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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  August 8, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. c ]
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>> she made us feel young, remembering and paying tribute to an entertainment icon, today we look back at the life and career of olivia newton john. > >> bay area kids head back to school in oakland, how oakland's oakland's mayor is trying to change that. > >> as we look at the 49 season kickoff, we look at how one player serves his community. > >> the top story on kpix news, what a loss in the entertainment entertainment world. singer and actress olivia newton john has died at the age of 73. we look back at her amazing work on and off the screen. > >> [ music ] >> reporter: olivia newton john cook 80s aerobics to a new level. the single offer double platinum album physical spend 10
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10 weeks at number one on the billboard hot 100. it was not only the biggest hit of the pop singer's career, but the number one hit of the entire decade. the english born australian raised singer rose to fame in the movie adaptation of the move the movie "grease.". it endured endured popularity in the u.s. >> 40 years later, who would've thunk it? >> reporter: cast members and the director reunited for the film's 40th anniversary. >> we feel very grateful that this is still part of everyone's everyone's -- they love it. >> reporter: she was a longtime activist for environmental and animal rights issues. she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992 and returned for the third time in 2017. >> you look pretty -- >> i'm not afraid of anything right now. >> reporter: speaking with gayle gayle king for sunday morning,
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she relied on her trademark sunny optimism. >> i have chosen that path to feel grateful and good about things because the other side is is not that good. >> reporter: she poured her energy into her healing and raising money for a cancer center in australia, supporting research for plant-based medicine and wellness therapies. therapies. >> i am really delighted. >> reporter: she was made a dame dame in 2020 for her service to charity, cancer research and entertainment, all things close to her heart. [ music ] >> reporter: michael george, cbs cbs news. >> we loved her back. don't stop stop believing was released september of 2017, the same month as her 70th birthday. she leaves behind a husband and a daughter. a lot of people are expressing condolences and
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sadness over her death on social social media. in fact, you can go to my facebook page and hear a story about me, a kid, a reporter at sundance meeting her. john travolta, her great costar in greece posted this. my my dearest olivia, you made all of our lives so much better. your impact was incredible. other celebrities say they are heartbroken, calling her iconic and in some cases one of the voices of their childhood. > >> turning to health news, people across the bay area continue to try to get access to to the monkeypox vaccine. it is not easy. and markovic is following the news from the newsroom. >> reporter: we are seeing action and supplies come in. so the department of public health in san francisco just announced people at kaiser, ucsf and sutter, if you are a patient at any of those conglomerates, you
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can make an appointment and get a dose that way. check with your your provider if you have one. otherwise, we will see another walk-in clinic at zuckerberg general hospital. that is going to be tomorrow through friday, 8:00 a.m. until noon. friday it will be 8:00 a.m. until 3:30. two doses are required. as we have seen, the vaccine is hard to come by. many places are prioritizing first doses right now. on the supply front, we are are learning that the u.s. health department is looking into a method to stretch out the the existing supply of vaccine. the former commissioner of the fda spoke about it on this week's "face the nation." >> what they would do is cut the the dose by a fifth so they only only get one fifth of the dose. instead of injecting it subcutaneously, they inject intradermally into the skin, into the top layer of the skin. think about a test you get for tuberculosis where you get an injection under the skin and you you get a small weld as they inject fluid under the skin. that's an intradermal injection. injection. we know we get things things into the skin in that way. you get a strong immune response. >> so dr. gottlieb says instead
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of having 800,000 doses, that would yield somewhere between 4 million and 5 million doses. but but the fda has not officially said that it is moving forward with this. it is just considering at this point. we will have the latest on kpix 5, online and streaming on cbs news news bay area. >> we continue to cover this. thank you so much. > >> scientists at uc berkeley say say they created a therapeutic that could make treatment as simple as using nasal sprays for for allergies. >> it can be inhaled through the the nose. that delivers the treatment rectally to the airways and lungs. once there, it binds to the viral keycode, jams the copy machine, and stops stops the virus from making more more copies. >> it uses short snippets of dna dna to gum up the genetic machinery that allows covid to
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regulate replicate or copy as they said. the team has more experiments to do before the treatment can be cleared for clinical trials. we will keep you posted. > >> let's talk about the future, our kids. today, students headed headed back to class. there are not as many teachers to meet them as the district hoped for. here is juliette goodrich. >> reporter: welcome to the first day of school at montclair montclair elementary school in the oakland unified school district where all the backpacks backpacks are lined up. all the students are in their classrooms classrooms right now. masks are optional. today, this particular particular school had a visit from the mayor. the superintendent of the school district, also the principal, guiding everyone around. teachers showed us their individual classrooms today. we learned there is one thing missing from this district that they are hoping to fill soon. that is teachers. >> we have seen the work these teachers do each and every day which is amazing. but there are
