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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  May 23, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning to you. hope you had a wonderful weekend. let answer get you started off on this monday morning with traffic in a second with gianna. first temperatures going up this monday. >> what's crazy for the past two weeks you deem it as warmup wednesday, this is our third week in a row you can say the same thing. >> we started a trend here. >> you started it. i'm living on the legacy. >> don't blame the messenger. >> i'm saying we warm up into this week, temperatures above average, especially today and tomorrow into wednesday. if you're not a fan of that idea, it cools down as we head into the weekend but as we look live from our south forest tower cam things are calm for us this morning. current temperatures still in the low 50s near oakland. san francisco even low 50s up closer to hayward, upper 40s in napa and petaluma. a quick look at the winds starting off this morning relatively calm. it will kick up into the afternoon hours and talking
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about the winds, we're going to see an offshore flow near pairfield into the afternoon and tuesday, that's the big reason why the national weather service put out a red flag warning which starts at 11:00 a.m. this morning for solano county, extending throughout the afternoon today and ending tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. daytime highs today in the upper 80s, our inland areas 60s from the coast to the bay. mostly sunny conditions for us today. winds will start kicking up as we head into the afternoon but it's beautiful nonetheless. we'll talk about it in your full forecast. gianna, how are things? >> looking good. no major snags to slow you down. it's the usual stuff as you head toward the dublin interchange this morning. taking a live look at our dublin cam, 580/680 at the interchange. we're seeing that extra volume so the headlights headed westbound, a lot of people connect over onto 680 through the area, if you're going past this point into castro valley right now things are looking fairly good along 580. it's just east of there, where
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we'll have most of those slow and go conditions as you come out of tracy, as you get onto 580, extends to just about north flynn. there are reports of a crash right around airway, doesn't look like it's blocking lanes or causing anything a little slower than usual there. bay bridge toll plaza looking good no, delays as you head into the city. this morning, the warriors are just one win away from going to the nba finals. they beat the dallas mavericks in a nail-biter last night, 109-100. >> jocelyn, you were at the city last night. how are you feeling? >> a little tired but well worth it. it is a beautiful morning. you're always in a good mood when the warriors win especially when we're one win away from the finals. it was an away game but the energy in thrive city outside of chase was something else. fans were happy, to say the least. >> i've always came to a game when they won. >> you're a lucky charm.
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>> yes. my streak is still good! >> yes, a great win and you know who else was excited? whene had w but quite a bit of nerves, it was a close one. luka doncic of the mavericks finished with 40 points. steph, klay, looney and oh my, andrew wigness, we'll have more at 5:30. an amazing overall performance. i couldn't bring out the broom like justin did. i didn't want to jinx it. some fans say we'll sweep the series. >> we need the fan who went to all of the other games when they won to go to this next one. >> it's tuesday, an away game, too. i need to show up again because we need another one. >> yes, let's get it. jocelyn, thank you. >> of course. happening today, students in berkeley public schools will have to mask up in class once
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again. >> our justin andrews is live in the newsroom this morning and justin, this will be an adjustment. >> certainly will be an adju adjustment especially since masking up in many places is no longer a requirement. students and teachers will be whipping out those masks again this morning in berkeley. superintendent brent stephens told us this was a recommendation by the city's health officer because of the high levels of covid in the school community. covid cases got so bad recently, the district has been able to cover only about half its teacher absences. the district also requires masking at all indoor school events, even when they take place off campus. the superintendent is also asking the staff to move back to zoom meetings when possible and to move scheduled indoor events outdoors. >> there are a set of mitigations that have been in place and continue to be in place during this surge, and that includes ample availability of testing. we're taking the extra step of sending home at-home test kits
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with all of our seniors, and asking that they test prior to their participation in graduation activities, and we've also been very active in hosting a series of vaccination clinics for students and their families continuing to urge folks to become vaccinated. >> all right, students, you have to wear those masks through the end of the school year. again, masks are aequiment at indoor school events. this also includes graduations. we're live in the newsroom, i'm justin andrews, kpix 5. turning to our fire coverage. the national weather service issued a red flag warning starting today for parts of the bay area as the quail fire continues to burn in solano county. the fire burning outside of vacaville is now 85% contained. it started saturday afternoon, quickly growing to 135 acres and leading to mandatory evacuations. the orders have been lifted, it's burning in the same area as the 2020 lightning fires. cal fire has not officially released a cause, but neighbors
