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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 22, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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studios, this francisco while across the country, states introduce laws restricting lgbtq rights. and the fight continues against the quail fire. we've got the latest on any progress being made. >> and we are catching up with die hard warriors fans ahead of tonight's big game. thanks for joining us. >> today is harvey milk day in california. the former supervisor was the first openly gay man to be elected to office in the state. he was killed in 1978. ceremonies honoring the late activist that story.
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>> he would have been 92 years old today. people came here in the castro to celebrate his life and many accomplishments he made. they say his message is just azrie as relevant today. a party on the plaza for an lgbtq icon. decades after his death, his birthday is still celebrated by those grateful for what he did. >> i think it's important to remember our history and the people who participated and really made our history. >> gwen was a friend and worked with him on campaigns in san francisco. she said it's hard to believe some of the same struggles still remain decades later. >> we thought we had defeated these forces and they're back with a same messages! . >> the focus was on legislation around the country including laws restricting how gender
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identity and sexuality are taught in the classroom. >> so important for us to again remember the words of harvey milk. >> organizers of the event say they want to acknowledge the progress made while raising awareness for current issues threatening lgbtq rights. >> every era has its challenges. back then, it was really about visibility. >> others at the event say the fiekt has shifted. no longer just about representation, but more about achieving equity for more members of the community. >> the whole concept behind democracy and the constitution is to product the rights of the minority. not the majority. >> discouraged but not defeated. living up to his legacy all these years later. >> in solidarity, i think there's strength. when we come together, we can feel the unity that makes us feel hopeful. >> in san francisco, kpix 5. >> the friends of the
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organization are improving the plaza and hope to break ground in 2024. vice president and former san francisco district attorney kamala harris used the day to call for people to fight hate, tweeting the milk quote. it takes no compromise to give people their rights. in less than an hour, the warriors will face off against the mavericks in game three. >> we didn't plan the blue, but we're celebrating it. vern has a preview. >> hey. yeah, less than an hour. the entire bay area sports landscape focus will be on this dallas mavericks floor deep in the heart of texas. a team fighting for their playoff lives and the warriors trying to deliver another knockout blow. now imagine being part of this warriors team having grown uprooting for them their entire lives. that would be oakland's own juan
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anderson. >> i mean, it's a dream come true. it's everything that i've ever envisioned in my life. everything i've worked for since playing in parks and recs. can't beat it. like i said, this is the e pitoe of living the dream. when you type in this quote on google, there's going to be a picture of me. >> how much can you visualize coming in for game three i hostile territory? trying to fight, claw, whatever it takes to come out here with a w? >> i haven't been here for the playoffs yet, but being here for a few games regular-season, it's a great time for that. great fans. the music is good. i can only imagine how magnified that would be for all the mavericks. this is the get to the final. ♪ >> just wish they had coles up
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there. >> or too short. anybody. >> dancing. hey, if steve kerr looks at this and says jta get in there, he's jumping out of his chair to come in and get some quality minutes as the warriors ever step closer to the nba finals. two more wins gets them there. it would be great to get one tonight. it all starts in 49 minutes and 44, 43, 42 seconds. we'll see you a little later on from dallas. back to you. >> love it. i was listening to you, but i z did see stef curry. we have team coverage of tonight's game. even though they're on the road, fans are still gathering at chase centers. >> in case you've forgotten, the word fan is derived from fanatic and we spoke with one today.
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>> there are a lot of warriors fans across the globe, but this may be the only fan who painted his house blue and golden yellow. >> it's a house that stands out along 35th street near a 580 freeway entrance. aside from the team colors, a handful of flags drape the front of the house. ♪ even stephan curry appeared in a music video filmed in front of the house. he even played a role in saving the house when the homeowner faced foreclosure two years ago. lloyd says he is proud to showcase his love for the warriors. >> i'll be the ultimate warrior. >> as the warriors prepared for game three, lloyd spent the morning at his church, rising star missionary baptist church, to pray for a way. he says don't underestimate the power of prayers. >> i got god in me. good people.
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give me superpowers. ♪ >> he believes church and warriors basketball have helped him through many tragedies over the years. the loss of his teenage son to cancer. the deaths of his two brothers in 2016 and the passing of his mother in 2019. >> some stuff he was going through at time and sports is what he leaned on. we watched the games. to get away from negative things. >> he says watching the game gives him an escape from all the pain. >> you don't know what i've been through! you don't know what i've prayed through! >> life is far from perfect, but the lessons from church have helped him stay grounded. >> got to stay focused. stay focused. stay humble. >> that's also his message for the warriors. stay focused and play with toughness. >> we're going to win. i'm waiting for the parade. golden state! >> kpix 5.
