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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 21, 2022 2:06am-2:30am PDT

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... now at 11:00, a tragic accident in alameda county leaves a 7-year-old dead. investigation tonight. dangerous conditions leading to busy day for firefighters in the bay area and beyond. can we expect more of the same this weekend? >> curry's three, rise and fires nt a furious comeback with help of a raucous home crowd. we'll take you live to chase center for team coverage of the big win. amid a nationwide shortage, bay area mother has a warning about formula fraud. y evening, i'm ryan yamamoto.
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>> i'm elizabeth cook. a tragic accident in fremont, car struck and killed a 7-year-old child on a bicycle. child died at the hospital. driver stayed at the scene, is cooperating with investigators. we reached out to fremont police or more details on what exactly happened. neighbors left flowers and a candle near the crash site. crews in san jose keeping eye out for flareups after a fire in commodore park. at one point three separate fires were burning but crews got things under control. cause unclear. another brush fire prompting evacuations near highway 1 in mendocino county tonight, point arena town had to find safe ground. some of the smoke drifting down.
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brian hackney is in for paul for the first alert weather forecast. >> things are groing to get windier. >> i can hear you just fine. >> guess i'm going to have to -- things look better into the weekend. we'll come back. live look at chase center, wasn't looking good for the warriors in game two of the western conference finals and dubs turned up the fire. >> our reporter charlie walter. >> reporter: dubs were getting pummelled much of the game, entering the third quarter, down a lot. midway, down by a lot. six minutes left in the third quarter. that's when draymond green left with fifth foul. enter kevon looney and comeback was on from there.
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mvp chance for loan toon tonigh dallas led as many as 19 in half number one, golden state rallied. fourth quarter. there he is, kevon looney, wide open for a dunk. put the dubs up 90-87, had a career high 21 points. curry driving in the layup, he had 32. and golden state wins 126-117. they take a 2-0 series lead. that's just a taste of what's to come. appetizer. full entree coming up in sports. tons of reaction. >> great game. thank you. betty yu continues from chase. >> spent time with the dubs' official deejay. >> reporter: it was not easy one, that's why the fans went absolutely wild in the fourth quarter when the team took the first lead in the game.
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chase center was thunderous tonight, celebrating a comeback win after huge deficit. describe your mood right now? >> what's the mood? >> elated. that was great comeback win. warriors heart there, down 20, come back. unbelievable. >> reporter: made the victory sweeter right? >> felt like 2017. >> reporter: there was a first tonight, official deejay for the warriors, d-sharp, the halftime performer. he's been spinning for the team for nearly a decade, and turned the arena into a giant dance party. you also know because you've been doing it a long time, the energy in this house really matters. >> it does. >> reporter: can boost the team. >> energy matters, dub nation matters, got to get the ws every single time. and you know what, man, there's
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always talk about oracle vs. chase. chase is here. we love oracle, special place in my heart, but this is lit, too. >> reporter: warriors lit up in the second half when the game did a complete 180. singer adele took in the dramatic action courtside. >> when the going gets tough, they come up on top. >> all about adjustments, hard time but figured it out, got it done at end. that's what matters. >> reporter: fans celebrated inside chase center, all the way outside. where dub nation danced their hearts out and savored the victory at drive city, in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. first military flights of baby formula from europe to help with the shortage in the u.s. are expected to arrive this weekend. meanwhile, second largest formula maker is ramping up
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production by 35%. says it also plans on offering manufacturing employees unlimited overtime. in the meantime, scammers are taking advantage of desperate parents, including one we profiled last night at 11:00. daughter was born with rare disease and relies on specific formula to survive. keely thought she found a reliable seller online but spent $250 and getting nothing in return. >> i thought, okay, sounds great. i'm happy to pay reduced amount for the formula, and shipping, what we agreed to. so i sent the money and then their facebook page was gone. it was pretty upsetting. >> but she's also experienced the good in people. keely says plenty of local moms and families are now reaching out to her to help. tonight public schools in berkeley bring back the masks.
