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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  August 8, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> right now on kpix 5 news at 6:00 am, members of the aapi community demanding helpafter the attack of a former commissioner. > >> as you head out the door, we are monitoring an accident on 680. how it will affect your. we we have other times coming up. > >> here in the weather center, we are keeping a very close eye on the forecast for us this week. it looks mild, but things could change. we will talk about about that in just a moment. >
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>> again, as you head out the door, we are monitoring an accident on 680. how this will affect your commute. we have mean drying times coming up. > >> we will talk to you about that soon. > >> let's look at this morning's top stories. recent attacks against asian american seniors brought out marchers in san francisco's north beach demanding police do more to protect the older members of their community. police say they they are stepping up patrols ind around chinatown. protesters are are asking for a meeting with the city's police chief. activists are calling for more lly wiheld outside e vacces n fransco federal building. clz mopox wi hold their first meeting. > >> vice president kamala harris cast the tie-breaking vote to pass the inflation reduction act. the measure is a primary item of president biden's agenda. it will invest billions
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to fight climate change. it has back to the house for a vote as early as friday. > >> good morning to you and happy happy monday. it is 6:01. we have a lot to get to today. how will the weather feel? we had a beautiful weekend in the bay area. >> it was studding this weekend. weekend. even as we head into the work week, we don't see much much of a change. let's break that down right now. we have a marine layer as we wake up. it is a sunny day for us. temperatures remain around average. we have partly cloudy conditions this morning. as the sun begins to rise, official sunrise is coming up right around the corner, once it officially rises, it will pull the marine layer back. it is starting to fill in portions of the bay. that was a live look just from the sales force tower cam overlooking the golden brea- break -- golden gate bridge. we have sunny skies pretty much everywhere, especially in the inland areas but even along the bay and the coast, too. we have a break this afternoon. that will be the trend for us all week long. as we extend into the
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the weekend we will have more sunshine in store. if you have outdoor plans, this is the time to think about it. it is monday. monday. we have more coming up in the full forecast. > >> we are monitoring an accident. unfortunately, this as as an injury accident on 680 southbound. there is an overturned vehicle on the right shoulder. the a lane is blocked for emergency vehicle. it is on 680 and highway 84. definitely pay attention to that. back to the stall on northbound 17 in the santa cruz mountains. that is blocking the right lane. traffic is backed up there, as well. pay attention to that, as well. as far as main drive times times for super commuters, 45 ms 45 minutes for the 205 to 680. the rest you can see on your screen. it looks great. that is always a good thing. looking at the san mateo bridge right now, we have a pretty smooth commute, commute, for the most part. we will take a live look at the
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golden gate bridge right now as you head to san francisco. things look pretty smoothly there, as well. as far as the bay bridge, metering lights are on now. it is a nine minute drive into san francisco. > >> a great morning out there this morning, jocelyn. > >> it is the first day back to school for students in oakland unified school district. masks will no longer be required but they are strongly recommended indoors. the district is encouraging students and staff to test for covid before coming to school today. teachers have been preparing for the start of the school year. >> there are a lot of open tabs in my head back. it is like a computer with a lot of open tabs. just making sure i am refreshing my tabs. it is good. i feel anything i can do
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anything to support people for day one. >> the school district in san francisco is scrambling to fill classrooms with teachers. the district says they are short over 100 teachers. san francisco francisco unified could possibly possibly combine classrooms to handle the shortage, as well is redeployed district office employees with credentials back into the classroom. > >> jocelyn, happening today, the california attorney general will launch the california student debt challenge, a public public information campaign about student loan forgiveness and how borrowers can apply before the october 31 deadline. about 1 million californians may may qualify but only 10,000 have have received it. > >> jocelyn? >> amanda, developing, the san francisco police department has arrested a man they believe attacked former san francisco cr francisco commissioner gregory chew. they not saying if the attack is racially motivated but but they did say the suspect was was known to police. kpix 5's betty yu has the latest on the arrest. >> reporter: five days on the k the attack on gregory chew, police announced an arrest. >> officers identified the
