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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  May 25, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on "cbs news bay area," heartbreaking new details on the deadly school shooting in texas, what we are learning about the teacher killed. >> reporter: in the wake of this coming up, more on increased police presence happening in areas around schools throughout the bay area. when are we going to do something?! >> a powerful message from warriors coach steve kerr, why he refused to talk about basketball ahead of last night's big game. good morning, it is wednesday, may 25th. i'm len kiese. >> and i'm amanda starrantino. live this morning to the city of
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uvalde, texas, where this morning 21 people are dead, 19 of them are just children, after a horrific school shooting at robb elementary yesterday. we've learned within the hour all of those killed were in the same classroom. >> one of the teachers killed in the shooting has been identified this morning as ava mireles. she taught fourth grade and was in education for 17 years. >> here's what we know so far this morning. the shooting started shortly after 11:30 a.m. yesterday. 19 kids and two adults were killed. the shooter an 18-year-old high school senior from uvalde, is also dead. the motive is still unclear. this is the deadliest violence at a u.s. school since 2012 when a gunman killed 26 people at sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. >> hours after the shooting, parents were still waiting to learn if their children survived the violence. they gave dna samples to help
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investigators identify the victims. >> then the rangers were asking us about pictures and what her name was to see if they were able to find her, but they said they would call and they haven't called. >> the shooter's grandmother is still alive. he reportedly shot her before heading to that school. right now, authorities are trying to locate the shooter's grandfather and other immediate family members. happening today out of an abundance of caution, authorities in cities throughout the bay area are increasing patrols in areas around schools. >> our jocelyn moran is live at the san francisco unified school district. jocelyn, the district says parents are reaching out asking about the safety of schools here. >> reporter: yes, understandably so parents and families are waking up thinking about this as they drop their kids off at school. the san francisco unified board talked about this, here's what they had to say.
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>> i want you to know we take safety plans and precautions extremely seriously here in the san francisco unified school district. we have a comprehensive crisis plan in the event of any emergency. >> reporter: the district added in a statement that schools have security measures in place as well like visitor check-in procedures, locked doors after the start of the school day, and surveillance cameras. in the wake of the shooting the district has been informed by the san francisco police department they will have an increased police presence around schools from now until june 1st. they are not aware of any threats or connections to events in texas and that this is in abundance of caution. in other parts of the bay the contra costa county sheriff tweeted although there are no known threats in their jurisdiction, he ordered additional patrols around all of their schools and mountain view police tweeted they will have high visibility patrols at schools today out of an abundance of caution. oakland unionified is encouragi
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parents and students to reach out to mental health services, and it comes about a week before many students are finishing off the school year and heading into summer break. in san francisco, i'm jocelyn moran, kpix 5. >> before last night's warriors versus mavs game kicked off a moment of silence was held in honor of those who lost their lives in this horrific attack. the shooting hits close to home for are warriors head coach steve kerr. >> justin andrew joins us live. coach kerr passionately focused his attention on the school shooting. >> he did and asked the question, when are we going to do something? kerr pointed to a bill that would tighten background check rules for gun transfers among private parties that bill passed in the u.s. house last year, but it never got to the senate floor. >> we are held hostage by 50 senators in washington who
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refuse to put it to a vote despite what we, the american people, want. they want to hold onto their own power. it's pathetic! i've had enough. >> kerr so overwhelmed with sadness and frustration, he couldn't do anything but walk off. gun violence is personal to him. his father, malcolm kerr, was gunned down in 1984 by two extremists in lebanon where his father served as a university president in beirut. kerr also saying we cannot get numb to this violence. amanda? >> and you can stay with us, coming up at 6:30, we'll hear from cbs reporter danya bacchus, who is live in uvalde this morning with the latest on this investigation. 6:05 now. a live look outside, getting ready for another day with above-average temperatures. let's get right to meteorologist jessica burch with your warm wednesday forecast. >> kentfield and livermore you guys broke records yesterday, the last time we saw record-breaking temperatures in those areas 40 years ago.
