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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  May 23, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now at 7:00 -- >> brush fires break out across the bay area. the triple threat firefighters are already facing in may. >> the wind is still quite a challenge, the fuel is a challenge, and the topography. >> and it's only going to get hotter. >> that is right. temperatures are going to be hitting 100 degrees inland. we've got red-flag warning, heat advisories. the forecast is coming up. we're here in the castro where the parade is going to be next month. controversy about who's participating is in full swing. becoming a exclusive. san francisco's mayor to late toast opt out of the pride parade. and the mayor demanding answers. he wants to know why city
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employees accused of crimes were allowed to stay on the job. right knew streaming at 7:00, the small brush fire in napa county. this is along the silverado trail, which is closed at the moment. vineyards on both sides. no word of any damage. thanks for joining us. >> i'm ryan yamamoto. >> i'm elizabeth cook. firefighters still on scene of a large brush fire. chopper 5 spotted the flames moving across open hillsides. the fire is in a remote area now with no homes nearby. cal fire said about 35 acres have burned so far. crews will be there through the evening watch for hot spots. >> let's bring in brian hackney. 's it looking out there? >> could be worse. tomorrow, the next day, we'll show you. first let's get you caught up on the situation now, which is a
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pretty good onshore flow through much of the bay area. which is helping. chs a more moist flow. over to the east of st. helena, burning in the hill, not big, but the temperature, 89 degrees. humidity is low, could be lower. winds gusting to about 12. they'll probably get a handle on that, but it bears watching. this is the culprit. high pressure bringing in. that's a higher direction. temperatures inland will be near 100 degrees. we've got red-flag warnings. let me tell you, having done this for decade in the bay area, we didn't used to talk about this stuff until october, but liz, that is why, you know, nobody's letting their guard down, everyone though it is only may, they're getting ready for it, which you're going to tell us about now. >> the pressure on the fire crews today to take care of
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the -- maybe not ideal conditions but better than tomorrow. >> there's a break. we'll talk about that in the forecast. >> crews are on alert tonight. they tell us it won't take much to spark a disaster. >> with these kind of winds, one spark, it will have this whole hill going on, one park. just got reports we have had the driest conditions we have had in 12 centuries. you think about that, not days, not months, centuries. >> crews say their concerns are heavier fuels such as timber and brush, especially if they are dry. some park in the county closed today as a precaution. >> cal fire is getting its tankers into position. the agency tells us climate change has changed how it prepares. >> as the department as a whole, with the current weather situation, we have upped our manning and started them earlier so we can be proficient, we can
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train a little bit more before the summer months truly hit. >> the labor shortage has also touched this profession. cal's goal is to get several departments fully staffed by june 13th. london breed says she'll in the be participating in this year's pride parade after they banned police officers from marching in uniform. the mayor will be joining the fire department and sheriff department. the uniform ban is especially tough for lgbtq officers. >> city leaders are calling out pride organizers saying this is sending out the wrong message, that it is exclusionary when the pride parade is supposed to be all about being inclusive. san francisco's mayor saying she'll sit out unless a decision is reversed. >> i'm disappointed. >> reporter: for years, katherine winters walked the beat as a san francisco police officer connecting with vulnerable member of her
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community where she grew up. >> there's a number of homeless transwomen in this neighborhood, and they would see the uniform first. i could tell they were uncomfortable. >> reporter: but wearing blue is who she is as a second generation cop. >> when i'm in civilian clothes people don't recognize i'm a police officer, even if they've met me as a police officer. but if i'm in the uniform, they always recognize me. >> reporter: in 2019 a clash ensued between police officers. for winters that didn't overshadow her first time out walking with her family. >> the thunderous applause came at market street. as a mother, a lesbian, a police officer, was welcomed, accepted and embraced here in san francisco. >> it's a moment she'll never forget, but that experience of marching as a uniformed officer and representing the lgbtq plus