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suspect as 34-year-old san francisco resident derrick yearby. derrick yearby was booked in the san francisco county jail on the charges of battery with great bodily injury, elder abuse, aggravated assault and also an assault enhancement charge. >> reporter: police say the two men did not speak before gregory gregory chew was hit and knocked knocked to the ground. it happened just after 7:thursday -- 7:30 on tuesday. >> they will determine whether or not race or bias was a factor factor in the attack. >> reporter: among the local and state leaders supporting sundae's rally against into asian violence, supervisor matt dorse. matt dorsey. gregory chew lives in his district. >> i really appreciate his courage coming for. i think it is equally important, if not more important, to highlight the arrests. we have to send a message to would be attackers
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who contemplate coming to our city to do this, to attack asian asian seniors. they will be ided be identified and arrested and . and prosecuted. >> reporter: dorsey pointed outt out that police reported a 567% increase in anti-asian hate crimes in 2021. in a text to kpix 5, gregory chew said he was was somewhat relieved to hear of of the arrest but so many others others have been assaulted and robbed . city leaders got to step up. in san francisco, betty betty yu, kpix 5. > >> now to the fire watch. evacuations are still in place for the six rivers complex fires burning in humboldt county. these are pictures from the blaze from the national weathere weather service. there are eight eight lightning fires right now and more than 1200 acres have
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been burned. at last check, there is still no containment. > >> better news with the mckinney mckinney fire. let's take a look look at this. containment is still growing. crews have actually been able to keep it away from the town. close to 90 homes have been destroyed. > >> more than 60,000 acres have burned and it is 40% contained with more than 3000 firefighters firefigh lastbut not least, noaa satellites caught smoke from the the mckinney fire late last week. the flames on the left are are actually from a smaller yeti yeti fire. that is home to local local native american tribes. tribal biologists say there are reports of large numbers of dead dead fish and they say the fish were killed by massive flooding and debris flows from the mckinney fire. >
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>> we are just a few days away from the 49ers preseason kick off party right here on kpix . the red and gold will take on the green bay packers at levi stadium. during our countdown, we are looking at some the things that make the team and the fans so special, like ronnie ronnie lott. sharon chen got to have a chat with them. >> that is a big part of that 49ers defense, ronnie lott . >> >> reporter: ronnie lott one, four super bowls with the 49ers. 49ers. in his retirement, the former safety has been huddling in generosity for the last 53 years. >> you have people that have big big hearts. >> reporter: the nfl hall of famer and his wife karen e of poverty. they they started the santa clara-based nonprofit, all-stars all-stars helping kids, in 1989. 1989. it helps grow innovative nonprofits that help disadvantaged young people. all-stars has given more than $30 million in money and coaching to more than 600 organizations. >> reporter: what is your heart for the kids? >> my heart for the kids is pretty simple. how do you allow people to know they can fit in?
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you know, a lot of people of color never had the chance to fg to fitting. >> are you going to quit? are you going to surrender? are you going to find a way to give up? in this room, we don't surrender. >> reporter: the game plan is to to level the playing field for underserved kids. >> we have been able to do this and play our role in helping people see there are a lot of people that care. >> reporter: all-stars has reached nearly 160,000 children in the last decade alone, like this high school student, who years later, now works in high-tech. >> i remember bumping into them in redwood city and i remember saying, what are you doing? he said, i am working at hp. >> reporter: ronnie lott also
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volunteers with multiplying good, the foundation that partners with derrick yearby to honor unsung heroes with jefferson award. his passion for for community service comes from from his mom and dad, a military military recruiter. >> i learned really early on your in the game back. you in the game, no matter what you say. i will make you be in the game. that is my dad and that is is my mom. >> reporter: just as past 49ers 49ers have inspired him to stick stick >> we don't surrender. we don't quit. >> he is encouraging a new generation of fans and players to pay it forward. >> we are seeing some of them anticipating and being involved. involved. >> that is the team to be on. >> >> you know what? what i have learned is, when you huddle with with the right people, there are are amazing things you can get done. >> reporter: that is a winning play on and off the field. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> all-star kids is now accepting applications for his 2023 program. nonprofit selected selected into the program receives cash, coaching, connections and help with growing capacity. for more information, go to the website.
