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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 24, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now on kpix 5 and stream on cbs news bay area, heat advisories in effect now. you're looking live into solano county, increasing the fire danger. let's bring in first alert meteorologist jessica birch. we're going to be seeing dangerous fire conditions and as
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is, these high temperatures, it's not good. >> we are already under the heat advisory touchdown national weather service issue it for today, starting at noon, so it just came into effect. current temperatures, we are above average. livermore sitting at 91 degrees. 91 in santa rosa. daytime highs only warping up more, triple digits. let's start with the heat advisory. in solano county, significant heat the next couple of days. cool down by thursday and friday, just in time for the holiday weekend. another thing to mention, that red-flag warning, we're delling with winds pushing offshore, condensing and drying. to add to that, relative humidity is low. we'll talk more about that in a bit. send it over to you. contra costa firefighters canceling all prescribed burns and training exercises while these temperatures hang around.
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these conditions will last well into winter. the biggest concern is grass fires can turn into wildfire in areas with heavy brush. pg&e started its plan to bury lines underground. water officials expected to improve mandatary conversation measures amid a deepening drought. they'll vote on fines for use. they'll hire to -- the goal is to get to a mark of 15% less than 2019 levels. governor newsom says statewide water restrictions could be on the way if districts fail to cut back. new at noon, san jose police arrest a man accused of stalking former coworkers and threatening them. investigators say brian velazquez cause fired from a local construction company in january. in april, that company reported velazquez had been sending threatening emails to coworkers
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and posting pictures of him pointing firearms on social media. police say he also had intimate knowledge of what coworkers were up to in their personal lives. he was booked last week. several firearms, you see them here, were also seized. velazquez also had hundreds of rounds of ammo, tactical body armor and equipment to make ghost guns. he's charged with felony stalking. in a developing story, state and local health officials are investigating a suspected case of monkey pox in san jose county. that person tested positive for a related virus. confirmation is pending from the cdc. officials are now doing contact tracing and working to inform health-care providers and the public about symptoms to look out for. >> there can be secondary infection as well, but i think when you see the raised lesions being flat at the top, that's
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unindication. the cases that have been reported have been mild, but i think the concern for us in public health is always that there might be some people that may end up with a severe disease. so we want the make sure that we prevent any additional cases. >> if california department of public he'll has a laboratory in richmond that can analyze specimens. so far in the u.s., there is a single confirmed case of monkey pox in massachusetts. nurses at two san jose hospitals are trying to call attention to what they say are unfair working conditions. >> when do we want it? >> now! >> what do we want? >> this demonstration happened today at good samaritan hospital. a similar event planned this afternoon. nurses say management is not addressing an array of problems, including chronic understaffing and high turnover. their union is currently in contract talks with the parent
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company, hca. we've reached out to good samaritan hospital for a statement and are waiting to hear back. let's look live to chase center now, where there is in the a game, but thrive city will soon come alive. golden state may be getting the brooms out tonight as the warriors look to sweep the maverick in the western conference finals. the party gets started at 4:30. fans have every reason to be confident. no team in nba history has lost a 3-0 series lead. jocelyn morant spoke to one diehard fan who's been a season ticketholder since 2007. >> i think we could compete with any team in the league, so i always feel good about those guys. >> that's jason remalona. he's confident about the warriors. you'll usually find him behind one of the baskets cheering them on is and known for his foam fist. >> the energy through the arena
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is through the roof. playoffs is a different animal. >> reporter: the dubs are no strangers to the playoffs buck this season is different. fans are pressure it more. players have overcome injuries and a pandemic kept fans away for a while. >> we have been waiting for it since chase opened. by we have thought first year at chase was going to be great because it was going to be a new arena, and we had a great team going. and after that 2019 season, things, whoo, big change. drastic change. so it's been a while. >> reporter: the warriors are up three games against the dallas mavericks and fans are confident they'll get the job done. >> like everyone else i'm hoping for a sweep. i don't know if that will happen. if it doesn't, we'll bring the energy to game five. happening today, supervisors in marin county will consider a ban on short-term rentals in coastal areas. a growing number of homes are being use as vacation rental at
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popular destinations like stinson beach. that can make permanent housing harder to come by. es f5the n could be endye ef the giant pink triatriangle. volunteers began laying out infrastructure, including poles and straps. in past years, pink tarps have been the main daytime feature, but this year, bright streamers in rows under the l.e.d. lights. then the 2,700 lights will take over at night. >> it's important to educate people. this is a giant, in your face, educational tool, and there is no room for subtlety on pride weekend, that's for sure, pride month. so we are here to catch people's attention we want people the look up on twin peaks and say, what is that?
