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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 24, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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information. a texas state senator briefed by texas rangers says 18 children were killed. 18 children. that's up from 14, and three adults are now among the dead. the suspected shooter is an 18-year-old man. the governor says he is dead and may have been killed by responding officers. investigators say he went into that school with a gun and possibly a rifle. they also believe he acted alone. >> this happened at robb elementary school in the city of uvalde, just 80 miles west of san antonio around noon. surrounding schools were also placed on lockdown. heavy police presence into the evening. as of now, there is no word of a possible motive. cbs reporter jason allen has more on this breaking story. >> reporter: an army of local and federal authorities converged on robb elementary school in uvalde, texas this afternoon. here police say an 18-year-old gunman went about a shoog rampage, killing at least 14 children and one teacher.
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the texas governor identified the texas shooter as salvador ramos. he is from the area and died at the scene. >> it's believed he abandoned his vehicle and entered into the robb elementary school in uvalde with a handgun, and he may have also had a rifle. >> reporter: local official says the gunman also injured several others, including students and adults. two officers responding to the scene were hit by gunfire. >> families are being notified, and we are providing services to them. we do want to keep all our families in our prayers. i hope you do as well. >> reporter: the local civic center is now a reunification center for parents and their children. about 600 students attend robb elementary. their school year was set to end thursday. jason allen, cbs news, dallas. >> here is another live look at the scene in uvalde, texas. we're following the breaking news of a shooting at an elementary school. as sarah just mentioned moments ago, a texas state senator briefed by texas rangers says 18 children were killed. that's up from 14.
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three adults also among the dead. and authority says the gunman is also dead. several others are also injured. no word yet on any possible motive. the president ordered the white house flags to be lowered to half-staff in remembrance of the victims killed in that shooting. local leaders are reacting to the shooting this evening. senator scott wiener says, quote, we need fewer guns. congress must act. governor gavin newsom says this is preventible. our inaction is a choice. and senator dianne feinstein had this to say. another kday, another mass shooting and more silence from the gun lobby and republicans who refuse to allow any gun safety reforms to occur. some context to today's shooting. a new fbi report says active shooter attacks are on the rise. the agency counted 61 incident last year, up more than 60% from 2020, and up nearly 100% over four years. the fbi noted the emergence of roving active shooters who targeted their victims in multiple locations over the
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course of one or more days. san jose police arrested a man they say stalked and threatened former coworkers. investigators say brian velazquez was fired from a construction company back in january. he reportedly sent threatening email tosco workers and posted vote photos of himself pointing guns back on social media on april. during a home search last week, police seized several firearms, including rifles, handgun, hundreds of rounds of ammo and tactical body armor. they also say he had equipment to make ghost guns. officers charging velazquez with felony stalking. >> we're very glad these victims contacted us and reported what was occurring. people get fired from their jobs all the time, and sometimes rage takes over. and there are certain segment of people that go through something similar, and now they want to lash out. and now they want payback. >> velazquez is now out on bail and is expected to be back in court next month. the by area seeing some of the hottest temperatures yet
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this season. closing in on triple-digits in some parts of our area. paul is here with a look at the numbers. it's warm pretty much everywhere, right? >> it's warm around the bay. hot inland. 100 degrees on the nose in fairfield, concord and livermore. livermore got up to 99 degrees earlier today. that's a new record high temperature. san jose made it to 93. still standing at 92. and still 96 in santa rosa. temperatures around the bay aren't quite that hot, but widespread 80s. downtown it's 78 degrees, just short of hitting 80temperatures. the one spot still getting air conditioning, courtesy of the pacific ocean. we do have a red flag warning that continues through 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. solano county is the only county in the bay area included in this red flag warning. conditions aren't as favorable as last week, but still gusts up to 30 miles per hour and humidity levels in the 10 to 20% range means it's dry and the fire danger is going to remain
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elevated through tomorrow. solano county under a heat advisory. that goes through 11:00 in the evening tomorrow. the rest of the inland bay area still going to be very warm to even hot tomorrow. but some big changes later this week. we'll talk about those in just a few minutes. >> thanks, paul. during hot weather, most people were able to get out of the heat and stay hydrated. for those who are homeless, those sweltering conditions can be deadly. len ramirez caught up with a pastor who has made it his life work to help those who not only need shelter, but a little extra help surviving. >> reporter: on a hot day like this, a cool drink can bring a little bit of comfort. but for the folks living out here in the streets and parks of san jose, it wasn't just the water they were happy to see. he is known on the streets as pastor scott. >> bless you, all right? take care of yourself. >> reporter: always there with a bought of water or food, a helping hand to get into house organize a prayer for those in need. >> never walk alone. you never walking alone, brother. >> reporter: pastor scott