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>> how inspiring and the impact he has on all those people. > >> looking at the sights and sounds of outside lands that wrapped up last night. over 200,000 people attended this year's festival. he will go down down as one of the biggest ever. ever. >> it is like we are one of the ones in the middle of the city. i don't know, you can look at it it that way. >> i have been here the last four years and this is the best one. >> a lot of people are very excited to be back this year. >> >> i heard it, all my neighbors were having a party yesterday. i i have never been in san francisco during outside lands. everybody was like, that is outside lands. that sound carries everywhere throughout the bay area. >> i saw it all over my histogram. people were having a great time. i am very jealous. >> next year. > >> it is 6:12. still ahead on the morning mix, a new poll on
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non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27?
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wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27. >> on the bay area beat, one person is under arrest in an east oakland shooting. an officer driving around 4:50 pm heard gunshots and saw several people involved. one person was taken into custody, but another managed to escape in a vehicle. police recovered a gun at the same. > >> in japan town, the community celebrated the 38th annual street fair. the event featured live music, car shows, vendors and more and not only honors traditional asian pacific heritage, but brings a wave of business to shops around japan n japan town. despite being scaled
6:17 am
scaled back for second straight year because of covid, crowds turned out in peace plaza. > >> officials are warning residents to avoid contact with lake merritt water because of algae blooms. there was a reporf report of possible algae that could produce toxins harmful to people and animals. oakland public works department staff inspected the area friday and plan to submit a report to regional authorities. it is not clear when the report will be available. that is a look at your bay area bait. > >> things are starting off very cold for us in the bay as we kick off this workweek. the weather is stunning, like i will will say 1000 times during this forecast, take advantage of it. during the afternoon hours we are left with mostly sunny conditions. really, the temperatures are where we get the treatment. downtown temperatures are divers, whether whether it is the inland areas, the or in or on the back. the
6:18 am
marine layer will break apart this afternoon. we will see a lot of sunshine as low pressure pushes north of us. that is changing the direction of the low pressure. they always work in a counterclockwise direction. direction. we see the southwestd southwest wind impact us for a multitude of reasons. he keeps the smoke away from us, allowing allowing for good air quality. it also brings in fresh pacificare just along the coastline as we extend into the afternoon. we could see wind gust up to 35 miles per hour at times in the east inland hills. it is not extreme but what is interesting is how mild today's forecast is. like i said, whenever the forecast is mile, yes, it is easy to talk about but what i really want to stress stress is head outdoors and take take a vantage of this. this is dog walking weather, beautiful weather, even along the coastline this time of year. the the marine layer will be sending sending out when the sun officially comes up. things will warmg up day by day but nothing too noticeable. you
6:19 am
might feel it wednesday and thursday, just in the santa clara valley, where we have 80s. 80s. mid to upper 80s as we extend into the rest of the week week for the east inland hills. it will be more prevalent there, there, however, just along the y in the coast, things stay beautiful this time of year. we will keep you updated in the weather center. > >> jocelyn, how do things look? >> we are going to look right now it to live shot here. this is our producer driving on 238 o 238 to 880 south in hayward right now. things are moving smoothly there. i do want to talk about that traffic alert we had discussed earlier today. the good news there is the traffic alert has been canceled. canceled. all lanes have been reopened on 680 southbound near andrade road. we are still seeing a big backup on 680 and highway 84. definitely keep that that in mind. let's look at your your main drive times right
6:20 am
now. super commuters, you can see that is in red, but a 43 minute drive from 205 to 680. as as far as the rest of your drive drive times, that is still green. that looks good right there. taking a look at the san mateo bridge, you can see the backup there. still, things are moving pretty smoothly right now. at least as far as the golden gate bridge, getting into into san francisco and back, it looks good right now. the bay bridge, right there, the metering lights are on, so definitely keep that in mind as you drive through the toll plaz. toll plaza. > >> amanda? >> it is 6:20. there is a growing trend to add more by two two outside lands. how pot became a big business at the three day event. >> in are mourning mix, what could be the most expensive trash bag part of
