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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 21, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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business making a last ditch effort to keep its doors open. we'll have the latest on that. good evening. >> i'm juliet goodrich. right now we're tracking multiple wild fires that are burning this hour. >> evacuations underway for a fast moving wild fire. solano county emergency services. officials say there is an immediate threat to life in that area and they have issued those evacuation orders. pleasant valley road from quail canyon to highway 128 and west to the county line. that fire has burned more than 100 acres, and it is 0% contained. and evacuation orders have been lifted for that 38 acre owens fire that blaze broke out yesterday afternoon east of highway 1 four miles south of point arena. the fire is 20% contained and no
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damage has been returned. >> embers blowing on to nearby homes. it is all happening at tourist road right next to county park. firefighters have stopped the dess othe blaze. it burned four acres. >> really what's kicking us here is the high winds. we have a strong north wind throughout san jose, and that's created fire problems for us. >> okay. and in richmond, crews are mopping up a warehouse fire at the chevron refinery in richmond. the fire started around 2:30, creating heavy smoke as fire crews tried to knock it down. there is no word yet on the cause. >> a couple of hours before the fire started, dozens of protesters rallied outside the richmond refinery. they gathered to draw attention to what they call toxic pollutants coming from the
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refinery that is harming bay area residents. >> chevron is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions. so we are talking about a country that contributed more to climate change than any other oil company. >> we reached out to chevron for a response to the protesters claims. >> no shortage of problems facing the city of oakland and its residents right now. >> the list goes on. and the city is now giving residents a chance to come up with solutions. >> we sat down with oakland mayor. >> consider the challenges facing the city of oakland. crime, homelessness, illegal dumping, perennial problems that can be intractable. the city is giving citizens a chance to tackle these thorny issues and succeed where others have failed. >> people have the best ideas. government cannot do this alone.
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so we're inviting our residents to weigh in on their ideas on how to fix some of oakland's most vexing problems. >> it's called oakland city challenge. it is the intersection of civic engagement, grass roots government and a healthy dose of desperation. last year oakland had its highest number of murders in a decade. 134 lives lost. residents routinely complain that crime feels rampid and unchecked and that the police department, with fewer than 700 sworn officers, is underfunded and over matched. >> i could understand people saying, wait a second, didn't i vote for you to be the problem solver in chief? >> good leaders not only come up with their own ideas, they let other people's good ideas and implement them. and that's what we're going to do. >> it is not just an abstract exercise. they will be funding and help to turn their idea into a reality.
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it is a chance to get off the sidelines and do more than just gripe about problems and come up with solutions. >> the city of oakland is always in a moment of challenge. certainly police staffing has been a big issue. and i, for one, have been so dissatisfied with 911 response. people should have a response when they call. >> deven feely, kpix 5. police are investigating a fatale collision that happened early this morning. just after midnight, a pedestrian was hit by a car while crossing michigan boulevard at sullivan underpass. the driver pulled over and called for help but the pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene. in oakland, one person is dead after a one-way driver caused a collision headed eastbound. it happened just west of clairemont avenue at 2:00 in the morning. police are trying to identify a woman accused of
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sexually assaulting a 17-year-old boy. police released the photos of a woman who is a person of interest in this case. the teen boy was assaulted near the gym between 3:30 and 4:40 p.m. on thursday. if you recognize this person, contact police. napa county vineyards on alert for a moth that could damage or destroy grapevines. it is called the western grape leaf skeletonizer, and the name is an indication that it means business. an insect trapper discovered that insect last week in northern napa county. the mouth can eat grape leaves and damage fruit, and that leads to fungal infestation. it might have come to california from arizona or new mexico back in the 1940s so they will set trap up within a mile from where it was detected. another example of the challenges covid-19 keeps
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bringing to small businesses in the bay area. a woman that owns a san francisco plant store says after ten years she's just weeks away from closing her doors. >> more on her struggles to try to stay open in a tough economy. why do i love plants? they're beautiful. they take such good care of us. they don't complain. >> for michelle reed, it is not just about the product she sells but the customers who buy from her. >> the most interesting people come into this store, and that's something i will totally miss. >> like so many other small businesses, the pandemic keeps creating problems with no solution in sight. >> for us, we're still dealing with the effects of covid. >> plants became popular during covid. spending and shopping habits only add to the difficulty to keep roots open by herself at this location in san francisco. >> without a huge influx or winning the lottery, i will probably close in probably a week and a half or two weeks. >> reed says a loan program from
