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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 18, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, san franciscans say the city is on the wrong track. good afternoon. i'm amanda starrantino. >> i'm len kiese. anne makovec will have more on the results of a city-wide poll. first, we're seeing critical fire weather over the next few days. jessica burch has more on the dangerous condition. >> thank you, len and amanda. we're taking a live look at our maps. the red flag warning has been posted by the national weather service. earlier this morning it was a fire weather watch. as it goes in northern california, it gets upgraded quick. this is what we're looking at from 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning throughout the day and the afternoon and ending friday morning. we're dealing with winds pushing from the north. gusty conditions with low
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relative humidity. here's why we're dealing with the winds from the north. the ridge is building with high pressure backing it up. that's consistent into the weekend. strong winds. we're also dealing with really dry conditions. relative humidity drops into thursday afternoon, look at fairfield. this is what we're expecting in the afternoon hours. we'll have more on that in full forecast. back to you. i'm anne makovec, back to our top story. talking about the new poll showing that san franciscans have serious issues where the city is heading. taking a live look at the city where the chamber of commerce interviewed 500 voters. the results were overwhelming. only 20% think the city is going in the right direction. 76% believe it's on the wrong d track. 83% think crime has gotten worse. the number of voters who named
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crime and public safety as a major issue doubled in just two years. the mayor says these results are not a surprise. she's about to release her proposed city budget. public safety as a top priority. >> i need your help to advocate for police officers in this budget. ever every year when i propose academy classes, there's a cut. we have to change that. >> reporter: the vast majority of voters want to see more police and the opening of new mental and behavioral health centers to help people with drug problems and other illnesses. almost half of voters say they're likely to move out of san francisco. a quarter listing crime as the main reason. and 67% of voters surveyed say they plan to vote to recall the district attorney jason bodine.
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now to the war in ukraine. finland and sweden formally applied for nato membership. this could be a strategic expansion of the military alliance. a 21-year-old russian soldier plead fully guilty to war crimes in ukraine. he's accused of killing a 62-year-old plan. ukraine's president made a surprise visit at the cann film festival. if you've been wondering if you're eligible for the booster shot, the cdc rolled out a new tool to help. there's a new interactive page for those wondering. if you head to the cdc website, it's as simple as entering how old you are and which vaccine you've had. health care workers, patients and city leaders are
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holding a save laguna funding a inspectors raised about hygiene and safety. patients could be transferred to another facility starting in august. the mayor says they're committed to fixing the issues at the skilled nursing facility that serves more than 700 patients. may is mental health awareness month. a recent study finds that the levels of distress felt by doctors, nurses and other health care workers was similar to what's seen in soldiers who served in combat zones. justin andrews spoke with a bay area nurse who shared her experience. >> reporter: this hospital worker has always been curious.
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>> what is happening here? >> reporter: she's been an r.n. for two years. caring for patients is a passion. >> being born black and a woman, i know what it's like to be invisible. i take pride in being that person that sees my patients in their totality, not just what's ailing them at this point. >> reporter: she was working the frontlines when covid clamped the country. she didn't realize it also clamped her mind. >> i had moments where i had to find a corner and cry. i was like i don't know if i can go home. >> reporter: she watched dozens of patients die without their loved ones by their sides because hospitals barred visitors. she was constantly terrified she would get sick and infect her family. studies find that all produces trauma and other mental health issues. for some hospitals were ground zero. >> the mental strain was just,
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like, the uncertainty of what was going to happen and i think that our hospitals did not do enough to create a safety net. >> reporter: it wasn't until after the pandemic she realized she need add therapist and now boldly feels counselors should have been in the hospital with the nurses during the dark days of the deadly virus. >> your actual life is in danger. happening now, restaurants up and down the peninsula are celebrating restaurant week. jocelyn moran got to explore some of the stories. >> i call it the san francisco comfort food. >> reporter: there's variation, something for everyone, not just humans. dogs are welcome too. >> our food is unique and special because it was created by the whole neighborhood. >> reporter: the menu evolved. it started with italian food, but people suggested they offer
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filipino food too. just like their menu, they had to evolve. >> we had to mobilize and be able to try to survive. >> reporter: like many restaurants, they were initially offering take-out and expanded outdoor eating areas. >> without the pandemic we wouldn't have realized how much people regard us, you know, as not just a normal restaurant in the area, but something that's really part of the community. >> reporter: a place with not just food, but also a lot of history. it's now in a book written by va f va vanessa and her cousin. >> we are seven mile house because we're seven miles from portsmouth square. >> reporter: people have a chance to experience all this
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during peninsula restaurant week. >> it's our opportunity to show the world the diversity of cui cuisine, the amazing culinary talent. >> reporter: and an opportunity to support restaurants who are recovering. for vanessa, she says it wasn't just a matter of surviving for her and her business. it was for her family, blood related or not. >> we have families here. it's actual groups of people that we want to make sure they're putting food on their table. >> reporter: jocelyn moran, kpix 5. the main goal of these artists is to encourage young voters to participate in elections. >> beautiful tuesday. >> hey! >> we are here to celebrate a wonderful community event. >> people who attended shared these pictures and videos on social
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oakland native rapper kamaya. the event was hosted by urban peace movement. >> fun time-out there. coming up, congress taking action as the lack of baby formula takes its toll. when parents could see relief. target missing the mark as it posts major losses.