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told us it was started by a weedwhacker. in mendocino county the fire near owens marina is 100% contained. friday night smoke from that fire blew into the bay area, briefly triggering an air quality advisory. san francisco police are investigating a deadly crash between a taxi cab and pedestrians. this happened yesterday on mission and third near the yerba buena center for the arts. police say a taxi crashed into another car, causing the cab to hit some people on the sidewalk. two women were killed and two others were injured. officers say it was a freak accident. >> we rarely see any incidents like this in the downtown area and especially at this time of the day. we will be working with the municipal transportation agency to see if traffic and engineering could have, could be a factor. >> police say drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor. no word if there was a passenger inside that taxi. this morning, u.s. marshals
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are searching for a suspect in texas they say shot and killed a san francisco woman while she was in austin for a bicycling race earlier this month. according to an affidavit, ana wilson was last seen on surveillance individual video being dropped off at home by a local professional cyclist who never went inside. a black jeep grand cherokee drove past the house one minute after wilson went unside. an interview the suspect kaitlin armstrong who the professional cyclist was in a relationship with. >> it was really quiet over here. we never had this happen before. i think it's a bad tragedy. >> austin police say when the suspect spoke with homicide detectives she could not explain why her suv was in the area. the affidavit also states armstrong had contacted wilson expressing a desire to kill her. people in san francisco remember the life and legacy of harvey milk, the former san francisco supervisor, was the
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first openly gay man to be elected to public office in the state. he was killed in 197. kpix 5 has more on the message behind the celebrations on what would have been his 92nd birthday yesterday. ♪ >> reporter: a party on the plaza for an lgbtq icon, decades after harvey milk's death, his birthday is still celebrated by those grateful for all he did while he was alive. >> i think it's important to remember our history and the people who participated and really made our history. >> reporter: when craig was a friend and worked with milk on campaigns in san fransco, she says it's hard to believe some of the same struggles remain for lgbtq families, and youth decades later. >> we thought we defeated these forces and they're back with the same messages. >> reporter: the focus this year was on legislation around the country, including laws restricting how gender identity and sexuality are taught in the
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classroom. >> so important for us to, again, remember the words of harvey milk "hope will never be silent. qur" >> reporter: organizers at the event to celebrate harvey milk day say they want to acknowledge the progress made while raising awareness for current issues threatening lgbtq rights. >> every era has its challenges. back then it was really about visibility. >> reporter: others who are part of the castro neighborhood say the fight has shifted, no longer just about representation, but more about achieving equity for all members of the community. >> the whole concept behind democracy and the constitution is to protect the rights of the minority, not the majority. >> reporter: discouraged but not defeated, living up to the legacy of harvey milk all these years later. >> in solidarity, i think there's strings. when we come together, then we can feel the unity that makes us feel hopeful. >> reporter: reporting in san francisco, sean chitness, kpix 5.
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former district attorney kamala harris used harvey milk people to fight hate "it takes no compromise to give people their rights." it is 5:10, a scary scene for many at a rodeo in northern california. >> the out-of-control bull taking the show into the stands, and where the animal was finally caught. plus, continued headaches for drivers, what you can expect to pay at the pump this morning, in the bay area. and as we take a look at the roadways right now, it is already starting to get busy for super commuters headed into the
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welcome back. 5:13. a wildfire sweeping through taylor county, texas, scorched 7,000 acres, betwe are destroye. fire crews are struggling to get it under control facing hot and dry conditions. look at this wild video, a dust cloud ripping through downtown toronto. this was during a thunderstorm saturday and the storm killed two people and many homes were left without electricity. a bucking bronco took the show into the stands during the end of the bull riding event at the redding rodeo friday night. take a look at this. a bull bucks off its rider and continues to freely buck around. the bull then jumped over the railing and into the crowd. six people were struck and one person was sent to the hospital. the spectator that took this video says he never expected a
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show like this one. >> you heard the old adage, this ain't your first rodeo. this was my first rodeo. they explained it over the loud speakers as a couple of scrapes and bruises which i think is what you say in the rodeo. you never acknowledge there was any real major catastrophe. all part of the plan. >> sure a little bit more than scrapes and bruises there. redding police say the bull was finally caught almost half a mile away from the grounds. the people who were injured are thankfully expected to be okay. a mountain lion cub rescued in san mateo county is continuing her recovery this morning. look at that face. vets at the oakland zoo say rose is doing well and becoming well with human interaction. she's gaining weight in a steady way. she was rescued last month and taken to the oakland zoo to get help from veterinarians. rose is on the up and up this morning. so are the temperatures. >> it's true. >> they are.