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openings. there is no secret. how do you lure more teachers into the district? in oakland, we know we need more teachers. this is such an expensive city to live in. we have done in partnership with the district a partner program called teachers in oakland. we are helping new teachers afford the cost of living, either providing them with highly subsidized housing or giving them a direct subsidy to help pay their rent. >> well, decent pay helps. that's why the teacher shortage is a happening. some of the expectations are really astronomical. we need a higher . higher pay. we need more respect respect for the teaching profession. it is extremely difficult. >> reporter: the mayor tells us one of the big incentives to get get teachers to come into this district is to have affordable
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housing. she says, stay tuned. they are working on that. in oakland, kpix five. >> thanks for that, juliet. students will go back to school on the 17th. students have stagd have staggered start dates. some some will be back on thursday. the majority will return for the the great school year on the 19th. > >> district attorney brooke jake jake edmonds is officially running for reelection. you might remember she was appointed appointed by london breed after chesa boudin was recalled by voters. for that, she served as assistant da from 2014 to 2021. > >> today, president joe biden and joe biden traveled to meet those affected by flooding. >> reporter: president biden and and the first lady joined andy beshear to get a close-up look at the devastating flood damage in eastern kentucky. they offer comfort to the victims. >> you see what's happened to
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their properties, the trailer, everything they had, and how they come together. no complaining, just getting up, and getting things done. >> reporter: an elementary school was now converted to a donation center. he was briefed on response efforts. >> we are not leaving. as long as it takes, we are going to be here. >> reporter: it's his second visit to the bluegrass state in less than a year. he surveyed the damage after tornadoes ripped through western kentucky killing 77 people. >> the trials and tribulations we kentuckians face are hard to understand. one thing we have proven over and over is kentuckians do not break. >> reporter: during the trip, the biden administration again pointed to the impacts of climate change. they need to invest in making communities more resilient. now as kentuckians dig out, there is still the threat of more flooding with heavy rain in thet the forecast this week. natalie brand, cbs news, washington. >
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>> still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs t to begi49preseason. we are cn has de> t e th warriors gr
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>> all right, four days before the 49ers kick off the preseason. they will face the packers at levi's stadium. we are looking at some of the things that make the team so special. here is sharon, reporting on a player who has been writing his own playbook for the last three decades. >> there is a big key to the 49ers defense. >> reporter: he won four super bowls with the 49ers. in his retirement -- >> i want to win. >> we know that. >> reporter: he has held a level level of generosity for the last last three years. >> you've got all these stars. you also have people who have big hearts. >> reporter: the hall of famer and his wife harness the star power to break the cycle of poverty. they started the nonprofit all-stars helping kids kids in 1989. it helps grow innovative nonprofits that serve
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disadvantaged young people. he has given more than $30 million in seed money and coaching to more than 600 organizations. >> reporter: what is your heart for the kids? >> my heart for the kids is special. i allow people to know that they can fit in. like we all do. like we all have. you know? a lot of people of color, they never had a chance to fit in. >> are you going to quit, are you going to surrender, are you going to find a way to give up? in this room, we don't surrender. >> reporter: the game plan is to to level the playing field for underserved kids. >> we have been able to do that. that. we have been able to play our role in allowing young people to see that there are people out there who care. >> reporter: all-stars has reached 160,000 children in the last decade alone. like the high
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high school student who, years later, now works in high-tech. >> i remember bumping into him in redwood city. i was sitting there going, what are you doing? doing? he said, hp. i'm like whoa. >> reporter: he also volunteers with multiplying good, a foundation with jefferson awards. his passion for community service comes from his his mom and his dad, a military recruiter. >> i learned early on that you are in the game. you are in the game no matter what you say because i'm going to make you be be in the game. that's my dad. that's my mom. >> reporter: and as past 49ers have inspired him -- >> we don't quit. >> reporter: -- he is encouraging fans and players to pay it forward. >> we are starting to see the younger 49ers participating in being involved. >> reporter: that's the team to be on. >> you know what? what i learned learned is when you huddle with the right people, there's amazing things you can get done.
