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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 23, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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out after the death of it an elite san francisco cycle ist. 25-year-old wilson was in texas for a race when she was shot by another woman. investigators say she and the suspect had recently been in a relationship with the same man. >> new at 6:00, kpix 5 sean t spoke to her friends and colleagues about how hope she'll be remembered. >> those that knew maria wilson say she truly enjoyed life and made the most out her time living here in here in san francisco. as a competitive cycle ist, tha was an inspiration to many and as a friend, she was that positive spirit you could always depend on. >> she was really something. >> she was such a good friend. >> anna wilson was quickly becoming one of the best a all-train cyclists in the country. >> i definitely recognize seeing another strong woman out there and i'm like i want to ride with them.
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>> riby calldwell became friend with her during the pandemic when cycling was one of the activities people felt safe together. her family issued a statement saying we are absolutely devastated by the loss our beautiful daughter and sister anna maria wilson. there are no word that can express the pain and suffering we are experiencing due to this senseless, tragic loss. the family doesn't want to speculate about what happened, but maintains she was not in a relationship with anyone at the time. colleagues who worked with her also hope the focus remains on her incredible talent and compassion. >> she loved the sport clearly and she put herself into it 100%. >> christopher kaiser admired her as a require and worked with her as a photographer, taking these photos of her. friend say losing her had just the -- at the age of 25 is especially upsetting because the best was yet to come. >> it was inspiring.
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just like she stood there with confidence but also like was very humble. she would never stand above others. >> her family hopes to honor her legislacy with a foundation say maria was a talented, kind and caring young woman. her life was taken from her before she had the opportunity to achieve everything she dreamed of. our family and all those who loved her will forever miss her. reporting from san francisco, kpix 5. there is now a nationwide search for armstrong accused of shooting wilson. armstrong's ar was seen on surveillance video driving past the scene. breaking news on the fire watch right now. just getting word a new br brushfire breaking out in st. helena. this isnore near pope street and silverado trail. a photo tweeted showed smoking
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smoke from the hillside. we'll continue to monitor this fire and give you any new updates. crews continue to mop up a large brushfire in the east bay. chopper 5 was over the community earlier. air units are using a fire retardant while other crews are working to create control lines on the ground. no injuries report sod far. we're tracking critical fire danger in parts of the bay area. >> let's get right to brian in for paul. >> it is hot. the heat is on for the next couple of days and will approach the century mark and we're going to do it quickly. antioch starts out at 65. by noon it's up to 88 and by 9. that's why there are red flag warnings that are posted for
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tomorrow as well as heat ad advisories. the wind gusts in the vicinity of the fire we're watching pick up but abate a bit. moisture in the fuels again could be worse because we're early in the season so the wind aren't that bad but it continues to be hazardous as regards to fire danger. >> next up, we head to slolano county where walker met with the fire experts to give us an idea what to expect this fire season. >> red flag. there is just too much dry v vegetation with the drought, moisture levels. i'd go on and on but. >> the park one of those that was closed today in an effort to limit traffic and risk given the weather. >> with these kinds of winds, one spark, this whole park. >> reporter: but greater risk is growing in the land itself as
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california drifts deeper into a dry period that is just beginning to come into focus. >> just got reports that we have the driest conditions we've had in 12 centuries so you think about that. not days, not months, centuries. >> this is why those april showers did not deliver much confidence. among firefighters, they were already looking at very dry fuels. >> my concern is the heavier fuel, what we refer to as heavy timb er, a brush. those have not received nearly enough moisture and the moisture levels that those are at levels that they should be at for this time of year. >> if it started going, everembers jumping and the fire would just continue to go and it will be a challenge. look at the terrain, right? >> the fire marshal says the 135-acre fire was a sign of what's ahead. a busy year trying to stop the
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next big fire. >> it's om a matter of time till one of those starts like this that turns a small fire into a catastrophic fire. >> is fire season finally here? some counties do declare official start dates. seonoma county is going to do that on june 9th. wilson wr,ke california's drougg a lot of people 's attention an now the governor is threatening to impose manddry try water restrictions if people don't start conserving. governor nurms newsom called on californians to voluntearily cu their water use and went up by nearly 19% in march. tomorrow, the state water resources control board will vote on banning watering of non-function al turf on commercial, industrial, and institutional properties.