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they'll hopefully be curious enough to look it up. >> a procession and light ceremony is set for next wednesday, june 1st. carnivale comes back sunday with a parade years in the making but organizers spent the last few years help their community in a different way. we'll show you that. we're pretty happy with how the series is going for the dubs so far. wait till you see the reaction from our
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welcome back. tonight the warriors will face the dallas mavericks for game four. the dubs only need one more win the make the series a four-game sweep, so in the spirit of friendly competition, we sent a message to our friends at ktv our sister station over in dallas. >> oh, hey, dallas. what's up? we just thought we'd check in on you and send you some love from our team here in the bay area. >> super busy. sweep detail, cleaning up from all the celebrations over that big win over your team.
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our bad. sorry about that. >> while everything may be bigger in texas here in dub nation, we have strength in numbers and our team shows up. >> speaking of -- that andrew wiggins dunk, though. >> yeah, you know, speaking of that luka guy, i hear he's pretty good. i don't know, though. 40 points? maybe next time he could score 42. i think that could help. just a suggestion. either way, sorry, dallas. >> dallas, is that the dallas cavs? mavs? who are you all? we know who we are.goldife. >> we're so sorry. at least we have a broom to sweep up your tears. does anybody have a dust pan? >> no dust pan, but we do have a few rings. >> we're talking six of them. three recently. but who's counting? >> we're looking to get one more, but good luck to you guys. >> go dubs!
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>> ouch. i feel so bad about that video now, because we also made a little bit with our friends in dallas, the loser of this series has to send hometown food to the winner, so if the dubs win we'll be getting texas barbecue. here's the message back reacting to the current standings of the series. >> keith. >> huh? >> you look upset by that game. >> i'm puzzled. i'm bewildered. i'm flabbergasted. >> how do you feel about the mavs game? [ laughter ] >> there's hope and there's prayer, right? >> go mavs! go mavs! >> i don't think i believe you. >> let's go! let's go! >> reagan, how are you feeling after that mavs game? >> i'm feeling very sad. very sad. >> me too! >> i think we'll come back. i think we'll pull out the next four victories. mavs in seven. >> but at this point it looks like it could potentially be a done feel.
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unfortunately. hopefully they can at least pull out one and have some kind of a moral victory. >> how are you feeling after that mavs game? >> i'm tired and i'm sad. but they can do it. i did have mavs geear on earlie but i changed. you can do it mavs! >> we're hopeful for tomorrow night, but in case the worst happens, would you send the wine any way? >> please! >> we'll send the wine. i guess. >> we'll send wine, tray to make them feel better. but there's hope and prayer. but we are hoping and praying for a win tonight so we can just move on. >> i'm ready for it. >> yeah, it's gone to be good out there. i know a big group's going out there. you're going out there, going to have some fun. >> i made a forecast for it just in case. we're going to talk about that. better yet, let's talk about current temperatures. we're warming up aloell dealing wiear or pec 70s sanfransco, 9
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livermore area as well asta rosa 're heading o to center, headi thrive city it is going to be a warm, pleasant afternoon. stunning conditions. and i feel awkward for talking at it in that way considering the fact that we're well above average. 18 degrees in concord. got up to 97 -- expected to get up to 97, i should say, that's well above our 79 degree setup. we're also 13 degrees above average in san francisco, but nonetheless let's drive straight into the temperatures. low 90 th ue 0seas,st 8 iers where it' impressive. triple digits in the forecast. and once we make our way into the bay, still above average, too. i'm sure you're sick of me saying it. sausalito, daytime high of 94. on the bright side, we cool down
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as we head into the next couple of days. by tomorrow, a little bit of a shift, actually. partly cloudy skies returning into the fdt thens we tuick loo expect for our inland east bay, this is more significant. the north bay jumping down to the 60s thursday. so don't get used to the heat. it's changing rapidly. by the weekend, if you any outdoor plans, if you want to tick the dogs out, it is going to look beautiful, very calm. >> today's going to be rough, though. >> yeah, it's the bulk of the action. >> i'll be breaking out the dog pool for them today. >> did you get it? >> yes, i'll post pictures. they're going to need it. it's hot. >> everyone needs it hipt. >> i'm going use it. carnivale is coming back rt the people behind it were not just taking a break during the
