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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  May 25, 2022 3:00pm-3:29pm PDT

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new details emerging on the texas school tragedy. what we're learning about those very young victims and how the community is coping. california leaders announcing emergency actions to
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try to curb gun violence here in our state also. good afternoon, i'm sara donchey. our top story at 3:00 on kpix 5, a texas town dealing with what can only be described as unimaginable grief. and across the country, people are also grieving. they're frustrated. some are just angry after the latest deadly school shooting. what we're learning about what happened is very dark and disturbing. i want to warn you about that. the 18-year-old who opened fire at an elementary school barricaded himself inside of a single classroom, killing 19 little kids and two teachers. people have been gathering outside the civic center in uvalde, texas comforting one another. this was the deadliest school shooting in the u.s. since sandy hook. reporter aaron jones is live in uvalde with the very latest. aaron? >> reporter: sarah, the grief here is just overwhelming.
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and now this investigation is really just beginning. today we learned that the shooter actually went onto social media and posted several times about his plan. but the big question tonight is why would he carry out such an unthinkable act on children. investigators swarm the streets around uvalde's robb elementary school, the site of the nation'. >> it is intolerable and unacceptable for us to have anybody in the state who would kill little kids in our schools. >> reporter: texas governor greg abbott says 18-year-old salvador ramos posted on facebook before then barging into a fourth grade classroom with an ar-15 assault rifle. police say that's where he killed 19 children and two teachers. >> the shooter was able to make entry into a classroom, barricading himself, shooting children and teachers and having no regard for human life. just a complete tragedy.
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>> reporter: after confronting and shooting the killer, police went to his home and found his grandmother clinging to life. his motive is unknown. as the fbi went door to door speaking to neighbors, investigators revealed the suspect had legally purchased two rifles soon after turning 18. >> this has been no criminal history identified yet. he may have had a juvenile record. but that is yet to be determined. there was no known mental health history. >> reporter: after an agonizing wait for information, all families have now been notified of their loss including relatives of 10-year-old eliana garcia. >> she was very sweet. >> reporter: president biden, after pleading for new gun restrictions, will visit uvalde as soon as this weekend, hoping to bring comfort to the heartbroken.
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and today, two law enforcement officials tell us that the gunman got in a fight with his grandma before shooting her, taking her car, and then heading to the elementary school to carry out the massacre. sara? >> erin jones, thank you. we're learning more now about the people whose lives were cut short in uvalde, texas. what's described as a close-knit, mostly latino community. lily luciano has that part of the story. >> reporter: this woman broke down in tears remembering her 10-year-old knees, eliana garcia. >> she was very happy and outgoing. loved to dance and sing and and play sports. >> reporter: her family received confirmation of her death late last night, one of at least 19 children gunned down at robb elementary school tuesday. >> we've been able to remove the victims from the school, all the families have opinion notified.
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>> reporter: among them, rogelio torres. second greater timothy siva was in the classroom next door and heard the horror. do you remember what happened yesterday? >> a teacher came to our room and warned us that it was happening. so we just ran to the back of the class to hide. and then we hid behind desks and chairs. >> reporter: mom amber lynn diaz was reunited with her son at the civic center. >> he was scared and in shock. >> reporter: the civic center continues to be a place for the community to congregate. staffed with counselors, volunteers, and therapy dogs. as this tight-knit town of about
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16,000 mourns together. cbs news, uvalde, texas. >> police in uvalde have confirmed lucia garcia is one of the victims as well as lexi rubio. shortly before the suspect opened fire, she had been celebrating getting a good citizen award with her parents. this story has affected people all over the country, that includes right here in the bay area. tonight people will gather in foster city for a vigil at 7:30 at the recreation center gazebo and leo j. ryan memorial park. cities around the bay area have stepped up patrols at schools in the area out of an abundance of caution. none are reporting any active threats. today governor newsom promised to fast track more than a dozen bills related to gun violence. those measures would allow private citizens to sue firearms manufacturers and crack down on ghost guns. >> and to advance our efforts in a series critical areas, on ghost guns, on issues related to the proliferation of assault
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weapons, ghost guns as well as others, where we need to increase our enforcement, taking the cue from texas. >> former congressman and texas candidate for governor beto o'rourke is also calling for more gun control. he interrupted the texas governor's news conference today. things got heated. >> excuse me. excuse me. >> you need to stop this. >> sit down. >> you're out of line and an embarrassment. >> sit down. >> o'rourke was escorted out of the auditorium after that but this is what he had to say outside. >> he says this was unpredictable. it was totally predictable. and i predict this will continue to happen. when you continue to have a governor who will not stand up for the people texas, his own interest is the gun lobby. he's scheduled to speak at the nra convention this friday in houston, texas, just days after these kids were slaughtered