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so with that in mind a live look from mt. diablo, we're warming up a lot today but no more record-breaking conditions, just a little bit above average as we cool off and head into this weekend. let's start off with the fact we are still under a red flag warning for solano county until 11:00 a.m. we're dealing with relative humidity around 10% today. it's starting to increase a lot compared to yesterday, for that matter. winds are weaker for us today but we're under a heat advisory for solano county until 11:00 p.m. this evening. i wouldn't be shocked if it expires earlier but headed into the rest of this week and into the weekend in time for the holiday as well as carnevale we are cooling off a lot. partly cloudy skies are returning to the forecast as early as this afternoon. we'll talk more about that coming up in a bit. for now, gianna, how are things going out there in. >> it's like clock work that bay bridge backup in full swing if you're getting ready to hit the roadways this morning, headed to work or school, you're going to see this for that ride headed
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out of the east bay over into san francisco, starting to back up now to just about the foot of the maze. our slowest approach is coming off the east shore freeway westbound. heads up if you're headed across the bay bridge into the city. it's certainly getting slow there. taking a live look at the nimitz, things looking okay through oakland. it's south of here where you will be tapping the brake lights. there is a crash south 880 at tennyson road blocking one lane as well as the right shoulder so traffic backing up through to san lorenzo. that will slow you down headed to the san mateo bridge. the bridge is not doing too bad. traffic is moving at the limit westbound, the commute direction over towards 101 and once you're on 101, no troubles along the peninsula. amanda? tomorrow marks one year since the vta railyard shooting that left nine dead. a remembrance vigil will be held tomorrow morning to mark the moment the shooter stormed the facility and took those nine lives. earlier this month vta demolished the same building where a number of the victims were found.
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the reward to help find missing bay area woman alexis gabe is increased to $100,000. yesterday councilmembers increased the reward fund contribution to $10,000 to $50,000. the reward funds will be given out based on information provided to investigators. gabe has been missing since january after reportedly visiting an ex-boyfriend. still to come, it could be california's first case of monkey pox, the county in question and what health officials are saying. and memorial day travel reaching new highs, how many people aaa expects to head out for the holida
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it's 6:11. this morning, sacramento county health officials are waiting for confirmation on what could be the state's first monkey pox case. the cdc and the state health
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department are investigating and officials say the patient is now isolating after returning from a trip to europe, meets the criteria based on symptoms and preliminary testing. happening today a second military flight of baby formula is due to arrive in the u.s. from germany. in addition to a shipment that came in sunday, it will be enough to fill 1.5 million eight-ounce bottles. much of it will go to hospitals, doctors offices and public assistance programs. abbott nutrition plans to restart production at its michigan plant next week but warns the first new batches of formula may not be available until mid-june. abbott makes more than 40% of the u.s. supply. contamination concerns forced the closure of the plant back in february. new this morning, the marin county board of supervisors banned new vacation rentals in west march rinne up to two dwr years. popular test nations like
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stenson beach, point reyes station and inverness. as we plunge into a third drought year, california's water board adopted new emergency conservation measures. starting in june, outdoor watering will be banned at commercial properties and common areas of subdivisions unless the water is recycled. the ban does not to ply toift homes, sports fields or recreation areas. also in june, santa clara valley water customers are asked to cut their water use by 15%. the water board voted on its first ever fines for water wasters. they'd start at $100 and range all the way to $10,000 for the worst repeat offenders. it is 6:13. let's check on our forecast now and traffic as you prepare to head out on the roads this morning. >> we'll start with first alert meteorologist jessica burch and some hot temperatures for a little bit longer. >> just a little bit longer if we can get through today and make it to the weekend. we're cooling down a lot the next couple days, looking at the