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the afternoon. we have upper 70s 70s and low 80s. this is perfect perfect weather to enjoy a walk. as we extend into the afternoon, we don't get about the 90s. with that in mind, enjoy the sunshine we expect as we kick off the work week. we expect 60s along the coast and the bag. it will be mild all week long. this is a similar forecast today and the next couple days. we will keep you updated in the weather center. > >> new this morning, a company
6:25 am
is holding a contest. they will giveaway $40,000 to help latinos open or expand a business. the competition was started because latino businesses are less likely to receive bank own miss bank loans and non-latino compe. non-latino competitors. > >> time for the morning mix. a company is looking to attract w. attract workers. i have been looking forward to this. topping topping the list is the hangover hangover leave. workers would also like a break after breakup. breakup. right? i need to. >> for those days in those moments. >> or after a tough fight. >> others want social media detox days to unplug for hours from screens. this one is me right here. sports fans cannot work when things don't go well for their favorite team. houseplant bereavement leave
6:26 am
also made the list. >> what is that. >> the day before or the day be you, i can feel that. >> when the giants lose, i am not going into work the next day. i don't want to. >> i feel like it was just yesterday with the warriors. it was an emotional roller coaster. coaster. > >> this is interesting. a lot of of people are talking trash about a new bag. balenciaga's bag is called a trash pouch. this mom is working it and makes makes you want to get it. it is made out of leather and comes in in black, blue, yellow and white. it also comes at a hefty price tag. it is ly. i will ditch the hefty price tag and >> i can rock that, too.
6:27 am
>> it is almost like a santa bag. >> just walk around the newsroom newsroom with the fake balenciaga bag. they are knockoffs. >> we will hold you to that. > >> this is a cute story. the cincinnati zoo's newborn baby hippo needs a name. the baby hippo weighed in nearly 50 pounds and is already walking. the zoo has not revealed the gender and it will stay off exhibit to allow bonding with its mother. the zoo has requested name ideas through their website. if y'all have any any name ideas out there, send them over. >> i always have fun once. fiona fiona went on for a while. >> as a kid, you look forward to to that. i remember being a kid at the san francisco zoo and everybody would participate in you would go to the zoo just to see the baby.
6:28 am
>> i will think of some names. > >> after marathon weekend, vote-a-rama senators move forward passing a tax, climate and health bill. i am skyler henry on capitol hill with what made it in and where the legislation now stands. > >> all right. also coming up, a carwash using absolutely no water. we will show you how that that works. >> we will hear from an up-and-coming young musician who who just performed at outside lands over the weekend in san
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for years, california's non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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>> it is 6:31 and time for a look at top stories. san francisco police have arrested a a man accused of attacking a former city official. 34-year-old derrick yearby faces charges of battery, elder abuse, aggravated assault and an an assault enhancement. they say say he assaulted former city film arts and immigrant rights commissioner gregory chew on august 2 near third and folsom streets. investigators will interview derrick yearby to see if race or bias was a factor in this attack. >
6:32 am
>> the california attorney general will help launch the california student debt challenge. it is a public information campaign about student loan forgiveness and how how borrowers can apply before the october 31 deadline. about 1 1 million californians may qualify for public service loan forgiveness, but only around 10,000 have received it. > >> today president biden and the the first lady will tour eastern eastern kentucky, where devastating storms are to blame for killing dozens and destroying communities. more storms could sweep through the state on tuesday and wednesday. they will also survey recovery efforts at a local recovery center. this is as biden was clear from isolation following his recent positive covid test. test. > >> good morning. what does the forecast look like? we had a pretty calm weekend. >> did you get out at all? yes. we went to walnut creek. it was beautiful. it was cooler, but still hot.