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>> that is true. let's drive straight into that, in that case, we are warming up a lot as we extend into this week. a beautiful sunrise for us this morning. as we extend into the afternoon we'll be under another red flag warning for solano county at early as 11:00 a.m. this morning. another live look from the sutro live cam as we look at our weather headlines as we head into the afternoon, we warm up a lot and clear up a lot and that will continue to be the trend for us as we head into mid portions of this week with partly cloudy conditions returning as we wrap up the week and we also have a gradual warming trend until around tuesday and wednesday. the red flag warning for our solano county folks if you live in that local area we were dealing with this last week, low relative humidity will continue to be the trend as we start off this week and add to that, that offshore flow around 25 miles per hour, gusting up to 35 miles per hour, impacting the whole county line and warming up a lot into the mid portion of the week due to high pressure connuing to ridge itself into the pacific
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northwest. notice how it bulks up as we head into wednesday, starts calming down as a trough behind it starts pushing its way in, so we'll see temperatures slowly cool down by thursday and friday but nonetheless, the onshore flow will stay consistent as we head into this afternoon, gusting up as we extend around 5:00 around 25 to 30 miles per hour, for our bay and coast areas. once we extend into tuesday, things start changing. we're dealing with an offshore flow near fairfield. concord gets gusty into the afternoon, hence the reason why the national weather service issued that red flag warning. to add to that relative humidity drops significantly as we extend into our monday afternoon. if you think that's low look at tuesday's afternoon, we drop to around 9% in vacaville, fairfield 11%, and it's just a dry setup for us. no rain in the forecast for now, mostly sunny skies so it's a dry trend. as we look at temperatures for today we're a little bit above average, mostly low 80s in the santa clara valley, headed off
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into the east more mid oo80s an walnut creek and pleasant hill a daytime high of 88 degrees. heading off into the bay it's a little bit cooler, a degree or two above average near sau sausalito, san francisco and daly city it's 65 for us today as we extend into the next seven days we warm up tomorrow, even wednesday but partly cloudy conditions return into the forecast for thursday and friday, no matter where you live in the bay, we cool back down where we should be, pretty much around average as we start off the weekend. beautiful conditions. gianna, how are things going out there? >> we see the extra volume for our commuters heading into the altamont pass and we've got mobile 5 up early and giving you a great look at the freeways right now, on westbound 580, that's brian kiley our photojo photojournalist. he passed the minor fender bender near airway, a couple of cars on the right-hand side of the roadway headed toward that 680/dublin interchange and you can see things getting a little
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bit crowded there this morning, so plan for that as you get ready to head out the door and headed toward 680 this morning. bulk of the brake lights are usually coming out of the altamont, out of tracy onto 580 but another perspective of that area traffic loading up westbound toward 680 and if you're headed from mt. house to north flynn on 580 westbound that's where you see most of the brake lights in our area. a live look at the bay bridge right now and so far traffic is pretty light, really no stents or incidents as you head westbound 80 headed into san francisco, travel time still under ten minutes for that ride into the city. same story for the san mateo bridge, it's been a nice commute, both directions light. if you're headed westbound, that is the commute direction, we're starting to see more cars out there but only 12 minutes between 880 and 101 and 880 itself live look here, you can see things are moving nicely there in both directions with no delays or issues. south of here all the way down into hayward, all the way down into fremont, if you're taking
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880 into the south bay everything is moving along nicely. a live look at the golden gate bridge where traffic is quiet out of marin county. southbound 101 from highway 37 into the city only about a 20-minute commute and no delays on the richmond-san rafael bridge, traffic is moving pretty light through that area. i am getting first reports of a trouble spot on 680 near sycamore valley road that's just into the traffic center. i'll have more on that coming up in my next report looks like it may be blocking a couple of lanes. amanda? >> thanks. checking on gas prices, industry analysts of the lundberg survey says this sunday the average price hit $6.20 a gallon. right now the average price is $6.27 and oakland and san jose 12 cents less and in the north bay if you pump gas in napa or santa rosa the gas price per gallon is $6.04. it's been called by many a dunk of the post season. >> the sports world's reaction to andrew wiggins' monster dunk,
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that and more coming up next in your "morn
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♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood, across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome.