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current temperatures, mid-60s near concord, and as we extend into this afternoon, yes, we get back up into the 90s once more and inland areas, we broke records yesterday, kentfield got up to 97, livermore 102. the last time we saw these warm temperatures was 1982. as we look at our weather headlines for this afternoon, we are still under a red flag warning and heat advisory for solano county. that will expire today and then we're left with a lot cooler of a setup as we wrap up this week and to add to that, oh my goodness gracious, the winds are starting to shift. we're starting off calm no matter where you live but that onshore flow is starting to change in direction and that changes our weather for a multitude of reasons. the onshore flow just this evening alone around 24 miles per hour at times near san francisco, gusty conditions actually also up near fairfield and concord where with that onshore flow we're seeing relative humid increase for the overnight recovery process but the clouds are starting to roll back in. this is what we're dealing with this morning, high clouds
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pushing its way in but the coastal fog will start to trickle its way into as we extend into evening hours just in time for the rest of this week. so with that in mind, daytime highs ranging above average. the santa clara valley alone low 90s/upper 80s. as we extend into the east it's similar to yesterday, just a smidge cooler, just a hair cooler especially up in our hills from fairfield down into pittsburg, where we're just dealing with upper 90s at this point. san francisco starting to cool down a lot today, too, getting down to 73 degrees. 90s still up in petaluma. more north it's the case we're above average. let's take a quick look at what we can expect for the next seven days. we do cool down as we head into the weekend. no rain in sight but clouds will roll in for thursday and friday, tricking us into thinking we could see something changing into the weekend but that's not necessarily the case. it's a three-day weekend around the corner, cooling down into the 60s for san francisco, we're actually getting down into the 70s for our inland areas, too, so we are going to keep you updated for your long weekend forecast but for now, gianna,
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how are things going out there? >> we're looking forward to the weekend and we are busy this morning. this backup already at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights were turned on just about 5:45 this morning, and we did have reports of a broken down vehicle on the upper deck being cleared but it's slow and go out of emeryville, oakland, over into san francisco, so pack your patience, travel times a little closer to 15, 17 minutes from the maze to the city. 880 a live look taking 880 northbound into the maze if you're headed into oakland through there, it is a little sluggish as you approach the area. there is a trouble spot south of here as well, south of the coliseum, we're seeing some brake lights on 880 near paseo grande. a crash tennyson south 880, causing a backup. slow and go out of san lorenzo. plan for that once you're on the san mateo bridge if that's where
6:17 am
your commute takes you over onto the peninsula side 101 seeing that extra volume but not bad. we're not seeing a ton of brake lights just yet. this will get busier more into that 7:00 hour. still seeing some brake lights westbound 580 connecting onto 680, especially in the right lanes, backed up through there and still slow as you head into the altamont pass this morning. we have a few slow spots there. not bad through the south bay, here is one of our maps looking at conditions out of san jose and 101 to 280, 87 looking good. we'll let you know if anything changes. the commute out of the south bay not a bad one. if you're headed out of town for memorial day you're not alone. according to aaa, more than 39 million americans are traveling for the unofficial start of summer, that's up about 8% from last year. and for the airline industry, travel will be up by around 25% from last year. still ahead, house speaker nancy pelosi firing back after she's denied communion for her
6:18 am
stance on abortion. we break it down next in "morning mix." and a live look outside, giving you a beautiful look at the golden gate bridge from our sutro camera. we'll be right back.
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. welcome back. the forecast into the afternoon another daytime high set up a little above average, we're deal with mid-90s in our inland areas. partly cloudy skies returning to the forecast for the coast as well as the bay as we extend into this afternoon hour by hour, look at your local area, we warm up a lot near santa rosa, just by noon hit the 90s as well as concord area.
