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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  August 10, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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substantial evidence that could support a lawsuit. in a statement, mr. trump explained s explained his reason not to testify, saying, i once asked if if you are innocent, why you taken the fifth amendment? when i know your family, your company company and all the people in your orbit have become the target of an unfounded politically motivated witch hunt, you have no choice. the former president also said the search of his mar-a-lago home earlier this week by federal agents solidified his decision not to testify. monday, the fbi looked for documents at his florida estate that are believed
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believed to contain classified information. this is the first time a search warrant has ever been carried out against a former president. the former president accused the department of justice of politicizing the agency. >> it was an outrage and an abuse of power. >> reporter: u.s. officials tell tell cbs news approval from the highest levels from the justice department came for this search. search. >> reporter: at least two trump lawyers were there as the fbi searched the estate. they claim the fbi would not let them near the areas being searched. > >> bay area leaders are calling on governor newsom to sign the bill allowing safe drug consumption sites. would allow for city run drug consumption sites in san francisco, oakland and los angeles. trained staff would supervise the use of the drugs and would let participants participants get clean supplies and refer people to treatment programs. supporters say it is about preventing overdoses on
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the streets. >> the status quo is an absolute absolute travesty. there is nothing more radical or extreme than allowing people to lie on our streets, to use drugs and to to die without intervention. >> senate republicans want the veto. they say the measure does nothing to get drugs off the streets. then gov. jerry brown vetoed a similar message measure measure in 2018. governor newsom newsom signaled he is open to this. > >> a federal judge ruled that walgreens contributed to the opioid epidemic, saying walgreens did not look into suspicious orders for almost 15 years. san francisco zoo the pharmacy chain. >> distributors and pharmacies pushed for these without any regulations under the federal substance act or to flag suspicious orders. as the court said today, walgreens significantly contributed to that problem.
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walgreens plans to appeal the the ruling. later trial will determine what the company has to pay. > >> oakland's mayor taking tough questions over now closed elementary school. what they are are asking about parker elementary days after a clash with officers. > >> we knew right then we had something special. >> we will take you to the start start of trey lance's rise
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for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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>> two alameda county now as we look at oakland, outgoing mayor libby schaaf will hold the secod the second town hall. she is
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inviting residents to tell her exactly what she thinks is wrong wrong with the city. they did not hold back on day one of the forum. >> what are you going to do to d to hold people accountable for assaulting parents in the community? what do you mean you can't remember that simple question? that is absurd. >> reporter: questions about parker elementary school led to tensions in east oakland. >> i know our police department has not been involved. so my understanding is that this will take its course through our criminal justice system. >> i apologize that this is notg not something that i have been asked to be involved with. >> i am asking you now. >> i hear that. i will look into into it. >> reporter: on thursday, protesters who want to reopen the now closed parker elementary elementary school last with security officers as the
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protesters were trying to enter the empty buildings. the mayor did not specifically address how how the city might get involved in the parker elementary situation, she did address a number of other topics of concern from residents, including homelessness and a affordable housing, illegal dumping, violence and generations just my generators being used for marijuana cultivg marijuana cultivating. >> it is important for her to hear our opinions. >> reporter: even though city employees outnumbered residents at the forum. >> i believe it is very important for residents to be involved and knowledgeable about about what is going on in their city. >> making sure people are heard and get their questions answered answered and, i am hoping to inspire people to also get involved. >> reporter: in oakland, katie nielsen, kpix 5. > >> the contra costilla county
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teacher's union voicing their opinions. they are asking for smaller class sizes, mental health programs, curriculum changes and a cost-of-living pay pay increase. >> we need the safety in our classroom so we can respond to our students as their needs comp come up and we are able to do that in the moment. the current contract and what is being proposed, this will hinder our ability to have a safe school for those who need it the most. >> the teacher's union is currently in mediation with the. the district. > >> in a statement the superintendent told us i look forward to the mediation scheduled for today and believe i can come to an agreement with what is fair, demonstrates how much we value the work of our employees and allows the agency to remain fiscally solvent. > >> families are getting help with their back-to-school shopping. sacred heart community community service held there backpack giveaway. they are trying to help 3800 students was was school supplies. organizers say buybacks can be costly and with everything more expensive,
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every little bit helps. >> anything we can do to help alleviate some of the symptoms of poverty, one of those things being school supplies, an annual annual expense families have to pay for. what we tried to do is make that load a little bit easier by providing it for as many families as we can. >> to give away will also be held on friday. > >> let's go to first alert meteorologist jessica burch for for another check of our forecast. beautiful skies out there. >> beautiful and dry. right now, now, we don't even have the marine layer. that is a look at the bay bridge. look at the next next couple hours. the marine layer will become more dense as we extended to the evening hours
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around 8:00 into the late evening. then we will be waking up with a very thick blanket tomorrow. things will still changes we extend into the next couple days. i have been stressing this lot but high pressure is starting to work its its way into the north. that will warm us up, it is dryness up and bringing with it a lot of of sunshine. basically what we are dealing with right now, just just turn up the notch a little bit more. daytime highs today are right around average in the santa clara valley. we are dealing with 80s. this is a beautiful forecast to get some air during the noon break where r atmatter. even have 90s as early as next tuesday. we could see upper 90s in the forecast then. we will look at that in a second. look at san francisco and sausalito, upper 60s, lower 70s. it is a beautiful summer day for us in the bay area. i would capitalize capitalize on that to take advantage of the weather, if possible. as we extended to the next couple days, it will only warm-up more and more. let's look at that. starting up with the microclimate, san francisco, francisco, you don't have much of a change. that is thanks to a a very significant onshore flow. when we extend into the inland east bay, today we are sitting in the upper 80s. by next week,
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around the exact same time, we are dealing with the upper 90s. that is what i mean. the microclimates are experiencing something completely different. we will keep you updated in the weather center. for now, back to to you. > >> for now, all eyes are on 49ers player trey lance. we will will take you to where his
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. but read prop 27's fine print. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations,
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leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us.