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the small business association was one of her last hopes, and it just ended. >> i don't want to turn this into a negative for me, you know. i love this store. so i'd rather just quit on a high note, i guess. >> i just wanted to do what i could to, you know, help her situation, help keep this institution alive. >> but before roots closes its doors, a friend who also does business with reed hopes to keep the store around for another day. >> she's just like a really great person. a true, kind person. and i thought this could help get her back on her feet. >> a confidence builder for reed as she prepares for the final days of her business, unsure if the online fundraiser will be enough after struggling to find financial help for the past five months. >> i guess as you get older, you want less drama in your life, so you gravitate towards pets and plants. >> her love for plants will
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always be there. and even if her dream store comes to an end, she still would encourage others to start their own. >> everyone should do it. it's scary, but do it. why not? what's the worst that could happen? >> reporting in san francisco, kpix 5. still ahead at 6:00 and streaming on cbs news bay area, the latest developments on a fast moving fire in solano county. we will take a look at the fire behavior over the last 30 minutes. there is some good news on the quail fire and you can see it just from watching the smoke. we will do that together coming up in the forecast and then we will look ahead in the weather forecast. we have a big warmup coming our way. that's next.
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we're following breaking news right now. there are evacuations in solano county for that fast-moving wild fire. solano county officials say there is an immediate threat to life in the area and have issued mandatory evacuations. the area affected all of quail canyon road, pleasant valley road from quail county road to highway 28 and west of the county line. the fires burned more than 100 acres and is not yet contained. they said there is an immediate threat to life. it is a fairly rural area, but they are telling anyone who lives in the area to leave now. lots of serious evacuation orders there. we will head over to darren. >> the first thing i will do is put that quail fire on a map so we can get an idea of where this is exactly. cameras are trained on the plume of smoke coming off of it. we will talk about the smoke in
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one second. first, let me show you where the fire is. that's the north bay down there. that's san pablo bay. you can see solano county is out here. that triangle shows you the vantage point. if you know where lake barresa is, anyrecreation stuff is, that's where that fire is burning right now. so it is well up into solano county. now let's turn our attention to the good news from what we have been able to observe over the last hour. any time there is mandatory evacuations on a fire, that takes precedent over anything else. this is to be taken very seriously. but just from watching the plume of smoke in terms of the larger picture on the fire, it's gotten better over just the last hour. an hour ago this thing was putting out a lot of smoke. in the last 15 minutes, the color of it changed much lighter.
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obviously the reports coming through the front lines of this from the authorities are what matter more than anything else. but there is a very positive sign. and this area was under the red flag warning last night up until 8:00. it is no longer under a red flag warning which means the concerns are at least better than what a worst case scenario would be up there for intense northerly winds but much more over that developing stories over the next hours. on to the forecast, we're in the mid-80s today. that's concord down there. everybody is pretty much mid-80s. if you are inland and away from the bay. if you are not heart of the bay, it is mid-70s. tomorrow is exactly like this. we're kind of on cruise control for the weekend. it's next week, like early next week, tuesday and wednesday, when things are going to get a lot more impressive. there is a big warm-upcoming our way by tuesday. current numbers out there have us ranging in the mid-70s. san jose, 82 in concord. morning lows to low 50s. if we take a look at the daytime
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highs for tomorrow, again, mid-80s over here, mid-70s in the heart of the bay. if we look at this in a slightly different way, a visualization that shows you where temperatures are above or below average, here at home we're above average here, 5 degrees above average today. the deep you are shaded into orange and red, the more above average you go. so what would average be anyway? if you look at inland valleys, 79. we're up around 85 today. so we'll probably do that again tomorrow. no real change. and then tuesday we hit 96. that came on kind of fast. we'll start cooling down by the end of next week. we will be out of the heat by then. this is tuesday and wednesday. and it will impact the bay area differently. they are the extreme example of the highest temperatures. let's come right back into the bay. let's use oakland. the average in oakland is 68.