6:22 am
we warm upe as w into the 2:00 hour and havee whyoming up in your full forecast in a bit. for now, right back over to you. >> time for our new segment of the morning, "morning mix." >> yes. time to check out the breakfast buzz online right now. gianna franco has you covered with all of this this morning. good morning again. >> what are people talking about? >> a lot of stuff and a couple stories that got our attention. first off, house speaker nancy pelosi is pushing back on a recent decision by san francisco's catholic archbishop to deny her communion over her support for abortion rights. msnbc's "morning joe" she respects imposing views but not when they impose on others. >> we have to be respectful. i come from a largely pro-life italian american catholic family. i respect people's views about that but i don't respect us
6:23 am
forcing it onto others. >> lots to think about there. definitely a very -- >> it's complicated. >> divided for sure. sf >> it's a complicated one, the archbishop saying this specifically to her and the pope said he's never denied the eucharist to anyone. it's a tough one to weigh and it's just a complicated one and definitely a talker. >> i think people have a lot of opinions about that, not just about what's happening with what the archbishop said but with abortion rights and so forth. we'll see how that plays out. this is interesting, a new bill coming down the pipe in the california state legislature. it could be a huge swing in precedent for parents' ability to sue companies for what some doctor addictive online content. the social media platform duty to children act passed the state assembly on monday and now goes to the state senate. it would allow parents to sue platforms like instagram and tiktok for up to $25,000 per
6:24 am
violation. the bill defines addiction as kids under 18 who are both harmed either physically, mentally, emotionally, developmentally or materially and want to stop or reduce how much time they spend on social media. they can't, because they are preoccupied or obsessed with it. as a parent, this is something i think about often, we do our best to kind of regulate how much time our kids spend online. during the pandemic it was difficult obviously, school was online, a lot of their activities because just interactions with kids, so interesting that this is now something people are concerned about. >> and even -- go ahead. >> thank you. the bill is interesting because it's just, it opens up the door to so many lawsuits as well. there are so many things listed on there, i mean, a lot of us, you just start scrolling. >> even as a grown man, i find myself scrolling for hours and hours and hours, so that's a good thing to bring up, just how
6:25 am
addictive can this be for children at such a young age. >> how difficult it will be to decide what lawsuits really would make sense and which ones are just being thrown out there. so yeah, lots to talk about today, lots to think about. >> gianna, thank you so much. in our next half hour, authorities just releasing the identities of some of the youngest victims in the deadly school shooting in texas, the new details just in. and we are monitoring social media as many are tweeting
6:26 am
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. if you are just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. caution tape surrounds robb elementary in uvalde, texas, this morning, following yesterday's tragic shooting, 19 children and two adults were killed. the shooter an 18-year-old high
6:29 am
school senior from uvalde is also dead. here in the bay area, law enforcement agencies are stepping up school security out of an abundance of caution. school districts are not aware of any known threats, police are set to patrol around bay area schools through the end of the school year. and warriors coach steve kerr refused to talk about basketball ahead of last night's big game, where the dubs lost to the moves. he instead took a moment to express his frustration with these mass shootings. gun violence is personal to kerr, who remains an outspoken advocate for social issues. thanks for joining us this wednesday, may 25th bye i'm amanda starrantino. >> and i'm len kiese. a live look at the white house this morning where flags are flying at half staff to remember the 21 people killed at a texas elementary school. >> it is the deadliest violence at a u.s. school since 2012 when a gunman killed 26 people at sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. >> my heart is broken for the parents here in uvalde.
6:30 am
it's, never thought something like this would happen in a small town, and friendly as uvalde. >> cbs reporter danya bacchus is in uvalde with the latest. so many people just don't even have the words to describe what they're feeling right now. >> you're right. i think that's exactly what it is. there are no words to truly describe the emotion running through this community, the emotions all of us feel when it comes to processing what happened here at robb elementary school behind me. investigators have been on the scene throughout the evening and throughout this morning, and we're hoping to learn more about what happened here, a time line and more about the victims. this is a very small, tight-knit community and it's hard to find someone here who has not been impacted by this tragedy. heartbreak for another american town, this time it's uvalde, texas, where a gunman killed at
6:31 am