6:33 am
>> your photos looked amazing. you need to check it out. that was an amazing hike. this whole week will be an amazing opportunity to head out and enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air because we have it. in in the bay area, the air quality quality is great. temperatures are beautiful. we are waking up with stunning sunrises all week long. the marine layer will break apart this afternoon, leaving us with sunny skies as we head into the evening hours. the nice part about the forecast, too, it is monday, we are only dealing with 80s in the the east inland areas. this is dog walking weather, great opportunities to head out and enjoy the sunshine, even along the coast all the way off into the bay. we are dealing with just partly sunny skies today as as a low pressure moves north of of us. we have relative humidity humidity that is pretty low. that is giving us mild, a typical forecast for us, actualy us, actually, for august. one thing i want to mention is a huge contributing factor as to why the smoke from that fire to
6:34 am
the north of us stays away from us. i mentioned the air quality a second ago. we have great air quality this week is this area of low pressure continues to work in a counterclockwise direction just off shore. we will talk about that coming up in the full forecast a little bit. > >> for now, we will send it over over to you, jocelyn. ash on0 soutnd we hat.lave beop definitely keep that in mind heading out the door this morning. > >> let's look at the main travel travel times, something to pay attention to, westbound 80 from highway 4 to the maze is now in yellow. for super commuters, you've got a 46 minute drive from there to 680. oakland looks looks okay. the coliseum has things moving lewdly. the san mateo bridge, things are still moving okay, it is a 30 minute drive from 880 to 101. you can see the bay bridge is backed up to the toll plaza. the metering metering lights are on. >
6:35 am
>> let's take now a live look at at capitol hill where democrats hoped to have the inflation reduction act ready for president biden to sign by the end of the week after contentious debate. the senate approved the mammoth economic package, despite united objection from every single republican. cbs reporter skyler henry has more. >> the vice president votes in the affirmative and the bill, as as amended, is passed. >> reporter: with the tie-breaking vote from vice president kamala harris, senate democrats passed the inflation reduction act after a marathon weekend session. now the massive massive economic package will head to the house for a vote as early as friday. >> our bill reduces inflation, lowers costs, creates millions of manufacturing jobs, enhances our energy security and is the boldest climate package in u.s. history. >> this is a day that will always live as the moment where the united states took over the leadership of the fight to lower
6:36 am
the thermostat. >> reporter: democrats are hoping the measure will give the the party a boost ahead of the midterm elections in november and left president biden's approval ratings. after the legislation won senate approval, senate approval, the administration tweeted he ran to to make the u.s. work for american families again and said said that is what the bill does. republicans are describing it as a package of tax hikes and unnecessary spending that could worsen inflation and hurt the economy. >> we are in a recession. why would you be increasing the cost cost of government? you are increasing taxes. >> reporter: democrats say the green initiatives will provide tax credits for those who by electric vehicles and for companies who make solar panels and wind turbines. it also will reduce healthcare costs, they say, especially for seniors, by allowing medicare to negotiate lower prices on prescription drugs. skyler henry, cbs news, capitol hill. >> an area congresswoman says
6:37 am
the bill is a big win for american people, investing in, climate change and bolstering the affordable care act. >> it is a very, very big deal. i look forward to voting for it next friday in the house of rep. of representatives. >> president biden is urging the the house to pass the economic bill as soon as possible. in response, house speaker nancy pelosi said the chamber would be be smooth swiftly to send it to to the president's desk. > >> outside lance. besides the food and drink first, there is a a growing trend to include cannabis in festivals like this one. shawn chitnis has more. >> i just like the vibe a bit. >> reporter: ellen grew up in the bay area but made it to her first outside lance this year. she says grass lands was a
6:38 am
favorite of hers this weekend, making it a point to visit each day. >> we are being more accepting of it. you know, it is not kind of like as stigmatized as it was was in the past. >> reporter: small businesses in in san francisco want to get cannabis in front of people and have tried for decades. they say say outside lands was a critical critical supporter to help people lose the stigma. >> we get to show them that in an environment that is recreational you can be relaxed. relaxed abilities. >> reporter: the team says it is is a natural fit. for people that tend to use marijuana anyway, they want to relax in the middle of a long weekend that can be draining. >> festivals can be intense. you you are on your feet three days, days, bouncing back and forth. it is nice to get folks a respite. >> reporter: they say outside lands has become a way for them them to see success for them, too. >> we want to bring cannabis to events where folks are, including folks who may not have have interacted with cannabis before. >> we need to keep turning the tide. >> reporter: national legalization remains a critical step forward for the injury but- but -- industry, but businesses are eager to educate the public about the product.