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even though we are going to warm up and be in the mid-80s by tuesday, it is not nearly as dramatic. none of these break records, by the way. we're not likely to break records when we do that. even san jose. you have got to go to 91 on tuesday. you're well above average, but not within record territory. if we pull out those micro climates again, you can see what some of those numbers look like. that's the headline and the focus of today's first alert forecast. the warm-upcoming our way in about three days from now. all right. juliet, back over to you. >> we will see you soon throughout the newscast. we have an update of needing last-minute bus drivers for tonight's prom. now, the contracted company canceled one day before the big events, so students and staff are on an urgent staff to find a replacement. good news. the schools did find the busses needed for prom tonight. congratulations to the students. have some fun. brian and i will be there to
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pick you up. we'll have that footage tonight at 11:00. >> don't make promises you can't keep. happening tomorrow, game three as the warriors are on road to dallas for a pivotal matchup. feels a lot like a home game. they will continue to host watch parties outside the stadium. and at daily city, dick's sporting goods hosted a pep ra for eager dubs fans. look at all those basketballs. >> we got the music in the background, games, activities. we're showing our love for the warriors as a very exciting time as they make their long playoff run. it is like running a bike for these guys. it is so good to see them back and having some success. an east bay shelter dog is coming up on a major milestone that her caretakers hope she doesn't reach. the animal foundation is doing everything they cannot to celebrate her birthday. here's why. >> this is mel. she's seven years old and she is
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loved here. but they don't want to celebrate her birthday. they're calling it the anti-birthday. let me explain. june 11th will mark one year at the shelter. >> and as great as arf is, no dog should be in a shelter for a year. >> that's been the case for mel. >> she's special. >> she is a staff and volunteer favorite. >> mel has captured the hearts of shelter workers at arf. >> i love a dog that will lean into you. she stole my heart. >> she scuddles at night. she loves tennis balls. >> it is animal adoption day, but for close to 365 days mel has been passed over. while volunteers have grown attached to her, their one wish is she finds a forever home. >> what makes her so special and that you don't want to celebrate her birthday? >> well, she's just -- i have never met another dog like her. she's very sweet and her eyes just kind of pull you in. >> she is energetic.
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she loves to play with her toys. she wants to go out and walk. we're working on her social skills a little bit and expanding her network of dog to dogs, so she does need to go to a dog savvy family that will take the time and invest with her and ensure her success. >> her adoption fee has been paid for by an anonymous donor. and they will pay for all of her non-emergency medical expenses that add up for the rest of mel's doggy life. >> we want to make sure she goes out with heart guard and flea and tick medicine. >> today she's spade, microchipped and ready for a birthdy celebration. >> we don't want to get to the june mark and have her still here. >> i'm going to miss her.
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we're taking care of the animals like they're our own. >> someone will come, smuggle with her and tell her heart. >> coming up, the giants try to avoid a three-game losing streak and we head to dallas for a
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i am dangerous. it is the famous quote from the maverick himself. right now the mavericks are in danger. down 2-0 with a blow-out loss and a blown 19-point lead. vern glen has the cowboy boots on. he's arrived at dallas and he has more. >> dallas, texas means a lot of things to a lot of people, but it means everything for fans of the dallas mavericks who must win right here on sunday. now, the warriors have a lot to do with it. they're trying to flip this script, up 2-0 and a chance to go 3-0 in this one. and they get help from all kinds
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of folks at that roster. how about the game two star, kevon looney? >> he's always been a guy we can trust in the playoffs. and to have him now, i don't know where we would be without him. >> looney was so good last night, the crowd at chase center broke out the mvp chant when he went to the free-throw line. >> i'm trying to focus on the free throw, but it was cool. >> to be able to see the team go into the fourth quarter. >> do you know when the last time you scored 20 points in a game was? >> probably college. >> january 8th, 2015, looney dropped 27 points in a win against stanford during his freshman year at ucla. >> he's the bridge to like the vets and the young guys. >> jordan poole is one of those young guys, and his bond with looney goes way back.
