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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  May 24, 2022 3:12am-4:00am PDT

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many identify as gay and bisexual men. >> it's happening from skin-to-skin conact. it's different from covid in that sense. >> unlike covid, monkey pox is caused by a virus we've known about for more than 60 years. we have vaccines, treatments and decades taking care of infected patients. still, public health officials are being careful saying we have a lot to learn about this unusual outbreak. >> thank you. the u.s. could be ea step closer to providing covid shots for kids under five. the only group of americans still not eligible to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. today pfizer says its three-dose vaccine is 80% effective against illness from the omicron variant. they'll meet june 15th to discuss vaccinating america's
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youngest. now to a shocking claim that one of the christian denominations suppressed, ignored and stone walled sexual allegations for more than two decades. a report shows extensive cover ups by leaders who were singularly focussed on avoiding liability. . >> reporter: at eight years old, hannah says her father, a southern baptist pastor, started abusing her. >> i disclosed to leadership and was promisesed it would be taken care of and it would never happen again but it did. >> reporter: now a seven-month independent investigation revealed for almost two decades survivors of abuse contacted the southern baptist convention executive committee to report child molesters and other abusers, only to be met time and time again with resistance,
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stone walling and out right hostility. the report also found the sbc kept a secret running list of accused baptist ministers to avoid being sued, even as they had claimed they didn't have the authority to make the list. more than 400 were believed to be affiliate would the them at some point. and allegations went to the top, inclouding against former sbc president, johnny hunt, which he denied in a facebook post sunday night. >> i would like to see leaders taking the recommendations of outside experts. not as attacks on their believes. but as tools to protect those in their care. >> reporter: in a statement, the sbc's executive committee says it was reviewing the report and quote committed to doing all we can to prevent future instances
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of sexual abuse in churches. williams filed a lawsuit on friday. >> it was called a liar. i was called mentally elderanged. incompetent. an enemy of god. >> reporter: we reached out to williams' father and have not heard back. in the past few months i've spoken to a dozen other men and women who say they were sexually abused by church leaders the age of nine and 14. the statute of limitations in their cases have expired. >> thank you, nick e. a captured 21-year-old russian soldier sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to killing a civilian. it was the first war krcrimes trial held in kyiv since the war started. lloyd austin said ukraine still mostly needs ground artillery. reports from the battle field.
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>> reporter: through the battered streets, barely two miles from russian forces, we made our way the frontline trench. we can't say where for security reasons. almost everywhere you look is signs of war, signs of devastation. this village was once home to 3,000 people and most have left. >> reporter: he can't bring himself to leave. russian forces are just a few miles that wai. does that concern you? >> translator: yes, it worries me, he says. for it's so sedistuso disturbing to see the villae like this. >> reporter: he's fought here since march. we're getting used to it, he says. our guys are tough and seasoned at battle and holding our ground. like this, a ukrainian military
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drone caught the moment russian forces were targeted and showered with artillery fire. a memorial bears the names of those who died fighting the nazis during world war ii. now, it's the russians who must be efought off. as we were led to a bunker where ukrainian soldiers take cover, there was more shelling. down below its dim and grim but for these battle weary fighters, it's a sanctuary. andre grew up near here. a lot of people lost their homes, he said. so, i try to put myself in their shoes and it just makes me esad. now, in the three months since the start of the war, ten people have been killed in the village. president zelenskyy warning the country could lose up to 100 people a day. >> in ukraine for us. thank you. the cbs overnight news will be right back.
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some lost more than $100,000. now the fbi is warning about an even more effectbive scam. >> reporter: three years ago sherry, who asked us not to use her fullal name, got a phone call warning her bank recrds had been found in a car loaded with illegalal drugs. did you believe them? >> i went into a state of shock. >> reporter: caller told her he was a dea agent and he want would cash or she was going to be in trouble. >> all i can remember sending money eall over the country e. >> reporter: how much did you turn over? >> hundreds of thousands. >> reporter: 200,000? >> higher. >> reporter: 400,000. >> higher. >> it was all a scam. like this one. >> we have to arrest you if i give the order to them. >> reporter: fbi agent ronald miller showed up to warn sherry.