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san francisco police say they will not participate in pride and neither will the fire or the sheriff's office. she's also out unless pride organizers reverse their decision not to allow police officers to wear uniforms during the parade. officers who are part of the lgbtq community are say this is not the right message to be sending after decade of fighting for inclusion, unity, and equal rights. >> and it goes all back to really the fundamental like values that the lgbtq community aspires to. >> we're trying to find a way to inclusion them. >> pride organizers are trying to be more sensitive to people who have been quote traumatized by their encounters with police and being more radically inclusive. it was a hard time. she released a statement saying quote their presence in uniform
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serves as a message that san francisco values diversity and inclusion in our public safety departments and in our city. still ahead on kpix 5, cbs news bay area incredible video. a man streaming it on a rescue. how crews managed to get him out and the move he made that is extremely dangerous. >> napa county valley where a research er discovered a strage animal. we'll have that story coming up. >> and later it's the cutest video of the day. the tee ball kid who has become famous on tiktok for his d
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this evening we're hearing from the officer who helped rescue a man. take a look at the dramatic
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video. see an officer repelling down there. the victim was about 500 feet above the ocean when the rescue crew rived, hoisted him up. this happened in muscle rock on thursday and a fisherman called in reported seeing that man strand on the cliff. >> one of the things we did run into as i got into position right near went ahead and grabbed on to my leg. this is kind of a pretty extremely dangerous thing he did just because obviously, with the wind and everything, if i would have swung away from the cliff, i could have brought him with me. right around that time, the lowered me down and got me in the right position and i had about a four-second window to excute the rescue and i got him into the harness and we went on our way. >> kind of like a drowning s swimmer. no word on the man's condition or exactly how he ended up stranded there. napa county ag officials are putting out a warning.
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they're on the lookout for an insect they described as a voracious feeder. >> it's a potential threat to the billion-dollar wine in industry. >> it was here in the pope valley that the research er mad the discovery. a creature so weird, so mys mysterious that scientists are wondering what the future may hold for this area. >> insect trapper jeste was checking traps when he discovered a moth never seen in the area. the county ag officials say has the potential to decimate entire vineyards. maybe jess e's discovery wasn'ta monster. the western grape leaf sketleto iver. moth has a one and a half inch wingspan and frank says it gets its name from the way it eats the green material leaving only the sketleton.
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>> this can be a pretty impressive insect when it occurs in high population because they feed in large numbers and they feed across the leaf surface and. >> the larvae have one other creepy feature. tiny spines that contain hi hydrogen scyanide. >> they're not good insects to handle because of that. >> the moths are rare but not unhaeard of in the napa valley. trace cleveland says they're not sure how one ended up in pope valley because they don't fly far. >> we've never found a producer population so we're hoping that's the same thing again. a hitchi hiker. a one-off and we're good to go. but but we do take these things seriously no one is overly worried about it because nature provides its own control, a granule osis virs that targets only this one species of mog. chemical pesticides work as well
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but the county isn't taking any chances. they've installed 25 new traps within a mile of the discovery and are asking locals to keep their eyes peeled for the hungry little worms on the bottom of grape leaves. . you always want to be on the lookout for anything that looks kind of funky. >> it looks like it might not be scary but bad news for those who like monster movies, kpix 5. believe it or not that's not the only invasive species spot here in the bay area. these are called jumping worms. they're native to japan and the korean peninsula and were first 2013 but made their way to napa county. scientists say they're extremely active, aggressive and have voracious appetites and ma making -- they can clone themselves. >> brian -- brian with the
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weather. >> the cloning part is weird. what? >> you know what's worse than finding a worm in your apple. >> taken from the fisherman. start out with san jose. we just got warm temperature today and tomorrow will be flirting with records as we've got high temperatures on the way for the bay area. here is san francisco from treasure island. and we'll finish out the t trivalley area. concord right now is already at 86. cooler in oakland at 66 but look at santa rosa at 89 degrees right up there as well. high pressure in the eastern pacific. temperatures near 100 degrees. red flag warnings out to the greaeat valley. wind gusts up by that fire has
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in st. helena. they're coming from a relatively cool direction but wind of any kind don't help with fire. wind speeds show san francisco with the highest gust but along the shoreline it's not a surprise and the marine influence still getting its way into the east bay. the on shore breezes will shift to the north tomorrow and you won't get much influence making its way inland. temperatures soar to near 100 degrees on tuesday and probably not as warm on wednesday and thursday we got a trough moving in sand cooler right through th weekend coming up. the holiday weekend back in the 70s and a mild night. temperatures in the mid 50s for. in south bay morgan hill gets up to 90 degrees.