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they grew up 10 miles apart in milwaukee. >> the little kid in me is so excited. i grew up watching loon. i love playing with loon. i'd rather be on his team. >> looney played in all 82 regular season games to step in and be a huge contributor just like he was on friday. in dallas, vern glen, kpix 5. all right. thank you, vern. switching over to golf where bay area native will zalatoris started the weekend at the pga championship all alone at the top of the leaderboard. temperatures dropped into the 50s today after being in the 90s the first two rounds. on 9, tiger woods' bunker shot gets plugged in the front lip. woods shot a 79. his worst round ever at the pga. and he just announced he will withdraw from the tournament due to leg pain. p
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misses his 10th par put by inches. will zalatoris started the day on top of the leaderboard. sinks the long birdie to tie it back up. but perrera regained the lead withirdies on 14. rolls it in on 18 to take a three-shot lead over zalatoris and matthew fitzpatrick. we have a tight one heading into the final round tomorrow. to baseball, this is multitasking, smoking a heater while he heats up his arm. speaking of smoking, manny machado, yeah, he hit that one a long way. no score, no more. solo shot off carlos rodon. six innings, six strike-outs. giants offense mia until the eighth. that is when wilmer flores hits a solo shot over the left field wall, cuts the lead in half. could the giants pull off the
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comeback. ninth inning, last chance and that's the old backwards k. luis gonzalez watched it and he knew it. giants lose 2-1. the 147th run-in of the the preakness stakes in baltimore today. rich strike did not participate. right out of the gate, the number five horse early voting a good start, and that horse stayed at the front of the pack the entire race. wire to wire down the final stretch. early voting, he ran away with it. how about early voting, the preakness winner. to softball, stanford and their homemade hats facing alabama. struck out four, pitched a complete game. two at shut-out. how about the stanford cardinal? cardinal one win away from advancing to the super regionals. good stuff there. good time of the year with
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softball and baseball really picking up. >> all right. we love it. thanks, charlie. coming up in our next half hour, we have breaking updates on a fast moving wild fire is prompting evacuations right now in solano county. >> and the red hot real estate market in the bay county cooling down? the signs realtors are seeing right now. ♪ >> you may have heard her sound at giants and warriors games. meet the dj breaking barriers in a male-dominated field. it's been 50 years since a young george lucas filled the movie "american graffiti" on these downtown streets. coming up, we'll explain why it's become such
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you're watching kpix news at 6:30. >> now at 6:30, buyers and sellers know this well. the bay area real estate market is hot. and if you don't act quick, well, you might miss out. but could a change be on the horizon? welcome back. i'm juliet goodrich. >> in the south bay, a change that brokers are seeing now. >> it is certainly still a seller's market. there is absolutely no question about that. homes continue to sell for record prices across the bay area. but some real estate experts say they're beginning to notice signs that the market is starting to level off.
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>> three bead rooms, two bath. >> this real estate broker at saturday's open house in east san jose, the first few hours were quiet. >> it's a huge change. six months ago, i would have expected 100 people through here. >> there is no denying the real estate market is hot. but the face is not where it was a few months ago or near where it was a year ago. >> i think it was unsustainable the way it was. >> those sales prices in competition are still high according to the latest re/max national house report. sales are actually down 17.2% over the last year. >> i think we're seeing a little leveling in the market right now. there is a little more inventory. there is some price adjustments that we haven't seen before. >> in the california association of realtors latest report, the chief economist writes, higher markets and soaring home prices are starting to have an adverse impact on housing demand.