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considers it his calling to serve others. >> with the people who need it the most is the most important thing. that's kind of my heart. martin luther king said it best. anyone can be great because everybody can serve. >> reporter: knowing the heat is hard on the homeless, workers delivered water to people in the camps. he has been doing work like this for decades. born and raised in arkansas and louisiana, he came to san jose as a student. at san jose state he founded the student homeless alliance. he got a masters degree and a scholarship to yale to study theology. as a new pastor at first christian church, he ran afoul of city hall for letting homeless sleep in his hall. >> the first few days of my ministry was a fine for $2500 a day saying you can't let people live in your church. that can't be right. in recent years he has given away thousands of meals to the hungry from his self-styled mercy mobile, a homeless service center on wheels. he was also one of the first to
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publicly pressure corporations like google to build more affordable housing. >> i was definitely an agitator back this the day, and i still am. i do things that are considered controversial, but to me they're not controversy at all. >> show his character through his actions. we appreciate him. >> reporter: he won't solve the homeless crisis. in fact, it's many times worse now than when he started. >> when i was a young naive man, i thought we can turn this around. now i have to say the world is a little darker than i would hope or would have believed it would become. but that's when you find out you are, when you face the darkness and you still don't give up. >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. you know, it was supposed to be a joyful day for a lot of athletes today. but today there is a very somber mood as the warriors get set to play in texas. the game of course has been overshadowed by the horrific deadly school shooting just about 400 miles away, vern glenn is live in dallas where head coach steve kerr just weighed in on yet another shooting tragedy.
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vern? >> ryan, boy, steve kerr weighed in. how about explosive, emotional, and just flat-out angry. here is coach moments ago. >> since we left shoot-around, 14 children were killed 400 miles from here. and a teacher. and in the last ten day, we've had elderly black people killed in a supermarket in buffalo. we've had asian church goers killed in southern california. and now we have children murdered at school. when are we going to do something? i'm fed up. i've had enough. we're going play the game tonight, but i want every person here, every person listening to this to think about your own child or grandchild or mother or father or sister, brother, how would you feel if this happened
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to you today? we can't get numb to this. we can't sit here and just read about it and go, well, let's have a moment of silence. yeah, go, dubs. come on, mavs, let's go. that's what we're going do. we're going go play a basketball game. and 50 senators in washington are going to hold us hostage. do you realize that 90% of americans regardless of political party want background check, universal background check. 90% of us. we are being held hostage by 50 senators in washington who refuse to even put it to a vote, despite what we the american people want. they won't vote on it because they want to hold on to their own power. it's pathetic. i've had enough. >> sara, ryan, this hits home for steve kerr. years ago, kerr, then a
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freshman, his father, then a u.s. ambassador was assassinated coming out of an elevator. for kerr to unload like that, certainly, certainly understood. from dallas, back to you in san francisco. >> yeah, just really powerful words. and you and i were talking. we knew that steve kerr was going to have something to say about this. vern, thank you for that report. we appreciate it on a very difficult day. still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on cbs news bay area, a potential lead in a park shooting that sent children running for cover on the peninsula. the arrest just made. and what we're learning about a suspected case of monkeypox just reported in california. >> the class of 2022 here at this high school in oakland had a very special announcement for their parents
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. breaking news in vallejo. fire crews on the scene of a three-alarm fire. smoke still coming from the home
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on el dorado. you can see big plumes of smoke right there. we're told power lines were also down, and we'll keep an cry on this one right now. but as you can see, a very active fire scene happening right now the city of vallejo. san mateo county prosecutors trying to build a case against two people who may be connected to last week's deadly shooting at a children's park. one man died, three others were wounded on may 17th when people got into a shootout at jack farrell park in east palo alto. the two are in custody, but for unrelated outstanding warrants. investigators say neither are currently considered homicide suspects. the $10,000 reward is also being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the murder suspects. a developing story. state health officials now investigating a suspected case of monkeypox in sacramento county. kpix 5 anchor elizabeth cook is here with the very latest. >> ryan, this could possibly be the state's first case of monkeypox. health officials say the person had recently travelled to europe, where cases have been
