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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  May 23, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection,... liver or kidney problems, are or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. be in your moment. fantastic! ask your doctor about ibrance. 5 news. >> plus, booild fire concerns as a it gets shot hotter, a
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red-flag warning in effect right now. and this monster -- extend their lead in the conference finals. good afternoon. new at 3:00 on kpix 5, san francisco police and other first responders won't march in this year's pride parade and just learned mayor breed won't either in an act of protect. >> we are hear in the castro, where the pride parade will be back in person next month, but controversy about who is participating, who is in, who is out out, is already in full swing. san francisco police say they will not be marching in uniform, and neither fire or the sheriffs. the mayor also said she is out. just days ago, they asked sfpd not to uniforms if they want to participate. officers part of the l gbt kmurt saying this is not the right message to be send afg decades of fight for unity, and equal
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rights. hide prooid organizers say they are trying to be more sensitive to people traumatize with encounters with police, and being more radically inclusive, in their words. we will hear much more from a head of pride and transgender lesbian police officer speaking out was about what is happening in the cass tree troe kenny choi. the drought is getting worse, we know that. but he is also saying we have to can have more water, otherwise, the state may enact mandatory water restrictions. okay so let's talk about the weather, a start of a big warm-up this eke and today, actually some areas around a red-flag warning. brian hackney in for today with with a close look at that. >> it is going to get warm today but tomorrow, the heat is on the infect couple days. numbers will be near 90, hundred degrees inland. right now, know, only 8 9 in con
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dord. high pressure is building it dominates the temperatures tomorrow and wednesday, the warmest spots will near 100 degrees. no surprise, red-flalg warnings posted in parts of the bay area, wind tsds will pick up in the vicinity of the fire burn all weekend. the winds do abate as we get into the late tuesday-wednesday time its sps frame. in connection with the quail fire but first, talk about another fire. sarah? >> a lot of fires happening. so on the fire watch, chopper 5 was over where a van caught on fewer, that tally spread to brush around it on ranch row road and as brian mentioned that, quail fire is not 90% done taned. it did burn about 135 acres since it started near vacaville. no evacuation orders are in place for this right now. it is burning, though, in the
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same area as the 2020 lightning fires. some other headlines now. starting today, masks are requires, once again, inside berkeley public schools because of high levels of covid in the community. the district is also requiring masks at all indoor-school events and that includes graduation even when the events take place off campus. the superintendent asked staff to try to have zoom meetings when possible and move scheduled indoor events outside when they can. today, deb mason still celebrating that win over the machbs in game three of the western conference finals. the warriors are now just one game away from the finals. vern glen joining us from dallas. vern, what a game? >> what a game indeed and what a day in downtown dallas. this is a city where the city and art district connect. it is called clyde warren park. five acres of this as it played
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host to millions of tourists every he year. speaking of tourists, the warriors -- they tonight do want feel like -- in fact, the way they have been playing, they have felt at home. now, if the warriors continue do this and move on, this will be the defining moment. andrew williams and the slam dunk over you luka doncic. itself originally called an offensive foul but later overturned which steph curry joked, gave a chance for everyone to see the replay multiple times in the arena. wiggins finished with 27 points, his most ever in the playoffs and now has a signature moment. >> only once in time. >> seeing him do on the high stage asy mazing. we were just so close to seeing him kind of explode so we he keen got a little bit more. >> that just means more.