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community is being ripped away. pride officials insist first responders aren't being excluded but instead asked to wear something else like a t-shirt with department logos. >> we're trying to find a way to include them in a difficult time, in a difficult period in our country, and we're not the only pride. new york city pride, seattle pride, portland pride, san diego pride. -- no police are marching in their parades. >> reporter: parade organizers say they're trying to be more sensitive to people who have been traumatized bier their encounters with police and being more radically inclusive. >> we ask them to show up differently which would be a message to member of our community they heard us. >> reporter: pride says its decision was unanimous. neither will firefighter or sheriff's deputies. >> it goes back to the fun fundamental, like, values that
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the lgbtq community aspires to. of including all parts of our community and not excluding any parts of our community. >> reporter: i also spoke to other officers within the san francisco police department who say they're disappointing and that the decision reeks of hypo hypocrisy. in san francisco, kenny choi. empls after tchang overshtrocer arrested aharge in the separate misconduct incidents. the san jose police department was actively investigating both cases, however, each employee continued to work. one is police officer matthew do minute guess, accused of mast tur baiting in front of a family during a call. he is since been placed on paid leave. the other city employee is william jerry, san jose's former
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code enforcement inspector. he was recently sentenced to 35 years in prison for bribery, extortion, and sexual assault. the san jose attorney's office says some of the alleged crimes occurred while on the job. >> and it was a particularly -- it was particularly disconcerting about both of these episodes, is the fact that in each case, city employees continued to serve in public facing roles after someone in the city became aware of the nature of this conduct. >> the mayor says he's calling for a full review of the independent police auditor and the city manager he says the police chief is expected to come out with a proposal for action in the next few days. californias after department of justice is investigating a san francisco police shooting which end in the two deaths. the chronicle reports officers responded to a reported assault with a knife and shot both the
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sb suspect and the unarmed victim of the attack. both men died last week. but police have not clarified whether both were actually killed way a police officer's bullet. state officials cowould only sa there's still uncertainty about the shooting which qualifies it for an investigation. the a.g. is also targeting ghost guns in a new lawsuit with the san francisco d.a. they're asking a judge for repreliminary injunction to halt the sale of gun kits by three retailers. they have no serial numbers making them impossible to track. a hearing is set for july. still to come, evicted by one of the wealthiest company in the world. why apple stopped housing two dozen people in l.a. >> came up too fast. wasn't prepared for it. >> this is apple abandoning
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people. plus, a harrowing rescue daly city. when new water restrictions could be coming.
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tonight we're hearing from the chp officer who helped rescue a man clinging to a cliff in daly city. he was about 500 feet above the ocean when the rescue crew arrived and had to hoist him up. >> right about that time they positioned me, lowered me down, got me in the right position and i had about a four-second window to execute the rescue. i got him into the harness, and we got on our way. >> this all happened at mussel
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rock. dozens of people staying at a hotel funded by apple are looking for a new place to stay. apple cleaned up 200 tons of haza hazardous waste and debris, paid for nine months of housing. a total of 56 people were relocated. eight found permanent housing. ten forced out due to rules violations and four ended up in jail. now the remaining residents are wondering, what's next? >> there is not enough housing, not enough motels, not enough apartments. they're going to go to the neighborhood, and people don't want that. it's a very frustrating situation that's been going on here for months and months. >> this is shameful. this is apple abandoning people. and this is -- they're abandoning people during a heat wave.