least 19 children and two adults. hearses arrived at robb elementary school tuesday evening to take the bodies away. >> i'm looking for my daughter. >> reporter: jesse rodriguez waited hours to find out if his 10-year-old daughter was one of the victims. some parents gave dna samples to help investigators identify the bodies. law enforcement sources tell cbs news the 18-year-old shooter drove up to the school with a handgun, an ar-15 assault weapon, and high-capacity magazines. >> as soon as he made entry to the school, he started shooting children, teachers, whoever was in his way he was shooting everybody. >> reporter: the gunman was shot and killed by a responding officer. >> at this point in the investigation is leading to tell us the suspect did act alone during this heinous crime. >> reporter: the school shooting comes two days before the kids were set to start their summer break. >> innocent second, third and fourth graders. >> reporter: mourning those who
6:32 am
lost their life, president biden called on lawmakers to take action to prevent future shootings. >> when in god's name we do what we all know in our gut needs to be done? >> reporter: the attack comes just ten days after a racially-motivated mass shooting at a buffalo supermarket and nearly a decade after the shooting at sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. of course the heartbreak here is going to continue to grow as we learn more about the victims. i'm sure you guys have seen on social media and through our reports that we are learning more about the victims. we're seeing more pictures of the young 10-year-olds who lost their lives, and the teachers who were trying to protect their students and that's definitely going to impact i think everyone who has been following this story closely. >> and danya, we're seeing pictures, they're just babies and your heart, there's so much grief this morning. you're there at the school. are people still showing up there this morning to pay their
6:33 am
respects or are families keeping clear? what's it looking like? >> reporter: you know, families where we are, families are keeping clear from this area, but there is the civic center where a lot of families were going to get information about what happened, that's where families were being sent right after the shooting here, so i'm sure once we leave here, and if we're able to get over to the civic center, it will be a completely different scene and i'll have to be honest, i don't know if it's one that i would be able to process this morning. >> there is a lot to process, and i think it's going to be difficult for a lot of people. danya, thank you for your reporting and keeping strong as you can out there. all this just in, a san antonio area hospital has released an update on the condition of some survivors of that shooting. the hospital said they have four patients, a 66-year-old woman in serious condition, a 10-year-old girl also in serious condition,
6:34 am
a 10-year-old girl in good condition and a 9-year-old girl in good condition. the hospital also went on to say that all pediatric patients have their families with them. meantime as danya mentioned, we have learned the identities of four of the victims. 10-year-old amerie jo garza, was killed in the attack, a fourth grader at robb elementer have and fourth grade teacher ava mireles was gunned down in the shooting. >> she had been teaching for 17 years. we've also learned that 10-year-old anabel guadalupe rodriguez and 10-year-old javier lopez lost their lives in that shooting as well. many parents are waiting for answers this morning. here in the bay area, a vigil is scheduled in foster city at the recreation center gazebo in leo j. ryan memorial park, that will take place at 7:30 tonight. i'm jocelyn moran in san
6:35 am
francisco this morning. authorities in a number of cities in the bay say they are increasing patrols in areas around schools. here at san francisco unified, students are set to end the school year in about a week so between now and june 1st, the district says they have been informed by the san francisco police department that they will have an increased police presence around schools. they say they are not aware of any threats or connections to events in texas, and that this is in an abundance of caution. last night the district's board of education meeting began with a moment of reflection to honor the lives lost and understandably, the board says parents have reached out, asking about the safety of their own kids schools in the district. >> i want you to know we take safety plans and precautions extremely seriously here in the san francisco unified school district. we have a comprehensive crisis plan in the event of any emergency. >> reporter: they add that schools have securityke visitorn
6:36 am
procedures, locked doors after the start of the school day, and surveillance cameras. in others parts of the bay, contra costa county sheriff tweeted although there are no known threats in their jurisdiction, he ordered additional patrols around all of their schools. mountain view police tweeted that they will have high visibility patrols at schools today out of an abundance of caution and in oakland unified they are encouraging parents and students to reach out to their mental health services but again, these are all things that parents, families are thinking about as they wake up this morning and drop the kids off at school. in san francisco, i'm jocelyn moran, kpix 5. >> we've been seeing an outpouring of grief all over social media since the tragedy unfolded yesterday. >> justin andrews joins us in the studio. people having strong reactions to all of this, they're heartbroken, they're angry. they're shocked. all of the above. >> all of the emotions and we're all feeling those emotions. so many of us are talking about the indescribable emotional knot