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first-time home buyers will be impacted and of course the first-time home buyers feed up to the move-up buyers. so if there is not someone to buy their house, then the market kind of takes that little shift. >> but yi who is the president, thinks the market leveling off will be beneficial for buyers, many of whom have written offer after offer after offer over the past two years. >> so i think the buyers will have more of an opportunity than they had. inventory has gone up slightly. the average time on the market now is around 20, 21 days to 25 days, which is a little, you know, slightly longer than it was a year ago. >> yi says barring any unforeseen catastrophic world events. >> i think it will be healthy, but not crazy. >> in san jose, kpix 5. we are following breaking news right now. there are evacuations underway in solano county for a
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fast-moving wild fire. this is happening north in a fairly rural section of the county. there is an immediate threat to life in the area and have issued mandatory evacuation orders. the areas affected all of quail canyon road. pleasant valley road from quail canyon road to highway 128 and west of the county line. fires burned more than 100 acres. it is not contained. again, they say there is an immediate threat to life and are telling residents in the vicinity to leave now. san mateo county is seeing a jump in the number of people without a permanent roof over their head. this year point in time survey revealed a 20% increase in homelessness since the last count three years ago. 700 of those people have space in shelters and interim housing. the rest are living in cars or outside. tonight police are looking for three men that pistol whipped
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and robbed a woman near the bart station. they forced the woman into their car, beat her and then stole her belongings. she was taken to the hospital. other news tonight, you have heard about that shortage of babyformula. well now an international shipment of it is set to leave for the u.s. tomorrow and with young babies now being hospitalized because of the shortage of formulas, couldn't happen at a better time. >> an estimated 1.5 million bottles of infant formula are being packed into cargo planes in germany. the 132 pallets of formula are expected to hit the shelves as soon as monday. it is adding a slight sense of relief to a growing, serious problem. >> come in dehydrated. you give them iv fluids. but that's not long-term solution. >> this week the biden administration announced plans to ease restrictions on the
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formula imports. in the meantime, scammers are taking advantage of desperate parents, including one we profiled this week. her daughter was born with a very rare disease, and she relies on a specific formula to survive. her mom thought she found a reliable seller online but then ended up spending $250 and getting nothing in return. >> well, i thought, okay, that sounds great. i am happy to pay this reduced amount for this formula andpi i to. so i sent the money and then their facebook page was gone. so it was -- it was pretty upsetting. >> but she has also experienced the good in people. she says plenty of local moms and families are reaching out to help her. >> well, you might not know her name and you may not recognize her face, but if you have ever gone to a warriors/giants game,
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you have probably heard her sound. she sat down with a dj breaking barriers with turntables and a mixer. >> reporter: from behind those two turntables, a stadium becomes a stage for cruz who quickly transformed into dj. rotating dj for the golden state warriors and most recently the resident dj for the san francisco giants. >> anyone that goes to the giants game, they have heard your sound? >> yeah. >> it's a sound that began as a hobby until one day in 2007 a club promoter gave her a shot. >> that was almost like being pushed in a pool and learning how to swim. i had a terrible set. if i were to go back and listen to that, i would cringe. >> reporter: but cringe would eventually turn into confidence. the turning point came seven years later in 2014 when she djed the starting line of the
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nike women's half marathon in san francisco in front of 22,000 people. >> the energy was insane to me. i was like, if i do this, i don't have to worry about anything else. >> reporter: inside cruz's oakland studio where she perfects her skills, there is now a joy to her work. >> when you step out, like how do you know what you are going to play? do you have that already -- >> i mean, you should. you should kind of know. sometimes i prepare, for sure. >> reporter: however, she admits, most of the time she goes with the feeling. >> reading a crowd is an art. you know, like a lot of times you go to a party and you have a plan and then everything is just -- goes out the window. >> reporter: while now an established dj, being a filipino woman in a male dominated industry still has its challenges. >> i will show up to a gig and another dj who i have never
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played with before will start messing with my levels like i don't know how to -- you know. or tell me i need to plug this in this way. >> reporter: but cruz knows when she's behind those two turntables and transforms into dj, she becomes a role model for other girls and other women. >> i didn't realize stepping into this role i would have to be more of a feminist and push this narrative and work so hard to like continue to inspire younger women to feel comfortable coming into roles like this. >> reporter: that's got to be a sense of empowerment that you're giving them. >> absolutely. in oakland, kpix. and still ahead here at 6:00, why the san francisco arch bishop is denying communion for house speaker nancy pelosi.