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superintendent said uptick in cases among staff is making it hard to keep the classrooms covered. masks required indoors starting monday through end of the school year and mandatory at graduation, too. san francisco's archbishop has barred house speaker nancy pelosi from receiving communion at churches in the diocese because of support of abortion rights. also tweeted after numerous attempts to speak with speaker pelosi to help her understand the evil she's perpetrating and scandal she's causing and danger to her soul i've determined she's not to be admitted to holy communion, previous lly sent hea letter warning her and spoke on
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podcast "behind the story". >> with her advocacy of codifying roe decision in federal law, becoming more extreme and aggressive. i've been trying to speak with her about this. >> speaker pelosi has not yet responded publicly about this. last september she addressed the friction between the two over the women's health protection act, which would have protected abortion access. >> the archbishop of the city, that area of san francisco, and i have a disagreement who should decide this. i believe god has given us a free will to honor our responsibilities. >> the directive also covers marin and san mateo counties. archbishop of santa rosa says he will honor it, too. link to the full letter on big disappointment for bay area students getting ready for tomorrow's prom, suddenly found
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themselves without a way to get there. >> it was a shocker. >> had an order. gas prices setting another record, experts explain what we can expect in coming weeks and months. california school employee accused of providing fentanyl to special needs children. what else police uncovered.
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after dealing with the pandemic, remote learning students at novato high were looking forward to this weekend's prom. >> but as we report, just hit a bump in the road that could leave hundreds stranded. >> plan was to have seven
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charter busses lined up to take the novato students to prom, been preparing months for the big night, bought dresses and rented tuxes, only to be blindsided by a bus company. >> today our leadership teacher heard from the bus company they're short of drivers. >> uh-oh. >> reporter: zach delivered the bad news getting picked up from school. leadership committee that spent months planning the event is devastated. >> we were prepared but not for these, assumed we had everything in order, we trusted the company with it. >> reporter: according to the bus company it's not covid issue but drivers didn't have the proper certification to drive minors. were chartered to get the students to and from prom safely. >> parking is very difficult, it's not close to the venue. so lot of it was -- best way to get them there would be provide busses. >> it was a shocker to hear that
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something so soon could fall apart. >> reporter: this senior was stunned but staying positive. >> complaining or stressing about it is not going to get you anywhere. could figure out a solution or how to make best of your time instead of pouting about it. >> reporter: may be the lucky ones, both parents have offered to give them rides. >> at first, oh, parents, ah. but i have a really good relationship with my parents, and i would be more than happy to share my memories and have them be part. >> i'm open to whatever. at this point, it's just like, it will be fun, sister is going to be there anyway, why not a family event? >> reporter: novato is hoping that someone will come through with busses, needs four or five more. kpix 5. gas prices have hit new
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record high. national average $4.59 a gallon. aaa says all 50 states are paying at least $4. >> best guess is a gradual drift down of gasoline prices. not to where they were before the pandemic, and certainly not to where they were during the pandemic when we saw record low prices. but much lower than now. >> if you thought national average was high, average in san francisco is now $6.30. oakland and san jose aren't far behind either. new at 11:00, san mateo county seeing spike in number of people without permanent roof over their head. 20% increase in homelessness since the last count three years ago. 700 people have space in shelters or interim housing, rest living in vehicles or
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outside. new at 11:00, a southern california school bus driver is accused of providing fentanyl to a dozen students at special needs school. police were called after staff ra raised concerns. officers say found 150 suspected fentanyl pills and guns and ammunition in the cottage garrison shares with her husband. court documents reveal she used three children to peddle fentanyl. >> this is type of school that serves vulnerable kids. she was taking advantage of that. >> garrison and her husband are facing multiple drug and weapons charges. new video out of northern michigan, a rare tornado ripped through small town and city of gaylord, killing one, injuring
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dozens more. owner of car repair shop said it blew the back off his building and he and workers had to take cover in the bathroom. brian hackney with more on the weather, sounds like good news coming this weekend? you're teasing me. >> we do have good news. beginning to settle in. fire we were talking about though, let me show that. high pressure, strong high here, low pressure east to do with the tornado that ryan was talking about. close to where the fire is at point arena, four miles south. strong, northerly winds, driving smoke south, affecting us in the bay area. owens fire, 36 acres, 5% contained. flow of the air, down highway 1 to jenner overhr guernevillop and, it's affecting the air quality.