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>> the clock is ticking and we are counting down the kick off this friday at 5:30 right here on kpix 5. the niners hosting the green bay packers at levi stadium to kick off the pre-season. the spotlight is on trey lance. officially the teens starting quarterback, but before before he hit the big time he was quarterback for small time in minnesota. we traveled to catch up with his high school coach at >> reporter: marshall, minnesota. population 13,680. this is where it all began, where trey lance put in the work work that put him on a path to the nfl. >> well, trey lance was
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obviously one of the top ones we we ever had. >> reporter: a one-of-a-kind player says marshall senior high high school football coach terry bahlmann. >> 10 years ago he was here in our youth camp and now he is starting quarterback in the nfl. nfl. >> reporter: in the small town, marshall tiger football is a big big deal. >> there is not a lot to do in march on friday nights so people people come out and support all activities. football is the one on friday night, sometimes with a crowd is biggest 5000 people. >> reporter: as a teenager in a tiger uniform, trey lance made the town proud, leading the team team to three state tournaments. tournaments. >> we knew we had something special. >> reporter: terry bahlmann describe trey lance as an incredible leader, incredibly
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dedicated and the best kind of teammate. >> he was always very receptive to his teammates and willing to help them out. he was always there. you can always count on him. >> reporter: in 2018, lance won the bud row senior athletic award at marshall senior high school. >> he was an outstanding basketball player, too. >> reporter: terry bahlmann says they are starting with a special kind of player but for his character, he says the niners have a good man in trey lance. >> he will be the face of the franchise. he will never embarrass the program. he will give you everything he has froma time commitment, personality wise. he is true to his beliefs and faith. he is just a solid person that people want their kids to be like. as he grows, he he will give back and people would just appreciate everything everything he does. >> reporter: he is already giving back in marshall. >> he's got a trey lance scholarship now for a senior going to college. >> reporter: ahead of lance's first season as the 49er starting quarterback -- >> just block out the noise. be yourself, have fun and do your thing. >> reporter: the end of the day, day, even though he made it big time in the bay, back in marshall, coach says he is
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excited to see trey lance hit the field this year and he will get to do so in person with his wife next week and when the niners take on minneapolis in an an exhibition game. even though deep in vikings territory, he thinks there will be a lot of people from this corner of the state who are proud to show up wearing niners gear. in marshall, minnesota, max darrow, darrow, kpix 5. >> max will be reporting for marshall a week today. we will show you how the entire town has has embraced trey lance's journey to start in. we are getting you ready for the big game on friday we have a special special edition of kpix 5 news at 4:00 that will lead into the red and gold report with kick off at 4:30 and full analysis with the fifth quarter. > >> now is your chance to recognize a superfan. get your phone out, scan the qr code on r screen right now. this is to
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nominate your favorite member of of the faithful, something who was all things red and gold and all season we will profile the super fans. > >> you might not have the best reaction when you are hit with a are hi
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♪ ♪ elon musk says tesla's full self-driving software is “amazing”, it will “blow your mind.” but does it work? this happens over and over again. 100,000 tesla drivers are already using full self-driving on public roads. i'm dan o'dowd. i'm a safety engineer and tesla full self-driving is the worst commercial software i've ever seen. tell congress to shut it down. paid for by the dawn project. >> we could all use more aloha spirit in our lives. coming up at 3:00, we will tell you but a
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special event bringing culture to the bay area. > >> let's check in with meteorologist jessica burch. >> amanda, as we extend into the the next couple days, we will be be sitting above average. here is the temperature will outlook . it is showing average conditions as high pressure starts to build its way in,, just from the desert. it will dry us up and warm us up but really, it will just bring a lot lot of sunshine for us, too. daytime highs today, we are sitting above average at san francisco. this is beautiful weather to head outdoors. in the the east inland hills, maybe wait until the sun is setting but we are still in the 80s, bearable for this time of year. next week we see upper 90s in the forecast in the area. > >> an unexpected turn of events after hitter gets hit by a pitch pitch in texas. the little league are nose down after that pitch. he walks it off, guess difference place -- gets to firt to first base and let's the pitr
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the pitcher he will be okay. the the parents came out and gave the kids a standing ovation. this video brought me to tears. it is so sweet. all the video of of the people in the stands getting so emotional. who would have thought they had good hearts? all that drama at a little league game. >> who would've guessed? this is is big league added to but i
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>> steffy: you and dad kissed, that has to mean something. >> taylor: it always means something. >> steffy: okay, so did you guys talk about it? >> taylor: we did, kind of i mean, he's trying to avoid it and he's being cute about it, which is totally annoying. so-- i don't know. >> steffy: look at you. okay, you don't know what this meant to dad but it's uh, it's pretty clear it meant something to you. ♪♪ >> brooke: oh ridge, you should be overjoyed right now. your daughter's family is back together and her husband is alive. >> ridge: i am extremely grateful for all of that. >> brooke:


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