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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  May 17, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area . white supremacy is a poison.
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it's a poison. these actions we've seen in these hate-filled tacs represent the views of a hate-filled minority. >> president biden is meeting with the victims' families. how the community is remembering the lives lost. and the fda gives the green light on the covid booster shot for kids as cases in our area goes up. we'll talk to the pediatrician about that and when your child should get them. streaming on cbs news bay area, one person is under arrest. kpix shows us the damage. >> as you can see, this is boarded up andutside there is a pile of debris. police have in custody someone who was booked for arson. the owner on their surveillance camera at 3:30 in the morning.
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it showed a fire breaking out in his business and a man there as well. >> we do have video footage of an individual at his storefront. we have confirmation of a suspect matching that description in custody. that is one potentially dangerous individual who is off our streets. >> there is a lot of dlcleanup d rebuilding to be done. neighbors are already doing what they can in downtown vir vallej do what they can to help. now to a really unfortunate story. a pastor in pittsburgh says it had no choice but to get 24-hour security after someone broke into their church and ransacked it. sometime between thursday and sunday morning, the church was a
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target for thieves. someone disarmed the alarm system, i can'yanked tvs off ths and stole aeacon i community, it just sucks someone would come and try to steal our life. >> someone broke into the church a few months ago, and back then a fire damaged the church, so they've been having services outside in the parking lot. let's go to oakland where there is a push to make that city an abortion sanctuary for anyone in the united states that wants to come there for help. >> reporter: oakland leaders want to follow in the footsteps of santa clara county, inviting women out of state to our area for health care help. the resolution declares oakland a right-to-choose sanctuary city, calling on the state and
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alameda county to ensure adequate funding for it and reassuring support of caudifying the right to an abortion into federal law. >> if you are in need of health care access, you can come to oakland and you will be given that right. and not only given that right, but you will be given access to transportation, to housing, to ensure that you have your health care needs being met. >> the trick is no funding has been approved to actually pay for this yet. that's why the resolution is calling for help from t y that news conference live on abc bay news area. new at 3:00, california covid test positivity rate is creeping up. it has been creeping up higher and higher the last few weeks. today the fda gave the green
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light on the pfizer booster shot for ages 5 to 11. joining us now, the doctor to talk about the booster shot. what is your feelings on the shot and what is the potential benefit? >> it comes at a good time, because the time for this age group was okayed in november and december, and it's time for kids to be considered for boosters, because we know immunity starts to wane at about four or five months, so this is a good time. i want to remind people that only eight out of 20 million kids in this age group have even boting.t c
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>>hire juggling lot right now and scheduling is very hard. it's sometimes hard to get kids to the doctor. but now that the booster has gotten the green light, should kids get vaccinated as soon as possible, do you recommend waiting a while? what's your guidance? >> we don't know the details because the fda needs to list all the information on their website, and more importantly, the cdc advisory group is going to meet on thursday and give us more information about their cl clinical guidance. they'll give us a lot more information, and we as pediatricians will be able to get that information out to families, so when they have questions, they can start to schedule whenever their pediatrician and they decide is the best time. >> we will be keeping our viewers posted as well. thank you so much. we have some developing news for you out of buffalo, new york where president biden visited
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the families of the victims at the mass shooting at the supermarket. the president now calls this attack domestic terrorism. >> white supremacy is a poison. it's a poison. >> reporter: speaking in buffalo tuesday, president biden called the supermarket mass shooting a murderous, racist rampage. con ten lives were lost saturday and three people wounded at a tops grocery store, potentially going after black people. president biden called out the race idealogy known as replacement theory. >> i condemn those who spread the lie for power, political gain and for profit. >> reporter: earlier the president and first lady paid their respects at a memorial to the victims. they met privately with the families, listening and offering comfort. >> buffalo is hurting. >> reporter: denise alstin lost
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her friend pearl young in the attack. >> he didn't care who he was, what color skin, what political issues you shared. she will serve you. >> reporter: crime tape still encircles the perimeter of the store. police are working quickly to process the scene so it can reopen. the suspect remains behind bars after pleading not guilty to a preliminary murder charge. he scoured the store for months, and people are now concerned about copycats. >> we are aware of social media posts going around with possible threats. >> reporter: president biden says the u.s. has to get assault weapons off the streets and tackle internet radicalization. michael george, cbs news, buffalo, new york. >> so let's talk about those other potential and possible threats. cbs news has learned that investigators are looking at other targets that that suspect considered. we're talking about places like elementary schools, grocery stores and predominantly black communities in and aroundhisiti
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community out of new jersey. it wasn't your typical hearing in washington today. >> are ufos real? that is the question our pentagon task force is aiming to answer. i'm debra althorn. eight to 1
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we now know an arrest has been made in a deadly shooting
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near san jose state. officers identify the suspect as jessica garrison. she was booked into the santa clara jail for homicide. the arrest comes one day after garrison said that she and her boyfriend had been shot on tenth street downtown. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. garrison was taken to the hospital and later into police custody. >> the victim who had a grazing wound was, in fact, a suspect, and that suspect was taken into custody last night and booked at santa clara county main jail. >> the motive for the shooting is still under investigation. federal investigators say is a sophisticated drug trafficking tunnel. it's more than 1700 feet long. it runs from tijuana, mexico right into an area oo. wt found autauie seid a $25 million worth of drugs from this tunnel, and today six people face drug trafficking charges. all right, so a big question we thought we wouldn't be able