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right here in uvalde. >> across the country, there is just so much frustration that this has happened again. some of you are voicing out on social media. a lot of you are calling on leader to enact tougher gun control measures. others are calling for more security in schools. just about everybody is saying enough is enough. and the texas shooting has reignited the debate over gun control on capitol hill as well. majority leader chuck schumer says the senate will quickly move on legislation including a background check bill already passed in the house. texas republican senator ted cruz who you saw in that video earlier is calling for armed law enforcement in schools. >> you see democrats and a lot of folks in the media whose immediate solution is to try to restrict the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens. that doesn't work, it's not effective, it didn't prevent crime. >> congressman mike thompson is
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the chairman of the gun prevention task force. thank you for being here, congressman. where does the gun measure stand right now? >> as you know, the bill we're talking about that senator schumer has is a bill that i wrote, it passed the house of representatives. a bipartisan vote, democrats and republicans. it would expand background checks to make sure that anybody who buys a gun would have to undergo a background check to make sure they're not a danger to themselves or to others. that bill passed the house. it's supported by over 90% of the american people. and it's over in the senate waiting for a vote there. the problem in the senate has been that in the senate, it takes 60 votes in order to take a bill up on the floor that would require 51 votes to pass. and there are only 50 democrats. so they have to get the other ten votes just to have the bill
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considered from the republican members of the united states senate. and right now, there aren't ten republican senators in the u.s. senate with the courage to bring that bill up for a vote. it's shameful. it's heartbreaking. and it's infuriating. >> speaking of that, a recent cbs news poll shows more than half of americans want stricter laws when it comes to gun sales in particular. a lot of people feel like nothing is happening. a lot of that frustration lies with politicians for not being able to reach consensus and get something passed. i know where the political lines are drawn. i know what you're talking about, about your republican colleagues. but what do you say to people who are frankly angry at everyone, all of our national leadership, for not being able to come together and get something done? >> well, there is consensus, there is something that can be done. as i said, it was passed with bipartisan votes, and it's over in the senate. there is only one obstacle in the way, and that's the ten
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republican senators that are needed in order to bring this bill up for debate and a vote. now, in the house, in the first week of january, we will pass additional legislation, one to put in place red flag laws so if someone is a danger to themselves or others, law enforcement can intervene, remove any guns before there's another tragedy like this. another bill to provide for safe storage of firearms. and a bill that would allow in active shooter situations that there was notice to the public so the public aren't inadvertently brought into that. these are all good measures. there are a number of bills that we could pass, common sense laws that don't violate the second amendment, that gun owners and citizens alike support. and as i mentioned, the background check bill, that has
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over 90% support. so the only place this is a partisan issue today is on the floor of the united states senate. >> congressman, we will be covering what happens in the senate. and i know our viewers care to hear how that will play out. thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. stay with us for the latest developments on the texas school shooting. we'll have coverage on air, on w ahead, it's a struggle parents are facing again, talking to students about school violence. how to start the conversation so kids feel safe. high temperatures for inland parts of the bay area but siicrround the bay and along the coast. that
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happening now, a walk to remember a teenager missing after she was abducted as she walked to a bus stop. the reward to help find her up to $100,000. the oakley city council increased the contractiibution. she has been missing since january after reportedly visiting an ex-boyfriend. tomorrow marks one year since the vta rail yard shooting that left nine dead in san jose. earlier this month, vta demolished the building where a number of the victims were found. before and after the game, members took time to speak about the texas school shooting, most notably head coach steve kerr who lost his own father to gun violence. he made a passionate plea for action. >> when are we going to do
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something? i'm tired. i'm so tired of getting up here and offering condolences to the devastated families that are out there. i'm so tired of the -- excuse -- i'm sorry. i'm tired of the moments of silence. enough. >> i got kids, send them to school every day, drop them off. and you feel for the parents that are, you know, going through what they're going through. >> like it's easier to get a gun than baby formula right now. that's unbelievable. and, you know, this country that we live in. >> today parents everywhere are facing the same challenge. how do you talk to your kids about what happened in texas and what has happened in so many other places? reporter bradley blackburn looks at ways to start that very difficult conversation. >> reporter: it's a conversation parents wish they didn't have to have with their children,
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discussing deadly school shootings. >> it's scary for them to know what to do and to be afraid. >> reporter: parents are often afraid to bring up these topics because they don't want to worry their kids. but psychologists say avoiding the conversation can make the situation even scarier for children. >> we want kids to learn about big, traumatic things from a trusted adult. if they learn about it from other kids, then they're going to hear potentially more sensational bits. they're not going to have accurate information. >> reporter: dr. jamie howard is a senior clinical psychologist with the child mind institute. she says these conversations can start with children around school age. >> the opener is, i'm feeling really sad about a news story i saw, i wonder if you heard about it. you don't want to jump in with a lengthy, detailed explanation because this maybe more than they need or want. >> reporter: parents can remind kids that statistically this violence is still very unlikely to happen at their school and they can talk about what safety