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welcome back. let's look at our lunch time forecast as we head into the afternoon hours, we're warming up this monday, mid to low 80s, just around noon actually in our inland areas, windy conditions along the coast and bay with
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daytime highs closer to the 60s. let's take it hour by hour, just from noon all the way into 2:00 we're expecting daytime highs closer to the mid to upper 80s, just near concord, 60 just near san francisco area and 90s up near fairfield. we're warming up a lot as we extend into the afternoon, the onshore flow continues to be the trend and more coming up in the full forecast. for now, back to you amanda and len. >> thank you, jessica. that forecast looks good. time for our new segment "morning mix." >> if you're behind on the best breakfast buzz online our gianna franco has us all covered with all of the juicy details. good morning. >> good morning, guys. let's get right into it. this morning, the san diego padres outfielder profar is calling the crowd at giants games the worst in the league. >> what? >> check this out t comes after profar tossed a ball into the stands on friday night. so someone threw it back onto the field in profar's direction and another ball was thrown and later a beer bottle.
5:24 am
okay the beer bottle not so nice, that ended up on the field but after the game, profar went on to say in part, "it's very frustrating, these guys are the worst in the league. they can talk but as soon as you try to throw stuff, that's different." all right, yes, right? i mean, it's not very nice, is >>s n vice atall. do that. >> time-out for you. fans get a little rowdy and i get they kind of go back and forth and get a little spicy, which is fine but i think you should definitely be just a little more courteous to the team that's in town. >> yes. >> just to be a little nicer. don't throw beer bottles. >> there's a line. and sportsmanship. >> and distracting for players when you throw stuff. >> that could hurt somebody, too. >> players are doing their job. you're not going to a bank teller and throwing something at
5:25 am
them. >> thank god we don't have a live audience. >> we'd get all the balls thrown at us, right? in other sports news this morning, the world is reacting to a monster dunk by andrew wiggins in last night's warriors game against the mavs. check this out, wiggins just flyin' to the basket right over mavs star luka doncic. the basket was originally called on an offensive, after a challenge by steve kerr it was allowed. witter was on fire following the dunk. magic johnson writing "wiggins is playing the best basketball i've ever seen him play." terrell owens saying that what the andrew wiggins and former warrior baron davis "say a prayer for the victim, #body." >> that looks like it's out of a movie. >> it is. the warriors are crushing it
5:26 am
against the mavs. we've been joking with justin's broom but i don't like to jinx things, i'm on jocelyn's page but it could happen. >> we'll leave it there. >> let's leave it with that, wiggins dunk, that was everything so a lot of fun. >> yes, yes, yes. we're ready for its next one to see what's going to happen for sure. gianna, thank you so much. >> sure. >> appreciate that. it is 5:26. discussions happening far away in trade could affect the wallets of americans at home. the new agreement announced by president biden. relief for parents as the first shipment of emergency baby formula ar want more from your vitamin brand? get more with nature's bounty. from the first-ever triple action sleep supplement... to the only 24-hour vitamin c to heart-healthy support every day.
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. if you're a warriors fan we know you're waking up with a smile. they're up three games against the dallas mavericks, just one win away from the nba finals. we have more coming up. the commander in chief in tokyo on a mission to boost u.s. interest in asia, the new trade agreement announced this morning. the relief for parents as the white house aims to help way nationwide baby formula shortage. and the return of carnevale in san francisco. a closer look at what it takes to put on the big show. thanks for joining us. it's monday, may 23rd. i'm amanda starrantino. >> makes you want to wake up a little bit, dancing on a monday.