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to ask in a serious sense, but we are. are ufos real? it's a question a congressional committee upopondered about and talked about today. >> blinking triangles in the night sky. for years it was called an unidentified aerial phenomena. they now believe they're drones. this is one of hundreds of uaps a pentagon task force is investigating. >> since the early 2000s, we've seen an increasing number of unidentified objects in military training ranges and other designated air space. reports of sightings are rr:pp
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the house intelligenceaihere isn of extraterrestrial life. >> this isn't about finding alien spacecraft but delivering dominant intelligence over the strategic spectrum. >> reporter: but they admit there is no easy explanations for hundreds of uaps, like this video captured from an f-18 military plane. >> reporter: the pentagon says the number of uaps has increased from 143 to 400. they say one reason is their effort to encourage more pilots and military personnel to share their stories. >> we want to know what's out there as much as you want to know what's out there. >> reporter: after a public hearing, witnesses and lawmakers met behind closed doors to discuss more sensitive security issues. it's an important update for parents of young babies. it might still be another two months before they start seeing the baby formula supply get back
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to normal. as we reported, the fda gave robert the green light to remain closed which it was for safety concerns. before they approve it, they need to approve some safety changes. the company will be up and running in another two weeks, but it will be 6 to 8 weeks before the formula it hit shelves. that means they need more regulations to allow formula to be imported from overseas, and they're going to get them to increase production to help fill the void. >> we've increased our production by more than 30%, and we are now feeding more than 200,000 more babies a month than we were before. >> that was the makers of
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enfamil. meanwhile they will go to talk about this shortage. in an interview on ""cbs morn mornings"," we talked about what's ahead from travel buses it to service. >> travel is coming back in a big way. i think people have been sitting around home for too long, and they want to get out there. one of the really sblg products is uber travel, where you can essentially automatically download all your travel information from g-mail into uber, and then you can use that information to book uber reserve. the good thing is the driver comes early. you can rest assured you'll make it on time to the flight, et cetera, and to top it off, we'll give you 10% off to get there on
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time. >> tell me how this is going to work. >> well, we're actually now just wiring up all ofwrl d--g inllin you can get on the uber app. you can essentially say exactly what you need, how many passengers, when, where, et cetera, and we'll give you the up front fare, all of the information, and make sure that r charter ifz you information for l.a. food delivery which niceut there today. pick uppaul. >> it will be warmer along the. >> we're not going to lose that entirely. high pressure building in the atmosphere overhead. we're not going to completely
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lose that insurance. y looking outside, temperatures are warmer than they were at this tichl yesterday. of 2 degrees, downtown half. mid-60 approximates, low 80s, in livermore and in concord. >> they're 30-mile-an-hour sustained winds but otherwise mostly in the 250 why ow helms haven't been pushed as far into the inland valleys. if you're headed out to the the game rmt butngo warm up a
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little bit the next skblchlt we should be in the mimpddle. toempld 23, '50s, '60s and '80s. near 0 degrees around the pe nichbs la with temperatures warming up quickly as you go from inland to the san hernando value. the worm spots east of diabr tovmt. the temperature should top out at 70 recalled.
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upper 70s, close to 80 for the east bay. mostly 80less for the north bay until you hit farther inland. most of the people, it was farther enough for that weather watch. looks like the greatest floater. . she is likely to be upgraded to a red fwlarngly. >> his greatest threat will be over the central valley. temperatures don't change lot. some mindless little wobbles day to day as we head tlumd many skpchlt even remembered.
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still ahead, how walmart is helping some of its employees earn up to $200,000 a year. coming up on the c des moines news. i didn't have any victims
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some rare cheering on wrall street. a big rally to tell you about. trying to claw back from some pretty steep losses this last week. it is hard to look at those numbers. the dow was up 31 points, the nasdaq, 321. that's less than 20%. the s&p gained about 81. talking about new things we're going to vegas, and the campus is more than a million square feet with 20 acres of
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open space, so not small. an event center, short-term housing, and some expanding trails with panoramic bay views. it's called college to career. about 13 walmart workers can get a little extra training with some mentoring. the top performers will get a new management position called emerging coach. starting pay, $15,000 a year, and then within two years, if they this is one way walmart is trying to say they're recruiting and holding onto workers. stormt remember. coming up on our streaming service, cbs news bay area, a there drl. plus we have some tips for
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coming up at 5:00, we'll hear from bay area groups who are taking notice of a ufo situation, a hearing on it. finally here at 3:00, some dog owners -- and i say some -- love every reason to dress up their pups. >> yeah, no dresses in our closet for our poodles. they're already fufu enough. the puppy prom, they brought it back after two s.yerrasd? poor guys and gals. they got all dolled up along with their owners. they had
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, president biden gets emotional while visiting buffalo a we learn new details about the shooter's plan to attack a predominantly black elementary school. and the call on americans to reject the lie of the rhetoric. >> we cannot remain silent. >> o'donnell: plus the very latest in the investigation, and the other targets the suspected gunman considered, including hasidic jewish communities in new jersey. election day in america. the biggest primary night so far. and all eyes are on the trump factor. does the former president still control the republican party?


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