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you know, like that, it just means a little bit more. so that was incredible. >> that was impressive, not going to lie. i was like, that was pretty incredible and i wish i had those. >> and you know what? they are going to need dynamic play, from wiggins and the rest of the warriors tomorrow for a game-four as they try to take out the dallas mavericks. hey, before we send it back, what is more dynamic and impressive than this young louisiana who has been dancing around this park all afternoon? just some of the flavor that we have in dallas. in the city, back to you in san francisco. ? and now, she can tell all her friends she is on tv in the bay area. vern, thank you so much. 4. to consumer news now. there is some relief on the shortage of baby formula across the country. an air force cargo plane carrying 39 tons of it landed in indianapolis over the weekend. it is specialty formula, andedwa
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administrfaat iomannu says a second flight with formula is scheduled to leave germany sand abbott nutrition hopes to re-open its michigan plant next week but the bad news -- it may take two months before that formula arrives in stores. in the meantime, scammers haven been trying to take advantage of pafrpts desperate for formula. joining me now, with the better business bureau. so, alma, first, let's talk about how scammers are going about this? >> so we have seen scammers targeting families and parents on social media with us being on social media pretty much throughout the day, the easiest way tore scammers to get in contact with parents that are in need of baby formula so we are alerting public, family member, to be supercautious when you see third-party advertisements on social media that redirect you to an external link or website. a lot of times, once you leave platform -- in this days, facebook -- and go to a website, that's where the scam comes in
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place. fake withmpan and fake information that basically what they want is just your personal information for a chance of id identity theft or getting in contact with your banking information. >> and everybody likes to think it won't happen to them but some websites are getting more and more and more convincing. and the parents are desperate right now. so, what're some signs that coming may not approximate legit? >> the easiest way you can do is in the top left-hand corner of every website, you always have a domain. so there is always a lock. the s and the lock together verified this website is secure, therefore, your information will not be sold to a third party. for example, logos in this case, if they are spelled wrong, be very cautious because that is where you see huge-red flag. they should have at least the brand name correct. other times, you see distorted images. you can always inspect an image
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by live-hand clicking it to see where it came from or just go to google, put in the image and you can see where it came from. all the verifying and contact information, unfortunately, we have seen fake addresses that lead draek directly to a parking lot. >> that is definitely not good. so what should you do if you maybe already clicked and ordered and now you are feeling like that this may not have been right thing? >> first of all, it could happen to anyone. a lot of times, people don't want to report scams because they are embarrassed. maulk sure you do, it does help someone else and we are able to provide information to the public. just go to and report the scam there and chk always try to dispute with your credit card or banking institution to try and receive a refund and lock your credit card if you feel you have been scammed. >> thank you so much. >> thank you.
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some recovery after some big recent selloffs. the dow gained more than 600 points. n nasdaq was up 180 and s&p up 72. overseas, president biden appeared to be changing policy toward taiwan. more details from the white house. >> reporter: president biden made international kwed ad answeng a question from cbsutha uld if ches taiwan? >> are you willing to get involved voluntarily with taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. look, here is the situation. we agree to a one-china policy. we signed onto it and all the intendant agreement maids from there. but the idea that -- that it can be taken by force -- just taken by force is just not -- is just
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not appropriate. >> reporter: under the one-china policy, america recognizes and has formal ties to mainland china, but did not endorse bay joipg's position that taiwan should be govern bid die china. trying to soften the president's comments saying the president's si si simply committed to defend itself. saying taiwan is part of chinese territory, we do not allow any country to interfere in china's domestic affairs. president biden's trip to asia is aimed at signaling focus on reejten and his stated priority of countering china's influence. the white house, monday morning rpgs announced what it is calling ek conomic framework wi partners in the ip dough pacific. >> the indo-pacific economic framework for pras process parity is designed to promote trade, address issues such as climate change, supply chain resilience, and digital trade.
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>> it is clear there will be a lot of hard work ahead of us to forge consensus on each framework pillars. >> critics say it does not offer incentives, such as tariff relief. natalie brand. >> kpix 5 streaming in bay area. a cycle list killed in text now the feds involved and the search for the suspect. muss, we hear from the chp
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a dramatic cliff rescue caught on camera and now we are hearing from the paramedic who managed to get this guy to safety. here in the video, you can see the chp helicopter emg closer to the cliff. this is in daly city, about 500 feet above the water. really, not a lot of room to maneuver there. and that wasn't the only change dhal challenge.
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>> unfortunately, we were battling strong winds so we knew that was going to be a factor. up, um, but my team did a really good job positiontion me before he was. he went on and grabbed onto my leg. this is kind of a pretty extremely dangerous thing he did just because obviously with with the winds and everything, if i swung away from the cliff, i could have brought him with me and i had a about -- about a 4-second window to rescue and i got him into the harness and we went on our way. >> this that video just gives you anxiety watching it. the big question is, how it he he get there? we don't know the answer to that. but fortunately, he seems to be doing okay, thanks to those res rescuers of course. a san francisco cyclist uz with killed in texas this month and now we are hearing from her family. the family of anna mariah wilson was devastated. as for the investigation into her death, paige hubbard reports u.s. marshals are now asking for