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and you remember the first knock on the door? >> yes, i remember it well. >> reporter: according to a recent fbi report, older americans, like sherry were scammed out of $1.7 billion in 2021. >> i was the target of an elder fraud scheme. >> reporter: even former fbi and cia director, william webster was scammed. >> if it can happen to me, it can happen to you. >> reporter: they're lonely, they're trustworth ea e. they believe it's legit. >> how much of the scammers was stolen? >> in the investigation i'm working currently $20 million a day. >> reporter: they work overseas with u.s. collaborators who move the cash. >> we are in the process of proceeding against you legally. >> financially, i'm ruined. >> reporter: there are about 5,000 other shareies out there and only ea few arrests have
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shows the suspect running from the scene after shooting the man in the chest. apparently unprovoked. up next, with how one nun's
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as we approach the 50th anniversary of title nine, which bans sex-based discrimination in school athleticsb with we want to highlight one of the trail blazers of women's sports. at xavier college prep, a dynasty in arizona high school sports, the real champ is a 78-year-old nervy nun. >> this is what xavier's all about, right? >> reporter: sister lynn windsor. you have a forceful personality. would you say? >> i would say. >> reporter: that energy you threw behind these sports. >> more opportunities for girls is what it's all about. >> reporter: she became xavier's athletic director in 1977,
3:28 am
determined to put title nine into a. >> we sat down and said we got to make things change. >> reporter: you put in a lot of sports. >> we did. how about getting soccer going, how about beach volleyball? >> reporter: this month the school's 145th state championship across a dozen sports since sister lynn took charge. >> we wedon't win everything. >> reporter: senior royally flynn will pitch for harvard this fall. >> her attitude is contagious and she's got that champion attitude. >> her motto is women of faith pursuing excellence. so, from day one, we want to excel. but having funbb with making friends is, for girls, it's the most important thing. >> reporter: this nun turned winning intoan article of faith. cbs news, phoenix. and that's the overnight news for this tuesday. back later for cbs mornings and
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follow us online anytime at cbs reporting from the nation's capitol, i'm john dickerson. >> this is cbs news flash. voters in five states are heading to the polls for primaries. but the key races to watch are in the battle ground state of georgia. mike pence is making an in-person push for republican governor, brian kemp. and there are critical republican primaries in alabama and tests for the bush political dine dynasty in texas. no more mochas in russia from starbuckses. they're closing for good after the count rry invasion of ukrain
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it heao for more, download the news on your cell phone or connected tv. cbs news, new york. this is the cbs overnight news. i'm john dickerson is in for nora. tonight help for some of america's most vulnerable babies is on the way. but for many the store shelves are missing a formula they need to feed their children. an air force cargo eplane with 39 tons of hypoallergenic formula will arrive is and a second on wednesday. these are the first two flights of operation fly formula, as the biden administration works to ease a nationwide shortage. meanwhile, regulators and abbott
3:31 am
nutrition hope to reopen the shuttered michigan plant next week. but could take up to two months before that formula is availbible. we have a lot of news to get to tonight and megoliver will start us off from new york. good evening, meg. >> reporter: as desperate families nationwide wait for baby eformula to arrive, the mayor issued a state of emergency to prevent price gouging. this massive air force c 17 plane landed in the u.s. sunday carrying precious cargo. 78,000 pounds of hypoallergenic formula from switzerland. for it's enough to feed 27,000 babies and toddlers with an allergy to cow's milk. half a million bottles for a week. this will instead go to hospitals and doctor's offices in the most impacted regions. how much formula do you have left? >> we only have a few days left.