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they're abandoning people when there are no options. >> advocates tell us that 25 people remaining at the hotel have been offered shelter bed space. taking a look at your top headlines. the cdc says it is monitoring the potential spread of monkeypox in the u.s. health-care experts say the virus can be transmitted through bodily fluids, skin, and respiratory droplets but usually requires close contact to spread. during a 2003 outbreak, 47 people became sick, nobody died. >> not sure we're at the concern where people should have any sense of anxiety. certainly no panic. baby formula could be on store shelf as early as this week. this after an air force cargo plane carrying 39 ton of formula landed in indianapolis sunday. the critical shortage follows the february closure of the nation's largest domestic formula manufacturing plant due to safety issues. >> our administration is working
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around the clock to ensure that there is enough safe baby formula available for all who need it, and it is truly one of our highest priorities. wall street rallied today. analysts credit good news from j.p. morgan chase and a trade announcement from president biden them follows seven week of decline, and ryan, the s&p is come off its longest weekly losing streak since t bubble burst in 2001. a warning today from governor newsom. he says there may be mandatory water restrictions if people don't cut back on their own. he push for conservation and the state water resources board is considering moving to level two restrictions. if approved those will take effect next month. let's give you a look outside. looks dry. >> brian hackney is here. brian, it looks like today, actually, might be the best case
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scenario for firefighterser or best conditions compared to tomorrow. >> compared to tomorrow for sure. we're going to be even warmer on tuesday and probably just as warm on wednesday, so the heat is on in the bay area the next few days. temperatures spike tomorrow. warmest in the east bay being mid 90s. thursday, things begin to cool off. right now, concord's 8 3 degree. cooler by the coast. san jose, very pleasant 73 right now. temperature difference, things have warmed up a little bit since 24 hours ago, as sky conditions remain clear. the numbers are up from either dead even or about three, four degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. yet work all the talk about heat, vi good news. it will be cooling off big time on thursday, even for the inland areas. first, this to contend with. heat advisories posted, 95 to
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105. hyd hydrate, sunscreen, stay out of the sun. pay attention to elderly and pets. don't leave anything in the car with these temperatures. red flags up as well. we're on fire alert. satellite shows behind all this. in the eastern pacific dominates. it will shift the winds from westernlies to northernlies. that's a drier direction, so temperatures build to the 100-degree mark. still, the relative humidities, could be worse. they're at least going to be in double digits tomorrow. better than single digits. here's what we're expecting. temperatures soar to near 100 degrees, in some cases above. more warm weather coming in wednesday. highs will be in the 90s then. then thursdayndou it wille cooler there you the end with coastlo to th meantime, overnights will be in the mid 50s, and daytime highs tomorrow will be soaring in the south bay. probably not record territory,
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but will be close in the south bay. san jose at 91 degrees tomorrow, and campbell, 923. over in the east bay, plenty of sunshine, and numbers, mid 90s. 98 at pleasant hill. 100 degrees in pittsburg. a little cooler in vallejo. santa rosa up to 99 degree, and even at the marin civic center in the 90s. cooler in sausalito. clear lake, numbers will be in the mid 90s. in the extended forecast we're going to be looking for temperatures to be in the mid 90s by the coast. san jose will be in the 90s next couple of days. looked at from the larger perspective, for the inland east bay, near 100 on tuesday and wednesday before falling 15 degrees on thursday with the return of the fog and low
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clouds. so some fairly scary weather ahead for the bay area, but speaking of scary, listen to what ryan's going to talk about. >> oh, wow. shots fired. thank you, sir. >> all right. coming up, could your favorite napa valley wine be in peril? today, details on the dangerous great leaf skeletonizer.
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there's a new pest napa val >> it's called the western grape leaf skeletonizer. if you like wine, it's just as scary as it sowns. this is the black metallic looking moth. it gets its way for the way it eats to moth, eating all the green material leaving only the ribs. they can do serious damage to vineyards. the moths are rare, but not unheard of in napa valley. the question is, how do they get here? >> you always want to be on the lookout. anything that looks funky. we're never getting mating populations. a hitchhiker, one off, we're
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good to go, but we take these things seriously. >> even if there is an outbreak, nature provides its own control through a virus that only targets this moth. the county is also installing some traps. >> yikes. it is very ominous looking. well, you may have heard of a sharknado, but what about a sharkcano. we'll show it to you next.
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a new photo from nasa tonight of a discovery under the sea. it shows the kavachi volcano erupting. >> the space agency calls it a sharkcano, because two species of sharks actively live in the volcano. it's one of the active submarine
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volcanoes. >> always fascinating when you they are live near out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee,
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taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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