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>> want to update you on some fires. the quail fire 75% contained. it is burning in the same area as the lightning fires of 2020. cal fire has not released a cause of the fire. the owens fire now 80% contained. this is video from earlier in the weekend when spoke from that fire had blown into the bay area causing the air quality management district to issue an air quality advisory. no cause has been released. happening tomorrow, masks are back at berkeley public schools. students will have to wear masks indoors through the end of the school year. superintendent says that berkeley schools are saying an increase in covid cases, so masks will be required at all indoo r school events. in the middle of a battle over abortion rights, we are seeing a big response to the san francisco archbishop denying
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communion to nancy pelosi. john ramos found local catholics divided on this issue. >> it's not like nancy pelosi's views on abortion are unknown to the archbishop so the fact he's released this now just shows how heated the abortion debate is getting. with tensions running higher than ever on the issue of abortion, the war of words between the archbishop and new hampshire nancy pelosi has reached a few phase. >> i have a disagreement about who should decide this. i believe that god has given us a free will to honor our responsibilities. >> but more recently with her a advocacy for defying the roe decision into federal law, it's becoming more and more extreme. more and more aggressive and i've been trying to speak with her about this.
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>> but it looks like the discussion is over. on friday, he sele say ote, a nt rentourself for holy communion and should you do so, you are not to be admitted to holy communion until such time as you publicly repudiate your a advocacy of this grave season. many attending mass this morning were aware of the controversy. marco hernandez says he wasn't shocked by it. >> being a catholic, i know the church is against abortion so no, i was not surprised add all that they tried to stop her from communion. >> but like many, jean marie seemed uncomfortable that pelosi was singled out in a community full of people with strong abortion rights believes. >> it's nancy pelosi's position. it's also a political thing. she's sought out because of who she is. >> you think that's fair? >> not entirely, no.
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>> but caramel richard with a group called pro-life sf supports the decision. >> i view him based similar to a father. that's what our bishop is and this is a case where tough love is needed. >> she thinks it was pelosi who forced his hand by criticizing the church in her discussion of the issue. >> really dragging her faith into the discussion by saying you know, as a catholic, i believe this. and as a catholic, i support this. this kind of thing is precisely the cause of the scandal. >> didn't you just have communion at the last supper? i think if judas could get communion, i'm pretty sure nancy can get communion. >> the separation between church and state has become razor san . coming up, the port of oakland is reporting a cargo slowdown despite supply chain
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problems. and the u.s. did receive one much anticipated delivery today. we have details of how much formula has arrived from europe and how much more is on the way. plus -- >> two headlines. going to be 20 degrees warmer by the time we get into this week. and just released within the last two hours, there's another red flag warning for solano county. we'll talk about the timing on that and what this means for the quail fire, coming up. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked
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as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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well, last year was a record setting year for setting year for the port of oakland but now they are reporting a decline cargo volume. covid crackdowns in china. imports declined 17% this past april compared to april 2021. exports dropped 18% over the same period. china is oakland's largest trading partner and covid crackdowns in china are forcing factory and port shutdowns, so not only is oakland seeing fewer ships, they're seeing fewer stops in oakland and importers are slower to pick up their stuff. the first plane load of baby formula arrived today. the plane carrying 78,000 pound of baby formula landed in indianapolis and today, operation fly formula flight from germany is the first of
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several expected this week. so the plane brought in more than 100 palettes of nestle brand specialty formula. >> it is a large shipment of specific formula. formula for moms and dads who have children who have allergies where the regular formula just simply will not work. >> the nation's largest domestic formula manufacturing plant was shutdown because of safety concerns in february. abbott nutrition's michigan facility is expected to resume operations in the coming days. here we are in may talking about warm weather, winds, fires. seems to me like you'll probably say that, but seems like we're talking about it earlier this year. >> when you talk about fire weather, it's not just about the winds or the drop in humidity. it's also about what's the condition of the landscape that proceeds all of that. we're talking about it a lot earlier. we're going to be talking about it a lot later. that's the whole story of fire season getting extended and
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thanks to the drought, it comes up a lot more often. speaking of which, we have another red flag warning for solano county. i know the other one just expired on friday night. national weather service just put out one out two hours ago. that one goes into effect tomorrow morning. so before i get into the warm up we're all going to experience, just some quick housekeeping. red flag warning starts at 11:00 on monday morning, goes until tuesday night at 8:00. the greatest threat is on the west side of the sacramento valley. solano county is the primary focus. that's where the quail fire is. in fact, if we come in for a close up look and watch the winds, with that fire, we'll zoom in to that valley. that goes up through the agricultural valley. there's the quail fire. as we go through monday night, the northerly winds pick up. as we go into tuesday morning, those offshore winds start fanning those coast range
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mountain ranges going through that western side of the sacramento fally. that's going to be the primary focus for that. in terms of how the rest of us experience this, you likely won't. because even though it's going to get windy in the mountains, especially on tuesday morning, that's the kind of scenario we don't notice a lot of. however, the humidity levels go down in the mountains. might notice you're reaching for chap stick on tuesday because the humidity levels are going to drop on tuesday. in terms of our weather, today was fantastic. low to mid-80s just like yesterday. tomorrow, we start the warm up. we go back down into the low to mid-50s. then we start climb ing in the daytime. watch how things change. the deeper the shades of orange on here, the higher above average the temperatures go. look how much more dramatic by tuesday. the comparison to take a look at where our average would be this time of year for inland valleys.