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
6:40 pm
san francisco's arch bishop has barred nancy pelosi from receiving communion because of her support for abortion rights. he issued the directive in an open letter. the arch bishop sent a better to her warning her it could happen. he spoke about it on a podcast called "behind the story". >> but more recently with her advocacy for codefying the roe decision in federal law, it's becoming more and more extreme, more and more aggressive, and i have been trying to speak with
6:41 pm
her about this. >> speaker pelosi has not responded publically. however, last september she addressed the friction between the two over the women's health protection act, which would have protected abortion access. >> the arch bishop of the city of that area of san francisco and i had a disagreement about who should decide this. i believe that god has given us a free will to honor our responsibilities. >> the arch bishop of santa rosa says he will also honor the directive. we have posted a link to the full letter on >> and coming up and streaming, the all electric harley goes from 0 to 60 in under three seconds and kit went along for the ride. and the headline in today's forecast is actually next week. we have a big warm-upcoming. we want to make sure you are ready and aware it's coming.
6:42 pm
tuesday and wednesday like 15 degrees above average for some of us. we'll show you what that looks like coming up next.
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i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
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a major milestone for nasa more than two years in the making. watch. >> stair liner spacecraft
6:45 pm
completes its historic first docking. >> that sums it up. boeing star liner docked at the iss for the first time yesterday. that spacecraft designed to ferry astronauts to the space station launched from florida thursday night. the test mission did have a few hiccups along its way. but the backup system resolved it. >> pain at the pump is getting worse. today the average cost of a regular gallon of gas $6.06. it's worse in san francisco. $6.29. the national average now stands at $4.59 a gallon. aaa says all 50 states are paying at least $4. we did have a uc berkeley expert when we could see some relief, please. >> the best guess is we will see a gradual drift down of gasoline prices. not to where they were before the pandemic and certainly not to where they were during the pandemic when we saw record low
6:46 pm
prices. but much lower than they are right now. >> but a lot of car owners are going electric because of these gas prices. >> and now harley davidson bikers can go fast and furious on electric motor cycles but with a slight change to that iconic engine rumble. >> oh, my god. this is actually happening. >> reporter: when was the last time you did something for the first time? >> i have been waiting almost a dem cade for this moment. >> reporter: it took a while, but harley-davidson® brought their electric motorcycles to market called live wire. and even if the slowest beginner mode, the bike can make your heart pound. oh wow. 100 portihorsepower, 0 to 60 in seconds. >> let's see what this baby's
6:47 pm
got. here we go. >> top speed capped at 110 miles per hour. there is no reason to doubt that. harley-davidson® has been developing live wire for a better part of a decade. in 2014 we tested a prototype that had the sound of a jet engine added to the motor cycle. for harley-davidson®, sound is a big part of the brand and culture. this bike doesn't have artificial sound added. one of the main criticisms of electric bikes is that they feel dead. this has a pulse. it has feedback. it has a slight vibration that's added to it, and it makes it feel alive. the responsiveness of an electric vehicle is just in into intoxicating. i am so excited to have an opportunity to get into one of
6:48 pm
these vehicles. an expert on smart transportation says harley-davidson®'s entry into the electric motor cycle market will have a ripple effect. >> i think it means electric motorcycle is here to stay just like evs are here to stay. these personal electric vehicles can be astronomical. i think we will see a lot more of these products coming to market. >> live wire retails for $23,000. range is 140 miles. quiet, smooth, blazingly fast and not cheap. this is not your dad's chopper. there is a young segment that may not be interested in the noise and kind of the mochissimo that harley has gone after. i think it is a huge market opportunity. there is no shame in enjoying what you drive. >> we are following breaking news. right now there are mandatory evacuations underway in sola no
6:49 pm
county for a fast-moving wild fire. >> and the flames have burned more than 110 acres, and at last check, fire crews have containment. fire crews say there is -- i should change that to no containment. apologize for that. there is an immediate threat to life in the area. >> the evacuations cover all of quail canyon road to highway 128 and west of the county line. again, county officials are telling residents in those areas to leave now. there have been no reports, though, of either damage or injuries. and you have been following this all afternoon. >> yeah. yes. >> what do you got? >> first thing we need to do is just put this on a map and see where this because a lot of us won't know those locations. let me show you the specific valley in solano county where that fire is burning. it is a gorgeous agriculture valley that stretches off north. you have the blue ridge on the west side, the english hills
6:50 pm
over on the east side. 150 acres in here. do you know what the good news on this is? the red flag warning what did include this area up until last night at 8:00, that exexpired. you don't need red flag conditions to get a fire ignition. they can start any way they want. what the red flag conditions tell you about is how favorable are the wind and humidity to that fire's ability to take off. if you look at the last hour of a time lapse of the plume of smoke, you should see what should make us feel better when we watch the progression of the smoke in one second. we will use a really valuable tool, alert wild fire network that gives us eyes in the sky. cameras everywhere across california. that's showing you where the camera's perspective is.