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6:00 in sbebastopol, it was 46, that was good. 8:00 had gone down to 111, unhealthful level of pollutants in the air because of the smoke driven into the north bay by that fire. good news, winds are easing up. earlier today, mount st. helena had gusts but now cooling and coming down. numbers in the 50s. and looking at weekend mostly sunny, patchy fog along the shoreline. high pressure begins to build, numbers come up five degrees a day through tuesday. warm spell coming up. saturday, numbers in the east bay in mid-80s, then rise into the low 90s by time we get to tuesday, warmest day of the week. time of the year when you got to
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think about everything, elderly, pets in cars, humansleft in car. that will be a factor tuesday santrosa, that's good. half moon bay, weirdly with no winds at all at this hour. they'll pick up tomorrow afternoon but not as windy as it's been. that's good. that adds to fire danger. future cast shows a few clouds around the santa cruz mountains, that's it. mostly sunny skies this weekend and numbers come up. expecting winds to ease overnight, patchy clouds. sunny and warmer weekend, temperatures climbing three to five degrees a day inland. warm on tuesday, 90 degrees plus. tomorrow in the south bay 80s. east bay mid-80s as well.
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santa rosa is 87 tomorrow. continues the fire concerns and we'll be in the 80s for folks in ukiah as well. extended forecast. mild along the coast, summer-like. warmest day of the week is tuesday and wednesday when numbers reach the mid-90s. that's weather. now technically perfect i'm sure, charlie walter. bay area baseball teams in action tonight. could tiger woods make the cut at pga championships? first the main course to get to, right here at chase center where i'm standing, we had a great
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the warriors knew they would get a better effort from dallas than they did the other day. i mean it was ugly early, and often in that one. but they played a little bit better this this one i would say. highlights to show you how it went down. played really well in the first half for this one. two of the game's best, fel like heavyweight battle. warriors down 16, curry so tough to guard off the screen, trying to build momentum before the half. a minute later, shot clock winding down, doncic says settle down warriors fans, we got it. dallas led 72-58 at the break. but the warriors held the mavs to just 13 third quarter points, got back in it. fourth quarter, otto porter from the corner hits it.
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dubs, first lead of the game, chase center rocking. jordan poole sees the mismatch, takes it right to the rack. lets davis bertans know about it. golden state got 46 from the bench players. warriors up seven. klay thompson throws it down, had dallas right where they wanted them. final minute, curry, warm up your bus, it's bedtime in dallas. warriors win 126-117, curry with 32 points, and golden state heading to the big d with 2-0 series lead. >> do you think they heard you when you said night night last three? >> i was looking at ball and rim, talking to myself, so i don't know who heard it. but it's good way to finish a game. got to take that to game three. >> dallas came out and punched us, you know. you kind of know it's coming. just needed to get poised and get the game under control. we felt confident if we did that, they wouldn't make 15
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threes in the second half. giants went to extra innings at oracle park tonight. two outs, bottom of the ninth, wilmer flores, blooper into left field, darin ruf, safe at the plate. we got a tie ball game. top of the tenth, manny machado. rips a double into left field. sent in the first two runs in extras for the padres, giants could not counter. san diego wins 8-7, giants drop to 22-16 for the season. a's at the angels. cow bell night at anaheim. oakland down 2-1 in fifth. seth brown, see you. line drive two-run homer gives the a's the lead, and that was all they needed. would tack on one more, beat the angels 4-2. round two of the pga championship, fans looking to get shot of tiger woods. bring out your phones.
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started the day in danger of missing the cut but birdies 13 en route to 1 under. will play this weekend. will zalatoris, tee shot sets up easy birdie putt. 5 under 65, zalatoris leads by one going into the weekend. that's it for sports from chase center. we didn't mention kevon looney, the iron man, seemingly played every game this season when there were so many moving parts and inconsistencies, a career high 21 points for him. back-to-back games in double figures for loon. >> looking good tonight. up next, american
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