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the public's help to find the suspect. >> i think it is a bad tragedy. >> reporter: michael harris lives just across the street from where anna mariah wilson lost her life. those who knew her best called her mo. wilson was sawing with a friend while preparing for a bicycle race. being dropped buff by colin strickland, who never want inside. apd says during the investigation, surveillance vid know showed a black jeep grand cherokee drove past the house just one minute after she went inside. an interview with him revealed the vehicle belonged to suspect ke dp lan armstrong, who she was in an relationship with. >> she does a little light involvement in the state of california and came here to texas and is residing here with her boyfriend. >> reporter: deputy u.s. marshal
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says on may 12th, armstrong was brought for questioning but apd wasn't able to get probable cause. she couldn't explain why her suv was in the area. >> she probably had a five-day head start. >> strickland tells police she made statements expressing a desire to kill wilson. investigators say armstrong was the only person with access to the gun used in the crime which was brought by strickland. a wilson's family says they don't think she was in a romantic relationship with anyone at the time of her death. kpix 5 will come more on the story coming up at 6:00. time for a look at pour first full forecast with brian hackney. pretty warm out there. >> it is indeed. going to be warmer tomorrow, young lady. about 100 degrees near the far
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east pay and shore line, bit of a break but the problem is winds are picking up and that is going to drive humidities down. and as a result, fire danger is going to increase, a bit. it's may and i know we hear, time and time again, the fire season going. year round now. but it is still kind of hard to believe. but, yes, in may, we are already dealing with a couple of small fires on the periphery of the bay area. and, you know, we just into that warm weather, low-humidity cycle. concord is at 89 right now. 95 tomorrow. santa rosa is 89 degrees. already told you there is red-r red-flag warnings posted in the solano cointy area. aside from that, temperatures are coming up toed and here's why. high pressure, the high will drive temperatures near 100 degree inland. inside with speeds aren't too bad, especially long the shore line. the daly city cliff rescu winds, there is always high winds at the coastline in
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the summer, day in day out, rds reltive humidities are going to be coming down but not catastrophically down really. mount st. helena. not bad. heat advisory, nevertheless, because numbers will be 100 degrees well inland away from the water tomorrow. so sty stay hydrated. 100 inland. tuesday, more warm weather on wednesday. highs in the 90s and then turn it around thursday, the temperatures drop like a set of car keys. collapse into the 70s. tuesday, wepdnesday, we will be fine. but in the meantime, tomorrow is warm. in pacifica, just 6 6 but go to fremont, 87 degrees. in morgan hill, 94. and cupertino, 90 tomorrow. wow. that is why they have heat
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advisories and 100 fairfield, 100 in pittsburgh and and anti-yok. san troe a will be 99. but re-lief at stinson beach, cloverdale, numbers all in the upper 90s. wednesday, not much of a break inland. along the shoreline, it will be nice and mild all the way through think memorial-day weekend. but san jose will be in the 90s tomorrow and look at the east bay. 90s, mid-90s for tuesday and wednesday but then thursday and friday, the numbers begin to come down and thins are going to be looking just down fine by the time we get to thursday. in the meantime, going to be warm. >> brian, thank you so much. one of the dangers is brush fires. but stale head, a pioneerling show for hip-hop
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gets a reboot. ask coming up on streemting service, cbs news bay area, who is more likely to have long covid symptoms and what can it do to your body a doctor from stanford health breaks it down. nine fooind us on pluto tv, chan
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carnival taking to the streets dwaeb in san francisco this sunday. we caught up with some of the dancers practicing for their big moment in the mission. so this is video of rehearsal for a group that is a multigenerational brazilian dance and percussion company. based in the mission, too. part of the prangty with uz conditioning. it is three hours of nonstop music and dancing with 200 members, this will be one of carnival's biggest con tinge jts when did t makes a comeback this year.
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by the way, you can catch coverage sunday at 10:00 a.m. on cbs bay throughs area. yomtv raps is making a comeback. the original debuted 33 gryears ago. the re-imagined version will feature host and segments, live performance, and different kind of lifestyle comment. battle rapped and dj diamond cuts are going to be the host of the reboot. the show premieres paramount place. coming
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we have have video from chopper 5 over a brush fire in pleasestenten. there is actually burning near the intersection of highland road. this is a pretty remote area. there aren't homes anywhere nearby, but cal fire is sending a full response, anyway. again, this is camino in
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pleasanton. we will continue to follow this breaking news and bring yupdate as soon as he with get them. coming up at 5:00, deadline day funded by apple for the next mojs, we look at what is next for them. but finally here 3:00, prove it is never too late to achieve your goals. bob bloom just walked across to get his college degree at the young age of 94. >> for 70 years, i filled out applications and every one of those applications said [ inaudible ]. >> years ago, bob dropped out to serve in the air force. also, worked in sales and started a construction company. he credits his wife and daughter for helping him graduate many
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years later. that is it for kpix 5 news at 3:00. the cbs news is next. we will be back at 5:00.
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a c17 military plane with enough formula to feed 27,000 babies and toddlers for a week arrives in the u.s., destined for hospitals and doctors' offices. tonight, when a second flight of supplies could land in america. protecting taiwan -- the confusion after president biden says the u.s. would defend the island if china ever attacks. more monkeypox cases, concern about the rare disease as experts say transmission is not likely to be wid


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