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65 at half moon bay. own union city the mid 80s. east bay where the real action is at 100 and mid-90s for the trivalley area and the 680 c corridor. it's going to be plenty warm on the north bay. close to the water just 79 degrees. away from the water and it's in the mid-90s. in the extended forecast, we get a break by the time we get to thursday. but in the warmer spots inland will be in the mid-90s, probably not record territory but we will certainly be getting close to it. >> a lot of people are going to be coming in for the upcoming holiday weekend and much cooler by then.
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>> got the cbs news coming up. >> here's john dickerson with a preview. >> we've got a lot of news to cover tonight. after kpix 5 news at 6:00, including a warning from the fbi about the staggering increase in phone scams targeting the elderly. what you need to know. that's tonight on the cbs news evening news. straight ahead in sports, we're not in downtown dallas to talk about this nice view behind me. we're here to talk about the damage done by the golden state warriors a few blocks way from here at the hometown of the dallas masvericks. one game closer to taking them out. come on back.
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>> live from dallas nba up top and the warriors. who can stop them? themselves. sometimes.
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the way they're playing, they are running down here. 3-0 in the series with the masvericks. one win way from getting in the nba finals. as for this team, a powerhouse team that it is, the masvericks bench they can't stop them. dallas was fined $100,000 to continuing to get too close to the action. last night a waiter courtside accidentally tripped stef ph cuy right before halftime. >> yeah, man, 30 seconds before halftime you order a drink. it's like i don't know why they needed to deliver it right then. thankfully i was all right. he was doing his job so h hopefully he got a big tip. >> doncic had his second straight 40-point game. still not enough to get a win. but it did catch curry's attention with the signature move. what did curry think of luka's moves? >> it was fephenomenal.
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a plus. d dallas in the r ebo rebounding category. out-rebounding the masterics by 43. so what did dallas do to work on that today? >> we're trying to grow right now we're stretching our smalls. they're hanging from a pole trying to stretch and get t taller. we got to be more aggressive. we got to be physical. we're small. >> lporter junior is one of the warriors' better rebounders but he is doubtful for game four after reaggravating an injury that sidelined him for a game. it could mean some action for anderson. he played five minutes last night and the oakland native told me he is grateful to be along for the ride to a title. >> this is the epitome of living
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the dream. when you're looking at whatever, living the dream on google, there is going to be a picture of me right there. ♪ >> i just wish they had qukeish coles out there to dance to a little bit about. >> or mr. fab. anybody. shoutout to qukeisha cole. >> nfl the 49ers started their off-season workout today without deebo samuel. he was right here in dallas at the warriors-masvericks game lat night. deebo dapping it up with steph after he was sitting courtside for game three. samuel wants to be traded if the 49ers aren't going to give him a new contract. so the story goes for the 49ers and deebo samuel. so that's the story right here from downtown dallas. this eve of game four. the if the warriors get it
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done, go get the broom nearest to you and start sweeping. >> spectacular. >> absolutely. something else. all right, verne. terrific. >> up next, the t-bone kid going viral for this wild walkup to home plate. b fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure
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for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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got a five-year-old gout it see. little league player gone viral on tiktok. >> and it's all thanks to his impressive dance moves. ♪ >> bust a move. check out that little guy grooving. that's ben sad louwski.
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walk up to the plate there. >> whatever gets you the move. this video has reached 4.3 million views and his mom says the season-ending show was no surprise. >> every last game we do a w walkout song for each player. i wasn't expecting him to do ll that, but it's not uncommon for him. >> that's his own thing. he's just a goofy guy. >> no more gatorade for him. got a signal. >> nice. his mom says he gets his g goofiness from her c. okay. >> maybe if granddaughter saw the moves. this is how he gets into it. laser focus and these moves get him into the sports mode. >> he's got game. he's got serious game.
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>> tonight, the wait for formula continues as the biden administration says the crisis could last for 30 days, and america's largest city declares a state of emergency to crack down on price gouging. a c17 military plane with enough formula to feed 27,000 babies and toddlers for a week arrives in the u.s., destined for hospitals and doctors' offices. tonight, when a second flight of supplies could land in america. protecting taiwan: the confusion after president biden says the u.s would defend the island if china ever attacks. more monkeypox cases, concern about the rare disease as experts say transmission is not likely to be widespread.


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