6:39 am
>> we want to do this. it is a safer experience in a calming e. calming experience. >> reporter: customers decided they would seek out more places to enjoy cannabis together. reporting in san francisco, shawn chitnis, kpix 5. > >> now what benefit carwash in walnut creek raised more, they actually raise a lot of money for the fallen heroes fund. that that is a local support group for the families of first responders killed in the line of of duty. the whole thing was actually used without using any water. kpix 5's john ramos shows shows us how that works. >> reporter: they say necessity is the mother of invention. this this drought is giving birth to a lot of new ways of doing thin. doing things.
6:40 am
>> reporter: seems like the normal way to do it, rent a car, car, wash it and rinse it again. again. in a time of drought, people are looking for new normals, at least jennifer anderson was sunday afternoon in in walnut creek. >> i needed to know what they were doing. i saw them wiping down another car and i thought, okay, how are they doing this? >> reporter: they say our normal normal carwash averages 35 gallons of water. here there are are no hoses and no pockets, just a spray bottle and some cloths. it is called no water h2o. he says the chemicals in no no h2 you emulsify the surface while creating a faint positive charge. wiping with a micro fiber cloth produces a negative charge which will loosen and ree and remove the dirt. >> we get the car cleaner with our products and you can with a regular wash. we are using the types of things that actually break down dirt. >> reporter: it is hard to tell if it is the chemicals or the ew the elbow grease, but his daughters, who work in the family business, swear it is easier and eliminate the extra steps of all the rinsing and drying. >> all you have to do is wipe down one and then wipe down two.
6:41 am
two. it is that easy, honestly. >> reporter: the results made a believer of anderson. >> it looks great. it has never been that clean. >> reporter: were you surprised a little bit? >> yeah, a little bit. it looks great. i love it. >> reporter: a way to wash cars that eliminate the water. it is something most people never considered before. now people are considering a lot of new things as the shortage of water becomes ever more serious. >> if you are not aware, it is hard to know where you have been. everyone cares about it. they are looking for easy solutions to help do something about the drought. >> reporter: in walnut creek, john ramis, kpix 5. > >> now to the latest developments on monkeypox. a rally is set for today outside the san francisco federal building. at the same time, zuckerberg general will reopen its walk-in clinic on tuesday. the new senate state committee on monkeypox will hold the first first meeting on tuesday, as
6:42 am
well. senator scott weiner will serve as the committee's chair. > >> former fda commissioner scott scott gottlieb appeared on cbs' "face the nation" and talked about how the government may try try to stretch monkeypox vaccin. vaccine doses. >> there is a national shortage. shortage. there are two doses of of this vaccine that are required. >> we will catch up. it will be difficult at this point. i think think if we will contain this and make sure it does not spread spread more broadly in the
6:43 am
population, we have to test more more broadly. we have the capacity to do it. right now, the cdc has the capacity for 80,000 tests a week. they are doing 8000. they can broaden this substantially by changing the case definition and recommend more doctors test more more patients to look for the infection in the community. >> the city is expecting to get more than 10,000 doses of the vaccine and are expecting to distribute them by tuesday. we have a monkeypox section on our website at you will find doctor interviews and the latest on how many vaccines are coming to the bay area. > >> the time now is 6:42. coming up, cvs health is eyeing a push for expansion. > >> we are keeping a close eye on on things changing this week. te week. the weather is beautiful, what am i saying? we will keep you updated but for every search you make, every click you take, every move you make, every step you take, i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified.