3:32 am
cecilia perkins is frantic to get milk for her son who survives on a special formula. >> if we were to switch and it doesn't work, with he'd have to be hospitalized. >> some are extremely desperate. >> reporter: pediatrician treats children who depend on specialty formula for their nutrition. the biden administration is trying to help and the fda is trying to help but it's a start and it's not enough. >> reporter: this as abbott, the largest maker of formula in the country apologized for worsening the shortage saying we're sorry to every family we've letdown. the company's ceo says it expect toz resume production at the michigan plant by the first week of june and full production by the end of the month. but for cecilia perkins time is running out. >> we don't know if my son is
3:33 am
going to eat tomorrow or next week and it's not okay. it's not. it's very scary. >> reporter: getting more formula on store shelves will take ramping up production at home. they've moved two formula makers to the frontlines for vital ingredients that will help abbott boost production by 30%. >> meg oliver in new york. tonight the biden administration is trying to untangle comments the president made after a question from our own nancy cortis. china responded saying the united states is, quote, playing with with fire. here's cbs's nancy cortis. >> they're already flirting with danger. frrlts. >> reporter: it wasn't andus what the president said but where he said it. in japan, not far from china or taiwan. are you willing to get involved
3:34 am
military to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> that's the commitment we emade. >> reporter: a sharp departure from the quote, strategic ambugu ambiguity, when the comes to taiwan, who china sees as its territory. a top chinese spokesman urged the u.s. to be eprudent in its stance on the taiwan issue and refrain from sending the wrong signals to taiwan independence separatist forces. this isn't the first time mr. biden has vowed to protect taiwan. >> yes, we have is a commitment. >> reporter: each time the white house has tried to walk his comments back. today they insisted our policy has not changed. and that the president is simply committed to provide taiwan with the military means to defend itself as a he has in ukraine.
3:35 am
fears of a chinese take over of taiwan have grown after its crackdown in hong kong. the day president biden arived in asia last week, china sent 14 war planes into taiwan's air defense zone. >> but the idea that it can be taken by force, just taken by force, is just not appropriate. it will dislocate the entire region and be another action similar to what happened in ukraine. >> reporter: the president added that he does not expect china to invade taiwan after russia was ostracized for invading ukraine. but john, between the president's assertions and the white house walk back, it's still unclear whether the u.s. is truly prepared to engage in a military conflict with the world'ses second largest super power. >> strategic ambiguity more
3:36 am
ambiguous. a former russian soldier plead guilty to killing a civilian. the first war crimes trial held in kyiv since the war started. and lloyd austin says they still mostly need ground artillery. reports from the battle field. >> reporter: tlhrough the battered streets, ewe emade our way at the frontline trench. we can't say where for security reasons. almost everywhere you look around here is signs of war, signs of devastation. this village was once home to 3,000 people, most have all left. >> he's called this area home for 30 years. and can't bring himself to leave. russian forces are just a few miles that way. t does that concern you? >> reporter: yes, it worries me,
3:37 am
he says. it's so disturbing to see the village like this. a few yards away is a maze of trenches. he's fought here since march. we're getting used to it, he says. our guys are tough and seasoned at battle and we're holding our ground. like this, a ukrainian military drone captured the moment nearby russian forces were targeted and then showered with artillery efire. this is no stranger to war. a memorial bears a names of those who tied fighting the nazis in world war ii. now it's the russians who must be fought off. as we were led to a bunker where ukrainian soldiers take cover, there was more shelling. down below, it's dim and grim. but for these battle-weary fighters, it's a sanctuary. >> in thb three months since the start of the war, ten people have been killed in the village
3:38 am
with president zelenskyy warning they could lose up to 100 people a day. john. >> and in ukraine for us. thank you. how did olay top expensive creams? like this with hydration that beats the $100 cream in every jar of regenerist retinol24 collagen peptide new vitamin c and the iconic red jar can't top this skin shop now at itchy? scratchy? family not getting clean? get charmin ultra strong. it just cleans better,
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this is the cbs overnight news. i'm jan crawford in washington. thanks for staying with us. members of the southern baptist convention are preparing for their annual meeting amid shocking allegations of sexual abuse and a cover up by top officials. members ordered an investigation last year and what it's unearthed has shaken the largest protestant denomination. it found years of documented sexual abuse by clergy and that leaders stone walled and denigrated survivors. >> reporter: reported alleges
3:41 am