6:37 am
when we heard about what happened at that school. this morning some parents are scared to send their children to school. speaker of the house nancy pelosi writing on twitter, "words are inadequate to describe the agony and outrage at the cold-blooded massacre of little schoolchildren. the hearts of all americans are broken." this morning pope francis shattered by this posting "i am praying for the children and adults who were killed and for their families. it is time to say enough to the indiscriminate trafficking of arms." actor matthew yukon hee is from uvalde saying in part "once again, we are tragically proven we are failing to be responsible for the rights our freedoms grant us" and also wrote "the true call to action is now." i'm sure this morning and in the hours to come, we will see more and more people talking about this on social media, we're talking 21 victims in this
6:38 am
shooting, including 19 children. that's 19 innocent lives now gone. amanda? >> 19 babies there, it's just, it's just so sad. thank you, justin. stay with kpix 5 for continuing coverage on the texas school shooting. you can also find the latest developments over on our website at it's 6:38. let's get you caught up with weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist jessica burch. another warm one on tap. >> let's start off with a live look from our salesforce tower cam. we are warming up as we head into this afternoon. daytime highs today still a little bit above average. we broke records yesterday just in the fairfield area and you know what? as we extend into this afternoon, we're getting warm but we're not necessarily breaking any record-breaking temperatures now. 97 on average for our inland areas, 70s along the bay, our coast getting right down to the 60s, actually as we head into this afternoon. yesterday we were dealing with 70s. if you live in the solano county
6:39 am
area we're under a red flag warning this morning until 11:00 a.m. a heat advisory until 11:00 p.m. we'll keep you updated in the weather center regarding that and we have one more hot day today to cool down as we head into the weekend. with that in mind it's just in time for carnevale, just in time fort long weekend. how is traffic looking as we extend into the weekend? >> it will be busy, a getaway friday, meme out of town for memorial day. should be a lot of fun and busy so expect some closures here and there during in san francisco and the mission area for carnevale on sunday. right now though 880 northbound starting to stack up a little bit. a live look at the coliseum airas you head through the nimitz freeway, things are sluggish, south of there, south 880 as you head san lorenzo into hayward we're tapping the brake lights this morning. plan for that headed to the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge backed up as well. coming up, meet the 8-year-old san francisco girl who's been chosen as a grand marshal for this weekend's
6:40 am
carnevale parade, how she shows her passion for her culture through poetry. ♪ and a nationwide call, we're live with how you can participate in "taps" across america. ahead on "cbs mornings" we're in texas with team coverage of yet another mass shooting in america, a devastating one, this time at an elementary school. we will ahear from members of this close-knit uvalde community struggling with this tragedy. also we'll talk with democratic senator chris murphy who gave an impassioned speech on gun violence on the floor of the senate yesterday. also republican congressman tony gonzalez, who represents this community, the uvalde community, and recently voted no on not one but two gun control measures. plus we'll discuss how to talk to your children about the shooting, about what happened here, and how to make them feel safe as they finish out the school year.
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♪ that should wake you up this morning. carnevale taking to the streets of san francisco once again this sunday, after a two-year pandemic break. kpix is a proud sponsor. >> this year, one of the grand marshals is an 8-year-old san francisco native whose parents immigrated from honduras. >> frben from joins us now her story. gianna franco joins us now her story. >> i enjoyed getting to know this beautiful young lady as they shared her power for poetry and the culture. i asked her how her passion for poetry got her started. [ speaking in foreign language ] these are the words of
6:45 am
henesis seyowa, an an 8-year-old poet eager to tell stories of history, notable figures. >> this poem i wrote about cesar chavez, he really inspired me. >> reporter: and about the love of her culture, something henesis holds near and dear to her heart. >> sometimes i feel like i only belong over here where i was born but my parents always tell me that i'm from honduras, too, and it doesn't matter if i was born here, because i have the blood of them and they have the blood of honduras. >> reporter: her love of the written word started when she was very young, when her mom gave her a book of poetry to read. >> she gave me books i could read and i could become a better reader. she told me this would bring me more benefits in life and improve my learning. i asked her who writes the poems she answered me, and gave me a notebook and told me she'd teach me to write poems and she'd help me and then i'd have to do it on my own without her help. that is where my life of poetry started because she inspired me.