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>> outside lands provided a wide wide array of live music over the weekend in san francisco was was 60+ performances in more than 200,000 spectators. i unfortunately was not one of them but we will talk about the.
6:47 am
the festival. >> i don't know if the cameras can pick it up but i am as red as the lobster being served at the festival. it was insane. it was an amazing weekend of music. music. as you can tell, as well, well, it was a solid. so many great acts, a 20 songs set by local legends green day, overflowing crowds for post malone and a lot of buzz as i was walking around about the newer, emerging acts, including sam pender, great uk artist, a throwback to bruce springsteen. there was a punk band that was awesome. [ music ] >> a lot of music history in particular at the historic golden gate park in outside lands over the past few decades. decades. it was very evident among the newer acts.
6:48 am
>> it is quite mad, isn't it? it it is mad to be here. i am from london, a tiny village outside of london, it is like, come overseas, come to america and come to an i not it iconic place, it never stops. >> i played here and they played played here, as well. it is like, we are in a place that has has so much history and music everywhere, it feels like. you can escape the music, wherever you go. here we can, we are kind kind of part of it now. >> yeah. >> something i learned on faceb, on facebook, i think it was jim. jimi hendrix. >> i love those guys. that bands band ranges from 11 to 17 years
6:49 am
old. definitely check them out. it was a great weekend of music. music. >> it looked like so much fun, lot of variation in music and up-and-coming artists. i am definitely jealous you got to see jeff harlow and i did not. >> he killed it. my god. >> i am jealous. don't tell me that. >> follow me on stories. >> i will and i will ask you more questions afterwards. thank thank you. i appreciate it. >> i feel like i missed out, too. here is a look at your morning money watch report. cvs is looking to branch out. the "wall street journal" reports the drugstore chain is looking to buy signify health with plans plans to enter a bit this week. signify has a large network of healthcare professionals who make house calls. cvs could face face competition as signify ways ways its options. > >> oil prices are dropping. u.s. u.s. crude fell below $91 a barrel for the first time since
6:50 am
russia invaded ukraine. a new government report shows stockpiles of crude and gasoline gasoline inventories are increasing, a sign that the man may be lagging. u.s. oil prices were at $124 a barrel on march 8. since then, the prices dropped 27%. > >> here in the weather center, it is a pretty simple monday for for us. the forecast looks really nice as we extended the the afternoon. sunny ies y,butb home about. a low pressure is pushing north of us. if you turned to us earlier, it is mainly because of the direction of the winds. a low pressure always works in a counterclockwise direction and it is parked offshore. it is allowing the fire burning north of us to continue to push the se the smoke away. we are left with with great air quality this morning. the marine layer is pulling back as we extend into the afternoon. we will be seeing seeing sunny skies in the east inland hills today. the marine layer will soak the bay overnigt bay overnight and we wake up
6:51 am
with a similar trying, just the way we woke up this morning. the the winds have been pretty gusty gusty for us in the evening hours the past couple days. now will continue to be the trend as as we kick off the work week fo. week forecast. hearound35 mir ho. . weher to headreal mean that. weekend and this weekend, do it today. we are expecting 80s in the east inland hills, 60s on the coast in the bay, it is a
6:52 am
great week for us to head out. as we take a look at the next couple days, notice how we warm up a little bit day by day. we see upper 60s now, but 70s return into the forecast for san san francisco, partly cloudy conditions will slowly turn into into sunshine, even for the east east inland hills. as we extend into this weekend, no 90s insight, just upper 80s as early early as wednesday. we will keep keep you updated in the weather center. > >> jocelyn, how do things look out there? >> we are monitoring a crush on the san mateo bridge. i want you you to look at that right now on on westbound 92. the left lane is blocked. there is definitely definitely a backup. you can see see the san mateo bridge right there. you can see the traffic this has caused right there. definitely keep an eye on that and keep that in mind heading out the door. as far as the bay bridge, again, the metering lights are on. you are seeing the backup at the toll plaza. as as far as 880 in oakland, things things are moving pretty smoothly. as far as other travel travel times, we are seeing yellow, a 27 minute drive. for super commuters, a 36 minute drive from
