) ( applause ) i'm learning a lot today. yeah. >> stephen: father of the year. we have to take a little bit of a break here. but when we come back, i will ask kieran about a particular acting skill he has that pisses off brian cox. stick around. it
12:23 am
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with no line activation fees or term contracts... saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody, we're back here with kieran culkin. there you go. okey-dokey. so, you've been acting since you were six. as you were saying. you had a pretty good experience as a child actor. you said you had a pretty good time. >> i did. i just realized my first acting experience was a commercial i did-- i was six so i don't really know what it was-- it was something about learning disabilities and the idea was staying in front of a chalk board and kids were yelling at me calling me an idiot or stupid or something like that. that's how i started acting
12:28 am
doing that, and director was yelling things like, idiot, stupid, moron," to get me into it i guess or something. it explains me a bit, i think. >> stephen: are there any sort of tricks you picked up as a young actor that still are useful now? >> i'm really glad i did it as a kid kid. when it comes to the acting part of it, there's almost nothing i've kane from childhood into what i do now. i learn liebz incredibly fast now because i've just been doing it since i was six. so that's-- it's almost like a fun party trick. it pissed off brian cox one day. >> stephen: who plays logan roy. >> who plays logan roy. he has been acting for a very long time and he has a process and it takes him a long time to learn lines. and i showed up and said, "we're doing this scene? i don't know it." i did a quick rehearsal, and i had to go get dressed, get ready. and brian wanted to run the
12:29 am
lines and i said ( bleep ) i still haven't looked on it. we got halfway through and called to set and i dropped it and he said, "do you know it?" and i said, "we'll see." and it just came out. i did it. he said, "when did you learn that, just now?" and i said, "yes, just no." and he said, "damn it!" he was so mad. "i was up all night learning it!" ( applause ). >> stephen: good luck at the emmys. >> oh, yeah, thanks. >> stephen: i'll see you at the party. "succession" is available on hbo max. kieran culkin, everybody! we'll be right back with a performance by run the jewels. stick around. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause )
12:30 am
ou-statecorpions he ey've wrten prop 27, to allow online sports betting. . they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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>> stephen: performing "a few words for the firing squad" from their album, "rtj4," run the jewels! >> a few words for the firing squad.
12:34 am
♪ i woke up early once again that's four days straight ♪ i didn't wake you, baby i just watched you lay in the radiation of the city sun ♪ i am in love with you it is my only grace atle ouof pla?♪ be the only normal state ♪ so feelin' normal never really meant me feelin' sane ♪ and bein' clear about the truth and bein' sane have never really been the same ♪ i used to wanna get the chance to show the world i'm smart, ha isn't that dumb? ♪ i should've focused mostly on the heart ♪ 'cause i seen smarter people trample life like it's an art ♪ so bein' smart ain't what it used to be that's really dark ♪ you ever notice that the worst of us have all the chips? ♪ we can kinda takes the sheen off people gettin' rich ♪ like maybe rich is not the holy ever-lovin' king of nothin' (bleep) ♪ know we know you're bluffin' you are dealing with the (bleep)
12:35 am
money-money runners my partner in rhyme and crime are you the jewel. ♪ it'd be a lie if i told you that i ever disdained the fortune and fame ♪ but the presence of the pleasure doesn't abstain me from any of the pain ♪ when my mother transitioned to another plane ♪ i was sitting on a plane tellin' her to hold on ♪ and she tried hard but she just couldn't hang ♪ been two years truth is, i'll probably never be the same ♪ dead serious, it's a chore not to let myself go insane ♪ it's crippling make you wanna lean on a cup of promethazine ♪ but my queen say she need a king not another junkie, flunky ♪ rapper fiend friends tell her ♪ "he could be another malcolm he could be another martin" ♪ she told her partner "i need a husband more than the world need another martyr" ♪ raised in atlanta, georgia where i use to ride the marta ♪ with a empty .22 in the front pocket of my braves starter ♪ tryin' to make it out the mud as a baby father is much harder ♪ the same children that you
12:36 am
love and adore the court'll use to break and rob ya ♪ circumstance woulda broke a weaker man ♪ but i put it on my mama i'm a man of honor and the hardship made me a better money runner ♪ this is for the never-heard never even got an itty-bitty word. ♪ this is for my sister, sarah honey, i'm so sorry you were hurt, ayy this is for the dawn mama took a knock had to change the locks ♪ dusted up and brushed off and i watched talk about a boss for the holders of a shred of heart even when you wanna fall apart when you're surrounded by ♪ the fog, treadin' water in the ice-cold dark ♪ when they got you feelin' like a fox, runnin' from anothepa the pistoand the fist up in the air ♪ wlaldn erica ♪ black and beautiful the world broke my mama heart and she died an addict ♪ god blessed me to redeem her in my thoughts, words and my actions ♪ satisfaction for the del ♪ he'll never, ever have it this is for the do-gooders ♪ that the no-gooders used and then abused ♪ for the truth-tellers tied to the whippin' post left beaten, battered, bruised
12:37 am
for the ones whose body hung from a tree like a piece of strange fruit go hard last words to the firing squad was "(bleep) you too" ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: run the jewels, everybody. that's it for the "late show"." tune in tomorrow when my guests will be white house press secretary karine jean-pierre and tatiana maslany. good night. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ( applause ). >> thank you. captioned by media cess group at wgbh ♪ are you ready, y'all to have a great second ♪ having fun tonight ♪ >> reggie: you know the words-- go ahead, you guys do it. you do it. yeah, you at home. ♪ it's the-- ♪ >> reggie: good job, guys at home! all right! hey, you know what?


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