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♪ the nationwide baby formula shortage has led to at least two children needing to be hospitalized. >> we have a reporter at the white house with those details and what the white house is doing to help americans. >> reporter: two children in memphis went to the hospital after their parents couldn't find the special formula they need. >> we're supporting them with iv
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fluids and nutrition. >> reporter: the fda reached a deal with abbott to re-open its plant. it could take two months for supplies to hit shelves. house members are prepared to present a bill that could help families get formula. >> about 50% of our babies rely on the wic program for milk. >> reporter: the legislation would authorize the usda to waive rules so wic recipients would be exempt from the maximum monthly allowances in place. >> we're giving them the flexibility. we want to make that permanent. >> reporter: lawmakers are launching an investigation into how the fda handled the oversight responsibilities, especially over the abbott plant. >> the chips should fall where they may. people have to be accountable. whether it's fda or whether it's
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abbott. >> reporter: the abbott plant in michigan was shuttered in february due to bacterial contamination. >> recalls happen, but this company lied, cut corners, falsified records to cover up mis mis misd misdoings. >> reporter: skyler henry, cbs news, white house. targets earnings did not hit the mark in the first quarter with the company seeing a 52% drop in profit. the company is blaming the crash on higher expenses and supply issues. the news sent stock in the company plummeting. the news is fueling fears about inflation. let's take a check of the big board. it's not pretty. the dow is in the red, over 1,000 points right now. not good there.
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>> big drop. a new move by harley davidson's electric bike company, their serial one app is teaming up with google to bring new features to their e-bike riders. riders can access features like google maps and security features. we're taking a live look here just over the golden gate bridge. clear conditions right now. temperatures, well, they're warming up significantly. today is the warmest day of the week. we're actually ex ppected to ge 13 degrees above average in san jose, san francisco 10 degrees. we're not breaking records, but it's something to note. a quick look at the wind gusts heading into the afternoon,
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we're expecting gusty conditions, 15 to 25 miles an hour at times, gusts up to 35 miles too. the red flag warnings starts tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. and ends friday at 8:00 p.m. let's take a step back. we're expecting day time highs in the 80s, close to the 90s near morgan hill, san jose. to the east, we hit the 90s in fairfield and as you head to the bay, cooler temperatures, but still above average near sausilito. i mentioned today was the warmest day of the week. we cool down in the next couple days. by the weekend, upper 60s.
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85 in san jose by saturday. in the north bay, if you like the 90s, we have more in store as we head into next week. still above average for a little bit longer. at least summer is around the corner so i can justify it. >> that's the bright side. >> pools opening up. >> just in the nick of time. >> thank you, jessica. what's coming up next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news. >> the next few months will be big for paramount plus. they're listing new shows. we have a sneak peek. we are live at 1:00 with the latest on the local headlines and another loo
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a live look at chase center, the warriors go against the ma mavericks in game one of the western conference finals. >> many are remembering the 2007 we believe year. remember that? the opponent was dallas. the two teams have not met in
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the post-season since. the warriors had one of their finest moment. >> such a great moment in warriors' history. >> when i first got out here at oracle, they used to interview the season ticket holders during the game. what's your favorite warrior moment? that was always the one. >> tonight's tip off is at 6:00. it's an exciting day for paramount global which is unveiling its vast slate of programming, including the cbs fall line-up. three new dramas and one unscripted series. dan tyler takes us behind the scenes. >> reporter: fire country, based on california's inmate firefighter program is one of three new programs debuting on cbs. >> can i call my lawyer?
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>> sure. >> reporter: max terry is the tar and executive producer. he says the show is based on people he grew up with. >> everybody realized, wait a second, we can get firefighters and prisoners in the same show fighting fire together and it's real? from a story telling standpoint, it gives you so much to explore. >> reporter: skyler austin stars in "so help me todd" about a lawyer who hires her son as her law firm's investigator. >> for those na hayw york" ars amaa warren as the boss of a brooklyn precinct. >> we're here to tell the truth. >> reporter: there's a new romance/adventure competition
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series called "the real love boat." >> i may have put a curse on you and jay. >> reporter: among cbs' 18 returning shows, "ghosts." >> it's fun. people enjoy the humor. >> reporter: pthe hit comedy "young sheldon" will be back as will "ncis." dana tyler, cbs news. up next, keeping your lunch together just got easier. the minds behind the world's first edible tape. >> what you talking about? today on "the drew barrymore show" ali wentworth and
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welcome back. taking a final look at high temperatures for the day we're warming up to the 90s in concord. within the next couple hours you'll feel the heat. that's the same for the bay area where we're expecting 70s. down into santa clara we're expected to get to the 80s. no rain in sight for now, just high temperatures in the 80s and 90s. >> not boring. i love the sunshine. no rain. here's a question for you, do you have a problem with your
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burrito falling apart? >> my tacos last night. >> students at johns hopkins university have come up with a solution, safety tape. >> an edible tape. we don't know the recipe quite yet. that's awesome. >> i'm down with the tasty tape. i like it. keep it together. makes it ore
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♪♪ >> brooke: it-- it just all feels so... unreal. finally knowing the truth. but i knew something was missing, i did. i knew i wouldn't sabotage my sobriety or my life with you. i knew it, ridge. >> ridge: i know you did. but sheila saw an opening and she took it. >> brooke: so, what does that mean? you... finally coming home to me? ♪♪ >> taylor: here's that tea i was telling you about.


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