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> top stories. continuing violence against asian americans americans brought out marchers in san francisco to demand police do more to protect older members of the community. policy police say they will step up patrols in and around chinatown. chinatown. protesters are asking asking for a meeting with the city's police chief. > >> activists are calling for more monkeypox testing and vaccines. rally will be held today outside the san francisco federal building. zuckerberg
6:57 am
general hospital will reopen its its walk-in clinic tomorrow. that is also when the new state senate committee on monkeypox will hold the first meeting. > >> vice president kamala harris cast the tie-breaking vote to pass the inflation reduction act. it will invest billions to fight climate change. it heads to the house for a vote as early early as today. > >> to san francisco now. jim denevan is an international a known artist known for leaving his mark, like this, on beaches around the world. his latest project is right here in the city's ocean beach. our photo journalist gives us a look. >> these are far cry from the sand castles are used to build on the beach as a kid. >> my name is tyler. what in the the world, i guess was my first thought. >> reporter: your name? >> jim denevan. i have been drawing in the sand here for 28 years. people have probably seen seen me drawing in the sand with with a rake or a stick. it is all spontaneous. there is no plan before i come down here. this is new. this is different.
6:58 am
to actually do physical sculptures on the beach. it is the same kind of thing, it washes away with the tide. >> you walk up and you see all these little pyramid looking things. your first question is, what is this? i think it is cool, you know? in oklahoma, obviously we don't have beaches. beaches. it is cool if you can make art like this and use the sand and the water and the natural resources to make something, you know, super cool so everyone can appreciate it. >> it definitely caught my eye. i had to check it out. i am lucky and blessed to see it. >> you know, you put all this time into it and it kind of washes away. part of you might ask, what is the point? another part of you might say, well, everything is kind of temporary. temporary. why not art? it is cool. you build something up and and it goes right back. i don't know, there is something fitting fitting to that. >> part of this time is of the . the day. you don't see it next month. it will be completely gone. it is kind of a recognition of where we are in
6:59 am
our lives. > >> all right. that crash on the san mateo bridge westbound 92 is is causing a backup. the left lane is blocked. you can see the the traffic is moving pretty slowly. it is about a 15 minute drive from 880 to 101. we will give you a look at the bay bridge right there at the toll plaza. the metering lights are on. that is causing a backup there, as well. it is about a 13 13 minute drive from the toll plaza into san francisco . > >> all right. daytime highs today are stunning . we only expect average conditions along
7:00 am
the coast. the inland areas warm-up into the 80s this afternoon. livermore will get to to 80, 72 in moundsville, 77 at san jose. the next couple days, we don't see much of a change. we will have a lot more nshine sunshine ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to our viewers on the west coast. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> let's go to its your world in 90 seconds. >> every member of the congress is elated about what happened. joe biden and they are pushing us into recession. >> president biden and other democrats celebrate a major victory after the senate passes his spending bill. >> president biden has emerged from isolation. >> biden is visiting kentucky on


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