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hope you had a great weekend. i'm len kiese. glad to have you with us. let's get to our forecast first with jessica burch. >> it is a beautiful monday morning. the sun is starting to rise. taking a live look from the sutro live cam, beautiful orange, yellow starting to pop up into the forecast for us as we head into the afternoon, daytime highs are going to warm up a lot. we're starting off with clear conditions today, heading into the afternoon, we're actually dealing with high fire danger, a red flag warning in effect as early as 11:00 a.m. we'll pinpoint that in a second, that lasts throughout today and. to add to that, we're warming up a lot as we head into this work week and daytime highs above average not only today but especially into tuesday and wednesday. let's start off withod forecast, upper 80s in the inland areas, low 60s off in the coast and in the bay, right in the middle, mostly upper 60s/low 70s but sunny conditions and windy conditions, too. now those winds are kind of a concern for us especially as we head up into solano county, we're under a red flag warning's early at 11:00 a.m.
5:31 am
it ends tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. due to relative low humidity and gusty conditions pushing offshore which that means you're dry and condensed as it pushes offshore. we're keeping a close eye in the weather center and talk more about it in the full forecast. for now, how are things looking out there, gianna, are things starting off calm for a monday setup? >> in some spots. we have super commuters people who make the treks of over an hour to get to work. in the altamont pass we're seeing brake lights building westbound 580 headed toward the dublin interchange connecting over to 680. you have slow and go conditions starting to happen in this area. we saw mobile 5 cruise through there not too long ago and he was starting to see brake lights approaching 680 and busy coming out of tracy getting on to 580 itself. i am keeping an eye on south 880 near dixon landing. there's a trouble spot there, also along 680 we have reports of an accident there as well. so i'll let you know if that's causing any brake lights or issues. right now seems like things are okay for the most part, not too bad at the bay bridge right now,
5:32 am
but we're starting to see some extra volume here as more cars hit the roadway for the monday morning drive into the city. the warriors beat the dallas mavericks in a close game last night, 109-100. >> and jocelyn, we know you were watching, were you nervous at all during the game? >> maybe just a little bit. i don't want to say i was doubting our warriors. i could never say that but they did keep things interesting. it was a close one, luka doncic on the mavericks finished with 40 points. stef, klay, looney showed up and oh my, andrew wiggins. let's revisit this. we have to. he finished with 27 points but the play that no one's going to stop talking about is the dunk right here. >> wiggins goes by -- whoa! drops the sledgehammer. >> just feel the energy. that's the main thing when i see the rim, that's all i've seen. they try to take it away from
5:33 am
me, but -- >> that was crazy. it was i was at thrive city and everyone was on their feet including justin andrews. >> we know him. >> he looks familiar. steph finished with 31 points, klay with 19. it was a great team performance overall, fun for sure, but they know the job is not done yet. game four is tuesday and we'll see if they can sweep the mavericks, guys, but you know, i have confidence. don't want to jinx it but i am confident. >> i've never seen you smile so much. i passed you in the hallway, she was low-key skipping through the hallway with a smile on her face. >> it's a whole different morning when the warriors win and we know we're one win away from the finals. just got to get the job done. >> okay. >> good monday here in san francisco. >> it is good. >> it is. >> thank you, jocelyn. >> yes. and right now, president biden is in japan, looking to revive u.s. interest in asia. he met today with japan's prime minister and the two leaders
5:34 am
reaffirmed their alliance. today mr. biden is also unveiling a new trade agreement called the indo-pacific economic framework. >> the purpose of which is to increase our cooperation with other nations in the region and deliver concrete benefits for the people of the indo-pacific region. >> so this gnaw agreement may serve as a replacement for a deal that former president trump scrapped in 2017. biden administration officials say it will increase trade while helping u.s. businesses and workers compete globally. some relief for parents searching for baby formula arrived on a u.s. military plane. pallets of specialized allergy-friendly formula were air-lifted from germany to indiana. it was the first flight of operation to fly formula as washington tries to ease a nationwide shortage. a second transport to pennsylvania is expected in the coming days. on the heels of a record-setting year, the port of oakland is reporting a decline in cargo volume. port leadership is blaming it on
5:35 am
covid crackdowns in china. imports declined 17% compared to april of last year, and exports dropped 18% in the same period. china is oakland's largest trade partner. the covid crackdowns are forcing factory and port shutdowns. the port is seeing fewer ships stop in oakland and importers are slow to retrieve shipments. ♪ after a covid break, carnevale is taking to the streets once again. dancers are practicing for a big moment in the mission. kpix 5's len ramirez shows us what it takes to put on the big show. ♪ >> reporter: on a cold and windy day in san francisco's presidio, it's the drum beats and the dance that brings on the heat.