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reported. the person is now in isolation. the state's health department says the individual previously tested positive for a related virus. they are now waiting for results of a monkeypox test from the cdc. health officials are now doing contact tracing. there are at least 90 cases in 12 countries, but health officials say the risk to the general public here is low. >> there can be secondary infection as well. i think when you see the raised lesions being flat at the top, that's one indication. >> the cases that have been report have had been mild. but i think the concern for us in public health is always that there might be some people that may end up with a severe disease. so we want to make sure that we prevent any additional cases. >> the disease produces flu-like symptoms along with a blistering rash. the virus is spread through bodily fluids, skin, and respiratory droplets. the california department of
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public health has a lab in richmond that can analyze specimens. the world health organization says many of the global cases so far have been among gay or bisexual men, but has emphasized that anyone can contract it. so far here in the u.s., there is only one confirmed case of monkeypox, and that's in massachusetts. ryan? >> thanks, elizabeth. well, flames covered the roof of a two-story home in campbell. this son harrison avenue, right off of main hamilton road. nearby streets were closed off most of the afternoon because of firefighting efforts. still unclear how much damage those flames did cause. all right. when it comes to our weather today, heat was the main story. and i know inland was extremely hot. the north bay was hot. the south bay. a lot of people don't have air conditioning. i can stay hot today, right? >> it almost got to 80. so almost hot. >> that's hot here. >> very warm. if you have a multistory house, the heat is going to build on the upper-level. but you're going get relief beginning tomorrow. temperatures aren't going to be
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quite as warm around the bay and the coast. farther inland, one more hot day to go. let's take a look at the big picture pattern. the feature responsible for the heat, this heat dome. a hill of air pressing down on us. it compresses the air at ground level and heepts it up. temperatures well above average. we'll take a look if any records were set. the storm system off the coast is going to get close enough to us to help to budge that heat dome away from us. the onshore breeze is going to return beginning tomorrow afternoon. it will be much stronger on thursday, and we're going see some clouds overhead thursday. unfortunately no moisture, but even the cloud cover is going to be enough to crack the heatwave. whenever it gets hot, the humidity levels drop. right now the lowest levels are running in the 10 to 15% range which is low. it's a very dry atmosphere. but it's not as low as the humidity levels that we had last week when we had the elevated fire threat. another piece of good news, the winds aren't as gusty. we do have offshore winds, especially the farther inland you go. but those winds aren't going to be that strong as we head
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through the rest of tonight. dying down to most of the gusts lower than 10 miles per hour by 11:00 this evening. some occasional gusts in the 15 to 25-mile-per-hour range as we head through the first half of the day tomorrow. but this isn't nearly the level of fire threat that we had with last week's dry and breezy weather. and the winds are going to change direction, becoming an onshore wind across the entire bay area by late tomorrow afternoon. that's going to help to crack the heatwave. it doesn't change the fact that it's hot out there right now. no hint of fog along the coast. temperature stands at 78 degrees downtown. it's 83 in oakland. other temperatures are all in 90s. 92 san jose. 96 in santa rosa. it is 97 degrees in livermore and concord. as i showed you about 10 minutes ago, and 100 degrees at the top of the hour in fairfield. you're heading out to the watch party for the dubs game against the mavericks. temperature at 6:00, still going to be in the mid-70s. not bad for a may evening in san francisco. if you're going to be going maybe a half mile north from there to oracle park to watch the giants take on the mets and snap that losing streak,
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gametime temperatu73re of ede . so bring something to put on once the sun goes down. but 73 for a gametime temperature in the month of may. not bad at all. temperatures tonight dropping down mostly to the upper 50s and low 60s. a few cooler spots along the coast. warmer spots barely dropping below 70 and antioch and brentwood. high temperatures tomorrow, still going to be 10 degrees above average around the bay, but not quite as warm as today because that onshore breeze will kick in earlier. temperatures farther inland still close to 20 degrees above normal. we are going to be close to record territory. mid-60s along the coast. free air conditioning for you once again. 90 degrees down the peninsula and the south end of the bay with low to mid-90s and you go farther inland in the inland santa clara valley. 96 in morgan hill. mid- to upper 90s. widespread inland in the east bay. 99 in brentwood. that's going to be the hot spot. low 70s in search. upper 70s and low 80s for oakland and the east bay with temperatures in the upper 80s
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bayside and from the north bay. but as you get farther and farther north, temperatures will read the low to mid-90s, even some upper 90s as we look farther north, to napa and inland mendocino county. lake county as well. temperatures drop significantly from wednesday to thursday. back to near normal temperatures thursday and friday with the additional cloud cover, but no rain chances for us, unfortunately. and our temperatures kind of hoffer close to normal levels as we go all the way through memorial day weekend. in fact, saturday and sunday might be slightly below average for those temperatures. another warm-up by tuesday of next week. another burst of offshore winds could accompany that. but that's something for farther down the line to worry about. we'll just be watching that fire threat for about the next 18 hours or so. >> the cooldown is going to be refreshing. >> it will feel nice. no problems for the memorial day forecast. coastal fog, but that's what we expect memorial day weekend. >> thank you so much, paul. still ahead, house speaker nancy pelosi is speaking out after she's been denied communion for her stance on