6:51 pm
but look at the last 15 minutes. so that smoke looks a lot better now than it did. i can't stress this enough. there are mandatory evacuations on this fire, and the reports coming from the front lines, from the authorities who are charged with public safety, that takes precedent over anything. but it's at least a positive sign from a distance using that wonderful network of cameras to give us a handle on how that fire has been behaving for at least the last 40 minutes. so good news in terms of the quail fire. meanwhile, if we take a look at the actual forecast, this is concord right there. mid-80s today. we will do that again tomorrow. i am picking on concord as the example for what all of our inland locations will do for the next few days. mid-80s today. tomorrow we are all mid-80s again. back here in the bay, if you are on the bay shorelines, 10 degrees cooler than that. so mid-70s. if you look at currents now, we're just coming off those numbers. we go down to the low 50s
6:52 pm
tomorrow morning. we warm right back up tomorrow to where we are today. there are mid-80s once again. mid-70se bay. now it gets a lot more interesting early next week. if we visualize where the temperatures are above average or below average, you get into shades of orange and yellow here, you are above average. watch what happens on tuesday. a lot tdeeper shade of orange ad red. right about 79 today. so we're mid-80s today. we're already a little above it. watch what happens on tuesday. that number is going to spike. we're going up to 96. just a generalized number. that would be inland east bay. but inland north bay, you will do that, too. we're not all warming up equally. let's put oakland on here. average goes way down. average is 68 in oakland for right now. we're still well above that. well above average means it is only 84. so that's a lot more comfortable. seven day forecast. first for san francisco oakland
6:53 pm
and san jose, we'll show you the warmup. the bottom line, maybe not 96, but 91 is still going to be hot. the good news is by the time we get to the end of next week and start heading to next weekend which, by the way, is a three day weekend, it will feel a whole lot better. temperatures will have come back down pretty much to average by the time we get back to that one. >> thank you. up next, plus the car buffs will love this. it is a
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
>> "american graffiti" was made for less than $850,000. it is now one of the top 150 movies of all time. no one realized how important it was going to be to people. ♪ >> in 1972 a young film director named george lucas set out to make a movie about his life as a teenager in the central valley town of modesto, but it turned out to be about all of our lives. >> it's the fact that i'm graduated from high school. what am i going to do next? >> the film struck a nerve with the baby boom generation, making "american graffiti", one of the most popular movies of all time. today, exactly 50 years from the day they began filming, they hosted a tribute car show on the very streets where it happened. john fur remembers watching it.
6:57 pm
>> at that time it was not really a big deal. they blocked the streets off for a couple days. it made the newspaper once. and probably more of an inconvenience for all the people. >> lucas began filming in san ra fell, but a local bar owner claimed it was hurting business, so it was moved. the movie made stars of most of the young cast. candy clark got an oscar nomination for her portrayal of debby. >> it is like being in "the wizard of oz" or "gone with the wind." it's forever. >> a young girl spends the evening cruising with john. today phillips says she's still amazed by how connected the audience is to the movie. >> it's a community that's been created by a movie, and i am constantly amazed, inspired and honors to have even been a part of it. >> but equally important are the
6:58 pm
cars themselves. chief among them, yellow chop top deuce coupe. she owns an exact replica of the car as well as an exact 55 chevy, just like the one a young harrison ford is driving when she challenges milner to a race. >> i like my hot rods. you know? i have always liked them. as a kid i, you know, had fast cars and stuff like that. >> and this is the holy grail of hot rods, isn't it? >> i think so. i really do. >> but cars are changing and so is the way young people socialize. so no one here knows how long the movie will stay relevant. they're just happy they can come to petaluma to remember what it was like wherever they grew up. >> that's what they did on those days, and i can look back on that movie and say, i did that. >> kpix 5. >> was that mckenzie phillips in there?
6:59 pm
it was. thanks
7:00 pm
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