that abuse were catalogued for more than a decade with little to no follow up or discipline for perpetrators. even as they were made aware of accusations, the report says the main concern was, quote, avoiding any potential liability. the independent investigation commissioned by the southern baptist convention concluded members responded with resistance, stone walling and out right hostility to more than two decades of sexual abuse allegations against clergy. according to the report, they kept a saekecret running list o abused baptist ministers, even as they chammed they didn't have the authority to create search a list. hoar than 400 on it were believed to be affiliated with the sbc at some point. but the report quotes an internal email where the sbc's then general counselal called
3:42 am
the focus on sexual abuse, quote a satanic scheme. >> hannah kate williams filed a a lawsuit on friday alleging she was with physically abused by her own father, a pastor, for years. she says it began when she was as young as four years old and turned into sexual abuse on her eighth birthday. but when she sought help from the sbc leadership, she says nothing ever happened. >> when i was kicked out, i was called a liar, mentally deranged, incompetent, anb enemy of god. >> reporter: the it reports says they used the system of granting church's autonomy but allegations go to the top including against former sbc presi president, johnny hunt, which he
3:43 am
denied in a facebook post sunday night. what would you like to see changed? >> i would like to see leaders taking the recommendations of outside experts, not as attacks on their believes but as tools to protect those in their care. >> in a statement,b the sbc's executive committee esays it was with reviewing the report and committed to doing all we can to prevent future instances of sexual abuse in churches. we reached out to hannah k. william's father for comment and have not heard back. hin fast pew months i've spoke on a a cousin other women and men who claim hay were abused by baptest leaders. hair ages range prom mine oo 14. they're all past their statute of limations, which means they can't file a lawsuit in their respective states. they hope this will lead to accountabilitial. cbs news, new york.
3:44 am
the leaked supreme court draft ruling on abortion continues to spark out rage and protest. a final ruling is expected in the coming weegs. but 50% say they would care a lot if the ruling is thrown out. and this as other nations make it more available. holly williams recently visited one of them, ireland, and one who talked about her own difficult experience. >> the doctor doing the scan got quie qu q quiet and turned the screen away and said is your husband here? >> reporter: he's lived in dublin with her irish husband for 17 years when she got pregnant with their second child in 2017, she was exstat issic until the 12 weeks skap. >> the whole brain was outside
3:45 am
of the skull and she said it's not a -- the baby's not going to live. >> reporter: at most, she was told, the baby would survive a few days after birth. she felt an abortion was the kindest choice. >> i just couldn't imagine how it would work that you would give birth only to watch the baby die and probably struggle to breathe and probably be in pain. >> reporter: but in ireland abortion was illegal in almost all cases. forcing amy to travel to england for the procedure. she told us show was lucky she could afford to doso. instead of carrying a baby for months that she'd never take home. >> i think it's inhumane to me. as a mother and also to the baby. it seems like an incredible horrific way to pass away.
3:46 am
>> reporter: ireland and nearly 80% catholic and used to have some of the most restrictive abortion laws hin world. so strict that, in 2012, when she beganb to miscarry her baby at 17 weeks pregnant, she was denied an abortion. she cand whi kied. s hisparkedpr with moo hus of in support, abortion was pineally legalized in ireland in went 18. 2018. it's available in merely all of europe with some conconditions. roe v. wade is overerned, hale
3:47 am
join a club including iraq, egypt and nick rock wu. there are sill many hath want oo ban abortion rights. it's legal until-wevlth week. >> reporter: had doctor says hay should be pree without-law administer peering a at all. he's an obgym who's delivered more han pour houn babies. what is your advice about what-reality is of living in a place where people can't kbet an abortion? >> hin sats where women canimate abortion care, we'll end up with maternal death. s all mow question about that. women will die as a consequence of his. >> he says roe v wade is overerned, it's-poorest women in
3:48 am
america who can't apoured oo ravl outside their state will suffer the most. while some could suffer persecutions. >> it's medieval. it's a tragedy for the united states. >> amy says nobody should judge women who choose have an abortion. >> i think it's a very sad move. there are so many different reasons why somebody might want to end a pregnancy. i think it's go doing have a i have a secret. i'm done settling. because this is my secret. no really! i put it on once... no more touch-ups! because this stick actually works!
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that's 10-year-old recognized as the youngest opera singer in the world. here's her story. >> reporter: have you ever been in the empire state building before? >> 10-year-old victory brinker is hitting all the right notes. at one of the most iconic places in new york city. ♪ >> reporter: is opera hard? >> um, a little bit. learning new songs when i think i can't get them but i actually do in the end.