5:36 am
♪ it's rehearsal day for folgana hopa, a multigenerational dance and percussion company based in the mission. with 200 members, it will be one of carnevale's largest contingents when it makes a comeback to san francisco streets this year. ♪ leading the way will the senior members known as the biana, josephine miralda ortiz has danced in almost every carnevale since 1981. for her it brings together the spiritual and physical world. >> it's our connections to the ancestry of africa and indigenous peoples. >> reporter: 2019 saw the last full carnevale parade. since then, it's been isolation and zoom rehearsals which don't translate well to music and dance that's meant to be shared and felt in person. >> we have been in a pandemic for two years, and it has meant a lot of loss for performing artists. >> reporter: betsy enriquez is the group's co-director. >> we've learned other new
5:37 am
skills, and we just can't wait to get out there and do it. >> reporter: as you can see, this is a very large group and opportunity doesn't come around often to rehearse or practice on a normal-size street. fortunately this street became available on the presidio grounds, which is the approximate width of the same mission streets they will be parading on. ♪ >> it's totally different because we are practicing in dance classes with mirrors in front and studios and it's a whole different culture to bring it out to carnevale. so it's really, again, another great blessing and opportunity that has opened up and we've been welcomed by the presidio trust to come and have a practice here. now we'll be a little bit more prepared. >> reporter: that includes conditioning for the big event. this session was three hours long, nonstop music and dancing, and here it's sometimes wisdom and experience over youth and energy. >> my mom also told me you have to imagine yourself like you're
5:38 am
a warrior, like an amazonian warrior, and that gives you another type of mindset. >> reporter: maya got her daughter, fatima interested in brazilian dance and they will be dancing their first carnevale together. >> i was pulling hair but now when she hear the drums, you know, like oh, yeah, you get the energy. ♪ >> reporter: the drums and the energy all part of the carnevale tradition coming back to the streets of san francisco. len ramirez, kpix 5. >> i'd love all that dancing. catch our live coverage of the carnevale parade sunday on "cbs news bay area" at 10:00 a.m. 000 is now 5:. it is now 5:38. a warriors fan like no other, a man with the higher power for the dubs and how the team has helped him in the darkest of times. starting this morning, we'll begusty conditions and low relative humidity. we'll have more in
5:39 am
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. welcome back. california is set to have his first new state park in over a decade. the 2,500-acre property is planned for dos rios ranch locate the 20 minutes outside of modesto, expected to open next
5:42 am
year. there is a push to repair california parks, the state has more than $1 billion backlog of delayed park maintenance projects. park advocates are asking the governor and lawmakers to start writing some checks. they say parks grew in popularity during the pandemic and must continue to be cared for. >> we want to make sure that bathrooms are clean, and that parking lots are maintained, that roads are maintained in parks so that people can visit safely. >> stay park officials say some necessary repairs are simple to fix such as repairing broken bathrooms, whereas others are much more expensive, like replacing roofs, and repaving bike trails. ♪ this warriors mega fan prayed for a game three win last night and he got what he asked the good lord for. he says the team has gotten him through many hardships in life. >> kpix 5 reporter da lin made his visit to his
5:43 am
famously-painted blue and gold west oakland home. >> reporter: there are a lot of warriors fans across the globe but this may be the only fan who painted his house blue and golden yellow. it's a house that stands out along 35th street in west oakland near a 508 freeway entrance. aside from the warriors team colors, a handful of flags drape the front of the house. ♪ the warriors come out to play ♪ >> reporter: even stephen curry appeared in a music video filmed in front of the house. curry played a role in saving the house when the homeowner loy clanamor faced two years ago. he showcased his love for the wars i don't. >> i am the ultimate warrior. >> reporter: as the warriors prepare for game three loy spent the morning at his church, rising star missionary baptist church to pray for a win. he says "don't underestimate the power of prayers." >> thank you. ♪ every day. giving the power, i got god in me so i give it out to people,
5:44 am
give me more super.♪ >>epter:lirch d ketbhave helped them through many tragedies over the years, the loss of his teenaged son to cancer, the deaths of his two brothers in to2016 and the passg of his mother in 2019 >> some stuff he was going through at the time and sports is what he leaned on. we watched the games to get away from all the negative things. >> reporter: loy says watching the game gives him an escape from all the pain. ♪ you don't know what i been through, you don't know what i prayed through ♪ >> reporter: he admits life is far from perfect but the lessones from church helped him stay grounded. >> i stayed focused, stayed focused, stay humble. >> reporter: that's also his message for the warriors, stay focused and play with toughness. >> we're going to win it. i'm ready for the parade. >> reporter: in west oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> i want to go party with them