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done. >> reporter: that's an amazing play on and off the field. >> all-stars helping kids is accepting applications for its new program. kids can get coaching and help with growing. for more information, go to their website. [ music ] > >> all right, this highlight reel was posted by the 49ers on social media today. the caption, caption, hibernation is almost over. he grew up with the nickname smaller bear. his joey is also known as bigbear. as a preseason partner, we are proud of that. you can watch a one-hour addition of kpix news at 4:00, than the red and gold report at 5:00. then after the game, watch the fifth quarter. >
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>> the warriors are turning back back the clock with classic addition uniforms for the upcoming season. check out who they got to show it off. look. >> let's run it back. man, i still got it. >> starting, saint johns. [ musc ] >> he does know we are only bringing the jerseys back, right? >> all right. that is one run of of tmc and richmond, the uniforms are replicas the team war from 1998 to 1997, including including the tmc era. who could could forget? here's a look at the forecast. paul just took off off the gold chain to talk to you at home out of respect. >> you know, you don't want the lights to reflect off of that. it might cause vision issues for for somebody at home. > >> let's look at the weather
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watch. this area of low pressure pressure in the atmosphere is hanging out off the west coast. as long as that's there, we will will stay in this weather pattern. we are near normal temperatures near the water around the bay and along the co. the coast. it's been a day where where we have seen storms popping up in the high sierra. we took a break on the weekend. we will see more about developing as well. right now, blue skies overhead, we are not seeing cloud cover at this point. temperatures are in the 60s and 70s around the bay. 79 in san jose, it's pretty nice with 80s inland. it's 84 in concord. those numbers aren't bad for this time of year. if you are heading out to the a's game as they take on the los angeles angels of anaheim, california, temperatures will be be in the 70s at the first page
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and steadily dropping as we head head through the evening. it will get down to the 60s. it should be a pleasant evening at the coliseum. we will see that fog spread across the early morning. like we saw over the weekend, it will be a low cloud cover as opposed to fog sitting at the ground level. we should get back to the coast as we head head towards late morning, lunchtime at the latest. temperatures are in the 50s, some of the warmer spots are staying around 60 degrees. it's pretty close to normal for this time of year. we are dropping into the lower half of the 50s. high temperatures tomorrow are close to normal. we are 5 degrees on what is average for this time of year. temperatures reach the 60s along the coast, and around the south end of the bay, the temperatures are reaching to around 80 degrees as as you head into the santa clara clara valley. we are falling short in san jose. it's a different story for gilroy. for most of the valley, even the warmest spots, we are topping out in the 80s. that's not bad at all for august. you will see warmer temperatures later on this week. temperatures hit the upper 60s are san francisco, and and a mix of upper 70s and 80s
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for parts of the north bay. it's it's going to be a little toasty, but that's not that bad. bad. temperatures are in hotspos in hotspots near clear lake. we can handle that in the month of august. temperatures are going to warm up by the end of the work week into the weekend. it's it's a modest warm-up. it's a couple degrees above average for for inland parts of the bay area area and temperatures around the the bay aren't going to change that much over the next several days. hottest spots are hovering hovering around 90 degrees thursday and friday with similar milar temperatures saturday and sunday. it looks like a nice nice stretch of weather continuing. >> thanks. > >> still ahead, food banks are seeing a rise in demand across the country, how inflation has more americans looking for
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>> inflation has so many americans struggling to make ends meet and looking for a little bit of help. as danya bacchus reports, food pantries are seeing a big jump in demand. demand. >> reporter: the long line at this recent food distribution event outside of los angeles is a familiar sight. charities say there is a rise in the number of of people needing help. diane martinez is here because inflation priced her out. >> the prices of food are so high. they are going up every d. every day. >> reporter: food banks are in big demand. we are hoping for a change this year. >> for 2022, we are expecting things to start sliding down in terms of the demand for food assistance. but really when the inflation hit we saw another
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upsurge. >> reporter: in june, prices at the grocery store rose more than than 12%. that's the largest one one year increase since 1979. in in this chicago neighborhood, it's not just prices that are a problem. there's a lack of affordable grocery stores in the the area. that's why 250 people including jimmy king junior came came to this pop-up event. >> i am blessed. the people in the community are blessed for this to be going on. >> families making this decision decision between filling their gas station to get to work, paying rent and utilities, other other basic expenses, meeting food costs -- >> reporter: higher cost and an influx of people to feed has left charities struggling. some are looking for more donations so they can help everyone in need. danya bacchus, cbs news los angeles. > >> a company called siete foods is helping people start a business. it is all started because latino businesses are sometimes blessed less likely tt
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to get loans. you can find more details on the siete foods website. > >> coming up, bay area crash and and one area -- for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer.
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27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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>> coming up at 5:00, preventing preventing the spread of bird influenza, how one bay area hospital is working to protect the animals. > >> a dog and his owner were rescued by san francisco firefighters. we have the photos photos to show you. the car flipped on its side while first responders were getting the driver out of the car. they found this little guy. it all happened near the san francisco airport. firefighters say the driver in the dog will be okay. it shows you our heroes equipped
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equipped to help people and pets. that's it for kpix 5 news at 3:00. we will be back with local news , and always streaming on cbs bay area 24/7. have a great afternoo thanks
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, president biden and the first lady traveled to flood-ravaged kentucky to get a firsthand look at the devastation. meeting residents and the first responders, the president makes a promise. >> we're staying until everybody is back to where they were. >> with the threat of more rain on the way, cbs's nancy cordes speaks with families digging out from the mud left behind. >> people herar resilient and strong and smart and courageous. they'll rebuild, they'll need help a. >> four muslim men gunned down in albuquerque. investigators looking into a possible link. omar villafranca talks with one victim's grieving brother. >> right now, everybody is scared. >> used car prices are skyrocketing. >> how much did you pay for that
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