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> cnivaannc returning this weekend, and kpix is a proud sponsor. the parade and festival were canceled during the pandemic, but organizers quickly shifted gears and took on a whole new mission. they launched a program that is still helping families today. >> butter, milk. >> reporter: alberto perez recalls unloading huge boxes of food for needy families at the start of the pandemic. >> when the pandemic first started it was very scary. you know, our community was very impacted by it. >> reporter: thousand of people lined up for free groceries at the mission food hub every week. >> bags of beans, rice, masa. >> reporter: alberto wasn't just a volunteer. his family was hurting, too. >> my mom lost her job at the pandemic. it was very hard for my family to provide. >> reporter: in fact, five
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adults in his household of seven lost their jobs, so after his volunteer shift, the 19-year-old would take home fresh fruit and vegetables to feed them and their neighbors. >> cominging here to the food h was like medicine, where a community can come together and help each other out. >> reporter: they started food hub after getting numerous calls from families who were laid off and desperate to feed their families. >> food to me is sacred, and i know the value of food having -- having gone hungry sometimes, you know? and so i know that it gives you hope, and that's what we've done, giving people hope that we're going to get through this pandemic. >> reporter: roberto, who leads carnival, got responsers to shift their funds to the mission food hub when the annual festival was cancel in the 2020.
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>> we're all neighbors. >> reporter: and he partnered with the latino task force to provide rental assistance, covid vaccine, and testing for low income families in the mission district. alberto says the food and rental assistance saved his family from becoming homeless. >> you can either lose your home or won't have the resources you need to provide for your family. the mission food hub helped me and a lot of families not just mental health but keeping us nourishes as well. >> reporter: that inspired alberto. he started his own small business last year, organic frisco drip. he makes juices using fresh produce purchased from local farmers. >> roberto sparked the light in me. >> he's making fresh juices and just to see him at an event selling juices, it lit me. it was like, oh, my god. >> reporter: thanks to the support of roberto and the mission food hub, alberto is
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feeding the community in a fresh new way. karen chin, kpix 5. >> great story to see. mission food hub continues to feed about 9,000 families a week. it accepts donations towards groceries and pet food. catch an hour live pet coverage of carnival sunday at 10:00 a.m. on cbs news bay area. going to be a good time. different way to keep the threat of wildfires down. how these goats are being credited with keeping a fire near sacramento from
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some questions about why the suspect involved was arrested multiple times and not held. yes on h. recall chesa boudin now.
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dubs fans are counting down to tip-off for game four coming up at 3 skk. live from dallas with a look ahead what what we hope will be a sweep of the mavs. one more look at the forecast with jessica birch. red flag in effect until tomorrow them stuck armed last week, stopped for the weekend, and came right back as we headed into monday. we're at low humidity. fairfield, 8 publics. dusty conditions. to add to that, the heat advisory just started pretty much 30 minutes ago. that will stay in effect throughout tonight, all due to the high temperatures we're expecting today as well as tomorrow. we're going to keep you updated here in the weather senter. >> that ac is going to be on. a herd of hungry goats is
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helping create fire breaks in sacramento city. they employ them for weed control. firefighters say this group was eating brush saturday just before a fire broke out of the a nearby condo complex. officials say the goats' work kept the flames from getting to any homes. i saw a bunch of coats in contra costa county. >> is that what they were doing? >> i'm pretty sure. >> okay, that's a northern california thing. >> i pointed them out, and no one believed me in the car. >> it is a thing. >> it is a thing. thank you so much for joining us. go dubs.
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♪♪♪ >> liam: hey. i'm really not just saying that. you're not going to go through this alone, no matter what. and i'm gonna be here for you. >> steffy: thank you. i'm not sure. i'm not sure what i need, but-- just having you here is enough, you know? helping me navigate this grief. gosh. doesn't feel real. i can't believe this is happening. how am i supposed to move on? raise a family,


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