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79 would be the average high. we're in the mid-80s yesterday, today, but tuesday, it's 97. thankfully it doesn't last long. we're going to cool back down in a hurry, but that's really the focus of today's forecast. that's what we notice more than anything else. 20 degrees above average on tuesday. close to it on wednesday. we don't all get that warm. if we look at oakland, average daytime highs are 68. if you're well above average, only low 80s. still warm on the bay shoreline. but this warmup is going to be really felt in those valleys. san jose, you're going to 92 for tuesday and wednesday. but look at the dramatic cooldown. by next weekend, we're back down to average. micro climates show us the same story. we'll hit 97 for the daytime high on tuesday for those inland valleys, but then we're back down to a more comfortable set up for next weekend. charlie, over to you. >> the pga championship took three extra holes to decide a
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winner. what a finish and unlikely winner we had and the mavericks are saddled up and ready to go. warriors ready to give their best shot. vern has the report next from dallas.
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welcome in. tip-off time is almost here. tip off time is almost here as the western conference finals have shifted to dallas, texas. that's where vern glenn has his boots on the ground. vern, no team has ever come back
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from a 3-0 deficit. dallas is in big time danger. >> you got that right. 32 minlsutes and counting. mavericks are the desperate team. what do they have going for them? luka doncic. the mavericks have not lost a home playoff game with him in the lineup. so take that for what it's worth as the mavericks, they have to win tonight. now, let's talk about the guy that's culalled on to defend hi tonight. that's andrew wiggins. this morning, he went through his workout earlier today and pronounced himself ready to go for game three tonight. he was listed as questionable with an ankle injury. also added to the warriors an average of 17.5 points per game and i believe they're going to need every bit of that and steph
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curry to hit some free throws to go up in this one. can't wait to see it. just a half hour away, charlie. back to you in san francisco! no doubt about it. thank you, vern. let's switch over to golf and the pga championship where one bad swing opened the door for one of the biggest comebacks in major championship history. no tiger woods for the final round after he withdrew yesterday afternoon. nitto down to a one-stroke lead. not sure if the pressure got to him, but that was not a good swing. double bogey. finished the day 5 every. brutality. after going 4 under, justin thomas, he was the leader in the clubhouse. he warmed back up. will zalatoris needed this on 18 to get to 5 under. get in the playoff. he sinks it. first playoff hole we go. here's thomas' approach on 13. an absolute beauty. he would tap it in for birdie. zalatoris' turn. on the green.
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had a chance at eagle. and just misses. so to the second playoff hole we go. thomas hits an absolute bomb. drives the par 4 17th. he had a chance at eagle. would two-putt to take the birdie and would have a one-stroke lead heading to the final playoff hole. and thomas only needed the two-putt to claim his second wanamaker trophy and this did the trick. set him up right where he needed top. you don't even need to see the tapper because you know he put it in there. his second major championship. fi since the 2017 championship. there's spike lee at oracle park. for today's series finale against the padres. 2-0, san diego. jake cronenworth singles off wood. that brings in austin.
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3-0, padres. then machado. gets by him. two more runs score. machado had a day. 4 for 4, three doubles and a triple. they sweep the series. giants have lost four straight. the a's were in anaheim. ervin off the injured list. first batter, o tani. that's 433 feet. 1-0, l.a. 3-0, halos. trout, he can hit ait a long wa, too. 3 for 4 in the game. the angels win 4-1. they take 2 out of three in series. back to you. >> thank you. we'll be right back.
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for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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a a lot of trucks taking over the high school parking lot for a fund-raiser. the library hosted its first ever event called touch trucks. the families were able to get up close and explore a wide variety of those work vehicles. >> some kids opted to see what it's like on the inside of an ambulance. kind of fun. of course you wouldn't want to do it any other way. others got behind the wheel of a big, red fire engine.
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proceeds will go toward building a new library. >> that is a great idea. that's it for us at 5:00. see you back here at 6:00 for an hour of news. >> see you in 30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs >> duncan: tonight critical cargo. the first flights of desperately needed baby formula land in the united states. the shipment arriving from europe. operation fly formula authorized by president biden-- biden to address a nationwide shortage. president touches down in tokyo t is the latest stop on his trip to asia. he also speaks out on monkeypox. >> it is something that everybody should be concerned about. >> duncan: this as a new cbs news poll shows poism about the stater of-- pessimism about the state of the country. >> the biden administration is facing criticism over the national baby formula shortage. >> duncan: also tonight battle for ukraine


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