5:45 am
when we win. >> yes. has to be motivational for the team to know that they have such an inoperation. >> impact. it's great to see. >> yes. all right, so you have a ause othere. >>re rea for it. as we take a live look from the salesforce live cam, we're about ten minutes away from official sunrise, current temperatures right now in the 50s/low 60s near santa rosa, like i mentioned, sunrise at 5:53 a.m. this morning as we extend into this afternoon. here is our big weather story, gradual warming trend, especially in our inland areas where we're getting into the upper 80s once again, low 90s and off into the bay and inland areas, excuse me, the bay and the coast we're dealing with the onshore flow as we head into the afternoon hours, daytime highs maxing mostly in the low 60s for our coast, the bay, upper 60s/lower 70s but let's take it a step back getting right into the red flag warning we were talking about earlier, starts at
5:46 am
11:00 this morning. we had one last week and it was the same setup, really dry conditions relative humidity is dropping around 5% to 15% just in solano county and dealing with offshore winds gusting up to 35 to 40 miles per hour at times. we're also warming up no matter where you live along the bay, the coast, our inland areas warming up a lot as high pressure ridges its way into the pacific northwest for the next couple days, this continues as we head into tuesday, peaking as we head into tuesday, even wednesday, but o side brht side a huge trough backing it up as we head into the weekend, with cloudy size returning to the forecast so a little blend of everything. if you like warmer weather, enjoy the earlier portions of this week. if you're not a fan, we go down to head into the weekend. wind gusts head up into the afternoon hours. anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour this afternoon, but take your eyes off actually into fairfield, concord area.
5:47 am
as we wake up tuesday morning and head into the afternoon, the offshore flow will continue to be the setup and that's the big reason why the national weather service is keeping their close eye on solano county and issue that red flag warning. taking it a step back once again, daytime highs today in the low 80s just in the santa clara valley, heading off into the tri-valley, we're a little bit above average but we're going to see a lot more significant weather as we head into the next couple days. more 80s and 90s in the setup for us and as we look at mill valley, sausalito area upper 60s, even some mid-70s in the forecast for over there and we also warm up even more up near ukiah in the 80s. now for the next seven days, like i mentioned we're dealing with sunny conditions to start off the week, daytime highs peeking tuesday in the san francisco area. in the east bay our microclimates are extremely warm as we head into tuesday and wednesday, getting close to triple digits. on the bright side, we're not just there yet but getting pretty close and once we head into the weekend, we start cooling back down with the
5:48 am
offshore flow, also lots of gusty conditions and to add to that dealing with partly cloudy skies but no rain as of now. we're going to keep you updated in the weather center but for now, gianna, how are things going out there? >> it's starting to get a little bit busy this morning especially for super commuters making that ride over into the al month pass and into that livermore valley area and mobile 5 brian kiley up early and got you covered when you make that trek toward 680 and we're already starting to see that busy ride as the folks get onto 680 from 580. you can see the backup off to the side, the right lanes. i recommend stay to the left if you're traveling on into that castro valley area, beyond 680, because already getting busy for people connecting over towards the dublin interchange and 680 itself a couple of hot spots north of here. i'll show you that in a second. things here in our live dublin camera, getting crowded westbound heading toward that interchange and busy coming into the altamont out of tracy. no crashes here is the good news but slow speeds as you come from
5:49 am
205 getting onto 580. a couple of things to look out for here, there is a crash along 680 near sycamore valley road, two lanes are blocked but i'm not seeing any brake lights or delays. this is involvi a big rig, so i am going to keep a close eye on that and let you know if that changes. if you are up early commuting through danville or san ramon another trouble spot south 680 at monument. a couple things going on there as the morning commute progresses. we'll see things get busy there and northbound 101, another one of our super commuter routes getting busy already here, this is san martin into morgan hill, you have a few brake lights out of gilroy as well but north of there it's not too bad. you'll see some slow and go conditions just past that 680 commute. metering lights were just turned on about a minute and a half ago at the bay bridge. conti toll plaza and things are backing up for the ride into san francisco.