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abortion. and a live look at the white house where president biden is expected to speak on the elementary school shooting in texas. we'll bring you his remarks live right here. and coming up on our streaming service cbs news bay area, some changes coming for muni riders who might not commute to work every day. you can watch our stream whenever, wherever. find
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house speaker nancy pelosi pushing back on a recent decision by san francisco's catholic archbishop to deny her communion over her support for abortion rights. on this morning's msnbc morning joe, pelosi defended her stance saying she respects that people have opposing views, but not when they impose them on others. >> we have to be respectful. i come from a largely pro-life italian-american catholic family. so i respect people's views about that. but i don't respect us foisting it on to others. >> pelosi is vowing to codify into law the supreme court's roe v. wade decision establishing a constitutional right to abortion. san francisco's giant pink triangle returns for the 27th time in honor of the city's pride month celebrations. volunteers from all over got their hands dirty at the scenic twin peaks today as they started setting up the pink triangle.
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it's set up every year for pride month. it's the beginning of a number of celebratory events in june. advocates hope it helps inform the public on the connection between the pink triangles and those who fled nazi journey. >> those who wore the pink triangle were put back in prison. all the other people were released. imagine being locked up for three or four years, starving down to 85 pounds, and then being sent away to prison under paragraphs 175 because it was still illegal to be who you are. >> the pink triangle ceremony is set for twin peaks next wednesday. a gunman opening fire at a texas elementary school. 18 children, three adults killed. we're waiting on remarks from president biden. we'll bring them to you live. also, we sit down with two political outsiders vying to be san jose's next mayor. the retired police officer and san jose state student with two very different views of the city's top issue. and the warning from u.s. park police.
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why they're telling people to avoid some of the bay area's
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you're watching kpix 5 at 5:30. >> we continue to follow breaking news of a deadly school shooting in texas. president biden expected to speak on the shooting any moment now. we will bring that to you live. here what's we know. 18 children and 3 adults were killed after a gunman opened fire at an elementary school.
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authority says he died at the scene. today's shooting brought this reaction to chris murphy. his home state of connecticut saw the deadly school shooting at sandy hook elementary. >> what are we doing? just days after a shooter walked into a grocery store to gun down african american patrons, we have another sandy hook on our hands. >> no word yet on any possible motive. we're also trying to get word on those injured. we're being told at least three people wounded in the attack are hospitalized and in serious condition. also new at 5:30, a closer look at the political outsiders who want to be san jose's next mayor. good evening. i'm sara donchey. >> and i'm ryan yamamoto. on june 7th, san jose voters will have a chance to choose a new mayor for the first time in nearly a decade. this week we began profiling a crowded field of candidates vying for the top job in that city, including supervisor cindy chavez and three members of the
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san jose city council, raul perales. >> rounding out the field are two political novices who have never held elected offices. they have widely different views on how to address one of san jose's biggest issues. >> kpix 5's devon feeley sat down with retired san jose police officer jim spence. >> there are two candidates in the race who are political newcomers. they have never held elected office before, and frankly face some long odds in the election. but they say they jumped into the race because they felt that the other candidates weren't talking about some important issues, or were talking about the right issues but this the wrong way. they hope to influence the terms of the debate. he chose this underpass for an interview because for a time he lived here homeless in a ramshackle rv while enrolled as a student at san jose state. >> as a student at san jose
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state, struggling to find housing in this community, i recognize the important need for access to basic rights like water, sanitation, food, community, addiction counselling. >> reporter: as a candidate for mayor, he views the issue of homelessness through the prism of his own experience, understands its raw urgency, and believes it's a problem within our power to solve. >> what i learned while living in this parking lot is that things can change really quickly. your safety can change really quickly. and there are so many frequentsy of violent attacks, of assaults that so it's necessary that we have a volunteer patrolling this street every day. >> reporter: jim spence adamantly disagrees. the san jose police officer believes our current approach to homelessness rewards questionable choices and bad behavior. >> so many of these homeless people, they want a handout. they think for some reason they deserve something. >> reporter: spence's philosophy


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