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measures are in place. >> they practice stay-put drills in their school where the doors are locked and they stay quiet. and i don't think my daughter even knew what they were for. so they weren't so scary to her. now she has a better understanding that they're to help keep her safe. >> reporter: parents should also keep a close eye on changes to their child's emotions, behavior, appetite, or sleep, which can be signs a child is feel anxious. bradley blackburn, cbs news, new york. may is also mental health awareness month and several bay area health professionals talked about the struggles faced by so many. >> it can take weeks, even months to get a referral and the costs can be sky high. if you're not covered by insurance, what do you do if you can't find one? >> our half hour special takes a look at this issue and how to deal with difficult times, your mental health. you can catch it tonight at 7:30
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streaming on cbs news bay area. find us on the cbs news app or pluto tv channel 1021. another warm day outside, cooler than we saw yesterday. we have some nice fog rolling in to cool us off. >> temperatures are dramatically cooler along the coast and around the bay. but still hot. record setting heat inland. that changes tomorrow, stronger onshore breeze, more cloud cover, fog to start the day. it all adds up to cooler conditions on thursday and in fact the storm system making its way into the pacific northwest is helping draw it towards the bay area. another ripple will rotate around it and send another dry cold front through the bay area on saturday so even cooler temperatures in store as we head into the first couple of days of memorial day weekend but overall, memorial day forecast is looking nice. a couple of sprinkles skirting through the north bay on saturday. don't adjust any outdoor plans based on that.
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the fog made its way up from the south earlier today and is camped out along the coastline, making it farther up the coast and now beginning to make its way through the golden gate as well. that will spread into the inland valleys tomorrow morning. we start off with dense fog, pretty widespread across the area. that will slow down the warm-up. we'll have cloud cover as the fog retreats to the coast. the duller gray is the fog that's close to ground level. that strong onshore breeze will help prevent temperatures from reaching nearly as far as we've seen in the past couple of days. the winds will die down somewhat tonight but will pick up as we start the day tomorrow. 20 to 30 mile-per-hour gusts throughout the day. a sustained, strong onshore breeze pushing that marine air farther and farther into the inland valleys. you can see the effect of it right there. there's alcatraz, barely visible underneath that layer of fog streaming through the golden gate. look at these temperatures, it's 60 in san francisco. it's 100 in livermore.
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less than an hour drive away. traffic depending. 99 dergrees, though, in concord. 89 in san jose. the cooler air is making its way across the bay. temperatures will drop off tonight. mostly in the low to mid-50s, closer to normal for this time of year. high temperatures tomorrow only topping out in the upper 50s along the coast. low to mid-70s down the peninsula and around the south end of the bay. the santa clara valley will be some of the warmest spots because you'll see a little more sunshine. clouds will be thin and her the santa cruz mountains with the southwesterly wind will block the effect of the marine layer trying to climb over the santa cruz mountains. east bay, a mix of low 70s and lower 80s. far cry from the 100s we had today. low 60s in the city, mid- to uppe upper 60s in the upper bay. farther north, no marine influences.
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inland, lake county, temperatures into the 80s there. temperatures wobble up and down a little bit. cool conditions continuing into the first couple of days of the memorial day weekend. looks like sunday will be the coolest day for inland parts of the bay area then we warm up again but not as far, only 80s in san jose. by tuesday and wednesday, farther into the 80s for inland parts of the east bay and north bay, sara. >> thank you. as parents are stuck searching for baby formula, lawmakers ask how did it get this bad and how soon will the shelves be stock
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the head of the fda faced lawmakers on capitol hill today in response to the ongoing baby formula shortage. house lawmakers asked why it took his agency months to inspect the michigan factory at the center of this. he said a covid-19 outbreak at the factory delayed its response and he blamed scheduling conflicts and other logistical problems, perhaps little cono oe
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consolation for parents looking for formula still. the plant is expected to reopen next week. coming up, the drought is
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coming up at 5:00, we're getting closer and closer to memorial day weekend. but will these very high gas prices and airfares keep more people from traveling this year? that story at 5:00. finally here at 3:00, historically low water levels are revealing surprises in the nation's largest reservoir. lake mead, formerly shipwrecked boats are starting to surface there. there's a lot of moisture in the ground. the national park service shared these images of vehicles that got stuck in the banks. the banks look stable but they act more like quicksand, as it turns out. >> hmm, okay. >> yeah, you worry about it as a kid, and there it is. >> that was the number one danger when we were a kid watching cartoons, quicksand everywhere.
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>> as it should be. >> yes. "cbs evening news" is next.
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