3:52 am
>> reporter: how does that feel when you finally figure out a song you didn't think you could do? >> i'm like who hoo, you did it. >> reporter: guinness world records declared her the youngest opera singer, based on her first professional contract she got at age seven. did you know what the guinness book of world records was before all this? >> not really. >> reporter: probably not. last summer victory lit up the national stage on the competition show, "america's got talent." >> we're going to do something we've never, ever done on the show before. >> reporter: becoming the first contestant to receive the coveted golden buzzer from all four judges and the show's host.
3:53 am
>> i was like did that happen? because before i didn't think i'd get one. >> reporter: why not? >> i don't be. know. simon's a tough cookie. when did you know that you could sing? >> my mom said i had perfect pitch when i was two. and then when i was six, i asked my mom if she could show me the person who could sing the highest note and i said i want tod sing opera. >> reporter: and what dud you say? >> i said okay some day and she goes no i want todoit now. >> reporter: victory's mom says she's been trying to keep up ever since. she and with her husband adopted victory as a baby. she's one of 11 children and playtime helped victory prepare for her dream of being on america's gottal talent. >> i was good acts, bad acts. we have coasters and one of them would be the golden buzzer.
3:54 am
>> reporter: her run has included performances on world stages. and she recently sang the ukrainian national anthem at a benefit concert. what is it like to have a 10-year-old but try to balance the fact she's still a kid? >> i'm so excited watching her dreams come true and it seems like ever time she sets a goal, that goal comes true. ♪ >> reporter: my hope is not only my other children but other children see around the world that everybody has a gift. >> reporter: and victory loves sharing hers. what do you want to be when you grow up? >> a singer. >> reporter: you're already a singer. >> well, maybe be a a better singer. >> reporter: just 10 years old but on top of the world. for cbs mornings, adriana diaz,
3:55 am
new york. ♪ ♪
3:56 am
3:57 am
college graduations are underway from coast to coast and a lot of graduate wis are havin little difficulty finding jobs. >> reporter: these college grads have a good reason to smile. abigail's degree from north carolina state university already helped her land a teaching sdwraub. >> there's high demand for teachers, which makes it easy for us to find a job, which is nice. >> reporter: employers across the spectrum needs wurkter workers. latest data show the number recorded ever. >> i can't feel anything but great today. >> reporter: he lined up a position as his final year of school was starting.
3:58 am
>> the job i got now i got in september. >> reporter: job market for the class of 2022 looks very promising. >> reporter: with the national association of colleges and employers. they found employers plan to hire 31% more college graduates this year than last year. >> reporter: what are you seeing in terms of salaries? >> we continue to see salaries rising. >> reporter: the average starting salary is more than $60,000. up 3% from last year. engineering salaries have incr increased 4% and computer science saw a jump to $76,000. university of alabama graduate peyton received a degree in finance and real estate. >> with the market being like it is, with real estate, i don't think there's a lot to be concerned about job wise. >> reporter: a picture perfect a
3:59 am
career. cbs news, los angeles. and that's the overnight news for this tuesday. reporting from the nation's capitol, i'm jan crawford. ♪ this is a cbs news flash. i'm matt pieper in new york. voters are heading to the polls for primaries. the key races to watch are in the battleground state of georgia. former vice president mike pence is making an in-person push for governor brian kemp. and tests for progressives and the bush political dinynasty inx px. starbucks is closing chains in russia for good after the invasion of ukraine. mcdonald's made a similar move. and new york's last remaining pay phone has been removed. it next heads to a mewium.
4:00 am
for more news, download the cbs news app on your cell phone or connected tv. cbs news, new york. it's tuesday, may 24th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." >> this is more than a european issue. this is a global issue. call to action. president biden pressures nations to do more about russia, as he tries to clarify comments about taiwan. high-stakes primary. party nominations are up for grabs in five states. how one race pits former president trump against former vice president mike pence. monkeypox in the u.s. concerns grow about a possible outbreak. how health officials say they're ready if the virus spreads. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. president biden is expected to


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