6:46 am
[ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: her parents came to the united states about 15 years ago from honduras and are so grateful that the community has embraced their daughter's passion of poetry. >> i recited a poem at city hall and going to wear the exact same dress and i really like it because it's colorful and it represents everything i like. >> reporter: a dress she will be wearing as one of the grand marshals in this year's carnevale parade and her parents couldn't be more proud. she said she's very proud of her daughter and she's a very smart girl. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: her father says he wants his daughter to be well-known in san francisco but in the future, they hope to return to honduras one day to inspire other children. as for her future -- >> the number one thing i want to keep doing is still study,
6:47 am
because studying is the most important thing and hopefully i can keep writing and when i get older i can write in english and write more poems but in english. >> reporter: her words -- [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: -- are beautiful in any language. such a smart, young lady and i'm so excited to see her in the parade. catch our live coverage of the carnevale parade sunday at 10:00 a.m. on "cbs news bay area." >> we are a week away from memorial day and some of the most heartfelt tributes contain no words at all, just 24 notes. >> cbs news on the road correspondent steve hartman is back with something he's passionate about, "taps" across america. ♪ >> steve hartman joins us live
6:48 am
now. thanks for joining us this morning. hey, steve, nice to see you. >> reporter: good to see you, too. >> for those who haven't heard about this before, what is "taps" across america and what are you asking people to do here? >> reporter: "taps" across america is a way to commemorate memorial day. we're asking musicians, preferably buglers and trumpet players but we don't care what instrument you play, asking you to go out on your porch, front step, backyard and play "taps" 3:00 local time, the national moment of remembrance and help us to together as a whole nation commemorate the holiday. >> you're in your third year and tens of thousands of people participated by sounding the call across the country. what is your ultimate goal for
6:49 am
"taps" across america? >> reporter: ultimately i'd like no matter where you live in america, you know, from the cities to the country roads, that in your neighborhood, you will hear "taps" lofting, and you will be called to the front porch of your house and stand with your hand over your heart, and that we, as a nation, can all at once commemorate the holiday. i'm trying to get as many people as possible, people are learning to play the trumpet just for this, so i think someday we'll get there. >> and steve, you said you want people to do this, so if people want to participate on monday, how can they share their video with you so their moment could be out there, too? >> reporter: if you post it req with #cbstaps, once you record it yourself or get somebody else to record it and post that, we'll show as many as we can. >> it's always a beautiful moment. cbs news on the road correspondent steve hartman, live in new york for us, thank
6:50 am
you so much. 6:50 the time now. many people waking up about to head out the door. you going to help them out with traffic in a second. >> i am. there is some stuff going on. >> it's warm out there. i walked out of my house this morning and hoping after yesterday, i was out gardening and we live out in contra costa county, oh, i needed to go visit gianna in pacifica. it was rough. >> i know. >> gianna was spoiled yesterday, 70s, summer-like day. we have to bring some light to this, we're under a weather advisory in solano county today. on the bright side, it expires this afternoon. let's dive straight into that, looking at current temperatures in our inland areas the heat advisory is expiring tonight at 11:00 p.m. i wouldn't be shocked if it expires earlier due to how afternoon setups work. as we look at our bay temperatures it's a little cooler than yesterday, 73 for
6:51 am
our setup and 60s along the coast. if you're cure ys why we dealt with a strong heatup yesterday we broke certain temperatures. livermore broke a record getting up into the triple digits, just a 40-year record right there but as we look at what's to come headed into this weekend a trough of low pressure is diving down just enough to cool us off and change the d winds, too. that's actually very big for us because it's also bringing in some clouds as we extend into our afternoon forecast, gusty conditions just around 2:30 in the san francisco area. it stays strong as we head into the evening hours, even up into our higher elevations, closer to concord and fairfield. so fog futurecast showing us this right now, high clouds as we extend into the afternoon hours, as well as that coastal fog starting to bleed its way into the bay as we head into the evening, and with that in mind it's going to stick around for the next couple days. so here's our higher temperatures as we extend into this afternoon, low 90s, upper 80s in the santa clara valley, as we extend off to the east it's more upper 90s but no more
6:52 am
triple digits for now. we cool off a lot into the weekend, just in time for carnevale, as well as memorial day weekend. so let's take a look at that. partly cloudy skies returning to the forecast for us for thursday and friday. sunny skies as we head into next week, in time for memorial day but it's beautiful nonetheless, and we'll keep you updated in the weather center. gianna, how are things going out there, a little more hectic? >> it is more hectic as we get closer to the 7:00 hour. a live look at the golden gate bridge and right now traffic is moving pretty smoothly here, no major brake lights or issues. it's actually on a couple other bridges where we're seeing a few hot spots this morning. like the san mateo bridge, we've got a backup there, if you're working westbound over towards the foster city side, there is a stalled vehicle just past the toll plaza, so that's adding to an already busy ride for commuters, heading over towards 101 across the bay. keep that in mind, busier than usual there if you are headed between 80 and 101.