5:50 am
>> thank you, g. the mission to build a new library in larkspur got help,is first event touch trucks to raise money, families got up close and explore work vehicles such as a fire truck, an ambulance and an excavator. proceeds from yesterday's fund-raiser will go toward building that new library. on online grocery is on a mission to eliminate food waste. >> imperfect foods hosted its first ever food waste week in san francisco. the pop-up was at sparks social in the mission bay area. the event educates consumers on food waste and teaches them how to reduce food waste at home. organizers gave us one food waste tip you can use at home. >> don't just use the tips of the broccoli. use the stems of the broccoli, potato peels and sharing that they can have an impact with the small steps. >> pop-up trucks had their own wasteless menu using their own
5:51 am
imperfect food ingredients. an auction for movie lovers in hollywood. >> lia look at some of the item from your favorite films and tv shows. and on "the drew barrymore show" jennifer aniston. ahead on "cbs mornings" the special performance from a 10-year-old recognized by guinness world records. >> i do find myself humming tunes i hear and i just keep humming even though i don't know it. >> almost like you sing in your sleep? >> yep, i actually do. >> reporter: you do? you sing in your sleep? >> yes. >> no big deal and you've got to hear her voice. check this out, that
5:52 am
i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. available at your local retailer and club.
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5:54 am
we're starting off this work week with more fire weather conditions, just in the solano county area, under a red flag warning starting this morning extending throughout the afternoon hours into the overnight hours and starting off tomorrow morning, due to low relative humidity and gusty conditions pushing offshore. we start off with the humidity setup as we head into the afternoon hours, sitting around 14% near vacaville. tomorrow's setup headed into the afternoon hours we dry up more where we get down to 10% on average, no matter where you live tddo that, the winds are only going to kick up more as we head into our tuesday setup so this is extending into monday evening. notice the winds are pushing in from offshore.
5:55 am
it changes as we head into tuesday and we'll talk more about that coming up. for now, len, i toss it over to you. >> thanks, jessica. a look at the entertainment headlines, 1800 items from hundreds of movies and tv shows go on the auction block next month in hollywood. >> we have multiple other categories of items in the auction, like collectible toys, comic books, comic artwork, film production materials meaning things like concept artwork, storyboards, crew jackets, a huge amount of collectibles. >> among the items up for bid a "star wars" x-wing spacecraft model, wilson, the volleyball from "castaway" and the auction happens at l.a.'s prop store june 21st through the 24th. >> i would like a skirt from "i love lucy." >> i thought you'd go for the elvis presley suit. >> that, too.
5:56 am
the original show debuted 33 years ago and became a popular destination for hip-hop. d.j. diamond cuts are the hosts. >> it's so talented because we don't have anything like this right now. there is not one spot where you know where we can go and just get your world premiere music videos to find out what the new up-and-coming artists are. >> yo m-tv raps airs tomorrow on paramount plus. the masking up roller coaster continues, the latest school district making requirement starting this morning. the bay area honoring a gay rights icon, how san francisco harvey milk. a close call for steph curry on the court, what caused him to lose his balance, ahead in your "morning mix." a live look outside from our
5:57 am
mark hopkins camera, look at the sunrise over san francisco. we'll be right back after this break.
5:58 am
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. happy monday. it's a beautiful morning in the bay and we know why. the warriors beat the dallas mavericks in a close game last night. we have fan reaction as golden state is one win away from the finals. plus a new week and new red flag warning for parts of the bay area with the highest wildfire risk. and a taxi cab slams into people on a san francisco sidewalk. why police are calling the deadly crash a freak accident. and a search in covid cases forcing a bay area school district to bust out those masks again but for how long? we are live. good morning to you. it is monday, may 23rd. i'm len kiese. >> and i'm amanda starrantino. we begin with the big


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