6:53 am
speaking of 880, a live look at the nimitz northbound starting to get a little bit busy through oakland as you get closer to the bay bridge, southbound you're going to see brake lights as well as you work your way san lar lorenzo and hayward and reports of a trouble spot westbound 580 at 80, as you head into the maze towards the bay bridge. there is a hot spot on 80 near berkeley, slowing things down a bit and busy east shore freeway westbound headed to the toll plaza and bumper-to-bumper traffic from emeryville over into san francisco. so definitely think about leaving a few minutes early. up next the day after the deadly school shooting in texas, bay area school districts are beefing up patrols at home. we're live with the measures taken this morning. and join us after this newscast on our streaming service "cbs news bay area." we're live at 7:00 a.m. with the la
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6:57 am
i'm jocelyn moran in san francisco this morning. authorities in a number of cities throughout the bay area say they're increasing patrols in areas around schools. now starting here at san francisco unified, students are just about a week away from the end of the school year. so between now and june 1st, the district says they have informed by the san francisco police department that they will have an increased police presence around schools. they say they are not aware of any threats or connections to events in texas, and that this is out of abundance of caution. in other parts of the bay, contra costa county sheriff tweeted although there are no known threats in their jurisdiction, he's ordered additional patrols around all of their schools and mountain view police tweeted they will have high visibility of patrols at schools today, out of an
6:58 am
abundance of caution. in san francisco, i'm jocelyn moran, kpix 5. >> if you are getting up early ready to head out the door we have a couple hot spots this morning, westbound 580 as you approach the maze, there are reports of a crash blocking at least one lane. traffic backed up anyway, a live look at the bay bridge it's bumper to bumper already for that ride into san francisco. broken down vehicle causing a bit of an issue over towards the san mateo bridge, it's just past the toll plaza for that ride over onto the peninsula side. you'll see some brake lights there and it is getting busy as you head towards 101 and we do have some sluggish conditions northbound 880 near the coliseum, south of there that's where we see the brake lights out of san lorenzo into hayward. jessica? let's get a final look at daytime highs today. yesterday was warm, today is going to be another warm even hot day for us, but at least not as bad as yesterday, where yes, we did break temperature records just in the livermore area actually as well as fairfield. as we extend into the next couple days, we are cooling down
6:59 am
a lot, we're cooling off into the 60s as early as tomorrow for san francisco, 80s for san jose. 60s also for oakland, so over a ten-degree jump right there and only getting more mild as we head into that beautiful holiday weekend. so if you're planning to head out for carnevale for memorial day weekend alone we'll keep you updated in the weather center with nice temperatures. a million-dollar mystery in sacramento. >> the clock is ticking for one lucky lotto player to claim a massive prize, talking a ticket worth more than $1.6 million. it was sold at this liquor store back in november, but if the prize isn't claimed by the end of tomorrow, it will expire and that money will be given to public schools instead. >> i guess it's a win/win. >> yes. goes to the schools. >> unless you're holding the ticket. >> very true. >> it was me guys, just kidding. >> you were in sacramento recently. you need to check? check and see. don't forget the news continues all day on "cbs news bay area."
7:00 am
>> "cbs mornings" is coming up next. ♪ we are all waking up in shock and mourning today after the second worst school shooting in american history. this time it's in the small city of uvalde, texas. at least 21 people are dead, 19 of them children, after a gunman invaded their elementary school. we welcome you to "cbs mornings." it's another tragic day in american life in this country. first, here are some of the sights and the sounds from a community that is shattered. ♪ >> i hoped when i became president i would not have to do this again. >> another mass shooting in america, this time at an
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